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MY OWN STORY (Illustrated): The Inspiring & Powerful Autobiography of the Determined Woman Who Founded the Militant WPSU "Suffragette" Movement and Fought to Win the Equal Voting Rights for All Women

"Women are very slow to rouse, but once they are aroused, once they are determined, nothing on earth and nothing in heaven will make women give way; it is impossible."Emmeline Pankhurst, born in 1858, was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. Pankhurst's militant tactics made her many admirers and foes alike. Tired of weak and non-violent demands for women enfranchisement, Pankhurst decided to attract attention of authorities by adopting arson as a method. Pankhurst founded the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), an all-women suffrage advocacy organization dedicated to "deeds, not words". Pankhurst, her daughters, and other WSPU activists received repeated prison sentences, where they staged hunger strikes to secure better conditions. Emmeline fought till the end, sacrificed comfort lifestyle and her family, risked her own life number of time. She dedicated herself to the cause completely and did everything for her ideals and beliefs in a just and equal society. Emmeline Pankhurst died in 1928, shortly before women were given full voting rights. This edition brings to you the powerful autobiography of this courageous woman in celebration of the undying spirit of freedom, equality and woman power. In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating "she shaped an idea of women for our time; she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back". She was widely criticized for her militant tactics, and historians disagree about their effectiveness, but her work is recognized as a crucial element in achieving women's suffrage in Britain.


BUS STOP READS ARE SHORT QUICK READS17 DEADLY WOMEN THROUGH THE AGESTRUE CRIME: WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS Our society can barely account for evil in males, let alone imagine it in females. The female nests, creates, and nurtures doesn’t she or is it that we just want to believe in the intrinsic non-threatening nature of women?Yet, history is full of instrumentally violent women: women who have fought wars and battles throughout the world, with no less ferociousness than men, women such as Dynamis of Bosphorous, who starved her husband to death and took control of his kingdom, or Artemisia, the queen of Halicarnassus in the 5th century, who conducted a brilliant but brutal military campaign against the Greeks. Mary Tudor, Queen Mary 1 of England, in 1553 became known as “Bloody Mary,” for her extreme cruelty and willingness to execute people.In this short book meet 17 less known but equally murderous cold blooded women. After reading it you may find your perception of the gentler sex changed irrevocably. Enjoy.

Naked in Budapest: travels with a passionate nomad

After 'running away from home' later than most, and travelling the world solo with no bookings, and then whether naked in Budapest, canoeing down the Zambesi, sailing the Great Barrier Reef, eating durian on a Malaysian beach, cooking in Athens, shaking hands with the King of Cambodia, watching bear cubs in Alaska, visiting Gracelands, or having a young lover, Heather says she feels most alive when on the road.A slow traveler, Heather gets to know locals, eat their food, and learn something of their language, culture, and religion.

Jill Mansell's A-Z Of Happiness (An e-short)

In this delightful ebook, Jill Mansell gives readers an exclusive glimpse of her life as a writer. Newly updated with exclusive extra material! Find out what's IN JILL'S HANDBAG, enjoy A DINNER DATE WITH JILL and get to know Jill in a QUICKFIRE Q & A.This updated ebook also includes a sneak peek at Jill's new novel for January 2017, MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY.And as in the original A-Z OF HAPPINESS, there's a bear (not a real one), lit up by fairy lights, with zillions of happy endings buzzing around, eating Chinese takeaway for breakfast, getting up late and tweeting A LOT. Oh, and there's been an explosion in the glitter factory!Recommended for all with withdrawal symptoms from YOU AND ME, ALWAYS, and anticipation disorder for MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY.NOT A NOVEL - but a little happiness fix.

Sheila O'Flanagan Invites You In (An e-short)

Sheila O'Flanagan has captivated millions of readers with novels like SUDDENLY SINGLE, IF YOU WERE ME and THINGS WE NEVER SAY, and in this delightful ebook she invites us in for a glimpse of her world...Pop over with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and share all the exciting, scary (and slightly nutty) moments of life as a writer.Includes:IT'S NOT HOW YOU IMAGINE IT - A WRITER'S LIFEFAMILY PARTIES - AND HOW TO SURVIVE THEMA Q&A WITH THE AUTHORA SHORT STORYAnd the very special first chapter of MY MOTHER'S SECRETNOT A NOVEL - more a really good gossip!

