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CHESAPEAKE 1880 (Steamboats & Oyster Wars: The News Reader Book 2)

Life in the Chesapeake region for the family of Ethan Aaron Douglas, from steamboats to newspapers, struggles of immigrants and the changes brought by the industrial revolution. The simple life of watermen and challenges of weather, fire and disaster in the era of 1880 to 1910 brought to life for the reader from a life-long resident of the Tidewater region. Catch up on the latest events from around the Chesapeake as told by the NEWS READERS on the steamboats of the Old Bay Line to the passengers.

Eric The Electric Car goes to the Garage

More adventure of Eric the Electric car and how he has a chance meeting with Barry the breakdown truck.

The Construction Vehicles and the Great Race

It's a Sunday and all the construction vehicles are taking it easy and still sleeping.However the Big crane's want to make it more exciting and make a plan.They invite all the vehicles to a Great race!