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Dragon's Breath: (Children Books About Dragon, picture, preschool, ages 3 5, kids books) (Emotions & Feelings Book 1)

Audible special offer: get a free audiobook with Audible trialEmotions & Feelings Series Book 1What happens when a Dragon doesn't brush his teeth? Well…we all heard about the ''dragon's breath’’. That's why learning proper dental care is really important for a little boy and his friend Dragon Joe. * Teach the importance of brushing teeth in a cute and fun way * Create more positive attitudes in preschoolers* Perfect book for kids who love dragons*Solutions that help keep teeth clean and healthyIt has a great message:"This picture book inspire dental hygiene and encourage kids to brush their teeth while having fun." -- John “’This is a really helpful story because I've never met a preschool kid who was motivated to brush his teeth" -- Kate Children’s book that makes you laugh:“ It was a great picture book! Made my 3 year old laugh!! “ - Mandy"This is just too funny because I keep thinking about this happening with my family. My kids loved the Dragon Joe " -- Liz AndCute illustrations with nice rhyming story Not too long, grabs kid’s attentionGET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!! Add this amazing kids book to your cart and ENJOY!

Lil Bub And Friends Presents: The Missing Rainbow

Oh No! The Rainbow Is Missing! And The Rumor IsAll The Colors Are No Longer Friends. Friendship is essential, and Lil Bub, Wally, and Furry know this.They set out on a mission to get the colors back together becausethe kids need their rainbow, and friends need each other. Follow Lil Bub the whale, and his exciting pals, Wally the frog andFurry the bunny on their humorous, fun mission as they reunitefriends and restore joy. Their story will captivate kids with catchy rhymes that lead from onepage to the next. It's perfect for shared reading with a child and forchildren who are learning to sound out words and sentences.

Food Network Magazine The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book Free 14-Recipe Sampler!: 150+ Recipes for Young Bakers

Calling all junior bakers! Check out this special selection of recipes from the first-ever baking book for kids from the editors of Food Network Magazine—including Carrot-Coconut Muffins,Lemon-Raspberry Quick Bread, Peanut Butter Cup Brownies, Butterscotch Blondies, Snack-Attack Cookies with Bacon and S’mores Cake. Then if you want more, look for all 110 recipes in The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book. It also includes food trivia, tips, food crafts, and other fun activities.

Coronavirus: A Book for Children

What is the coronavirus, and why is everyone talking about it?Engagingly illustrated by Axel Scheffler, this newly updated edition of this approachable and timely book helps answer these questions and many more, providing children aged 5-10 and their parents with clear and accessible explanations about coronavirus and its effects - both from a health perspective and the impact it has on a family's day-to-day life.With input from expert consultant Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, as well as advice from teachers and child psychologists, this is a practical and informative resource to help explain the changes we are currently all experiencing, which has been fully revised to reflect recent developments.The book is free to read and download, but Nosy Crow would like to encourage readers, should they feel in a position to, to make a donation to:

Homemade Pizza Cookbook: The pizza recipe book you want to have when youa??re serious about mastering pizza at home

This great pizza bible cook book features all the recipes and secrets needed to master the art of pizza making at home, no matter what kind of oven or equipment you have.Pizza remains one of America's favorite food and one that many people still hesitate to make at home. Some believe that making a great homemade pizza is difficult, while others do not excel because they do not yet have the right know-how to make outstanding homemade pizza at the same level as any established pizzeria. In this pizza recipes book, Bianca Martin shared all her techniques and expertise needed to prepare the best homemade pizza you’ll ever make. Simple instructions and no-fuss baking techniques ensure delicious success, whether you’re baking in a standard oven, an outdoor grill, a large backyard pizza oven, or a small countertop oven.If You’re tired of running faster than the Bulls at Pamplona … all the way to the pizzeria down the street and want to try baking your own homemade pizza at home, then this pizza cookbook is a must! ✔ Go ahead and click the BUY NOW button above to get your copy today!

Food Network Magazine The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook Free 19-Recipe Sampler!

Calling all junior chefs! Check out this special selection of recipes from the first-ever cookbook for kids from the editors of Food Network Magazine—including Coconut Chicken Fingers, Spaghetti Marinara, Bacon-Cheddar Wafflewiches Pesto Pizza English Muffin, Snack-Attack Chocolate Chip Cookies and Edible Cookie Dough. Then if you want more, look for The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook with more than 150 recipes, plus food trivia, tips, quizzes, and even coloring-book pages.Download this mini recipe-book now to get a taste!

The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop, Tudor Boy Spy (Secret Diary Series)

THOMAS SNOOP is in training to become a SPY. Entrusted with a TOP SECRET mission by the mysterious Lord Severn, right-hand man to the Tudor king, Thomas must travel to the magnificent Goldenhilt Hall - in the guise of a servant - in order to uncover traitors plotting against the crown. It will take all Thomas's wits and cunning to uncover the traitors lurking at Goldenhilt Hall - and he must do so without being discovered himself...

Welcome to Preschool Math: the basics of math to toddlers.

this is best way for your little one to learn basic math skills. this book is special for lots addition with animal design that are both fun and educational!

Math Time: Play with your Addition & Subtraction Workbook ('130+'Q&A) game in "JUNGLE".

WORKBOOKS FOR KIDS - Using kids workbooks is a great way to improve learning. Writing by hand, as opposed to typing on a computer, fires up specific areas of a child's brain, improving their ability to not only remember what he or she learns but to think of new ideas. Completing physical pages also give a sense of accomplishment that is hard to get from a digital product. This is a workbook kids are sure to enjoy! made like a game.

Would You Rather For Kids: Over 300 Funny And Silly Questions That Kids And Families Will Love

Would You Rather QuestionsLooking for a boatload of funny would you rather questions for kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find 301 would you rather questions that are appropriate for all ages. These questions would make a great addition to your travel games list or even a great game to play on the playground. These questions are great for getting your kids laughing and using their critical thinking skills. Enjoy the gross, funny, and weird questions below.

350+ Home Air Fryer Recipes: Simple Food Recipes Cookbook for Beginners

This Air Fryer recipes cookbook also makes everything fast and easy. Most recipes take 30 minutes or less and they’re designed with simple prep and minimal clean-up in mind. Nutritional information, serving size descriptions and recipes for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free are also included. There’s so much to savor.This best air fryer cookbook has 350+ of content in the following recipes:- Lots of Poultry, Beef, and Pork air fryer recipes- Vegetables and Vegetarian air fryer recipes- Great variety of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner recipes with Quick Snacks and Side Dishes- The Most-Wanted healthy air fryer recipesThis complete Air Fryer recipes cookbook will take care of your scarce cooking time and will show you the easiest & tastiest way towards a whole new life with your air fryer.So, how to cooking appliance could do so much so deliciously well? This air fryer cookbook knows―and now you do, too.Click "Buy Now" and cook the best air fryer food for your lovely family

Preschool math with tom: Workbook

easiest way to learn the math.

My First 123: Illustrated (An Amazing Book)

My First: 123 book, designed to be a toddler favorite is a great way for your little one to learn basic.

Preschool Math with alligator

Preschool Math with alligator, designed to be a kids favorite is a great way for your little one to learn basic math.