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1% Success Habits: 10 Daily Habits to Crush Your Day

How did the top 1% of successful people in the world like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and Jay Shetty get to where they are today? Habits. They developed habits so that their good behaviours became automatic.In this book, founder of the educational organization and YouTube channel OnePercentBetter—Brandon Nankivell shares his top ten success habits. He also shares 10 principles to ingrain habits for a life-time. many of which are based on science, best-selling books, and the top habits of the top 1% of successful people in the world.

Rediscover Your Sparkle: Revive the Real You and Be Rebelliously Happy Every Day (Nourish Your Soul)

This is a short book but—and this is not said lightly—it will change your life. Do you feel rushed, overwhelmed, tired or stressed out?Have you got a fairly decent life… and still feel something is missing? When you look back, do you wonder where all that enthusiasm went?  This short and engaging book has all the ingredients YOU need to create a delicious and simple recipe to rediscover your sparkle.  It is brimming with wisdom from top personal development gurus, positive psychology researchers and intuitive ways of living from happy souls who naturally embrace these concepts every single day. Rediscover Your Sparkle shows how a few simple tweaks to your physiology, mindset and language have the power to take your daily life from tired, stressed and overwhelmed to being full of fun, love and energy.   It distils an avalanche of advice into ‘sparkle strategies’ designed to help busy people just like you and me to uncover our inner sparkle and remember how to love our lives once again.  This guide also cuts through the confusion around meditation, provides compelling reasons why a gratitude practice is a game changer and explains why being extraordinary is your birthright, something you are meant to be.  Just think how great it will be when you rediscover your sparkle. There are so many benefits. You will: Bounce out of bed each morning with a zest for lifeFeel like you are in touch with your true self once againGain tools to use language in a more powerful and positive mannerUncover how breathing the right way can change your life (yes, really!)Create more happiness in your life without changing a thing on the outsideImprove relationships with those around you from your positive interactionsReclaim all that fun, love and energy you know you still have deep inside you In less than a couple of hours, this book gives you dozens of no- or low-cost, simple and practical tips to rediscover your sparkle. In doing so, you will revive the real you– the joyful soul that you know is in there but has been suppressed by the seriousness that you have taken on just to get through each day.  When you rediscover your sparkle, you become a lighthouse for those around you. You won’t have to say anything directly. They will notice that your interactions are warmer. They will see that you laugh more readily and heartily. They will want to know the secret to your newfound happiness.  Think of this book as a low-cost luxury, a simple way to rediscover that sparkle you once had. And know that with this tiny luxury comes a bonus: the wisdom in these pages will help you be aware of how meaningful and exciting life can be, right now and for the rest of your life.  What’s stopping you from being the happy person you want to be? Not when the ‘time is right’, but today.  Read this book and you will immediately start to feel more light, energized and playful. To add some much-needed fun, love and energy back into your life, scroll to the top and click the ‘BUY NOW’ button. 

How to Market a Book: Overperform in a Crowded Market (Reedsy Marketing Guides Book 1)

Writing a book is hard. Marketing it can be even harder.Marketing a book in 2021 can seem like a full-time job, what with the crazy number of things authors seem to be expected to do: social media, blog tours, advertising, price promotions, mailing lists, giveaways, you name it. But here’s a little secret: you don’t need to do all those things to successfully set your book on the path to success. What you need is a solid plan to find the one or two tactics that will work, and start to drive sales… in a minimum amount of time. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this book.Instead of drowning you in information or inundating you with hundreds of different tactics and strategies that eventually prove fruitless, this book will guide you through a step-by-step framework to find the ones that actually work for you and your book, so that you can start marketing more efficiently.In particular, you’ll learn: How to change your mindset and sell more books with less effort.;How to write books that guarantee a lasting, profitable career;How to get Amazon’s Kindle Store to market your book for you;How to get thousands of readers into your mailing list before you even release the book;How to propel your book to the top of the charts at launch; andHow to automate your marketing so that you can spend less time marketing and more time writing,After helping over 150,000 authors crack the marketing code through a popular weekly newsletter, Reedsy’s Co-founder Ricardo Fayet is sharing everything he’s learned over the past few years in this beginner-friendly, jargon-free guide to book marketing.Best of all, the ebook version is and will always remain 100% FREE. Get your copy now and benefit from all the experience of a seasoned marketing professional.

How to Think Bigger: Aim Higher, Get More Motivated, and Accomplish Big Things

How to Get More Motivated, Set Bigger Goals, and Achieve More by Thinking BiggerHave you ever wondered what separates people who think bigger from people who set their bar low? What makes one person accept low standards and another person to constantly raise them?Why does one person strive to build an international organization affecting the lives of millions of people, while another person is content working her entire life as a clerk? (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a clerk!)Why is one person challenging herself to run marathons, train her body and get fitter, while another is happy living a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle?What drives a person who’s optimizing every single aspect of her life and what causes another person to maintain the status quo?You can say, “Well, the answer is simple enough – one person is ambitious, while the other one is not.” But what exactly causes it? And most importantly – how do you become more ambitious and think bigger? Is it something you’re born with and can’t change, or is it something over which you have control?I found this topic so fascinating I decided to find out the answer for myself and write a book about it. This book is the result of my research about people who think big and the science of being more ambitious.Here are just some of the things you will learn from the book:- What key things you need to inspire yourself to think bigger, and more importantly, achieve your big goals.- Why you need a “why,” and what kind of motivators will set you up for success (hint: attaining money or status are some of the least motivating goals possible).- The single most important thing to thinking bigger. If you don’t have it in your life, you will sabotage your efforts – guaranteed.- What the chimp is and why you need to learn how to control it to get yourself motivated and work on your big goals. You can be making things hard for yourself without being aware of it.- How to cultivate the art of strategic laziness to achieve more while doing much less than other people (why work so hard if you can get better results by being lazy?).- The seven most important triggers of flow – a state of perfect focus where the magic happens.- The secret of achieving the impossible is not really such a secret, but most people tend to forget about it and get overwhelmed by their goals.I wrote this book to increase my motivation, teach myself how to think bigger and learn how to raise my standards. I hope the answer I found will help you as much as it has helped me.You can also learn how to find motivation to become the best version of you. Scroll up and buy the book now.

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021: Investing essentials, expert insights and powerful trends and data

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is the latest edition of the popular annual handbook for anyone interested in investment trusts – often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret, or the connoisseur’s choice among investment funds.With fascinating articles by more than a dozen different authors, including analysts, fund managers and investment writers, plus pages of data and analysis, the handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to invest in the investment trust sector. Contributors include John Baron, Robin Angus, Max King, Sandy Cross, Peter Spiller, Simon Elliott, James Carthew and many more. It is expertly edited by well-known author and professional investor Jonathan Davis.The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is an editorially independent educational publication, available through bookshops and extensively online. Distribution is supported by Aberdeen Standard, Allianz Global, Axiom Alternative Investments, Baillie Gifford, Bellevue Asset Management, Fidelity International, JP Morgan and Polar Capital. We share an interest in spreading awareness of investment trusts as an option for self-directed investors and financial advisers.

Making decisions

This 4-hour free course explored some of the processes involved in decision making, and frameworks for understanding how decisions are made.

Transformational Living: Positivity, Mindset and Persistence (An Official Nightingale Conant Publication)

Do you feel like you’re merely surviving each day, doing everything you can just to make it through your daily routine? In Transformational Living, Earl Nightingale will help you go from the modern limbo of “survival” to exuberant living by teaching you the cognitive reframing techniques necessary to approach life with positivity, curiosity, and gratitude. Once you overhaul your mindset by discovering how to remain excited about all your endeavors, you will realize that there is no such thing as an unsurmountable obstacle and no reason to be negative or downtrodden when you encounter what you perceive as failure. You’ll see that your opportunities are often in exact proportion to your problems—you simply have to transform your outlook to identify the conditions for success already present in your life.   This collection contains some of the greatest messages ever delivered on the subject of success psychology. Having spent decades studying what separates high achievers from the rest of the population, Nightingale understood the crucial role that self-actualization plays in an individual’s ability to attain goals, form relationships, build wealth, and find lasting happiness. In this life-changing volume, you’ll learn how to: Harness the power of language to change your outlook;Use visualization techniques to enlarge your self-image;Regain enthusiasm through learning and goal-setting;Overcome two of the most destructive forces in life—fear and worry;Embrace the therapeutic effect of daydreaming and laughter;Make friends and be an impactful leader;And much more. Return the luster to your life with Transformational Living!  

Managing and managing people

This 8-hour free course introduced the world of management and looked at a range of topics, including what managers do and the skills they require.

The Unofficial Author's Guide To Selling Your Book On Amazon: The Top 5 Cheat Sheet for Self Publishing Authors (Self Publishing Disruption 1)

2021 Edition - This book is going to show you the top 5 secrets to selling your book on Amazon.These are rock solid proven tips that are sure to make your book more visible on the only online store that counts – Amazon.This Unofficial Guide answers many of the most important questions not addressed in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).What’s the best way to launch my book?How can I increase my book sales?How can I get hundreds if not thousands of reader to download by book?What’s the best way to get book reviews?This guide will show you how best to prepare your book to maximise sales, and find the ultimate sales solution: Getting Amazon to sell your books for you!Free bonus.This book links to an online learning center for self-publishing authors, with step-by-step guide lines on how to further improve your sales and marketing results. This is Book 1 in the "Self-Publishing” series. Get your copy today!

Preparing a project

This 8-hour free course provided an overview of the features of a project and the issues that arise in managing a project.

Entrepreneurial behaviour

This 20-hour free course explored the personal aspects involved in transforming an innovative idea into an entrepreneurial product.

Conversations and interviews

This 5-hour free course explored ways of gathering information by asking people questions, specifically in interviews and conversations.

The Way to Wealth: Ben Franklin on Money and Success

Benjamin Franklin’s writings have inspired millions throughout the years, and his advice on how to earn and save money is timeless. "The Way to Wealth" was an essay written by Benjamin Franklin in 1758. He was on a journey to England and resented the time wasted waiting for the ship to sail (it was anchored in New York for 2 weeks) that he began collecting adages and advice from 25 years worth of publication of Poor Richard’s Alamanac (Spelled Alamanack at the time). Because the poor man couldn’t afford books, he would spend his earnings on yearly almanacs filled with astrology, jokes, stories, and other works of amusement. In Poor Richard’s Alamanac, Franklin copied some of the more popular pieces of advice, slightly modified, and also included original works of his own.

Productivity Hacks: How to do less and get better results

Is it possible to do less and get better results? Absolutely! Can anyone learn the productivity hacks needed to do it? Absolutely!Bottom line is that most of the “stuff” we fill our to do lists with can be eliminated, delegated or deprioritized. Even with those three things applied, there are still several productivity hacks that allow you to surface the real actions you need to take to get ahead.In this short book, David Vellacott lays out several key productivity hacks for better, more effective working.You will discover:How the “hustle and grind” boys have got it wrong when they try and get you work every minuteHow you start with your own micro and macro behavioursWhy eliminating, delegating and prioritising is key to productivityWhat 10 productivity habits are going to change your approach to being effectiveShort enough to read in one sitting, easy enough to apply instantly PRODUCTIVITY HACKS will allow you to master your time and do less and get better results.Get it now!

What is strategy?

This 5-hour free course focused on practitioner views of strategy and application of its major theoretical advances in professional life.

Understanding and managing risk

This 20-hour free course provided an overview of the risk management process, and examined reputational risk and operational risk.

Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE!: 7 Steps to WordPress Bliss.... (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 1)

FREE Blogging Course Included!! STEP-BY-STEP: A Proven, Easy-to-Follow System to Starting a Wordpress Blog from Scratch(Part 1: Technical Set up)You have thought about starting a blog, but always put it off, because tech stuff really scares you?You often wondered how top bloggers actually make money? - and what training they had to become successful?Or you might be a freelancer / business owner trying to use the internet to spread the word about your products and services?This book will teach you how to start a cool blog the smart way - no prior experience is necessary - and you might even have fun along the way….Building a Foundation for Blogging SuccessWhile some guides promise to get you started with a blog in under an hour - or even 5 minutes - the reality is quite different. Like with anything new there is a small learning curve and the occasional frustration. Sure, you can rush through it and quickly set something up - without any design or features. But that’s probably not a good success strategy. This book is not about starting a “quickie” blog, but about building a solid foundation for long term success. (Wordpress site).This includes advice from some of the most successful bloggers in the world, like the guys behind ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, Moz and BoostBlogTraffic who have generated a combined income of more than 50 Million Dollars through their blogs.A well-thought-out Strategy will get you there a lot fasterStarting a successful blog is not just about learning the technical aspects. That is only the beginning - and even there your choices can make or break you, right from the start. We will cover the different aspects you need to consider for each of the 7 Steps described in this book, including choosing a marketable domain name, a good hosting company, mailing list services - and monetizing strategies.You will find that - with a few pointers - starting a successful blog is - by far - not as complicated as you might think. Though it will take more than just an hour…;-)Thanks to an amazing software called WordPress, it has become very easy to start and manage a blog without paying expensive designers or learning complex “code”.If you are comfy with MS Word, a Wordpress site will be a breeze…More importantly, it will soon become fun to design your own Wordpress site and update it yourself. You might even help others to start their Wordpress blog….This book follows a proven 7-Step formula with numerous screenshots to illustrate each step.It will give you the tools to get started with your new Wordpress blog in easy-to-understand language and provide you with a massive resource chapter for further training.Here is what you will learn:Step #1: What is WordPress and why do all successful bloggers use it?...and why you should avoid third party platforms like Blogspot/Blogger, Weebly, Wix, etc. at all cost!!Step #2: Web Hosting - Finding a good home base for your blogStep #3: Creating your Brand - Choosing and registering your domain nameStep #4: WordPress Set up: - A first look at your site & featuresStep #5: Pick a Theme - Styling your site to awesomenessStep #6: Plugins, Mailing Lists & Google Analytics - Turning your blog into a performance ninjaStep #7: Blogging & Marketing Training - Learning from the MASTERSWould You Like To Know More?Download now and learn how to start your blog today!Scroll to the top of the page and select the BUY button.

Success: Why You Fail Where Others Succeed - 5 Life-Changing Personal Development Tips You Wish You Knew (Success Principles Book 1)

"One of the best Personal Development ebooks of all time" - BookAuthorityWant to discover the 5 most powerful personal development tips successful people use every day?Imagine if you could get ahead of the competition by implementing powerful, little-known concepts in your life. How much more success, happiness, and fulfillment do you think could get?Obsessed with improvement, I’ve read over 100 self-help books in the past three years. I’ve also published articles on major personal development websites such as Lifehack, Goalcast, Addicted2Success or Tiny Buddha. In this book, I’ll share what I’ve learned over the past few years and teach you the 5 critical concepts that I believe everyone needs to know to live a fulfilling life. Here’s what you’ll get from this book:You’ll benefit from what I’ve learned from reading over 100 personal development books and spending hundreds of hours watching videos from personal development experts. You’ll save yourself the hassle of looking for the right information among the millions of articles and websites out there. You’ll learn about 5 powerful life-changing tips that I’ve personally benefited from. Even better, you can start incorporating them into your life right away! You wouldn’t have read up to this point if you weren’t interested in discovering these 5 life-changing tips.So what are you waiting for? Click the BUY button and download your copy todayThis book is part of the "Success Principles" series below: Book 1 - Success: Why You Fail Where Others Succeed - 5 Personal Development Tips You Wish You KnewBook 2 - Crush Your Limits: Break Free from Limitations and Achieve Your True Potential Book 3 - Success is Inevitable: 17 Laws to Unlock Your Hidden Potential, Skyrocket Your Confidence and Get What You Want from Life.

