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Rediscover Your Sparkle: Revive the Real You and Be Rebelliously Happy Every Day (Nourish Your Soul)

This is a short book but—and this is not said lightly—it will change your life. Do you feel rushed, overwhelmed, tired or stressed out?Have you got a fairly decent life… and still feel something is missing? When you look back, do you wonder where all that enthusiasm went?  This short and engaging book has all the ingredients YOU need to create a delicious and simple recipe to rediscover your sparkle.  It is brimming with wisdom from top personal development gurus, positive psychology researchers and intuitive ways of living from happy souls who naturally embrace these concepts every single day. Rediscover Your Sparkle shows how a few simple tweaks to your physiology, mindset and language have the power to take your daily life from tired, stressed and overwhelmed to being full of fun, love and energy.   It distils an avalanche of advice into ‘sparkle strategies’ designed to help busy people just like you and me to uncover our inner sparkle and remember how to love our lives once again.  This guide also cuts through the confusion around meditation, provides compelling reasons why a gratitude practice is a game changer and explains why being extraordinary is your birthright, something you are meant to be.  Just think how great it will be when you rediscover your sparkle. There are so many benefits. You will: Bounce out of bed each morning with a zest for lifeFeel like you are in touch with your true self once againGain tools to use language in a more powerful and positive mannerUncover how breathing the right way can change your life (yes, really!)Create more happiness in your life without changing a thing on the outsideImprove relationships with those around you from your positive interactionsReclaim all that fun, love and energy you know you still have deep inside you In less than a couple of hours, this book gives you dozens of no- or low-cost, simple and practical tips to rediscover your sparkle. In doing so, you will revive the real you– the joyful soul that you know is in there but has been suppressed by the seriousness that you have taken on just to get through each day.  When you rediscover your sparkle, you become a lighthouse for those around you. You won’t have to say anything directly. They will notice that your interactions are warmer. They will see that you laugh more readily and heartily. They will want to know the secret to your newfound happiness.  Think of this book as a low-cost luxury, a simple way to rediscover that sparkle you once had. And know that with this tiny luxury comes a bonus: the wisdom in these pages will help you be aware of how meaningful and exciting life can be, right now and for the rest of your life.  What’s stopping you from being the happy person you want to be? Not when the ‘time is right’, but today.  Read this book and you will immediately start to feel more light, energized and playful. To add some much-needed fun, love and energy back into your life, scroll to the top and click the ‘BUY NOW’ button. 

Making decisions

This 4-hour free course explored some of the processes involved in decision making, and frameworks for understanding how decisions are made.

Transformational Living: Positivity, Mindset and Persistence (An Official Nightingale Conant Publication)

Do you feel like you’re merely surviving each day, doing everything you can just to make it through your daily routine? In Transformational Living, Earl Nightingale will help you go from the modern limbo of “survival” to exuberant living by teaching you the cognitive reframing techniques necessary to approach life with positivity, curiosity, and gratitude. Once you overhaul your mindset by discovering how to remain excited about all your endeavors, you will realize that there is no such thing as an unsurmountable obstacle and no reason to be negative or downtrodden when you encounter what you perceive as failure. You’ll see that your opportunities are often in exact proportion to your problems—you simply have to transform your outlook to identify the conditions for success already present in your life.   This collection contains some of the greatest messages ever delivered on the subject of success psychology. Having spent decades studying what separates high achievers from the rest of the population, Nightingale understood the crucial role that self-actualization plays in an individual’s ability to attain goals, form relationships, build wealth, and find lasting happiness. In this life-changing volume, you’ll learn how to: Harness the power of language to change your outlook;Use visualization techniques to enlarge your self-image;Regain enthusiasm through learning and goal-setting;Overcome two of the most destructive forces in life—fear and worry;Embrace the therapeutic effect of daydreaming and laughter;Make friends and be an impactful leader;And much more. Return the luster to your life with Transformational Living!  

Managing and managing people

This 8-hour free course introduced the world of management and looked at a range of topics, including what managers do and the skills they require.

The Unofficial Author's Guide To Selling Your Book On Amazon: The Top 5 Cheat Sheet for Self Publishing Authors (Self Publishing Disruption 1)

2021 Edition - This book is going to show you the top 5 secrets to selling your book on Amazon.These are rock solid proven tips that are sure to make your book more visible on the only online store that counts – Amazon.This Unofficial Guide answers many of the most important questions not addressed in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).What’s the best way to launch my book?How can I increase my book sales?How can I get hundreds if not thousands of reader to download by book?What’s the best way to get book reviews?This guide will show you how best to prepare your book to maximise sales, and find the ultimate sales solution: Getting Amazon to sell your books for you!Free bonus.This book links to an online learning center for self-publishing authors, with step-by-step guide lines on how to further improve your sales and marketing results. This is Book 1 in the "Self-Publishing” series. Get your copy today!

Preparing a project

This 8-hour free course provided an overview of the features of a project and the issues that arise in managing a project.

Conversations and interviews

This 5-hour free course explored ways of gathering information by asking people questions, specifically in interviews and conversations.

