Children's Early Learning Books

The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist (My Little Fart Book 5)

Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart are back again in The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist! In this beautifully illustrated children’s book you’ll experience Timmy’s first visit to the dentist, losing a tooth, and a visit from the Tooth Fairy.No child loves the thought of a visit to the dentist. In The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist, Timmy takes a trip to the dentist with his best, and imaginary, friend the Little Fart. Timmy needs to have a tooth removed and then needs to help to try and explain the Tooth Fairy to the Little Fart.Whenever the Little Fart is involved, hilarity and mischievousness are sure to follow! The authors decided to publish this book to try and help parents and dentists show that the dentist doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In the end, there is always the reward of receiving a visit by the magical and beautiful Tooth Fairy.If you enjoy reading funny books with beautiful illustrations and love having your child read along with you, then make sure you grab The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist! Discover and giggle along with Timmy, and the Little Fart on their exciting day at the dentist.

Gopi's First Box of Learning: Boxset of 10 Early Learning Board Books for Children (Age 1-5 years)

Learn basic concepts with Gopi through the ten board books in this first box of learning! Based on Gopi the dog, from Sudha Murty's Gopi Diaries.'Gopi has learnt a lot from me, and taught me so much since I became his Ajji. So I am absolutely delighted that young children like you will start your learning journey with Gopi as your naughty and wonderful companion.' - Sudha Murty, author of the bestselling Gopi Diaries seriesThe Gopi early learning range has been designed around Gopi, the popular dog from Sudha Murty's bestselling Gopi series. From easy recognition to familiar bonding and attachment, character-based books draw children into exploring concepts, activities and learning in companionship with a character they love.This boxset includes: Gopi's First Book Of ABC Gopi's First Book Of 123 Gopi's First Book Of Shapes Gopi's First Book Of Colours Gopi's First Book Of Farm Animals And Pets Gopi's First Book Of Fruits And Vegetables Gopi's First Book Of Wild Animals Gopi's First Book Of Birds Gopi's First Book Of Transport Gopi's First Book Of Things At Home

The Magic Money Tree

Do you think you can use magic to get rich quick? Think again!Aaron dreams of being rich, but he knows little about finance. When a passing stranger makes him an offer that sounds too good to be true, Aaron starts down a path that could leave him and his sister, Lily, destitute.Can Lily catch the con man and stop Aaron from squandering all their savings on a scam? Can Aaron learn from his mistakes and discover the real key to a wealthy future?This delightful, illustrated poem tells the cautionary tale of a humble market trader, Aaron, who falls for a con man’s trick and risks losing it all, but is saved by his sister and some great advice about the magic of compound interest.If you and your child like funny poetry, then you’ll love this charming tale with an important life lesson. Pick up The Magic Money Tree today to uncover the true secret to wealth.Plus, If you would like to pick up a free copy of the next book in the series, The Ballad of Egg Man Jeff, just visit and tell us where to send it.

The Adventures of Froblicious the Frog (Rhyming Picture Book for Ages 2-6) (Let's Learn While Playing)

A Fun Rhyming Story for Early ReadersThe Adventures of Froblicious the Frog is the first book of the series Let’s Learn While Playing.Froblicious is a one-of-a-kind frog. He sings, dances, exercises, and has a good time with his friends. He usually sleeps during the day, and during the evening, when most of the creatures are taking a rest or sleeping, he has fun doing his colorful activities.One day he woke up early, and as bored as he was, he set foot on another adventure. Poor Froblicious (Maybe not)! He tripped on a seesaw and sailed through the window of a little girl’s bathroom. The girl, called Ruby, wanted Froblicious to feel at home. But what happened to Froblicious? What did he think about Ruby? Was he scared? In this fun rhyme geared towards 2- to 6-year-olds, children will enjoy the beginning of a friendship between a little girl and a silly frog while learning through play. This story helps children:Build oral conceptsDevelop listening skillsNurture imagination and artistic skillsDownload you copy today!

Children's Books: THE BAT WHO LOST HER HAT! (Fun, Cute, Rhyming Bedtime Story for Baby & Preschool Readers about Becca the Bat Who Lost Her Hat!)