Completing the project

This 8-hour free course examined particular issues that arise in bringing a project to a close, and ways of evaluating a project on its completion.

10 Ways to Make Money in a Free World

Free is coming. We all know how artists and are at risk from filesharing; now digital manufacturing and 3D printing mean that no industry is immune. But the same technology that enables easy piracy also offers a huge opportunity: artists and businesses can share what they do at low cost, while building relationships with fans.So how can you embrace free, while finding the superfans who will help you thrive? How can you make money in the Free world? Here are ten ideas to reshape your future. Welcome to the Curve.Nicholas Lovell is an author and consultant who helps companies embrace the transformative power of the internet. His blog, GAMESbrief, is read by those seeking to learn how digital is transforming gaming - and how to apply that knowledge to other industries. His clients have included Atari, Firefly, nDreams and Square Enix (creators of Tomb Raider), as well as Channel 4 and IPC Media. He is a columnist for Gamasutra, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, and his articles have appeared in TechCrunch andWired. He lives in London.

Financial accounting and reporting

This 12-hour free course introduced the basic terminology, purpose and different types of financial accounting, and the role performed by accountants.

Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice

This open access book focuses on both the theory and practice associated with the tools and approaches for decisionmaking in the face of deep uncertainty. It explores approaches and tools supporting the design of strategic plans under deep uncertainty, and their testing in the real world, including barriers and enablers for their use in practice. The book broadens traditional approaches and tools to include the analysis of actors and networks related to the problem at hand. It also shows how lessons learned in the application process can be used to improve the approaches and tools used in the design process. The book offers guidance in identifying and applying appropriate approaches and tools to design plans, as well as advice on implementing these plans in the real world. For decisionmakers and practitioners, the book includes realistic examples and practical guidelines that should help them understand what decisionmaking under deep uncertainty is and how it may be of assistance to them. Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice is divided into four parts. Part I presents five approaches for designing strategic plans under deep uncertainty: Robust Decision Making, Dynamic Adaptive Planning, Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways, Info-Gap Decision Theory, and Engineering Options Analysis. Each approach is worked out in terms of its theoretical foundations, methodological steps to follow when using the approach, latest methodological insights, and challenges for improvement. In Part II, applications of each of these approaches are presented. Based on recent case studies, the practical implications of applying each approach are discussed in depth. Part III focuses on using the approaches and tools in real-world contexts, based on insights from real-world cases. Part IV contains conclusions and a synthesis of the lessons that can be drawn for designing, applying, and implementing strategic plans under deep uncertainty, as well as recommendations for future work.The publication of this book has been funded by the Radboud University, the RAND Corporation, Delft University of Technology, and Deltares.

40 Rules for Internet Business Success: Escape the 9 to 5, Do Work You Love, Build a Profitable Online Business and Make Money Online (Internet Business Series)

Actionable Advice from Someone That's Actually Done ItDid you know that most "how to make money online" and "passive income" books are written by people that have never actually launched a real online business?Stop reading entrepreneurship books that were written by pretenders. Read 40 Rules for Internet Business Success and you'll learn from a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that has created multiple six-figure and seven-figure online businesses from scratch. Matthew Paulson, Founder of, has weathered the failures and triumphs of entrepreneurship for more than a decade. 40 Rules for Internet Business Success is his collection of core principles and strategies he has used to identify new business ideas, launch new companies and grow his businesses. By reading 40 Rules for Internet Business Success, you will learn to:Throw away your business plan! Create a scalable business model that actually works.Identify a target market that is desperate for your company's products and services.Launch your first product or service faster by building a minimum viable business.Create a reliable and repeatable marketing strategy to keep new customers coming. Understand why most "passive income" business ideas are doomed to fail (and how to beat the odds.)Build systems that make your business run like a well-oiled machine.Maximize your company's earnings potential with the three keys of revenue growth.Whether you want to learn how to make money online, create passive income streams or build a massive online business empire, 40 Rules for Internet Business Success will help you turn your dream of starting a business into reality.EXTRAS WITH EVERY PURCHASE: After purchasing the book, open it and follow the directions inside to receive access to the two bonus audio interviews titled 40 Bootstrapped Business Ideas and The Seven Deadly Sins of New Entrepreneurs. Want to learn how to make money online?Get your copy of 40 Rules for Internet Business Success today and learn how starting a business may be the best decision you ever made. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the buy button.

Fire Your Boss: How to quit your job, stop selling your time and start making passive income while you sleepa??and possibly move to a tropical island (Serve No Master)

Are you sick of working a job you hate for a boss who despises you? Do you want to get paid what your worth...instead of what your company thinks they can get away with?Are you struggling to get up in the morning and praying for a snow day? Or just ready to start enjoying some of that freedom you've heard so much about?Whether you're about to enter the job market for the first time or you've been slaving away for decades - you need to read Fire Your Boss - as soon as possible! In this book, you'll learn how to break free of the underpaying labor market and start the journey to financial and emotional freedom.You cannot underestimate the power of controlling your income.Learn how to blast through every roadblock keeping you from starting your own business. From "don't know where to start" to "I'm not good with technology" to "I don't have the confidence" to "I don't have enough time," Fire Your Boss sets all those excuses on fire with simple and actionable business models that you can start in your spare time to start building up your savings account.What pragmatic and actionable lessons will you learn? Sixteen business models that all cooperate with each other The simple technique for turning your voice into an ATM machine The secret to building a business when you don't have any time The foolproof method for getting paid to learn The most common mistakes even experienced entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. The singular best way to create an unstoppable passive revenue streamHere's what this book ISN'T: this isn't a list of startups you can slave away for,a guide on how to joing the "gig economy," or a plan to get a promotion at work. This is about building consistent and passive revenue streams that can support you when shocks hit the market and the economy turns against you.How will your life improve? Never live in fear of getting fired every again Go to sleep knowing that TOMORROW THERE WILL BE MORE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT THAN TODAY Follow a process that allowed the author to move to a tropical island Chase your dreams without letting stress and fear hold you backImplement these techniques and watch your happiness skyrocket.Follow this amazing journey and take control of your destiny by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!Serve No Master Series: Book 0

Organisations and management accounting

This 12-hour free course explored the nature of organisations, their objectives and structure, and environmental factors that impact on them.

Excel Formulas and Functions 2020: The Step by Step Excel Guide with Examples on How to Create Powerful Formulas (Excel Academy Book 1)

Are you working on a project where you need to perform complex mathematical and financial operations? Did you know you could use Excel to perform such calculations using the predefined functions and formulae? Are you looking for a way to learn these functions better? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you have chosen the right book.Microsoft Excel is an application that helps you save time and analyze data easily. It has multiple predefined functions you can use to perform complex calculations and analysis and make your job easy. A lot of people struggle to understand these functions for multiple reasons, and therefore, cannot use the application well.Regardless of the industry you work in, you must understand the use of these functions so you can improve your analysis and understanding of the data. Use this book as your guide to understand different functions and formulae in Excel. In this book, you will learn about:●What Microsoft Excel is, and its benefits●The Formula Tab in Excel●Types of Referencing●Different functions in Excel●Some tips and shortcutsTo make it easy for you to learn these formulae, there are several screenshots to guide you and make the functions easy for you. If you want to learn more about how to use Excel, click on the buy now button now and grab a copy of this book today!

Investing for Beginners: A Short Read on the Basics of Investing and Dividends (investing 101, Investing for Dummies, Money, Power, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Banking Book 4)

Most people believe that the true key to becoming ultra-wealthy lies in some sort of "secret," a kind of well-kept secret that's extremely "hush-hush," and only realized by a small amount of the elite, or a privileged few. But, actually, this isn't the case at all. In fact, these super-rich individuals realize that their money needs to work for them and so they learn how to take what are known as "calculated" risks.The super-rich are definitely not psychics, nor do they have a "magic" secret that they hold close to their own kind. In fact, their real secret lies in the fact that they know what simple investing mistakes should be avoided. And, in truth, these mistakes are common knowledge, even among those investors who are not particularly wealthy at all.Investing properly is a guided, purposeful tool for building and adding to wealth, but it is not only for the rich. Actually, anyone can get started quite easily, and there are multiple avenues that make it easy to begin, with small amounts to start up a portfolio. Additionally, what differentiates using investment (as opposed to gambling) is that it takes a period of time for the "magic" to happen. Therefore, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, at all. I want us to be clear on that point from the get-go.By the end of this book, you'll have a great understanding of what investing is, and you will know how the magic of compounding works too. We'll take a look at other options that you might find useful, so then you'll have the knowledge you need before you get started with your own investing. Again, thank you for joining me here; it's my pleasure to guide you through this important information. I believe that knowledge is power, and I hope that you'll feel more comfortable once you get the real gist of how it all works, and how it can work really well for you.

BITCOIN - THE CURRENCY OF FUTURE: Understand why this coin is making many people millionaires

Bitcoin is blazing the trail in the world of digital currencies. This is perhaps because it has become widely accepted by people from every facet of life. World leaders with stronger economies are beginning to see the enormous potential residing in the power of Bitcoins. Although they have their fears that decentralized cryptocurrencies may result in subverted activities with untraceable transactions, they nonetheless have also seen the minimum risk involved in using it. If this still sounds a bit confusing, don't worry. Just keep reading, and we'll walk you through each step of the process.

Bitcoin and Beyond: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Global Governance (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy)

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 several hundred different ‘cryptocurrencies’ have been developed and become accepted for a wide variety of transactions in leading online commercial marketplaces and the ‘sharing economy’, as well as by more traditional retailers, manufacturers, and even by charities and political parties. Bitcoin and its competitors have also garnered attention for their wildly fluctuating values as well as implication in international money laundering, Ponzi schemes and online trade in illicit goods and services across borders. These and other controversies surrounding cryptocurrencies have induced varying governance responses by central banks, government ministries, international organizations, and industry regulators worldwide. Besides formal attempts to ban Bitcoin, there have been multifaceted efforts to incorporate elements of blockchains, the peer-to-peer technology underlying cryptocurrencies, in the wider exchange, recording, and broadcasting of digital transactions. Blockchains are being mobilized to support and extend an array of governance activities. The novelty and breadth of growing blockchain-based activities have fuelled both utopian promises and dystopian fears regarding applications of the emergent technology to Bitcoin and beyond. This volume brings scholars of anthropology, economics, Science and Technology Studies, and sociology together with GPE scholars in assessing the actual implications posed by Bitcoin and blockchains for contemporary global governance. Its interdisciplinary contributions provide academics, policymakers, industry practitioners and the general public with more nuanced understandings of technological change in the changing character of governance within and across the borders of nation-states.

MASTERING ONLINE MARKETING - Create business success through content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation.: Learn email marketing, search ... and Entrepreneurship Series Book 1)

Mastering Online Marketing is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available on advanced web marketing. It reveals the secrets that can help take your Internet marketing to a new level.Hundreds of books have been published on online marketing, so what makes this one special? Whether you are new to the subject and looking for a comprehensive overview, or are familiar with the concepts but want to get more from your marketing efforts, with this book, you will learn state-of-the-art techniques and get actionable and practical knowledge to set up an efficient online marketing system to support and improve your business.This book describes the latest developments in Internet marketing and provides detailed and practical knowledge that can help you improve your campaigns to get more visitors, leads, and customers. By using these tools and techniques, you can quickly outperform your competition. Mastering Online Marketing will turn you into an online marketing expert and teach you everything you need to know.* Learn more about current trends in Internet marketing, including inbound marketing* Create success by attracting more visitors, improving your leads generation, and using refined leads nurturing with effective email marketing* Understand what marketing automation is and how new integrated marketing automation systems are changing the game with visitor tracking, progressive lead profiling, and hyper-personalized content* Get details on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, display advertisements, retargeting, remarketing, and search keyword analysis* Learn best practices in key areas such as blogging, calls-to-action, landing pages and registration forms, and leads nurturing and marketing emails* Leverage content marketing and learn how to create effective marketing assets like blog articles, eBooks, infographics, white papers, checklists, video tutorials, templates, podcasts, webinars, and more* Use social media marketing on popular social media and content publishing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and SlideShare * Measure website user behavior, online and offline campaign results, and goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) with web analytics using Google Analytics* Learn more about other tools for Internet marketing, including how to run web surveys and questionnaires, virtual web meetings, and more* Get an insight into the future of online marketing, where technologies like adaptive media, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) may enable new ways to profile your audience and send more personalized marketing messagesMastering Online Marketing covers everything you need to know about advanced web marketing. This is the book to read if you want to quickly learn state-of-the-art techniques and best practices. Build your online marketing success and improve your business right away!Buy this book now to become an Internet marketing expert and take your web marketing to the next level!

One Hundred Years of Chemical Warfare: Research, Deployment, Consequences

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC 2.5 license. On April 22, 1915, the German military released 150 tons of chlorine gas at Ypres, Belgium. Carried by a long-awaited wind, the chlorine cloud passed within a few minutes through the British and French trenches, leaving behind at least 1,000 dead and 4,000 injured. This chemical attack, which amounted to the first use of a weapon of mass destruction, marks a turning point in world history. The preparation as well as the execution of the gas attack was orchestrated by Fritz Haber, the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry in Berlin-Dahlem. During World War I, Haber transformed his research institute into a center for the development of chemical weapons (and of the means of protection against them).Bretislav Friedrich and Martin Wolf (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, the successor institution of Haber’s institute) together with Dieter Hoffmann, Jürgen Renn, and Florian Schmaltz (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science) organized an international symposium to commemorate the centenary of the infamous chemical attack. The symposium examined crucial facets of chemical warfare from the first research on and deployment of chemical weapons in WWI to the development and use of chemical warfare during the century hence. The focus was on scientific, ethical, legal, and political issues of chemical weapons research and deployment — including the issue of dual use — as well as the ongoing effort to control the possession of chemical weapons and to ultimately achieve their elimination.The volume consists of papers presented at the symposium and supplemented by additional articles that together cover key aspects of chemical warfare from 22 April 1915 until the summer of 2015.