#dearcancer: Things to help you through

When journalist and broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she made the decision to share her experiences in a series of video diaries in an effort to help demystify cancer treatment. Overwhelmed by the response, Victoria set up a Facebook page inviting people to share their own stories, talk openly about cancer and support one another.

The result is this collection of writing from cancer patients and their loved ones. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or a friend or relative has, everyone who has contributed to this ebook has been through the same journey, and hopes you will take strength from these 'things to help you through'.

From practical tips on managing your treatment and your everyday life with cancer, to advice on understanding and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that begins with diagnosis, this free resource is packed with hard-won wisdom and insight, at once useful and poignant.

This exclusive collection is published ahead of Victoria Derbyshire's book, Dear Cancer, Love Victoria: A Mum's Diary of Hope.

A Mile In Our Shoes: Personal stories of global journeys

Nine women from around the globe unite to create this extraordinary international book project. They invite readers to walk a mile in their shoes and to explore the world through their eyes. Nine different cultures, different life experiences and trajectories, nine different stories revealing the obstacles that many people, and women in particular, face today. Each real-life story shows that, despite their various backgrounds, these women all have one thing in common: unexpected and oftentimes tough circumstances have taken them from one part of the world to another. This anthology presents the multifaceted issues of migration and relocation, the challenges these women encountered, as well as how they journeyed on in this life with humor and strength of spirit. Nadia Ho de Guillén initiated this project because she believes wholeheartedly in the importance of nurturing global peace and achieving clear communication through listening to and understanding each other. It is her hope that sharing personal stories from diverse life journeys will help foster cross-cultural communication and ultimately reduce misunderstandings and conflicts. The whole profits from the book will go to the foundations that help girls and women around the world. Praise for A Mile in Our Shoes: Personal stories of global journeys:“The bedrock of friendship and community is vulnerability. Inside you will find profound heartfelt stories which provide us with both connection and consolation.”— Shannon Hogan-Cohen, Author of S.H.E. Share Heal Empower (USA)"It’s not all in your head. When you are feeling something is not right and can’t put a finger on it because you are lonely, mad, underpaid, in a bad relationship, in a hostile city, sad, broken, or looking to change something… You are right to go by your guts and not let anybody convince you that you should do otherwise. That it is all in your head. These women have all been to those places and decided it is worth to move the worlds to find their own. Because this is how you win. Their stories are moving, sometimes funny and often sad, but always warm and with a strong message: You win by listening to that head of yours. And it is worth it! Must read for all of (us) dreamers who are still afraid to take a leap into a dream life."— Nadja Irena Fisic, Travel and Lifestyle Journalist (Croatia)"Here are nine heart-wrenching, soul-searching, triumphant stories of total strangers that enrich your life so much they become part of your new identity when you reach the last page."— Phuong Mai Nguyen, Associate Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Vietnam)“This book details the courage, resilience, and determination of women who have experienced daunting obstacles in life. Each chapter expresses a narrative showing that we often don't see how vulnerability and hopelessness can, in fact, inspire hope and compassion for humanity. This is a must read for everyone.”— Victoria Ibiwoye, Director, OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning (Nigeria)"I have always been curious about people's lives. How did they grow up? What keeps them up at night? This book – choke-full of raw, heartfelt, personal stories – sheds light on the human condition in a way that illuminates and satiates. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation, or just consolation that you're not alone in this world, allow yourself to be buoyed along by the courage of these ten indomitable women. A deeply humbling and eye-opening read."— Gwen Yi, Founder, Tribeless (Malaysia)

Melania Trump: The Slovenian Side of the Story

This book is a tribute to “good old times” from recent history that shaped everybody that grew up in this territory, including current USA’s first lady. It was written in the same way as my father and many others did build houses around Slovenia and/or ex-yugoslavia to provide shelters for their families. For my English writing debut I gathered few of my dearest friend following my father’s footsteps for successful construction. We are all from the part of Slovenian that is now gaining popularity due to mrs. Melania and do in my opinion have the necessary skills to “construct” this little “house”, including the audio narrated version, which is as part of this book our gift to readers and their friends. You can find the link for free download inside the book, enjoy getting to know us better.