The Bat Who Lost Her Hat is a read aloud, baby nursery rhymes kids book that is written in easy-to-read rhyme style. This is the perfect picture book for children from preschool to little kids. In his latest kids bedtime story, "The Bat Who Lost Her Hat", Tim Zak -- best selling children's book writer -- helps children relate to many of the problems they encounter each day through the eyes of baby animals. Tim can help you communicate important messages to your children through rhymes and colorful illustrations!Here Is A Preview Of What Your Children Will Discover...This is the rhyming story of The Bat Who Lost Her Hat!Becca loves her little pink hat.What happens one day when Becca wakes up to find her hat missing?Becca goes out to find the bat who took her hat and wants it back fast!What will happen when Becca blames all her friends for taking her pink hat? Will this little bat be able to find her hat and find the bat who took it from her?

Eve and Scribbles - The Great Rainbow Chase

Rain... ✓ Check!  Sunshine... ✓ Check!  Rainbow... ✓ Check!  LET'S GO!!!Sure, we'll see and learn lots of colours as we journey, but that's not what this tale is about!  More importantly, we'll find out what it takes to get to our goal, and above all else, make sure we enjoy the adventure while it's happening!   "So let's do it, before the sky gets any duller!     Nothing to it, I assure you, just follow the colour!"Eve and Scribbles love adventuring - drizzly sky or not!  See what happens once the sun peers through the rain drops, as they jaunt through the vibrant hues of the rainbow on a multi-coloured escapade!A spooked ginger cat, a soothing blue whale and a noisy yellow duck are among the colourful sights Eve and Scribbles stumble across as they parade across the pages of this delightful book. Children will immediately respond to Leysan Shayakbirova’s flat, boldly coloured illustration. Combined with Mark Rusk’s singsong text, they create fantastical images of a swashbuckling adventure through the colours of the rainbow!The Great Rainbow Chase is an unforgettable story of imagination and adventure. From audacious and funny to creative and clever, the rhythmic rhyme expresses all the brilliance and originality of children at play. With beautiful and humorous illustrations, and a myriad of striking and colourful scenes, this is a book grown-ups will love reading over and over (and over!) to kids at story time and bed time! A great gift for any occasion and especially for all intrepid little girls and fans of rhyming picture books. The Great Rainbow chase has an educational and touching message that applies to everyone, young and old!

Monkey Stuff: A children's rhyming counting book

Monkey StuffA children's rhyming counting bookRebecca Bielawski's first children's book has now been lovingly remastered for 2018, all illustrations reworked. The same little monkey, more adorable than ever! Young children will encounter the numbers 1 to 10, a naughty little monkey, lots of familiar animals, people and objects and a funny rhyming text. A beautifully illustrated children's book full of life and color.Elements include: a monkey, a crocodile, a lion, a dog, a princess, an ant, a cow, a baker, an apple tree, a horse and a bird.Pages: 24Words: 384Level: Preschool to 6yrsSpanish version also available: COSITAS DE MONITOSAbout the author:Born in New Zealand, currently lives and works in Spain.Author and Illustrator of children's picture books in English and Spanish.

Alphabeti-cool: Children's painted ABC book

ABCDEFG so many letters on the alphabet tree. HIJKLMNOP spell all the words for the things we see. QRSTUV, W's a tricky one, then XY and Z !Captivate and cultivate the imagination while teaching the letters from A to Z. Curious kids can take a trip through the alphabet stopping to see amazing asteroids and big-bellied bats, to row down a rainbow river and meet a yellow yak along the way!A great tool to teach the alphabet at home or in the classroom. Full page, colour pictures where all letters appear in upper and lower case with a fun example of both, easy to remember and identify. ABCs have never been so fun and interesting.WORDS: 105PAGES: 28LEVEL: Toddler, Pre-school, Primary School

VAGUS NERVE: How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health. Activate Bodya??s Natural Healing Power, Reduce Chronic Illness, Inflammation, Anxiety and Depression with Physical Exercises.