Stock Market Investing for Beginners - Learn How To Beat Stock Market The Smart Way

Become an Expert on Stock Market, Invest in Your Future and Secure Your Retirement! Do you want to ensure your future financial stability and generate a healthy passive income?The Stock Market is a moneymaking machine if you know how to operate it. There are many investment success stories, but there are also those that have failed in making it on the market. Now you have the opportunity to join the company of those who have made a fortune!The stock market is a ruthless world, one that brutally punishes mistakes. Beginners are an especially vulnerable group because they usually don’t have a full grasp on how the market works, and the investment plans and strategies.But this book will ensure you’re equipped with the tools for success! Even if you’re an absolute beginner and have never traded before, soon you’ll become a Stock Market genius!Here’s what this book will teach you:The language of the Stock Market – know your terminology, phrases, and expressions!Long-term investing strategies – invest early in winner stocks!Building investment plans - secure your retirement!Conducting stock analysis research – never invest in bad stock!Investing in first stocks – start with a profit!And so much more!Popular public opinion of the Stock Market is that a lot of the success has to do with luck. While that might be true in some cases, the majority of success on the market has to do with conducting thorough research, investing intelligently, and avoiding making common mistakes such as investing in a highly risky stock.This book will change your perspective of the Stock Market, and teach you how to use it to have a healthy side income!Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

How to Start a Blog - Free Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to Building a Blog for Those Interested in Making Money and Having Fun!

Hey there! Alex and Lauren here. Together, we own and run TWO successful blogs! We went from $0 to over $103,457.98 in our first year of blogging, and we now make over $100,000 per month between both of our combined blogs, and we’re going to tell you EXACTLY how we got started in this eBook. It’s going to include the EXACT steps to get started building the blog of your dreams the RIGHT way!

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2020: Investing essentials, expert insights and powerful trends and data

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2020 is the latest edition of the popular annual handbook for investors of all kinds interested in investment trusts – often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret.With fascinating articles by more than a dozen different authors, including analysts, fund managers and investment writers, and edited by independent financial author and expert Jonathan Davis, the handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to invest in the investment trusts arena. Contributors include John Baron, Robin Angus, Max King, Sandy Cross and many more.The Investment Trusts Handbook 2020 is an editorially independent educational publication, available through bookshops and online. The publication is supported by Aberdeen Standard, Fidelity International, Jupiter Asset Management and Polar Capital. We share an interest in spreading awareness of investment trusts as an option for self-directed investors and financial

Time is not infinite: 12 principles to make the best use of your time

In the last decade alone, I have collaborated with many owners, CEOs, Managing Directors and Company Managers who often worked as though their time was infinite. I saw them spending more and more time with their team in the office until their week became highly laborious. They would only leave the office to eat and sleep. I don’t mean to say that we should only work from 9 to 5, 5 days a week and then completely ignore our work on weekends. I know that sometimes we have to put in the extra hours to meet our deadlines and achieve our targets; however, when this becomes the norm, it means that we need to consider alternatives such as working smarter rather than harder. This is the reason why I am writing this book Dedicated to all Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors and Company Managers who think that every working day should be 48 hours, during which the need to eat, sleep and socialize is nonexistent.  To all those who wait for the weekend just to rest...I, too, was one of them so many years back!

Goal Setting (Workbook Included): Goals & Motivation: Introduction To A Complete & Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Reaching Your Goals (Goal Setting Master Plan 1)

Do you want to learn how to achieve your goals but feel tired of all the over-hyped, positive thinking, self help stuff out there?If you do, then download this FREE book today!Only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them. If you fall into the other 92%, you are probably familiar with the feelings of overwhelm, frustration and being stuck, that accompany the task of trying to achieve your goals.After experiencing many common pitfalls himself, Martin Kaye, founder of the Better Self Academy, set out to find what prevented him from reaching personal success, and what really works. He dove deep into the scientific research field of behavioral psychology and applied psychology, specifically the research done by world leading researchers on the topics of willpower, habits, happiness, goal setting and motivation to create a complete, step-by-step, blueprint that includes all factors that impact your chances to achieve your goal.Regardless of what your particular goal is, this book offers an evidence-based introduction to the world of goal setting and goal achievement, beyond New Thought ideas such as positive thinking, vision boards and affirmations. It will help you get started, and give you advice you can immediately put to practical use.In this book you will learn:The THREE problems with self-help advice and life coachesThe importance of using your strengthsHow to avoid the Rat RaceHow Motivation really worksWhy Positive Thinking leads to Negative ResultsHow to use two simple daily routinesYou also get a free goal setting workbook with the TEN proven steps to creating a plan that leads to real results, to download and print out and use as a tool when setting your goals, as well as a companion on your journey towards your goals. In addition you are granted access to the Better Self Academy, a growing community of like-minded people who want to learn how to become a little better each and every day.You're about to discover a scientific approach to how to set and achieve your goals. Are you ready to take action?Now scroll up and instantly get your hands on your FREE copy!

Introduction to the context of accounting

This 4-hour free course introduced the basics of accounting, from its historical beginnings to the objectives of modern day accountants.

How To Read People Like A Book: The Complete Guide To Analyze People, Decode Emotions, Predict Intentions, Behavior, and Connect Effortlessly

How many times have you’ve been deceived by people’s powerful words?Are you one of the many victims that fell prey to empty promises? Did you get sick and tired of being manipulated?It’s not your fault; according to numerous studies, experts agree that approximately 93% of communication is nonverbal. Turns out, it’s not about what people say, it’s about what they truly mean. But, can you be tipped off to what someone is thinking or feeling?YES, and even though you might have a few failed attempts, what you didn’t have is this easy-to-follow guide on reading people!Once you master the art of reading people like a book and discover the science behind nonverbal communication, things are going to take a dramatic turn for the better.How to Read People Like a Book is a mighty read that’ll help you tap into the remarkable power of observation. Although people have different quirks and patterns of behavior, most of these indicators have the same meaning.Note though, body language is just one aspect of reading people. If you want to get into other people’s minds, you have to thoroughly explore their behavior. The signals are always there, you just have to look for them and this comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to do so!Armed with this extraordinary book, you will:✓ Find a better understanding of yourself and what signals tip off your intentions, feelings, and thoughts;✓ Discover why people act the way they do and bust some unbelievable myths concerning communication;✓ Become fluent at body language and get actionable tips and tricks on deciphering verbal communication to discover what people mean;✓ Be able to easily predict future behaviors and use this knowledge to your advantage to always get what you want out of every situation;✓ Decode the seemingly complicated nature of relationships while easily reading what the other person thinks or feels and get the most out of every important relationship;✓ Never again have doubts concerning other people’s intentions towards you but rather be able to clearly see through them;✓ Get on the right path to understanding people better, sort through the chaos of your relationships, and avoid getting close to insincere, manipulative people; ✓ Build a better, fulfilled social life based on strong and healthy communication and effectively read the multiple mixed messages people send without making too much out of them;✓ Connect with people authentically and find happiness in the fact that you’re understood and understanding toward other people;✓ Detect lies and manipulation attempts with ease and forget about having other people put you in the position of a victim;✓ And so much more!No more disappointments, no more lies, no more broken relationships – you can get all this with proper communication and the ability to read people. With easy-to-follow exercises at the end of each invaluable chapter, this book will open your eyes to what every person truly means – be it your partner, parents, friends, colleagues, or boss.Ultimately, this unique book will open your heart to strong bonds and long, meaningful conversations that’ll allow you to connect with those most important to you and ditch the people with impure intentions!Add to Cart, And Start Discovering the Magic of Reading People Today!

Envy, Poison, & Death: Women on Trial in Classical Athens

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations.At the heart of this volume are three trials held in Athens in the fourth century BCE. The defendants were all women and in each case the charges involved a combination of ritual activities. Two were condemned to death. Because of the brevity of the ancient sources, and their lack of agreement, the precise charges are unclear, and the reasons for taking these women to court remain mysterious.Envy, Poison, and Death takes the complexity and confusion of the evidence not as a a riddle to be solved, but as revealing multiple social dynamics. It explores the changing factors—material, ideological, and psychological—that may have provoked these events. It focuses in particular on the dual role of envy (phthonos) and gossip as processes by which communities identified people and activities that were dangerous, and examines how and why those local, evenindividual, dynamics may have come to shape official civic decisions during a time of perceived hardship.At first sight so puzzling, these trials reveal a vivid picture of the socio-political environment of Athens during the early-mid fourth century BCE, including responses to changes in women's status and behaviour, and attitudes to ritual activities within the city. The volume reveals some of the characters, events, and even emotions that would help to shape an emergent concept of magic: it suggests that the boundary of acceptable behaviour was shifting, not only within the legal arena but alsothrough the active involvement of society beyond the courts.

Challenges in advanced management accounting

This 15-hour free course examined strategic management accounting and selected concepts and techniques, and considered challenges it might address.

Passive Income: Step By Step Guide On How To Create Passive Income And Live Your Dreams (Make Money Online)

Are You Sick And Tired Of Your 9-5 Job?Do you want your money making for you? Do you want your money on autopilot why you're out enjoying your life?Do you dream of escaping the 9-to-5 grind? Does your bank account run short before your next paycheck? Whether you want extra money to order pizza or to fly to Pisa, passive income streams will help you achieve your financial goals.In Passive Income: Step By Step Guide On How To Create Passive Income And Live Your Dreams prosperity guru Chris Atwood introduces approachable ways to make more money—even when you're not actively working. By mastering the method of passive income streams, you can break free from traditional work models, avoid working long hours, and still earn a living.This book gives you the information and tools you need to succeed generating passive income.Passive income is a powerful stream of income from which you can earn money without actually going to work everyday, basically, you create a process that allows your investment to generate money for you.While it may seem difficult for someone who is new to online businesses, with this book you will learn how to set up and run an online business.Learn how to build a successful online business and start to earn passive income!Get your copy today, live your dream tomorrow!

How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals: A Guide for Students, Researchers and Entrepreneurs (Essay and Thesis Writing)

From bestselling author Grant Andrews, PhDPractical steps to reach your potential and stay motivated on your path to success.This guide offers the stories and advice from those who have overcome hardships to reach success. Learn how to understand your potential and to use your skills effectively to reach your goals.If you need motivation as a student, researcher or entrepreneur, this book will inspire you to overcome obstacles and dare to dream big.The guide is written by Dr. Grant Andrews, who has been teaching academic writing for years, and who works with university and corporate clients. It is part of the Essay and Thesis Writing Series. You can find out more about the series at

The Psychology of Silicon Valley: Ethical Threats and Emotional Unintelligence in the Tech Industry

Misinformation. Job displacement. Information overload. Economic inequality. Digital addiction. The breakdown of democracy, civility, and truth itself.This open access book explores the conscious and unconscious norms, values, and characteristics that drive behaviors within the high-tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley, and the sector it represents. In an era where the reach and influence of a single industry has the potential to define the future of our world, it has become apparent just how little we know about the organizations driving these changes. The Psychology of Silicon Valley offers a revealing look inside the mind of world’s most influential industry and how the identity, culture, myths, and motivations of Big Tech are harming society. The book argues that the bad values and lack of emotional intelligence borne in the vacuum of Silicon Valley will have lasting consequences on everything from social equality to the future of work to our collective mental health. Katy Cook expertly walks us through the psychological landscape of Silicon Valley, including its leadership, ethical, and cultural problems, and artfully explains why we cannot afford to ignore the psychology and values that are behind our technology any longer.

Market Segmentation Analysis: Understanding It, Doing It, and Making It Useful (Management for Professionals)

This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.This open access book offers something for everyone working with market segmentation: practical guidance for users of market segmentation solutions; organisational guidance on implementation issues; guidance for market researchers in charge of collecting suitable data; and guidance for data analysts with respect to the technical and statistical aspects of market segmentation analysis. Even market segmentation experts will find something new, including an approach to exploring data structure and choosing a suitable number of market segments, and a vast array of useful visualisation techniques that make interpretation of market segments and selection of target segments easier. The book talks the reader through every single step, every single potential pitfall, and every single decision that needs to be made to ensure market segmentation analysis is conducted as well as possible. All calculations are accompanied not only with a detailed explanation, but also with R code that allows readers to replicate any aspect of what is being covered in the book using R, the open-source environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Funding Freedom: From Corporate Life to a Life of Travel

This mini-guide aims to tell the story of how I, Jason Buckley, and my wife Julie re-designed our lives to enable us to stop the daily 9 to 5 of our corporate jobs, and to instead have the choice to do something else - we chose to travel. Its purpose is to help others who are thinking about making a similar lifestyle change.

How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days - That Readers LOVE!

How to Write a Nonfiction eBook Fast - EVEN If You Have a Full-Time Job;Don't have time to complete a book in 7 days or during a weekend? Want a step-by-step writing plan that's REALISTIC? Need a strategy for creating content that readers love? Ever wish you had a best-selling eBook?Digital publishing has quickly become THE way to make money with your words. The problem? It's not the 'get rich quick' strategy claimed by many gurus. The secret is to write the kind of nonfiction eBooks that build long-term fans and BUYERS. In the guide "How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days," you'll get a day-by-day blueprint that actually works. Unlike other 'systems,' you'll discover a strategy which includes realistic timelines and specific steps. STOP Using PLR Articles and Other Scammy TechniquesAnother lie the gurus love to tell is how "easy" it is to write an eBook. You should NEVER use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles. And writing an eBook isn't about regurgitating another author's hard work. What you need is a system that shows you how to write a book fast, while providing information that changes people's lives. That's how you win with nonfiction books! Follow the 9 Step Plan for Writing an eBook Fast"How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days" details a paint-by-numbers system for completing an eBook in three short weeks. The best part? It can be done in a simple 9-step process:You'll learn how to:Adopt the 4 Habits of a Highly Effective Nonfiction AuthorFollow Four Steps for Creating the Perfect Writing EnvironmentDiscover a Killer Nonfiction Topic in 6 Simple Steps -- (Day 1 to Day 2)Craft a Outline That Writes Itself -- (Day 3 to Day 4)Write an Rough Draft Fast -- (Day 5 to Day 8).Outsource an eCover Design that Attracts Your Prospective Customers -- (Day 9)Edit a Second Draft that Readers Will Love! -- (Day 10 to Day 16)Turn a "Ordinary" Book into an Extraordinary One -- (Day 17 to Day 20)Optimize your eBook Listing to Maximize Sales -- (Day 21)You can write an eBook in 21 days! Just follow this blueprint and you'll learn a proven system for writing fast. Would You Like To Know More?Download now and start writing your book TODAY!Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button'.

