Biography Books

Kidnapping My Daughter

Amelia's Story

Thomas Edison: Shining A Light (Geniuses Book 2)

Three Things Ia??d Tell My Younger Self (E-Story)

Year of the Nurse: A 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir

Yellow Raven

Trapped: Part 1 of 3

Bought and Sold (Part 1 of 3)

Queen Victoria

Saving Danny: Part 1 of 3

Rho Magna, the Laotian War Dragon (Short Story)

Dancing for Your Life: The True Story of Maria de la Torre and Her Secret Life in a Hong Kong Go-Go Bar

Dancing for Your Life is the true story of a beautiful, young Filipina who, in order to help her family financially, leaves her home in the quiet Philippine countryside to work as a dancer in Hong Kong’s red-light district of Wan Chai.This book will hold special appeal for readers interested in gaining a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of an Asian go-go bar and will serve as a companion guide for individuals interested in cultural studies, gender studies, or spirituality. It presents a rare first-person account that is thought provoking and controversial. Here is the “untold story” of faith, friendship, and sacrifice, but also of triumph and forgiveness.

The Knowledge: A free digital compendium

Out of Step: A Dancer Reflects

Do you Dare?

Children Don't Forget

High Albania

David Crockett

Contaminated Samples

Edison, His Life and Inventions

Auguste Comte (Key Sociologists)

Taylor Swift: The Whole Story FREE SAMPLER

The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

Strange Pages from Family Papers

Ask in Prayer

The Life of John Bunyan

A Community of Mortals

The Incident at Naples (Chicago Shorts)

Thank You: A Tribute to Chris Cornell

This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing Sample

Xenakis: His Life in Music

Anglo-Saxon Literature

James Watt

Dancing Bare

The Miracle Mongers, an ExposA(C)

The Dancing Bear

Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary Structures

Getting Past Coetzee

Joyce: The Return of the Repressed (Contestations)

Janet Devlin: One Classy Lassie

The History of Emily Montague

Sabbath in Puritan New England

Of fiber and people

James Cutbush An American Chemist, 1788-1823

A Day with The Woz

Cottage Poems

Letters from America

How To Find God

Terra Nova: Explorers Betrayed in the Harshest Land