Has anyone told you, or have you heard something about the "Vagus Nerve" ? and you ask yourself: what is it, where is it, what does it do if stimulated, how is it related to weight loss...Then this book is for you! Read it now and you will not regret it.I have simplified the scientific terms as much as possible and I have pointed out some very important functions to give you a path that can teach you what you need to know."Every human being should read this book, there would be more well-being and less stress" (cit.)The human body is fantastic, I see it as a slouching rigid support apparatus (skeleton) moved by electric pistons (muscles) powered by a perfect motor (entrails) and commanded by a supreme leader (brain) ... but what transmits orders and commands needed to make us move and have everything synchronized and under control? What does it take to transmit data at incredible speed and to create automatisms that allow us to survive in the most extreme conditions? The Nerves, these fantastic fibers that branch into our body exchanging information with the brain and bringing the system to a level unmatched for machines. Due to its extension, the Vagus Nerve reaches the most remote places of our body and innervates several important organs allowing perfect control of them, but sometimes, due to age, bone malformations or accidents suffered, the information transmitted is disturbed and does not activate commands correctly, but you can change this information naturally. The stimulation of the vagus nerve allows to "enrich" the information to the brain reaching a valid result.In this book you can find out what stimulation can doIt can strengthen brain wavesIt can activate the hypothalamus and regulate various regions of the cerebral cortexIt can trigger a positive physiological process as it controls our internal organsIt can calm and reduce anxietyIt can increase attention and calm the mindIt can relieve migrainesIt can effectively affect moodIt can improve the amount of breathingIt can help those who are overweightIt can improve sleep...and so onLearn to stimulate this nerve, strengthen immune functions, help cure tachycardia, hypertension and depression, increase your resilience and well-being. Vagal tone, in addition to strengthening the "power" of the nervous system, is useful in the treatment of various disorders such as epilepsy, autism, schizophrenia and Crohn's disease.In this beautiful book different topics are covered to bring you to a level of knowledge sufficient for well-being, topics such as:The polyvagal theoryVasovagal syncopeThe names and functions of all human cranial nervesThe nerves in animalsPhysical exercises (with photos) to stimulate the vagus nerveFrequently asked questions and answersDo you want an answer to the above questions?Learn to stimulate this nerve!Read it now and you will not regret it. 😉Thanks

Counting Princesses!: A Fun Counting Picture Puzzle Book for 2-5 Year Olds (Mastery by Method 3)

This book will help your child master counting and numbers, using princess themed counting games as the method.This book: has a series of counting games that get more challenging as the book progresseshas engaging pictures relating to princesses, such as tiaras, dresses, castles, dwarfs, castles and witches. Lots of cuteness!helps kids build confidence in their counting and pattern recognition

Philosophy Friends! Wittgenstein Wolf Asks What Do You Mean?

FUN PHILOSOPHY BOOKS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN!PHILOSOPHY FRIENDS! introduces your child to major philosophical figures and to basic concepts such as fairness, the good, liberty, meaning and more. Each book centers around a great philosopher’s key insight, presented in a playful and accessible way that children love.WITTGENSTEIN WOLF ASKS WHAT DO YOU MEAN? is an illustrated story inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein's famous thoughts on meaning and language games. Our hero, Wittgenstein Wolf is trying to make sense of different activities his friends are engaged in: playing chess, building imaginary cities with blocks and drawing confusing shapes.To grasp the meaning of these activities he realizes the importance of learning rules, learning how language is being used and learning to see things from different perspectives.

G is for Gardens (Gramma Carmels ABC Picture Books Book 7)

Reading to children is one of the most important things anyone can do to improve their development. This book is designed to give readers something wonderful to share to promote language development and enjoyment of gardens and gardening. The Gramma Carmels ABC Picture Books teach the English alphabet and expand vocabulary. "G is for Gardens" provides a delightful, alphabetical series of original photographs taken by the author. Vocabulary taught in this book: Agave, Bean Blossom, Columbine, Dirt, Exotic, Fuchsia, Gardens, Honeybees, Indoor, Japanese, Koi, Lollipop, Milkweed, Nursery, Orchids, Planter, Quest, Ranunculus, Snapdragon, Topiary, Urban, Vegetables, Wild, Xyst, Yams, Zinnia.