The StartUp Kit: Everything you need to start a small business

This book is a friendly guide covering all aspects of starting up – from developing a business idea and setting up a company to marketing your new business, getting that first sale and making the most of the latest tech developments. Full of great advice from start-up expert Emma Jones, it’s packed with case studies of people who’ve already successfully started their own businesses. Enterprise Nation helps thousands of people in the UK turn their good ideas into great businesses. There’s lots of free advice on our website and at our events, where you can get together with other start-ups and would-be entrepreneurs to learn from experience and from experts. You’ll find essential business books too. And when you join Enterprise Nation, you get 25% off everything, as well as free meet-ups and exclusive benefits. Find out more at

Write Your Book on the Side: How to Write and Publish Your First Nonfiction Kindle Book While Working a Full-Time Job (Even if You Dona??t Have a Lot of Time and Dona??t Know Where to Start)

***#1 Amazon Best Seller in the Nonfiction, Authorship, and Business Writing categories!***Don't have the time to write a book? Struggling with what to write about or where to start?Write Your Book on the Side will show you how to write your first nonfiction kindle book while you're working a full-time job, even if you've never written a book before.You'll learn how to come up with a winning topic, how to choose the right title, and how to publish your book in 10 easy steps.DOWNLOAD:: Write Your Book on the Side - How to Write and Publish Your First Nonfiction Kindle Book While Working a Full-Time JobYou'll learn:    How much money you can make from a kindle book    The only thing that matters in the entire book-writing process    How to launch your book to Amazon #1 Best Seller status    How to pick a topic that people actually want to read    How to define your audience and outcome to narrow down your book's topic    How to write your book quickly using 13 time-saving strategies    How to design a cover for your book    How to publish it on Amazon KDP in 20 minutesAnd much, much more...Here's are the steps that are covered in the book:    Step 1: Choose a General Topic    Step 2: Narrow It Down    Step 3: Choose a Title and Subtitle    Step 4: Test and Iterate    Step 5: Outline Your Book    Step 6: Write Your Book    Step 7: Edit Your Book    Step 8: Format Your Book    Step 9: Design a Cover    Step 10: Publish Your Book    Step 11 [Optional]: Launch Your Book    Step 12 [Optional]: Turn Your Book into an Amazon #1 Best Seller    Step 13 [Optional]: Gather Emails from Readers    Step 14 [Optional]: Expand Into Other FormatsWould you like to learn more?Download the book now and start writing your book today.Scroll to the top of this page and click on the "buy now" button.

Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights (Routledge Advances in Sociology)

In Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights the combined analytical efforts of the fields of human rights law, conflict studies, anthropology, history, media studies, gender studies, and critical race and postcolonial studies raise a comprehensive understanding of the discursive and visual mediation of migration and manifestations of belonging and citizenship. More insight into the convergence – but also the tensions – between the cultural and the legal foundations of citizenship, has proven to be vital to the understanding of societies past and present, especially to assess processes of inclusion and exclusion. Citizenship is more than a collection of rights and privileges held by the individual members of a state but involves cultural and historical interpretations, legal contestation and regulation, as well as an active engagement with national, regional, and local state and other institutions about the boundaries of those (implicitly gendered and raced) rights and privileges. Highlighting and assessing the transformations of what citizenship entails today is crucially important to the future of Europe, which both as an idea and as a practical project faces challenges that range from the crisis of legitimacy to the problems posed by mass migration. Many of the issues addressed in this book, however, also play out in other parts of the world, as several of the chapters reflect. This book is available for free in PDF format as Open Access from the individual product page at They have been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind: Learn in 7 Hours How to Positively Guide Your Actions with New Empowering Habits and Quickly Boost Your Self-Esteem

Are you afraid of wasting your life?Do you want to find the strength to win and achieve a better life?Do you want to regain and double your self-confidence to achieve your goals?"Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind" helps you understand how to turn your fears into courage to effectively generatenew opportunities.This book through a revolutionary strategy helps you to live your life to your fullest potential.Do you want to have a wonderful life?"With this innovative method you learn how to create habits that lead you to conquer your goals!"Let me let you in on a secret:"Creating empowering habits is an individual process, as unique as you are!""Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind" will allow you to reveal to the world how special you are.Here are a few things you will learn by taking "Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind": You can study how to improve your self-esteem You can discover the secret of the L.A.D.R.A. method You can learn how to develop your own super habits And much more."Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind" is designed to help you break the mental chains that hold you back."You will find confidence in yourself as you develop your super habits and your success will be assured."This book is written in simple languageto help you move forward quickly.I want to help you achieve your desires.You are powerful and courageous!"Now is the time to take action, CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!"Shop Now "Habits for Success to Win in Your Mind".

Beginner's Guide to Minding Your Money: Simple Strategies to Take Control of Your Money to Create the Life You Want

You don’t have to be super smart, good at math or have a lot of money to create the life you want. The most important element is  managing your money so that it works for you. Whether your dream is to be rich, to dig your way out of debt or something in between, the Beginner’s Guide to Minding Your Money provides you with an easy to follow roadmap to get started on your journey.This step-by-step guide teaches… Basic strategies to take charge and take control of your money to put it to work for you Steps to design the life you want and create a workable plan to get there How to determine where you are on your journey so you know which steps to take next Common mistakes that can stop you from turning your goals and dreams into reality

Punishing the Criminal Corpse, 1700-1840: Aggravated Forms of the Death Penalty in England (Palgrave Historical Studies in the Criminal Corpse and its Afterlife)

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 licence. This book analyses the different types of post-execution punishments and other aggravated execution practices, the reasons why they were advocated, and the decision, enshrined in the Murder Act of 1752, to make two post-execution punishments, dissection and gibbeting, an integral part of sentences for murder. It traces the origins of the Act, and then explores the ways in which Act was actually put into practice. After identifying the dominance of penal dissection throughout the period, it looks at the abandonment of burning at the stake in the 1790s, the rapid decline of hanging in chains just after 1800, and the final abandonment of both dissection and gibbeting in 1832 and 1834. It concludes that the Act, by creating differentiation in levels of penalty, played an important role within the broader capital punishment system well into the nineteenth century. While eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century historians have extensively studied the ‘Bloody Code’ and the resulting interactions around the ‘Hanging Tree’, they have largely ignored an important dimension of the capital punishment system – the courts extensive use of aggravated and post-execution punishments. With this book, Peter King aims to rectify this neglected historical phenomenon.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur Mind sets and Habits to Live Your Dreams (Business, Money, Power, Mindset, Elon musk, Self help, Financial Freedom Book 1)

Quick Read on some of the Mind Sets and Habits of Entrepreneurs! This has actionable information on how to unleash the full power of a successful entrepreneur within you.The world’s most famous saying today has to be “everyone can be an entrepreneur”. Like most sayings, it is largely on the money, excuse the pun. Yet, like a lot of sayings, there is some distillation to be done before you can take the words at face value. Sure enough, you do not need fancy academic papers to succeed at business. You do not need to come from money to have a shot at being a successful entrepreneur. That’s not all; there is no standard to adhere to, to make it in business. What you mostly need is the “stuff of life”; you need a strong mental core; you need grit, determination and a propensity to take risks. And yet, this is perhaps what makes entrepreneurship perhaps the hardest field of them all. The field is full of turbulence; more often than not, it is hard to predict how tomorrow will shape up as a businessman. It may take you two decades or two years to see real success. This may explain why so many people fail in their startups (more than 90% of startups don’t get to celebrate their 5th birthday!).Well, you don’t have to set yourself up for failure while starting your next big business. To ensure you start on a good footing, this book will dissect the mindsets of some of the most successful people that have ever lived. It will teach you the “stuff of life” and the mindset that you need to succeed in the business world, and offer it in a format that you can easily understand as an aspiring businessman. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Getting Started As an Entrepreneur Cultivating The Mindset Of An EntrepreneurLearn The Skillsets That Make Entrepreneurs SuccessfulLearn The 5 Habits of Highly Effective EntrepreneursNurture The Mindset-Bred Qualities That Successful Entrepreneurs AdoptTaking It To The Next Level: Unusual yet Potent Tips to Help You Succeed FastMuch, much more!What are you waiting for? Download this Free Book and take your First step towards Financial Freedom!Tags: Happiness, Financial Freedom, Entrepreneur Mindset, Entrepreneur Habits, Elon Musk, Money, Self Help, Mind sets, Tony Robbins, Journey, Investing, Bank, Life changing lessons, wisdom

Principles of Accounting, Volume 1: Financial Accounting

Principles of Accounting is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a two-semester accounting course that covers the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. Due to the comprehensive nature of the material, we are offering the book in two volumes. This book is specifically designed to appeal to both accounting and non-accounting majors, exposing students to the core concepts of accounting in familiar ways to build a strong foundation that can be applied across business fields. Each chapter opens with a relatable real-life scenario for today’s college student. Thoughtfully designed examples are presented throughout each chapter, allowing students to build on emerging accounting knowledge. Concepts are further reinforced through applicable connections to more detailed business processes. Students are immersed in the “why” as well as the “how” aspects of accounting in order to reinforce concepts and promote comprehension over rote memorization.

Principles of Accounting, Volume 2: Managerial Accounting

Principles of Accounting is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a two-semester accounting course that covers the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. Due to the comprehensive nature of the material, we are offering the book in two volumes. This book is specifically designed to appeal to both accounting and non-accounting majors, exposing students to the core concepts of accounting in familiar ways to build a strong foundation that can be applied across business fields. Each chapter opens with a relatable real-life scenario for today’s college student. Thoughtfully designed examples are presented throughout each chapter, allowing students to build on emerging accounting knowledge. Concepts are further reinforced through applicable connections to more detailed business processes. Students are immersed in the “why” as well as the “how” aspects of accounting in order to reinforce concepts and promote comprehension over rote memorization.

Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy in the 21st Century (Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies)

This open access Pivot demonstrates how a variety of technologies act as innovation catalysts within the banking and financial services sector. Traditional banks and financial services are under increasing competition from global IT companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and PayPal whilst facing pressure from investors to reduce costs, increase agility and improve customer retention. Technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, mobile technologies, big data analytics and social media therefore have perhaps more potential in this industry and area of business than any other. This book defines a fintech ecosystem for the 21st century, providing a state-of-the art review of current literature, suggesting avenues for new research and offering perspectives from business, technology and industry.   

Almost Free Money: How to Make Extra Money on Free Items That You Can Find Anywhere, Including Garage Sales, Thrift Shops, Scrap Metal and Finding Gold

Buy Now for FREE!Almost Free Money is a compilation of ten years of research into materials that can easily be found in any location around the world for free or under $1. The book teaches readers methods for effectively reselling items online on eBay and at the Amazon marketplace with extremely high profit rates.Almost Free Money provides valuable information for people looking for easy ways to make money fast. Readers are provided step-by-step instructions for finding free (or almost free) things to sell on eBay and Amazon, and reselling the items from home on the internet.Almost Free Money provides an exciting and fun way for people to add a second income, or start their very own online home based business with very low start-up costs. It is also an excellent way for temporarily unemployed people and stay at home Moms or Dads to make ends meet.The book provides even experienced eBay and Amazon sellers over 500 items to sell that are free or under $1, and has many ideas for locating inventory, making auctions and Amazon listings and how to handle your business. It also adds many new avenues to make money by teaching sellers how to sell on Amazon, how to sell scrap metal to minimize unsold items, and how to find gold and silver for cheap.The document includes chapters on:Locating Free Items to SellWhat to Sell on eBay and How to Sell on eBaySelling on AmazonBasics of Selling Scrap MetalYour First Trip to a Scrap Metal DealerWhere to Find Gold and Silver for CheapSelling Vintage ElectronicsGarage Sale ShoppingIncome Tax Issues and Organizing Your BusinessThe appendices contain lists of over 520 items that you can find for free or almost free, and a list of items with dedicated values, and where to sell them. Includes excellent links for enhancing your knowledge base. Are you looking for a way to make money fast from home? Are you looking to start a home business using the internet? Are you looking to add a second income, but don't have much extra time? Do you enjoy going to garage sles, yard sales, and estate sales? Do you have fun thrift store shopping, or looking for bargains at Goodwill or Salvation army stores? Are you looking for places to find gold and silver for free? Are you an eBay or Amazon reseller looking for new ways to add inventory for cheap? Would you like to know how to sell scrap metal to add another income stream to your portfolio? Are you ready to start making money from home, with very little start-up costs? If you answered YES to any of these questions, Almost Free Money will teach you how to make more money, and you will have fun while you do it!Page up and Order Now.

The Amazing Journey of Reason: from DNA to Artificial Intelligence (SpringerBriefs in Computer Science)

Organisms, or organized, living, systems. What's their origin? Why and how did they evolve? The Amazing Journey of Reason analyses the evolution of  complex structures in the universe -from the subatomic particles after the Big Bang onwards- in order to understand the emergence of today's interconnected society.  Artificial Intelligence, it concludes, is just the final step of a journey which started with DNA, itself the first Information and Communication Technology devised by nature on planet earth. What we are living today is the formation of the distributed nervous system of a metaorganism, in which human beings are the cells. A reassuring environment for us, but one where each individual will count increasingly less. A hugely complex, world-wide organism which makes Homo, while more communicans, also increasingly less sapiens.

Success Rituals: 12 Good Habits For Effective Life Change (Average Joe Knows Book 2)

How To Achieve Your Goals Through Success Based HabitsI Believe You Can Achieve Your Dreams In Less Time By Using The 12 DisciplinesIf you want to be productive, happier and create a more fulfilling life, I can show you howSimplicity Is KeyThis book gets straight down to business. It’s simple and straight to the point. My aim was to fill this book with value, no unnecessary words.Why say it in ten words when you can say it in one - Is the philosophy of the book. It’s short and direct, but what it lacks in length it makes up with in valuable content. Make sure your journal is to hand as I’m sure you’ll find a great idea.Time Is Your Most Precious Asset, Don’t Waste It“I don’t have the time!” is a complaint I here over and over again, plus it’s one I’ve used in the past. You have a great idea, but don’t have the time to develop it. What if, by introducing two rituals into your daily routine you could gain anything from 2 to 5 hours every day, would you have time then? This book will show you what those habits are and how to bring them into your life.Growth + Action = SuccessTo achieve your goals and dream personal growth is needed. In order to grow we have to act outside our comfort zone. Comfort zones are a safe place, they’re only scary when we leave them. One half of the achievement is knowing you need to act outside your comfort zone, the other half is doing it. Not only will this book show you how to make it less scary, it also recommends further reading to help you overcome the fear.All We Have To Give Is Our Personal ServiceZig Ziglar famously said “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want”. It’s a simple philosophy however, it’s often over looked. It’s easy to forget about people when we’re focused on building success. Having said that, if you take a look at the companies that change the world you’ll notice they have one thing in common. They enhance more lives. Find a way to serve as many people as possible and you will have everything you desire. Success Rituals will show you how we can all help at least one other person. About The AuthorI started my personal development journey at the age of 19 when I bought an un-profitable hair salon at over 3 times my salary. It was losing money fast, sink or swim. I chose to swim and devoured personal growth material.Since then I have studied over 200 books, 100’s of audio programs, countless videos and attended some fantastic seminars all with the intention of improving myself. All this knowledge has been condensed and simplified into Average Joe’s Secrets.Learn how to become the person you were born to be. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

Personal Finance for Beginners - A Simple Guide to Take Control of Your Financial Situation (Money Management and Investing Basics)

Start your path towards financial FREEDOM! Have you been trying to handle your personal finances and facing issues with it? Have you been struggling with saving money and clearing your debts? Do you want to secure your future? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, this book is for you!One of the most significant things you can do in your life is handling your finances. It's the difference between living a given life and living your choice of life! But despite this, personal finances are observed to be one of the most forgotten or ignored subjects in our lives.After reading this book, you'll have a better grasp of your finance, and you will be informed of the next move towards financial liberty. In this book, you will learn:•What is Personal Finance? •The Golden Rules of Personal Finance•Why Budgeting Is Important•Saving and Investing•Easy Ways to Reduce Expenses•How to Build an Emergency Fund•Five Simple Money Management Tips•Personal Finance Tips to Master MoneyAll of it is part of this book, and much more, so let's continue the ride together to make your life stress free!

