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Catality: Saving Your Reality

Catality is a superhero like you have never seen as he jumps from screen to screen. Meaning he does not just help you and me or even all on land and in the sea. Instead Catality saves each and everyone in every reality. But Striple, that evil mutt, plots revenge at his secret bad guy hut. He wants to see Catality fall and stop answering every distress call. Can Catality beat Striple and his gang of thugs? Some of which are even talking bugs. Find out with another book from Pat Hatt if the day can be saved by the superhero cat.

Tarsier Man: A War Like None Before

Tarsier Man is back. This time The Great God Duke Drazin is back on the attack. He has returned to take over the Earth. Duke Drazin truly thinks he is someone of worth. Tarsier Man tries to stop him, but things turn grim. Soon Tarsier Man is sent to the land of witches. There they are so ugly they give his body twitches. Tarsier Man now must find a way back home and stop Duke Drazin from placing Earth inside a dome. Tarsier Man refuses to let that god win. But will he be able to do him in? Find out all of that and more by getting the tenth adventure in the Tarsier Man lore.

Tarsier Man: Pick of the Sidekick

Tarsier Man has a goal. He wants to fill a hole. He needs to be like Batman. So he sends a call out to every fan. He wants a sidekick. Someone who with he will click. Could be a boy, a girl, a dragon or a cat. They just have to help make the bad guys go splat. But his quest is stopped by Dr. Sheep Fuzz's plan.He wants to be the man. In order for that to happen he must kill Tarsier Man. Is Dr. Sheep Fuzz a flash in the pan? Can Tarsier Man stop him? Find out in his thirteenth adventure if things get grim.

Santa's New Hairdo: In XmasColor

Batchelor Spatchula: Things Are Getting Ugly!: Volume 2 (The Batchelor Spatchula Detective Agency)

Action! Adventure! Thrilling stunts! Silliness! The World's Greatest Private Detective (and his moustache) is back! This time the citizens of boring Dullsville are mysteriously turning ugly. Will Batchelor Spatchula find the antidote in time or will Dullsville be ugly forever? Who listens to Mo Town? Where is the world's only annual disco music festival? Where is Laurelandhardystan? And how can I stop snoring? You'll need to read this silly book to find out!