Productivity Hacks: How to do less and get better results

Is it possible to do less and get better results? Absolutely! Can anyone learn the productivity hacks needed to do it? Absolutely!Bottom line is that most of the “stuff” we fill our to do lists with can be eliminated, delegated or deprioritized. Even with those three things applied, there are still several productivity hacks that allow you to surface the real actions you need to take to get ahead.In this short book, David Vellacott lays out several key productivity hacks for better, more effective working.You will discover:How the “hustle and grind” boys have got it wrong when they try and get you work every minuteHow you start with your own micro and macro behavioursWhy eliminating, delegating and prioritising is key to productivityWhat 10 productivity habits are going to change your approach to being effectiveShort enough to read in one sitting, easy enough to apply instantly PRODUCTIVITY HACKS will allow you to master your time and do less and get better results.Get it now!

What is strategy?

This 5-hour free course focused on practitioner views of strategy and application of its major theoretical advances in professional life.

Understanding and managing risk

This 20-hour free course provided an overview of the risk management process, and examined reputational risk and operational risk.

Completing the project

This 8-hour free course examined particular issues that arise in bringing a project to a close, and ways of evaluating a project on its completion.

Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice

This open access book focuses on both the theory and practice associated with the tools and approaches for decisionmaking in the face of deep uncertainty. It explores approaches and tools supporting the design of strategic plans under deep uncertainty, and their testing in the real world, including barriers and enablers for their use in practice. The book broadens traditional approaches and tools to include the analysis of actors and networks related to the problem at hand. It also shows how lessons learned in the application process can be used to improve the approaches and tools used in the design process. The book offers guidance in identifying and applying appropriate approaches and tools to design plans, as well as advice on implementing these plans in the real world. For decisionmakers and practitioners, the book includes realistic examples and practical guidelines that should help them understand what decisionmaking under deep uncertainty is and how it may be of assistance to them. Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice is divided into four parts. Part I presents five approaches for designing strategic plans under deep uncertainty: Robust Decision Making, Dynamic Adaptive Planning, Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways, Info-Gap Decision Theory, and Engineering Options Analysis. Each approach is worked out in terms of its theoretical foundations, methodological steps to follow when using the approach, latest methodological insights, and challenges for improvement. In Part II, applications of each of these approaches are presented. Based on recent case studies, the practical implications of applying each approach are discussed in depth. Part III focuses on using the approaches and tools in real-world contexts, based on insights from real-world cases. Part IV contains conclusions and a synthesis of the lessons that can be drawn for designing, applying, and implementing strategic plans under deep uncertainty, as well as recommendations for future work.The publication of this book has been funded by the Radboud University, the RAND Corporation, Delft University of Technology, and Deltares.

BITCOIN - THE CURRENCY OF FUTURE: Understand why this coin is making many people millionaires

Bitcoin is blazing the trail in the world of digital currencies. This is perhaps because it has become widely accepted by people from every facet of life. World leaders with stronger economies are beginning to see the enormous potential residing in the power of Bitcoins. Although they have their fears that decentralized cryptocurrencies may result in subverted activities with untraceable transactions, they nonetheless have also seen the minimum risk involved in using it. If this still sounds a bit confusing, don't worry. Just keep reading, and we'll walk you through each step of the process.


Do you want to develop self-discipline? If yes, then keep reading…Self-discipline is exactly what it says—the ability to discipline oneself. It is the ability to know what to do in situations and the fortitude to actually do what is correct in the situation. It is a habit that is vital to daily success. Truly successful people are usually highly disciplined people.No one is born with the ability to truly self-discipline. Babies only care about being taken care of and having their needs met. As children grow older, their parents are in charge of their discipline—at least in the beginning. Parents make the rules, and children follow them because small children lack the thought processes needed to make good decisions on a regular basis. Small children only see the here-and-now, the immediate gratification. They do not know and do not care that a bigger, better reward might be in store for them if they wait patiently. They lack foresight. As children grow older, they begin to see the reasoning behind their parent’s rules. They begin to make choices that mirror the choices their parents have made for them in the past. They show that they are learning to discipline themselves. At this point, the parents may begin to step back a little and to loosen the reins. They may allow the child a bit more freedom in making decisions, with the understanding that the parent is available if the choice turns out to be unfavorable. In this way, the child learns in the safety of the home and with the protection of the parents to make good choices and formulate good decisions. The child learns to self-discipline.In a perfect world, this is the way children would be raised. Unfortunately, this is the real world and not a perfect one. The problem is not that parents do not care about their children—it is that many parents do not know how to teach the art of self-discipline to their children. Maybe the parents are not self-disciplined, maybe the parents feel the child will learn it eventually, or maybe the parents simply do not want to let go complete control over the child. For whatever reason, most children are not taught self-discipline as a way of life and reach adulthood with no clue of how to be in charge of themselves.Self-discipline is nothing more than managing one’s own personal affairs. It is a way of behaving where people automatically choose to do what should be done, as opposed to what would more preferably be done. It is studying for a test instead of going to a party. It is washing dirty laundry on a regular basis so that clean clothes are always available. It is following a budget so that future financial goals can be realized. Self-discipline is that inner voice controlling outward actions. It is using willpower to become mentally tough enough to control one’s actions by oneself.In this book we will discuss the following topics:How to control your angerHow to control your emotionsHow to get rid of anxietyFree yourself from stressDevelop emotional intelligenceThe relationships that inform your willpowerMindset and approach are everythingBuild routines and habits for ultimate self-disciplineKey to success…And much more Are you excited?Look no more!Download our book now!!!

Happiness 100% Reading

① Reading and speed reading② You are already an intellectual③ Feel the happiness you already have