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS 2021 6 Books In 1: $10a??000/Month, Make Money Online Dominating The Most Current Algorithms Secrets Of YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, And Amazon FBA

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Building a Strong Social Media Marketing for Your Business Across All Online Platforms– All in One Comprehensive, Promising BookLong gone are the days when catalogs, fliers, TV advertisements, or radio mentions were the best mediums for marketing your business. Welcome to the future, where everything happens online - and online is where you should take your business!Are you interested in making the first step toward online success, but you just don’t know where to start from?Have you tried marketing your business online but your efforts seem ineffective no matter how much time or money you spend on trying to make it work?Would you like to skyrocket your attempts at online marketing and help your business get the attention it deserves?From the master of social media marketing, Brian Griffith comes the ultimate guide to bringing remarkable success to your business. Based on continuous, thorough research and years of experience in the sphere of social media, this bundle of 6 books in 1 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the best practices to market your business across all online platforms!Here’s a small preview of what this results-driven online marketing guide will teach you:Cutting-edge tactics to market your business on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Amazon FBA;Insider secrets about how to dominate the ever-changing algorithms across all social media channels and set your business up for success;Step-by-step instructions on effectively managing social media platforms that guarantee unbelievable results;How to adopt and implement a proven strategy that prioritizes increased conversions and sales, and that bring incredible profits;Lesser-known tips and tricks on building a strong online presence and making your audience ask for more of your content;An extremely simple yet highly effective approach to meet your marketing goals and easily scale up your business to reach new heights;And much more!With proper social media marketing, you are guaranteed to reap all the amazing benefits – that is if you’re interested in achieving your business goals and filling your pockets. The sooner you start implementing the teachings of this book, the sooner your business will thrive. By investing in this book, you’re investing in your future. Your bank account will thank you for this purchase!Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-click”, and Get Your Copy Now!

The Essential Hayek (Essential Scholars)

Nobel laureate economist F.A.Hayek firstt revolutionized economists' understanding of markets, and then profoundly challenged the public's understanding of government. Hayek is one of only a few social scientists over the past 200 years who thoroughly rethought the relationship between individual people and both the market and the state. While countless works have discussed the importance of Hayek and his ideas, none have focused on making his core ideas accessible to average people. This volume highlights and explains Hayek's basic insights in plain language to ensure that his critical ideas about the nature of society are both accessible and enduring.

This is Brilliant ePub: CBT, NLP, Confidence, Memory Training, Interview Answers, Negotiations, Selling, Presentation & Networking (Brilliant Lifeskills)

This FREE eBook contains 10 full chapters from 10 bestselling Brilliant books - that's around 240 brilliant pages to help you develop your business skills, pursue the career you love or live the life you really want to live. With quick tips and advice, the Brilliant series makes complex topics simple and easy to apply in the real world.   PART 1: Life Our life titles cover all kinds of personal development topics to help you feel inspired and motivated to achieve what you want. Learn how to avoid common thinking traps using cognitive behavioural therapy Use NLP to think your way to feeling great Understand the rules of body language and attraction Improve your confidence at home and work Find out the secrets to remembering names and numbers PART 2: Business Our business titles highlight key management and career issues and give you brilliant ways to overcome them, taking you one step closer to reaching your professional goals. Deal with awkward questions from mean interviewers Learn how to haggle Give your best in presentations Discover how to strike up conversation with strangers and avoid awkward pauses when networking Focus on asking the right questions at the right time to the right person when selling your service/product 1.5 million Brilliant books have been sold around the world across business, careers, management, lifeskills, computing, teaching and study skills topics. So if you need help, advice or inspiration then we’ll have something for all your personal and professional needs.

The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence

Can a novel transform your financial destiny?This one can.The Cash Machine is unlike any other personal finance book ever written. Not only will you get sucked into the rollercoaster relationship of Amber and Dylan, but you’ll learn hundreds of money lessons along the way, giving you the tools to drive your financial destiny.As the book begins, Amber thinks her finances are under control, but her worldview crumbles when she encounters her college flame, Dylan, and his unusual perspective on money. While Amber and her friends were finishing their degrees, Dylan dropped out to pursue a different goal: Financial Independence. Amber doesn’t even know what Financial Independence means when she reconnects with Dylan seven years later. What she does know is that there’s nothing exciting about his lifestyle. At first she writes him off as a bum, but the more she questions, the more she realizes that how calculated his financial choices are. He’s not struggling for money; he’s building a Cash Machine.Amber wants to give Dylan another chance, but realizes she can never build a life with him until she understands his financial path. So she asks Dylan to teach her how to build a Cash Machine of her own. Unlike other personal finance books, that are normally written by finance experts and that only cover the areas of their expertise, The Cash Machine was not written by financial experts. Just the opposite. Before starting The Cash Machine, Dave and Chana Mason found themselves deeply in debt, despite having earned significant amounts of money in their careers. They came to realize that what they didn’t understand about money really was hurting them, and that the time had come to get themselves a strong financial education. And when Dave and Chana want to grow in some area, they find that there’s no better way than to research and write a novel on the subject.The result is a novel that has more financial lessons than any personal finance book they’ve ever seen, all taught through a story to make the lessons really stick. The lessons taught inside include:Credit Card Hacks. How to turn the high interest credit card arena in your favorStock Market Strategies: How to get the highest returns from the market without getting your savings eaten up in feesReal Estate: Bring your housing costs down to zero and use real estate to generate equity and passive incomeTax Shelters: Build your wealth faster by earning and growing it tax freeTransportation: The fastest area to gain financial tractionDiscover hundreds of financial lessons, seamlessly taught within a novel you won’t want to put down.The Cash Machine isn’t just another money book. This page-turning love story teaches hundreds of financial lessons, giving you the tools to drive your financial destiny.

LONE WOLF - Investing and Stock Trading (c) 2021

A tool to learn the "Investor" lingo and learn how to read stock charts to invest more wisely.I transfer my learning to this book. And incorporate my inventor knowledge as well.

Demystifying Internet of Things Security: Successful IoT Device/Edge and Platform Security Deployment

Break down the misconceptions of the Internet of Things by examining the different security building blocks available in Intel Architecture (IA) based IoT platforms. This open access book reviews the threat pyramid, secure boot, chain of trust, and the SW stack leading up to defense-in-depth.The IoT presents unique challenges in implementing security and Intel has both CPU and Isolated Security Engine capabilities to simplify it. This book explores the challenges to secure these devices to make them immune to different threats originating from within and outside the network. The requirements and robustness rules to protect the assets vary greatly and there is no single blanket solution approach to implement security.Demystifying Internet of Things Security provides clarity to industry professionals and provides and overview of different security solutionsWhat You'll LearnSecure devices, immunizing them against different threats originating from inside and outside the networkGather an overview of the different security building blocks available in Intel Architecture (IA) based IoT platformsUnderstand the threat pyramid, secure boot, chain of trust, and the software stack leading up to defense-in-depthWho This Book Is ForStrategists, developers, architects, and managers in the embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) space trying to understand and implement the security in the IoT devices/platforms.

The Ethics of Cybersecurity (The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology Book 21)

This open access book provides the first comprehensive collection of papers that provide an integrative view on cybersecurity. It discusses theories, problems and solutions on the relevant ethical issues involved. This work is sorely needed in a world where cybersecurity has become indispensable to protect trust and confidence in the digital infrastructure whilst respecting fundamental values like equality, fairness, freedom, or privacy. The book has a strong practical focus as it includes case studies outlining ethical issues in cybersecurity and presenting guidelines and other measures to tackle those issues. It is thus not only relevant for academics but also for practitioners in cybersecurity such as providers of security software, governmental CERTs or Chief Security Officers in companies.

Best Side-Hustle Ideas: 3 in 1 Bundle a?? Video Launch Marketing, Affiliate Profits, and LinkedIn Consulting

Here's How You Can Earn Money Online and Work at HomeLearn how to create a new source of income through your own side hustle.Here's a preview of what you'll learn:Video Launch Marketing- How to find products that are more likely to sell through YouTube video marketing- How to choose the best product launch by simply following my 7 point criteria- Example of an actual product evaluation- Why you should't choose a product without a sales video- The 2 tools you need in order to create a product review- Where to find the best profitable product launches- How to easily double your video views- How to create a review presentation in 7 easy steps- 6 optimization methods that will make your video rank higher and faster on the search engine- How to send backlinks to your video and rank them in 1-3 weeks- How to spend $30 on backlinks and get thousands in returnAFFILIATE EXTRA PROFITS- How to take advantage of the hundreds of product launches happening right now (2015-2016)- Why product bonuses are key to making a lot of product sales without extra effort in selling- How to create a website that will convert- How to write a REAL and GENUINE product review that customers like- Example of websites that made a killing though this method of affiliate marketing- How to rank your website on Google without much effort from your part!LINKEDIN CONSULTING PROFITS- The biggest niches in the world and what to choose for your new business- How to narrow down your topic so you'll have a specialize consulting business- How to sell your services without being salesy and pushy!- The correct way to set up your LinkedIn profile... make one mistake and your profile will be burn into obscurity.- Do this one HOT TIP to get as many clients as you possibly can!- Use this one authority trust building technique so your clients will choose you over the competition- How to send a message without turning off your potential clientIf you're now ready to take action and start making money at home, then scroll up and download your copy now.

Attention Management Extended Excerpt: Breaking the Time Management Myth for Unrivaled Productivity (Ignite Reads Book 0)

Discover the revolutionary antidote to overload and exhaustion — read the extended excerpt of Attention Management (available September 2019) to find out to find out how attention management can change your life!Have you tried everything to become more productive—but you're still too busy and stressed? That's because the old approaches to productivity just don't work in today's fast-paced, tech-driven workplaces. What does work? Time management is outdated. Attention management is the solution you need.Attention management is the most essential skill you need to live a life of choice rather than a life of reaction and distraction. It's a collection of behaviors, including focus, mindfulness, control, presence, flow, and other skills, that will support your success. Productivity speaker, trainer, and author Maura Nevel Thomas shows you how to master attention management with practical strategies that make an immediate impact.

Cryptocurrency Mining: The Ultimate Guide About Blockchain, Mining, Trading, ICO, Ethereum Platform, Exchanges

Cryptocurrency mining is the rage today – You want to invest but it seems so complicated. What if there was an easy way?This book is here to walk you through all the information that you need to understand the process of mining cryptocurrencies. You will learn a lot of the basics for starting your mining rig to help you get the most from your mining adventures.The second part offers you a comprehensive investment section. This is not another guide that pushes trading strategies from stocks into Cryptocurrencies. We are investors ourselves, and we have seen everything cryptosphere has to offer. We focus on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio Management and Investment Strategies, but from the perspective of the volatile market.For those who do commit to learning the art of cryptocurrency trading, you will never look at or enjoy the life same way ever again. The purpose of this book is to provide a full perspective of cryptocurrency trading, including how to make money investing in cryptocurrencies and how to know more about the cryptocurrency world. Get this book today and start mining.

Models of Political Economy

Models of Political Economy will introduce students to the basic methodology of political economics. It covers all core theories as well as new developments including:decision theorygame theorymechanism designgames of asymmetric information.Hannu Nurmi's text will prove to be invaluable to all students who wish to understand this increasingly technical field.


Do you want to develop self-discipline? If yes, then keep reading…Self-discipline is exactly what it says—the ability to discipline oneself. It is the ability to know what to do in situations and the fortitude to actually do what is correct in the situation. It is a habit that is vital to daily success. Truly successful people are usually highly disciplined people.No one is born with the ability to truly self-discipline. Babies only care about being taken care of and having their needs met. As children grow older, their parents are in charge of their discipline—at least in the beginning. Parents make the rules, and children follow them because small children lack the thought processes needed to make good decisions on a regular basis. Small children only see the here-and-now, the immediate gratification. They do not know and do not care that a bigger, better reward might be in store for them if they wait patiently. They lack foresight. As children grow older, they begin to see the reasoning behind their parent’s rules. They begin to make choices that mirror the choices their parents have made for them in the past. They show that they are learning to discipline themselves. At this point, the parents may begin to step back a little and to loosen the reins. They may allow the child a bit more freedom in making decisions, with the understanding that the parent is available if the choice turns out to be unfavorable. In this way, the child learns in the safety of the home and with the protection of the parents to make good choices and formulate good decisions. The child learns to self-discipline.In a perfect world, this is the way children would be raised. Unfortunately, this is the real world and not a perfect one. The problem is not that parents do not care about their children—it is that many parents do not know how to teach the art of self-discipline to their children. Maybe the parents are not self-disciplined, maybe the parents feel the child will learn it eventually, or maybe the parents simply do not want to let go complete control over the child. For whatever reason, most children are not taught self-discipline as a way of life and reach adulthood with no clue of how to be in charge of themselves.Self-discipline is nothing more than managing one’s own personal affairs. It is a way of behaving where people automatically choose to do what should be done, as opposed to what would more preferably be done. It is studying for a test instead of going to a party. It is washing dirty laundry on a regular basis so that clean clothes are always available. It is following a budget so that future financial goals can be realized. Self-discipline is that inner voice controlling outward actions. It is using willpower to become mentally tough enough to control one’s actions by oneself.In this book we will discuss the following topics:How to control your angerHow to control your emotionsHow to get rid of anxietyFree yourself from stressDevelop emotional intelligenceThe relationships that inform your willpowerMindset and approach are everythingBuild routines and habits for ultimate self-disciplineKey to success…And much more Are you excited?Look no more!Download our book now!!!

Hayek's The Road to Serfdom: A Brief Introduction (Chicago Shorts)

The Road to Serfdom, F. A. Hayek’s 1944 warning against the dangers of government control, continues to influence politics more than seventy years after it was turned down by three American publishers and finally published by the University of Chicago Press. A classic work in political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, and economics, the definitive edition of The Road to Serfdom included this essay as its Introduction. Here, acclaimed Hayek biographer and general editor of the Collected Works of F. A. Hayek series, Bruce Caldwell explains how Hayek came to write and publish the book, assesses misunderstandings of Hayek’s thought, and suggests how Hayek’s fears of Socialism lead him to abandon the larger scholarly project he had planned in 1940 to focus instead on a briefer, more popular and political tract—one that has influenced political and economic discourse ever since.

