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Intermediate Card Trick For Kids: Card Tricks That Will Take You From Beginner To Intermediate, Impress Your Friends and Family, And Transform The Way ... Your Tricks (Card Tricks For Kids Book 1)

Intermediate Card Tricks For Kids!

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Is your child tired of doing basic card tricks? Have they gotten down that their friends or you are no longer impressed after they showed them for the one-hundredth time?

Honestly, it's pretty easy to learn basic card tricks, like, "pick a card any card". And at first, it is fun and exciting, but after a while, their friends begin to figure out how your child does the trick, and it is no longer fun. However, if you want to see the light relit in your child, he or she will need harder and more advanced card tricks that you or his or her friends cannot figure out.

This Book Includes:

A trick that makes a card float before your child's eyesHow to make a card "jump"A mind trick on a friend that will blow his or her mind How to "melt" two cards together*Pictures included*Again, noting the title, this book is not for first-time card trick learners, so as long as your child knows some basic card tricks, this is for him or her. Also, trying to find these card tricks in other places could be possible, but this is the only guide that has simple and concise language, written for kids to understand.

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Words Wound Leader's Guide

A free discussion guide with valuable information for using Words Wound in the classroom and other group settings

A Memorable Christmas: Children's Story Book About How a Family Comes Together During Hardship

A Memorable Christmas

by Tony van Riessen

Christmas is a time of unity, generosity and spreading joy. A Memorable Christmas is such a story. It shows the journey of Joseph (Joey) Harvey and his family as times become rough and the Great Depression sets in during the 1930's. The changes in lifestyle following Mr. Harvey's loss of job force the family to come together to support one another through the hard times. Joey learns to become more responsible and mature and the Harvey's find ways to make things work.

But not all children grow up as fast as Joey. His younger sister Ruthie has her heart set on an expensive doll but in such dire times, homemade presents are all they can afford. Or are they? Find out what happens to make this a Christmas that the Harvey's won't forget!


Living on Gummy Worms

I Don't Want No Eyeglasses

My Name is Kate and I Just Killed My Baby

No Monster In Our Home: Volume 3 (Sean)

The Popular Plan, From Awkward 2 Awesome

Feeling alone, unnoticed and, OK, I'll say it, "unpopular," is the worst feeling in the world. If you want to change things but don't know what to do, or have been too afraid to try, this book is for you. No matter what you think, you can improve your situation!

Maybe you've already tried to put yourself out there only to be shut down by the very people you hoped to impress. Maybe you think you've been in the same school for ages and think it's too late to change things. Maybe you're going to start at a new school and you're worried a fabulous social disaster will soon be yours...

Relax. The Popular Plan, From Awkward 2 Awesome, is here to help.

The Popular Plan gives you a sound, sensible, easy plan and the good advice you need. I repeat: EASY. Because with The Popular Plan, there is nothing to buy. You already have everything you need to start. That's right. You can have more friends, more fun, no social disasters without having to learn "what to say," "how to act," or what to own or wear to "fit in."

No need to spend money on gadgets or clothes, no need to memorize what to do. Because when you have a The Plan, you don't need any of that. When you have The Plan, all you need is you.

What makes The Plan different from those other books out there? Here's a hint:

You might have been thinking the road to a better social life is all about you impressing other people. WRONG! The Popular Plan is about other people impressing YOU. Did that idea just make your brain explode? Read on!