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Blue Planet Blues Vol. 1 Hitchhiking the Psychedelic Matrix: The Memoirs of Holly Avila

TRAVEL BACK IN TIME on a journey through the free love '70's... Read what happens when a young woman coming of age turns on, tunes in & drops out of college to join the counter-culture on a quest for freedom and spiritual self-discovery. Hitch a ride with Holly from go-go dancing jobs to hippy communes to anti-war demonstrations with nothing but a backpack, guitar and her thumb. Dive into romantic LSD trips and magical experiences as our heroine explores the edges of existentialism & the irony of love.In this opening volume of the series, based on the journals that Holly kept from 1974 to 1977, we are introduced to her pursuit of freedom after rebelling against her cloistered life & upbringing with a midwestern military family. Through her love affairs, philosophical musings & psychedelic experimentation we are brought on a journey around the continent as a reflection of her internal search for answers. Why have I never felt at home? Why did my mother give me up? Why do I feel incomplete without a lover? Why does the 'real world' seem so unreal to me?Holly Avila is an artist, author & musician who has been writing & performing songs since the 1970s. Her love of folk music led her to Greenwich Village, NYC where she formed the bands NY Frets & later Wheels, playing the tri-state country-bluegrass-blues circuit for 12 years. In 1986, Variety wrote, "The city came through vividly in the lyrics, but her deep-rooted singing was pure country like maple syrup poured over a stack of flapjacks." Her music found its way to the big screen in 1987 when Wheel's song "Trying Very Hard" appeared in the feature film Kandyland. Holly later joined the Juggernaut String Band in Pennsylvania while raising her children. They performed around the Delaware Water Gap area & appeared on the main stage of the Philly Folk Festival in 2000. She then went on to form her own world fusion project Blue Planet / Planeta Azul to explore her interest in Latin American folk forms, multi-cultural influences & psychedelic rock. Global Rhythm Magazine selected her Cumbia "Querida De Mi Alma" for their November 2006 Global Rhythm on Disc compilation. In 2009 she released her debut album "Mountains Back Home" on all digital streaming platforms, defining Blue Planet's new sound of Pan-American Fusion. In 2011 Holly drove cross-country to Baja California, Mexico where she wrote & recorded her upcoming project “West Coast Bound” EP which is due to be released in fall of 2018.

The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Surviving an American Gulag

Welcome to Ft. Gordon, Ga - the Special Training Unit. It's 1967, the height of the Vietnam War and Private Winslow Gibbs has been drafted. He's two-hundred and seventy pounds and a bundle of nerves. He also has issues of a different nature, but in these days before the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, these are dealt with in the American Gulag, the Army's answer to the problem. What they don't count on are the ones like Private Gibbs, who want to survive it and serve. Based on the author's own experiences, Surviving an American Gulag is a story that the military would prefer remain a footnote. However, it is a defining moment and should not be lost to posterity. Also included with this work is "A Dime a Dip," a tale of the author's grandmother and her considerable efforts on behalf of thousands of migrant worker children.Revised for 2010.Review from Rainbow Reviews:This story is a diamond . . . in the rough. Private Winslow Gibbs is a caterpillar. The special training unit essentially is his cocoon from which emerges the butterfly. Through those around him, Gibbs is able to realize who he is inside. The below exchange is magnificent in how it encapsulates the journey Gibbs is traveling. "What should I do?" "Nothing," Avila said. "Love yourself. That's what's happening here. You're learning to love yourself. Loving others will come naturally after you learn to love yourself." "But how do you do it? " "One day at a time. No great plan. I wake up and see the sunshine or the rain and ..." Gibbs does learn to love himself and the rest follows as Avila promises. As this story is based on real life, it seems untidy. But that is how life is and the story has that indefinable air of truth because of it.

The Lost Boyfriend: A Gay Romance (Gay Perfomance Book 2)

Intrepid student journalist Jody Benson who reckons he’s a straight boy finds that his world is being turned upside down when Alex his angelic ‘roomie’ who usually dances naked in their room at Mitchell College disappears. He also becomes involved with a troupe of young drag queens, being recruited to assist them with their ‘tucking and taping’ as they get ready to perform in the hit show Drag.Jody eventually becomes very concerned about his new friend Shane who is the star of Drag. He discovers that although the boy during the show assures the audience that he is absolutely faithful to Caleb his boyfriend – the boy actually disappeared in mysterious circumstances when they were still at high school five years ago. Working with his Uncle Ben who is able to raise substantial resources through his business entity called the Conglomerate, Jody launches a great quest to find the lost boyfriend. A reward of $200,000 is offered for anyone providing information leading to the discovery of the missing boy.Jody also wonders if the disappearance of Shane's boyfriend and his roomie, the angelic ballet dancer are somehow mysteriously linked.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Armstrong works in film and television production in Asia and the Land Down Under. When he is not travelling he loves to spend time with his Burmese boy. The Lost Boyfriend will be of interest to mature gay men, gay boys just starting out, bi-guys and even “straight” men and women.Approximately 90,000 words.The story contains passages of gay sexual descriptions. It is not for the faint-hearted. It does not contain any characters involved in sexual relations beneath the age of 18.

French do not fight for themselves: French Foreign Legion Diary

What is the French Foreign Legion?Break down such illusions as mercenaries and cool!The author of the "Diary of Japanese Army 911" on Kindle sendsThe French Foreign Legion's enlistment experience diary is finally here! !!A peaceful and gentle idyllic style will heal your mind.A special book for those who lack adventure every day.Do you live honestly with yourself?

Diary of Japanese Army 911: How did I stop worrying and love my unusual world at that time?

【During the free period】#1 in Asian Drama & Plays#2 in Army Biographies#7 in Military & Spies BiographiesThe secret of the Japanese army is revealed!What kind of place is the JAPANESE ARMY?(called Self-Defense Forces)Introducing the great turmoil of “this and that” the author himself experienced after joining the Ground Self Defense Force for two years!This novel was translated from Japanese into English using Google Translate. So it is cheaper. It's $ 10 in Japan!What kind of place is the Self-Defense Forces, who will join the Self-Defense Forces from now on?This is a must-see book for those who are interested!Easier and easier to read than ordinary nonfiction!This is the definitive non-fiction light novel!ContentHow to join the Self-Defense ForcesWhat do new members do?What does SDF training doAbout handling gunsActivities of the Ground Self-Defense ForceWhat happened to 911?Unusual events within the Self-Defense ForcesDo you have tears and laughter? Special edition!