Build a Business, Not a Job: Grow Your Business & Get Your Life Back

Build an Owner-Independent Company and Get Your Life Back!According to the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, the average small business owner works 52 hours a week, with more than 20 percent working seven days a week. The U.S. Census Bureau says 88.6 percent of all U.S.-based companies still require the owner to be there as the primary person responsible for core functions like producing their product or service, managing the day-to-day operations, or managing the financial aspects of the business.If you’re a business owner who wants to accelerate your company’s growth, but do it in a way that enables you to get your life back, this book is for you.Join Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Finkel and former chairperson of the National Association of Manufacturers Stephanie Harkness as they give you a concrete, step-by-step map to empower you to build an owner-independent company and get your life back. You’ll Learn:•The only sustainable way to escape the Self-Employment Trap™.•The 4 most costly excuses that hold business owners back.•The 8 essential building blocks upon which to scale your company.•25 formats to package your business systems.•A powerful 1-page quarterly action plan format.•6 time mastery strategies to free up a full day each week to build your business.•How a skilled surgeon tamed his medical practice not by working more, but rather by working less and empowering his systems, team, and culture to do more. •How a contractor escaped the 70-hour-a-week trap, doubled his sales, and cut his work hours in half (and how you can too.)•How a second-generation manufacturer took over his family business and brought it from the brink of failure to record profits.•How a niche software company owner grew her company’s market value tenfold, while at the same time enjoying a greater sense of time freedom than she ever thought possible.•And much more.These two world-class entrepreneurs will show you how to sustainably grow your company, increase your profitability, and enjoy more time freedom. You will learn how to truly build a business, not a job. David Finkel is CEO of Maui Mastermind®, one of the world’s premier business coaching companies, which has worked with more than 100,000 business owners, helping them grow their companies and get their lives back. Over the past 25 years, David and the other Maui advisors have personally scaled companies with an aggregate market value of $63 billion. He is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 11 books, including SCALE. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.Stephanie Harkness is a serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years’ experience and eight successful businesses under her direct leadership. The former chairperson of the National Association of Manufacturers, past recipient of its prestigious Freedom Award, and #5 on the Business Journal’s Top 50 Women Business Owners in California.

The Currency of Empire: Money and Power in Seventeenth-Century English America

In The Currency of Empire, Jonathan Barth explores the intersection of money and power in the early years of North American history, and he shows how the control of money informed English imperial action overseas.The export-oriented mercantile economy promoted by the English Crown, Barth argues, directed the plan for colonization, the regulation of colonial commerce, and the politics of empire. The imperial project required an orderly flow of gold and silver, and thus England's colonial regime required stringent monetary regulation. As Barth shows, money was also a flash point for resistance; many colonists acutely resented their subordinate economic station, desiring for their local economies a robust, secure, and uniform money supply. This placed them immediately at odds with the mercantilist laws of the empire and precipitated an imperial crisis in the 1670s, a full century before the Declaration of Independence.The Currency of Empire examines what were a series of explosive political conflicts in the seventeenth century and demonstrates how the struggle over monetary policy prefigured the patriot reaction to the Stamp Act and so-called Intolerable Acts on the eve of American independence.Thanks to generous funding from the Arizona State University and George Mason University, the ebook editions of this book are available as Open Access (OA) volumes from Cornell Open ( and other Open Access repositories.

How to Sell on Audible: Getting started with outsourcing low-cost audiobook ghostwriters, cover designers and ACX narrators

Getting started with outsourcing low-cost audiobook ghostwriters, cover designers and ACX narrators.Start your Venture as an Audible Seller by Following a blueprint for Beginners.

Creating an ethical organisation

This 6-hour free course explored the business case for an ethical approach to human resources management and whether this can bring dividends.

Simplify Your Pursuit of Success (Six Simple Steps to Success Book 1)

Find the Success You've Been Searching ForWhat is it you've yearned to BE? A writer? An entrepreneur? A great parent? What is it you've longed to DO? Leave a legacy? Change a piece of the world? Change yourself?Maybe you've come to believe that success is only for others, and not for you. Don't give up on your dreams! There's an easier way to find the success you've been searching for. It doesn't have to be so difficult!Using real-life examples and personal stories in this short series overview, best-selling author and coach, Michal Stawicki reveals how to:Re-write your life into a story of change and plant your feet on your own path to success.Stop understating your capacity for greatness, and discover what you're truly capable of.Achieve your desires without figuring everything out on your own — or starting from scratch again.Change your life for the better — at your own perfect pace and without overwhelm.Hand-pick and tailor solutions that are sustainable for you.Accomplish the desires of your heart, one by one, by mastering just a few simple disciplines.Know that you have your own unique life purpose.You'll also discover...Why it's not your talent that counts (but what does).Where your true power lies.What your most precious asset is (this may surprise you!)Why your willpower drains so quickly, and what you must use instead.The 3 main ways we find meaning. (Which way is uniquely yours?)The 6 "stepping stones" on your path to fulfilling your heart's desires.Take your next step in creating the new, meaning-filled life you've hungered for. Simply click the Buy Now button at the top of the screen.

Online Business - You Can Build A Profitable Online Business and Love Every Minute of It... Now!

You Can Build A Profitable Online Business Just From Home and Love Every Minute of It... Now!Are you looking to build a business online? Online businesses are becoming more profitable in this day and age, and there is so much that you can do. It is awesome how many options are out there, and if you have a passion or desire to make money telling others vital information, you can do so now.The best part is that it doesn’t cost that much money! Selling informational products can be tough though. There is a lot of competition, and not every product is equal. You will have to go out and find your clientele, but in this book you’ll learn the secrets, and be taken every step of the way through how to build a business online. And best of all, you’ll love every minute of it. A business doesn’t have to feel like a job, and you don’t have to be chained down to a desk in order to make money. Make money with your passions, and let this book help you figure it out. So, what are you waiting for? Read this FREE book and start building your own ONLINE business NOW!

Kitchen Table Businesses (FREE TASTER): Starting a craft, food, fashion or gardening company from home

***This is a FREE TASTER of 4 top COUNTRY LIVING business books***What better way to earn a living than by doing something you love? That's the position you could be in by following the steps and tips offered by our expert authors in this eBook!The four books sampled in this ebook (Turn Your Talent into a Business, Cook Wrap Sell, Design Create Sell and Design Grow Sell) have all been produced in partnership with Country Living Magazine after witnessing the success of the Kitchen Table Talent Awards, the most popular competition run by the magazine, as well as sell-out audiences at the Country Living Spring Fair for talks on how to turn a hobby into a business. The team at Country Living know their readers have bags of talent; what was becoming increasingly clear is how many of them are considering turning that talent into turnover!This eBook is a taster of the wealth of advice, knowledge and inspiration that can be found in this series of books - it will highlight six people who are successfully earning a living from what started as a hobby or skill, and will also show you essential information, such as the must-do's for setting up your company, how to manage the costs and funding, how to build your brand and also how to do effective PR and promotion.There has never been a better time to become your own boss. You could even start up whilst holding down the day job, on a bootstrap of a budget and in the knowledge that you are not alone.

The 7 Day Authors Guide To Facebook Ads: Your Step-by-Step 7-Day Guide To Launching Your First Facebook Ads That Build Your Readership and Sell More Books (The 7 Day Author Series)

Reaching new readers is the bedrock of a successful, sustainable career as an author. Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to reach these new readers. But where do you start? Who do you target? How much should you spend? How do you create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads? These are just some questions that were going around in my head before I started running Facebook Ads...And that’s exactly why I have written this book, The 7 Day Authors Guide to Facebook Ads. It walks you through, step-by-step, the entire process I use when planning, building, launching, analyzing, optimizing and scaling Facebook Ads. It’s the guide I wish I had when I was getting started. I know there are authors out there who understand the importance of advertising but just feel so overwhelmed about where to turn first that they end up in a situation of paralysis by analysis, resulting in them taking no action at all. Facebook Ads offer an incredible opportunity to position your books in front of your ideal readers, increase your sales, page reads, royalties and ultimately, take your author career to new heights. Here’s what we’ll cover together over the next 7 days:Day 1: Understanding Facebook AdsDay 2: Building Your FoundationDay 3: Facebook Ads StructureDay 4: Finding Your Readers and Planning Your AdsDay 5: Creating Your First Facebook AdDay 6: Key Metrics and OptimizationDay 7: Your Next Chapter (Scaling Things Up)At the end of each Day, I’ve also laid out a 10-20 minute Action Step that will help you keep moving forwards, implementing what you learn and ensure you start seeing results fast. Your Bonus ResourcesOn top of the 7 days of actionable content in this book, I’ve also put together The Author Ads Bundle, which you can access for FREE. Inside The Author Ads Bundle, you will find everything you need to take action on what you learn, including planning, building, launching, tracking, analyzing, optimizing and scaling your Facebook Ads. Start reading The 7 Day Authors Guide To Facebook Ads today and just a week from now, you can be running profitable Facebook Ads that are growing your readership, selling more books and building your career as an author. 

Data Privacy and Trust in Cloud Computing: Building trust in the cloud through assurance and accountability (Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies)

This open access book brings together perspectives from multiple disciplines including psychology, law, IS, and computer science on data privacy and trust in the cloud. Cloud technology has fueled rapid, dramatic technological change, enabling a level of connectivity that has never been seen before in human history. However, this brave new world comes with problems. Several high-profile cases over the last few years have demonstrated cloud computing's uneasy relationship with data security and trust. This volume explores the numerous technological, process and regulatory solutions presented in academic literature as mechanisms for building trust in the cloud, including GDPR in Europe. The massive acceleration of digital adoption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is introducing new and significant security and privacy threats and concerns. Against this backdrop, this book provides a timely reference and organising framework for considering how we will assure privacy and build trust in such a hyper-connected digitally dependent world. This book presents a framework for assurance and accountability in the cloud and reviews the literature on trust, data privacy and protection, and ethics in cloud computing.

Development Discourse and Global History: From colonialism to the sustainable development goals (Routledge Explorations in Development Studies)

The manner in which people have been talking and writing about ‘development’ and the rules according to which they have done so have evolved over time.Development Discourse and Global History uses the archaeological and genealogical methods of Michel Foucault to trace the origins of development discourse back to late colonialism and notes the significant discontinuities that led to the establishment of a new discourse and its accompanying industry. This book goes on to describe the contestations, appropriations and transformations of the concept. It shows how some of the trends in development discourse since the crisis of the 1980s – the emphasis on participation and ownership, sustainable development and free markets – are incompatible with the original rules and thus lead to serious contradictions. The Eurocentric, authoritarian and depoliticizing elements in development discourse are uncovered, whilst still recognizing its progressive appropriations. The author concludes by analysing the old and new features of development discourse which can be found in the debate on Sustainable Development Goals and discussing the contribution of discourse analysis to development studies. This book is aimed at researchers and students in development studies, global history and discourse analysis as well as an interdisciplinary audience from international relations, political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, language and literary studies. The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. 

The Secret to a Successful Job Search (Skills Development Series)

Why do some people seem to get any job they apply to while others are always struggling in job search? It all has to do with preparation and correct portrayal of your skills. If you wanted to swim, and you just went to the ocean and jumped in, likely you wouldn’t survive. You first need to learn how to swim, then swim in a safe environment (shallow pools, with life vests), etc. before you can tackle deep waters. Likewise, with successful job hunting, you can’t jump in without prior preparation.And by successful, I don’t mean a job search that gets you a job. Rather, a successful job search helps you get the job and salary in line with your career aspirations, future goals, and lifestyle requirements. This book teaches you the way to do job search so you can get maximum success. It helps you develop your mindset, beliefs, and skills so you can approach job search with confidence and know what you want and deserve. When you follow the steps in this book, you can communicate with employers and recruiters on an equal standing and make the right impression to get the job, salary, and work conditions you deserve.

All or Nothing: A Complete Guide to Making the Sale

As a 24 year sales veteran, I have learned every trick of the trade when it comes to sales and marketing. Learn every facet of the sales cycle from approach, presentations, cold calling, objections, closing, building relationships and so much more. Want to be successful at every aspect of sales? READ THIS! This is the handy guide you'll always want in your toolbox and to pass on to your sales team.

The Great Mindshift: How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand (The Anthropocene: Politika??Economicsa??Societya??Science Book 2)

This book describes the path ahead. It combines system transformation researchwith political economy and change leadership insights when discussing the needfor a great mindshift in how human wellbeing, economic prosperity and healthyecosystems are understood if the Great Transformations ahead are to lead to moresustainability. It shows that history is made by purposefully acting humans andintroduces transformative literacy as a key skill in leading the  radical incremental change 

Estimating the cost of equity

This 9-hour free course looked at how to estimate the cost of equity using the dividend valuation model and the capital asset pricing model.

Hayek, Mill and the Liberal Tradition (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics Book 121)

A PDF version of this book is available for free in open access via as well as the OAPEN Library platform, It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license and is part of the OAPEN-UK research project.This book considers the relationship between Hayek and Mill, taking issues with Hayek’s criticism of Mill and providing a broader perspective of the liberal tradition. Featuring contributions from the likes of Ross Emmett, Leon Montes and Robert Garnett, these chapters ask whether Hayek had an accurate reading of the ideas of Mill and Smith, as well as considering themes such as sympathy and analytical egalitarianism that play a large part in the liberal tradition, but less in work of Hayek These chapters argue that addition of these key ideas to the Hayekian corpus leads to a far broader understanding of the liberal tradition than that provided by Hayek

Brain psychology trading 4.0: Learn everything you need to know about trading psychology. Find out how to handle your emotions to become a better trader.

This manual can help you to trade and analyze your emotions on business. A useful help to avoid as much as possible the mistakes that the best traders on international markets can make.Studying and informing yourself is the best way to always be ready for the challenges of the markets. You will learn techniques and tricks that the best use.Today emotions are the ones that can lead you to make mistakes, do not get caught unprepared.

Global History with Chinese Characteristics: Autocratic States along the Silk Road in the Decline of the Spanish and Qing Empires 1680-1796 (Palgrave Studies in Comparative Global History)

This open access book considers a pivotal era in Chinese history from a global perspective. This book’s insight into Chinese and international history offers timely and challenging perspectives on initiatives like “Chinese characteristics”, “The New Silk Road” and “One Belt, One Road” in broad historical context. Global History with Chinese Characteristics analyses the feeble state capacity of Qing China questioning the so-called “High Qing” (shèng qīng 盛清) era’s economic prosperity as the political system was set into a “power paradox” or “supremacy dilemma”. This is a new thesis introduced by the author demonstrating that interventionist states entail weak governance. Macao and Marseille as a new case study aims to compare Mediterranean and South China markets to provide new insights into both modern eras’ rising trade networks, non-official institutions and interventionist impulses of autocratic states such as China’s Qing and Spain’s Bourbon empires.

Influences on accounting regulation

This 6-hour free course looked at the historical development of financial regulation and reporting across Europe and the world.

Surrender: How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution

Michael Meeropol argues that the ballooning of the federal budget deficit was not a serious problem in the 1980s, nor were the successful recent efforts to get it under control the basis for the prosperous economy of the mid-1990s. In this controversial book, the author provides a close look at what actually happened to the American economy during the years of the "Reagan Revolution" and reveals that the huge deficits had no negative effect on the economy. It was the other policies of the Reagan years--high interest rates to fight inflation, supply-side tax cuts, reductions in regulation, increased advantages for investors and the wealthy, the unraveling of the safety net for the poor--that were unsuccessful in generating more rapid growth and other economic improvements.Meeropol provides compelling evidence of the failure of the U.S. economy between 1990 and 1994 to generate rising incomes for most of the population or improvements in productivity. This caused, first, the electoral repudiation of President Bush in 1992, followed by a repudiation of President Clinton in the 1994 Congressional elections. The Clinton administration made a half-hearted attempt to reverse the Reagan Revolution in economic policy, but ultimately surrendered to the Republican Congressional majority in 1996 when Clinton promised to balance the budget by 2000 and signed the welfare reform bill. The rapid growth of the economy in 1997 caused surprisingly high government revenues, a dramatic fall in the federal budget deficit, and a brief euphoria evident in an almost uncontrollable stock market boom. Finally, Meeropol argues powerfully that the next recession, certain to come before the end of 1999, will turn the predicted path to budget balance and millennial prosperity into a painful joke on the hubris of public policymakers.Accessibly written as a work of recent history and public policy as much as economics, this book is intended for all Americans interested in issues of economic policy, especially the budget deficit and the Clinton versus Congress debates. No specialized training in economics is needed."A wonderfully accessible discussion of contemporary American economic policy. Meeropol demonstrates that the Reagan-era policies of tax cuts and shredded safety nets, coupled with strident talk of balanced budgets, have been continued and even brought to fruition by the neo-liberal Clinton regime." --Frances Fox Piven, Graduate School, City University of New YorkMichael Meeropol is Chair and Professor of Economics, Western New England College.

Management Development Through Cultural Diversity

This stimulating, clearly written and well-structured text is a comprehensive introduction to the principles of management and organisational behaviour, as well as a corrective to the eurocentric bias of most management texts. It develops a trans-cultural perspective which draws on insights from across the world to examine different management styles, cultures and stages of business development. Contents include: * Orientation * Primal Management - Western including America * Rational Management - Northern including Scandinavia * Developmental Management - Eastern including Japan * Metaphysical Management - Southern including South Africa * Developing yourself as a manager Each section examines core management theory and literature, cultural orientation and related prominent theories. The numerous case studies use appropriate examples from a wide range of international organisations. The uniquely wide-ranging perspective make this a valuable text for all those interested in general management, international business, organisational behaviour and corporate strategy.

Intra-Asian Trade and the World Market (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia Book 34)

Intra-Asian trade is a major theme of recent writing on Asian economic history. From the second half of the nineteenth century, intra-Asian trade flows linked Asia into an integrated economic system, with reciprocal benefits for all participants. But although this was a network from which all gained, there was also considerable inter-Asian competition between Asian producers for these Asian markets, and those of the wider world.This collection presents captivating snap-shots of trade in specific commodities, alongside chapters comprehensively covering the region. The book covers: China’s relative backwardness, Japanese copper exports, Japan’s fur trade, Siam’s luxury rice trade, Korea, Japanese shipbuilding, the silk trade, the refined sugar trade, competition in the rice trade, the Japanese cotton textile trade to Africa, multilateral settlements in Asia, the cotton textile trade to Britain, and the growth of the palm oil industry in Malaysia and Indonesia. The opening of Asia, especially in Japan and China, liberated the creative forces of the market within the new intra-Asian economy.Filling a particular gap in the literature on intra-Asian trade prior to the twentieth century, this is an insightful study that makes a considerable contribution to our knowledge of the Asian trade both prior to, and after, the arrival of colonial states. It will be of great interest to historians and economists focusing on Asia.

Economic Complexity and Human Development: How Economic Diversification and Social Networks Affect Human Agency and Welfare (Routledge Studies in Development Economics Book 110)

This book combines the human development approach and innovation economics in order to explore the effects that structural economic change has on human development. While economic diversification can provide valuable new social choices and capabilities, it also tends to lead to more complex decision processes and changes to the set of capabilities required by people to self-determine their future. Within this process of structural transformation, social networks are crucial for accessing information and social support, but networks can also be a root cause of exclusion and inequality reproduction. This implies the need to encourage innovation and economic diversification beyond production expansion, focusing on the promotion of human agency and social inclusion. This book provides such a modern perspective on development economics, emphasizing the role of social networks, economic diversity and entrepreneurship for social welfare. The author discusses how innovation, social networks, economic dynamics and human development are interlinked, and provides several practical examples of social and micro-entrepreneurship in contexts as diverse as Peruvian rural villages and Brazil’s urban areas.The interdisciplinary perspective put forward in this book illustrates theoretical and methodological methods of exploring the complexity of development in a practical and relevant way. It also provides useful information about structural factors which need to be considered by practitioners when designing pro-poor growth policies. Furthermore, the coverage of the core concepts of innovation, networks and development economics, enriched with multiple examples, makes it a valuable resource for scholars and advanced students of modern development economics.

Globalisation and Poverty: Channels and Policy Responses (Routledge Studies in Globalisation Book 11)

The consequences of globalization for the world's poor are uncertain and fierce rhetoric is dividing its supporters and detractors.The channels of effect of essentially macroeconomic shocks on the microeconomic position of individuals and households in poor countries are many and various. This book addresses three core issues: 1) what are the main channels of effect? 2) what are the lessons to be learned from policy measures to alleviate negative poverty consequences? and 3) do the proposed analytical approaches assist in providing a monitoring capability? This volume assesses the more easily quantifiable effects resulting from price and quantity responses in the goods and labour markets. It includes studies of Colombia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam. It uses key analytical approaches, most of which are based on numerical simulation methods employing models with different levels of complexity. These models capture the features of an economy, how it functions, and how it might respond to globalization shocks. The most important collective contribution of the authors is their establishment of directions and magnitudes of effect, based on empirical evidence.   

Motivation in Organisations: Searching for a Meaningful Work-Life Balance (Humanistic Management)

Motivation in Organisations: Searching for a Meaningful Work-Life Balance extends the current motivation models in business education to include motives of human behaviour that have been neglected for decades. It debunks some of the myths about human motivation (self-interest as the dominant factor, amorality and non-spirituality) and explains why this approach to teaching business is erroneous and leads to wrong and harmful practices in many organisations. In a very personal and engaging style, the author presents a "map of motivations", based on a humanistic approach to management. This includes the latest findings of Abraham H. Maslow supported by sound philosophical reflections and modern research. He also presents specific ways of putting the framework into practice, sharing stories from students and professionals of how this framework has helped them better understand their own motivations and look at their daily work in a much more meaningful way. The book is highly relevant to students and researchers in humanistic management, people management, organisational behaviour, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In short, this text will be truly inspiring to anyone who wants to reflect on motivations in organisations and how to achieve a better work-life balance.

The Political Economy of Populism: An Introduction (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

The Political Economy of Populism explores the interplay between identity, the economy and inequality to explain the dynamics of populist votes since the beginning of the 20th century.The book discusses the political and economic implications of populist governance using data on populist incumbencies and linking it to historical data on the macro economy and democracy. Chapters draw from the most recent political science, economics and other social science literature, as well as historical data, to explain the long-term causes and consequences of populism. Populism emerges and gains traction when political entrepreneurs exploit underlying identity conflicts for political gains. As the distributional consequences of both economic distress and economic growth typically favor the elite over the poor and the lower middle class, economic shocks usually sharpen the underlying identity conflicts between the groups. The book provides evidence of significant differences in the ways fiscal and monetary policies are conducted by incumbent populists in Latin America,  Europe and the OECD. The work concludes by suggesting avenues through which a 21st century social consensus can be built, so that our society can avoid repeating the mistakes that led to wars and failed economic experiments in the 20th century.The Political Economy of Populism marks a significant contribution to the study of populism and is suited to students and scholars across the social sciences, including economics, political science and sociology.

Financial Independence Magazine: #15 Learn how to create passive income through real estate, investments, and royalties.

Find a Complete Schedule of my Free Books at my website Military Family Investing Com.Begin or continue your Financial Independence journey via retirement planning, stock market investing, real estate, and business.In this month’s magazine, we take a look at:1) Buying real estate is super expensive. To invest, we will need to find creative financing solutions.2) Reading and performing critical thinking on your knowledge will lead to financial success. Let’s take a deeper look.3) After starting your business, you will need to find clients. Knowing how to use advertising is a must. Left-brain vs. Right-brain ads are a great way to target your audience. 4) What makes an entrepreneur brilliant? Being able to “create” and “produce” are things that many people can not. Young Brilliant Entrepreneurs can make nothing into something. 5) The military can be a wealth generator, as long as you know how to be successful. Being mentally fit is necessary to survive the rigors of military service. 6) I briefly dabbled in the world of foreign exchange currency. I loved it but did the wrong type of research and action. I may try it again. My thoughts inside. 7) Millennials and their children are screwed when it comes to homeowenership. Here is how to get on track to buy multiple homes. 8) Getting older usually puts us on a fixed income. We will need to start small businesses to diversify revenue and stay active. But are you too old?9) Our children the future, so let’s get them the financial education they deserve. 10) If you are in debt and trying to claw your way out, this book will help set you free. Join us inside! Freedom of Time, Freedom for Family, Freedom to Travel, Freedom equals Peace, Be Free!

Women and Wealth: Essential Concepts for Staying on Top of Your Investments without Doing All the Work Yourself

Overcome your fear of investing!Understanding investments seems like a daunting task. The lingo, the math, and the potential risk are enough to scare anyone away. You know that investing is critical to reaching your desired future, but how can you even think about getting started when you’re racked with fear and anxiety?Worry no more. Women and Wealth: Essential Concepts for Staying on Top of Your Investments without Doing All the Work Yourself is your guide to navigating the tricky, messy, and confusing world of investing. You can take control of your money, know exactly where it is, and where it is going and why.Certified Financial Planner® Deborah W. Ellis will guide you through the toughest investing problems and show you how toDetermine your relationship with money. What is it and why?Evaluate the trajectory of your investing plans and bring them to fruition. Where are you now and where do you want to go?Avoid emotional investing. Make decisions based on your best interests.Choose a financial advisor whose priorities are aligned with yours.Mitigate risk to maximize rewards when allocating your assets.Money and investing should be a tool, not a burden. There can be a sense of fun and wonder instead of fear and anxiety. Women and Wealth will show you the side of investing that makes your financial dreams come true. Don’t put the fate of your finances in someone else’s hands. Empower yourself to make the investment choices that serve your best interests.

Understanding Japanese Savings: Does Population Aging Matter? (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia Book 55)

Japan's savings are among the highest in the world, and these high rates have played a valuable role throughout the post-war period. However, over the next several decades, Japan's population will be ageing rapidly. Will this lower Japanese savings rates?Using up-to-date financial and demographical data, author Robert Dekle finds that the answer to this question is an emphatic 'yes'. Understanding Japanese Saving holds key lessons for Western nations undergoing similar demographic transformations as well as developing countries looking to establish public savings institutions.

Money and Exchange: Folktales and Reality (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics Book 77)

Whether a theoretical system is realistic or not has been a concern in economics, particularly in monetary theory, over the past century. Following John R. Hicks’ proposal that a realistic monetary theory could be constructed along an evolutionary path, starting with the workings of a real market, this volume considers whether we can look to the medieval economy as the point of departure. Drawing upon the work of Aristotle, scholastic economists, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, William Stanley Jevons, Léon Walras and many modern monetary theorists, this intriguing book provides a critical analysis of some basic theories of monetary analysis. Concentrating primarily on certain fundamental building blocks it covers:the theory and mathematical properties of barter and monetary relations the distinction between barter and monetary relations and money and non-money commodities the concept of exchange as an equation, and the notion of the exchange relation as a relation of equality.This groundbreaking study dispels some of the old myths and conjectures concerning money and exchange and opens up the way for the development of new approaches, both realistic and evolutionary, of interest to researchers and students of the history of monetary theory and economic thought.

The Freelance Introvert: Work the way you want without changing who you are

"Changed my life" - "Essential reading" - "Easy and enjoyable read" – "Highly recommended (even if you're not an introvert!)"Are you an introvert?If you're happy in your own company most of the time, have just a few really close friends and prefer to work alone, the answer is probably yes.Introverts find external stimulation overwhelming, so they look for ways to retreat from it. A situation that’s easy or fun for one person can be way too much for an introvert.That's fine as long as they have a choice. But that can change when they go to work.Modern working styles like open-plan offices, brainstorming and teamwork can be really hard on introverts. The hands-on work is OK, but the emotional labour of working with others can be draining.Freelancing offers introverts a way out – a chance to work alone, control their workload and create their own workspace. It can be ideal.However, it also takes work.Going freelance means running a one-person business. It means setting direction, organizing your schedule and setting priorities. It means hustling for work and setting prices. And it means building a network that will offer vital support.Doing all that is hard enough for anyone - but particularly for introverts. To make a success of freelancing, you'll need to learn some new skills, push yourself to meet some challenges and build up your confidence.The Freelance Introvert will show you how to make that happen. It will teach you all about creating and managing your freelance business, from setting aims and getting set up to time management, working with clients and marketing.Written by Tom Albrighton - author, veteran freelancer, ProCopywriters co-founder and a confirmed introvert - The Freelance Introvert is the book you need for the life you want.What you’ll learnGetting started How to tell if you're an introvert Why work is tough on introverts, and how freelancing can help Why introversion is a strength, not a weaknessChoosing your future Deciding what you want Identifying all your skills and qualities Building your freelance work Identifying your clients Setting an earnings targetGetting set up Getting the right workspace and equipment Taking care of your physical and mental health Building a network of collaborators and suppliers Setting boundaries – physical, temporal and psychologicalManaging your time The three time horizons you need to watch How to steer clear of 'time suckers' How to balance exploration and exploitationWorking with clients What makes a good client? Why saying 'no' is so important - and how to do it How to spot rogue clients What to do when clients move onMarketing yourself The best ways to find new clients Building a marketing mix that works for you Creating your website, testimonials and personal pitch How to survive a networking eventSetting and agreeing prices How to shoot for the top of the 'deal zone' How to set and frame your prices How to stop self-sabotaging when quoting for workBuilding your confidence How to build confidence When to go beyond your comfort zone Understanding your explanatory style How to overcome impostor syndrome Choosing self-supporting beliefs Letting go of self-limiting beliefsYou can build a thriving freelance career and enjoy the lifestyle you want without changing who you are. And The Freelance Introvert will show you how.

Online Store Commerce: Get a Consistent Income from Your New Online Businessa?? Shopify, Clickbank & Fiverr (3 Book Bundle)

Create a Profitable Online Business Starting from Scratch Inside this 3 book bundle you'll discover:FOUR FIGURE SHOPIFY- How to find the perfect product - How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again - The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not - How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI - How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour - How to get cheap clicks on Facebook - How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work! - A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing ... so you don't have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to! CLICKBANK COMMISSION PROFITS- How to make money matching products to consumers - How to choose a product to promote... this is crucial! - How to create a video review from scratch - What type of video to create for your review - The exact guidelines to use when your creating your content/review - How to properly upload your videos - How to apple some SEO tactics to rank your video on Youtube & Google - Examples of product review to copy for your own videos LAZY FIVERR- The exact services to choose for maximum profitability - How to provide the service without really knowing anything about it - How to upsell the customers so you can turn $5 into a $50-$300 service (easiest sale you'll ever make) - Where to outsource your services s you don't have to provide the service yourself - How to easily find clients - How to post a proper service listing on Fiverr Get started with your new e-commerce business today! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY!

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners 2021: 3 Books in 1: The Ultimate Guide to Start Investing in Crypto and Make Massive Profit with Bitcoin, Altcoin, Non-Fungible Tokens and Crypto Art

Kickstart your crypto investments and tap into the power of NFTs with this ultimate trading bundle!Are you an aspiring or experienced cryptocurrency investor, and you want to discover what this ever-evolving landscape has in store for you? Have you heard about Non-Fungible Tokens before, and you want to learn how this lucrative opportunity can make you money? Or are you looking for a down-to-earth beginner’s guide to the world of crypto investing? Then this collection is for you!Packed with handy beginner’s advice and simple cryptocurrency trading strategies, this complete collection outlines the fundamentals of Bitcoin investing, NFTs, and crypto in a practical way. Built on a solid foundation designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the essential cryptocurrency knowledge you’ll need to become a successful trader, this bundle provides the most up-to-date advice for this rapidly changing marketplace.Written by successful cryptocurrency trader (author name), who achieved financial freedom with these strategies, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners 2021 details his approach to the world of cryptocurrency trading. From beginner trading advice to help you break into the market to advanced analysis and tons of tips & tricks, this bundle is your complete guidebook for navigating the cryptocurrency landscape.Inside Trading Cryptocurrency, you’ll discover:Cryptocurrency 101 – How To Pick The Perfect Coin and Trading Platform For YouHow To Build The Perfect Trading Strategy To Kickstart Your IncomeThe Complete Beginner’s Guide To Analyzing The MarketEssential Tips For Protecting Your Coins and Keeping Your Investment SafeAnd a Wealth of Advice For Making The Most of Cryptocurrency TradingInside NFT For Beginners, you’ll find:Why Non-Fungible Tokens Are The Future of CurrencyExploring The Countless Uses of NFTs In The Digital WorldStep-By-Step Ways To Create And Sell Your Own NFTsThe 6 Secret Qualities of a High-Value NFTAnd Much More…And inside Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, you’ll learn:Breaking Down The Basics of Cryptocurrency InvestingWhy YOU Should Be Investing In Crypto TodayThe Essential Things To Know Before You Start InvestingSimple and Straightforward Instructions For Making Your First Investment20+ Handy Tips For Supercharging Your Trading SkillsAnd So Much More!Combining straightforward instructions and beginner advice with advanced trading strategies and wisdom, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners 2021 will take you by the hand and show you how even a complete novice can begin investing in cryptocurrency and seeing results. If you’ve always wanted to get in on this lucrative opportunity, but you never knew how, then this bundle was written for you.Are you ready to tap into the power of crypto? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!

Trading for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: Options Trading and Day Trading for Beginners. The Practical Guide to Start Building Your Financial Freedom with Limited Capital and Without Prior Knowledge

Do you know what is the main reason why most novice traders stop trading financial markets after losing their first money?Contrary to what you think, the reason is not the lack of correct information. Many guides, in fact, provide a detailed background on the characteristics of the markets and the instruments to be used, and how. So what's missing?The first key point which completely defeats all that information is the lack of a strategy. Without a detailed plan, the challenge with millions of other players on the market cannot be undertaken.Even more critical is to understand that the strategy you decide to adopt cannot be trivially copied by other successful traders, otherwise any financial guru would be able to train others like him. However, as is evident, this doesn’t happen.If you do an autopsy of every single success story in the trading world, it becomes all too evident that every successful trader has given birth to a completely personal approach, one that fits like a tailored suit to their psychological and financial situation.What makes this guide different from any other is that in addition to explaining the basics you need to take action, you will be step-by-step directed in understanding the psychological, financial and above all personal variables that will quickly lead you to the definition of your personal trading strategy to successfully confronting the markets.The audiobook will provide an in-depth analysis of these and many other topics, such as:What is financial trading and how to approach the markets with the most efficient tools in different situationsA complete crash course on options from basics to operational strategyThe approach to day trading that can deliver the key to hundreds of days of profitHow to exploit existing financial instruments to pursue specific investment objectivesHow to develop your personal operating protocol with both options and intraday trading, managing the initial phase and the subsequent scale up, as your capital increases and your technique improvesAn overview of the best operating platforms on which to start operating immediatelyDon't leave the profits you have the sacrosanct right to win on the plate yet. Click here to buy this book!

Catch the Unicorn: Demystifying book marketing for fiction authors

★★★★★ "This book is by far one of the most concise, easy to understand and enjoyable writing marketing novels I’ve read by far." - Amazon ReviewerFeel as if success as a fiction author is as elusive as trying to catch a unicorn? Discover winning strategies that will save you time and money while selling more books!Do you love writing but hate marketing? Wish there was an easier way to promote your work while still having time to write? If you're like many other self-published authors, you've come across hundreds of methods to get exposure for your book (most of them outdated or ineffective). Worse yet, there's plenty of companies out there that offer nothing but false promises and vague claims. Because of this, it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and money.Denis, an author and book marketing expert, has coached thousands of authors to sell more books. For the first time, he has packaged up all his experience and knowledge into a book. A no-fluff guide to save you time, money, and rejection by showing you exactly what you need to do to build a successful author business (and just as importantly, what not to do).By following the fictional story of Jane, you'll witness how she builds her successful author business from scratch. Catch the Unicorn gives you the tools you need to get a steady stream of buyers to click the Buy button every single day.In this book, you'll discover how to:Use proven and easy ways to get your book noticed (even from the millions of others on Amazon).Target thousands of readers in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.Maximize your marketing budget by using only tested methods that get results.See what's bottle-necking your sales (the #1 simple-fix that's holding authors back).Avoid the surprisingly common pitfalls that plague new and experienced authors alike.Build your list of invested fans ready to buy your next novel.Bonus: Market if you only have one book published.Bonus: Downloadable checklist to help you stay on track.Finally, you no longer have to take on the challenge of marketing alone. Let the secrets in this book help you navigate the stormy waters of book marketing and help you finally catch your unicorn. Take advantage of this fool-proof method and realize your author potential today.Click the "Buy Now" button now because you and your book deserve success.★★★★★ "In my opinion, Catch the Unicorn is a must-read for indie authors to help them achieve marketing success!" - Goodreads Review★★★★★ "I purchased a physical copy of this book so I can have it handy every time I use it, because I do believe this will be the one reference I use for all future book releases." - Amazon Reviewer★★★★★ "Gives advice on how that beginning author with no fan base can start out. Buy this book. You'll be glad you did." - Amazon Reviewer★★★★★ "I would recommend this book to every self-published author. It is well worth it not to have to continue spinning your wheels and chasing elusive unicorns." - Amazon Reviewer

$1,000,000 Web Designer Guide: A Practical Guide for Wealth and Freedom as an Online Freelancer

Don’t leave your web design journey up to chance.There are some times in life where it is fun to not plan ahead. For example a random day hanging out with friends or a spontaneous holiday trip to some new place. Web design though is not one of those times! If you leave your web design journey to chance—expect to fail.What this book covers is what I wish I knew when I first started web design. It is the big lessons that make a big difference. Knowing these lessons will help you avoid becoming yet another burnout who is overworked and underpaid. I will be sharing with you clear steps to get more profitable, move forward quickly, and set yourself up for a shot at real success. This book isn't just about money though—it looks at an overall smart approach to having a great business that supports a great life. This is about working smarter—not harder—to enjoy more of what life is all about. If you are ready to go then let’s get started!

I Will Teach You Excel: Master Excel, surpass your co-workers, and impress your boss!

Ever get passed up for a promotion or pay increase and wonder, "why didn't I get it"? Ever wonder if your skills are good enough to compete in today's crowded job market? You work hard, go above and beyond and still can't seem to get noticed. Many of today's jobs require that you be familiar with Microsoft Excel. How can you become proficient at Excel when companies aren't willing to teach you this valuable skill?

This leaves many people trying to learn as they go and never quite feeling 100% comfortable with the program. What's worse, most people haven't even scratched the surface of Excel's potential, even if they've been using it for years. If you feel this way, you're not alone.

Think about this for a second; what will your career look like in a year if you don't take action today and improve your Excel skills? How about five years from now? Unless you take matters into your own hands things may not look much different.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, people who show proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other common office applications earn, on average, 13% more than those who don't. For most people this could mean tens of thousands of dollars over just a few years, and this doesn't even factor in lost promotions and job offers. Can you afford to leave so much on the table as a result of maintaining the status quo?

I've experienced this transformation in my career and can tell you first hand how it has helped me. When I was fresh out of college and working my first accounting job my manager asked me to complete a project that involved using VLOOKUPS. I enthusiastically obliged, walked back to my desk, and proceeded to panic. I tricked myself into thinking that I was an excel expert only because I knew a few formulas, my limited knowledge only scratched the surface. I turned to a college buddy for help; Google. I eventually managed to learn what I needed, after a lot of time and energy.

I've climbed the ladder and worn many hats since then. I can't say that the opportunities I've earned in my career are solely due to my increasing Excel proficiency. What I can definitely say is that Excel has earned me more opportunities to prove myself to management than waiting for opportunities to materialize on their own.

That's why I decided to write this book. My goal is to take you from Excel novice to master in the shortest time possible. I wrote my book specifically for the busy professional, in an easy to read manner that gets straight to the point and teaches the meat of Excel. I wrote this book for you.


I have helped many people improve their careers through Excel and now it's your turn. Here is what you get when you download my book:

-18 chapters of the most useful Excel techniques that will immediately take your skills to the next level

-Practical use cases plus downloadable workbooks so that you can take what you learn and feel, first hand, how to apply those skills to real world scenarios

-A FREE copy of my latest book on Google Sheets so you can stay ahead of the curve

You're at the point of decision. You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you've always received.

But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your career you're going to have to do something different. Make a choice now, pursue new outcomes.

Make Your First $5,000 Faster: How to Find and Get Your Perfect Job (Make More Money Series Book 1)

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Making Money Fast for Beginners (3 in 1 Bundle): Using Amazon Associates, Shopify Dropshipping, or Amazon Ecommerce to Make Extra Income Online

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from ScratchYou don't need any business experience, huge capital, or your own product to get started. Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.Here's what you'll get in this 3 in 1 bundle:Amazon Associates Video Affiliate- How to find the best products that actually convert on YouTube- How to evaluate whether you should pick a product or not- The top 4 product departments to choose from for beginners- How to gather keywords that you can target for your video (for YouTube rankings)- An example of an actual product evaluation- The 7 step process of reviewing a product. Start to finish explained!- 7 optimization tactics that will help you rank your video without doing any massive SEO work- How to boost your video rankings on YouTube for $10 or lessSHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING- How to find the perfect product- How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again- The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not- How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI- How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour- How to get cheap clicks on Facebook- How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work!- A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing ... so you don't have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to!AMAZON SELLING SYSTEM- How to set up your account- How to find product ideas that will surely sell- How to create product listings- How to negotiate with sellers- How to make sure that your product is a valuable one- How to sell your product via Amazon and then via different sources- the 2 secret sources that almost no internet marketer is using!These methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

How to Start Earning Money Online (3 in 1 Bundle): 3 Business Models to Follow for Beginners a?? Clickbank Affiliate, Self-Publishing, and Thrift Store Arbitrage

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from ScratchYou don't need any business experience, huge capital, or your own product to get started. Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.Here's what you'll get in this 3 in 1 bundle:CLICKBANK AFFILIATE PROMOTIONS- How to find the best product to promote through YouTube product reviews- 3 research to do before you do your actual review presentation- The exact criteria that you should use in order to have a better chance of promoting something that will convert into sales- How to create a video review in 5 easy steps- The only 2 tools you need for product review creation- How to optimize your video for maximum power for YouTube SEO rankings- How to create a simple video description that helps your video rank on Google and YouTube- How to boost your SEO rankings for as low as $15 and 2 minutes work.ROMANCE E-BOOK CASHFLOW- How to choose a romance topic that will sell hundreds of copies... guaranteed.- How to hire someone to write the book for you- How to choose a proper cover for your book... make sure to get this one correctly!- How to promote your books for FREETHRIFT STORE ARBITRAGE- How to set your goal this before anything else- How to find thrift stores- How to find products that are more likely to sell- How to create a product listing that turns visitors into paying customers- How to sell your products via Facebook- Advance strategies for selling and doubling your business via SEOThese methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

SEO Based Business Ideas (3-Book Bundle): Using SEO to Make Money from Home a?? Local SEO Consulting, Affiliate Promos, and Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from ScratchYou don't need any business experience, huge capital, or your own product to get started. Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.Here's what you'll get in this 3 in 1 bundle:LOCAL SEO CONSULTANT- How to start an SEO consulting business even without SEO knowledge or business experience- How to rank a video without doing that much work- How to find the best keywords to rank for and make money from- Why per call is one of the best ways for you to make money online- How to set up your video in 5 minutes or less- How to approach a potential client and get a deal even without hard-selling them- How to set up your call tracking for free- How to find the best businesses and problems to target for your SEO consulting business- Why it's possible to easily earn $400 per month by simply working 10 minutes a dayPRODUCT HIJACK PROFITS- The step by step process of making money via Google and Amazon- How to find the best keywords to target- How to create a wordpress website from scratch- How to write a product review the right way!- A list of the most searched "money" keywords on Amazon!- The keys to an affiliate site and why you have to have all of these- 2 ways to rank fast in GoogleTHE AMAZON AFFILIATE FORMULA- How to get started as an Amazon associate, free- secret keyword research method that only few are using - follow this and you're already ahead of the competition- How to rank on the page 1 of Google...for real! - No theory just actionable content- How to write reviews that gets read and that converts into cash- Sample websites for you to followThese methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

The Rich Man's Gate: Self Made Blueprint

Financial freedom can sound like a nice theory. But the truth is, it’s possible for you to achieve. No matter what financial troubles you have today, there’s always a way to get back to black. Financial freedom is about taking ownership of your finances and planning your long-term financial situation by actively saving for a rainy day or retirement.But seriously you can’t achieve financial freedom without knowing your starting point. THE RICH MANS GATE is my very scripted guild to financial independence which has worked consistently for me since 21 August, 2020.My nifty fastlane blueprint!

Happiness 100% Reading

① Reading and speed reading② You are already an intellectual③ Feel the happiness you already have

General Investment: 4 tips to get rich

4 tips to get rich1 Save one tenth of your income.2 Prioritize desires.3 Use the money we saved.4 Have your own business.