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Eat Shop Save: Recipes & mealplanners to help you EAT healthier, SHOP smarter and SAVE serious money at the same time: FREE SAMPLER


Television tie-in Eat Shop Save contains over 80 recipes to restore sanity to the challenges of family cooking.

Focusing on the time-poor in particular, these delicious meals will put a smile on the fussiest of eaters and entice families with chapters such as: Quick After Work Suppers, Favourites with a Facelift and Something Sweet (but good for you).

Food is just the beginning. Using smart shopping and meal planning as a basis, you'll find tips to get organised, save money and free up precious time.

- Weekly meal planners in each chapter help you save money

- Make your own quicker, healthier 'takeaways'

- Hide vegetables for fussy eaters

- Become a smart shopper

- Upcycle leftover ingredients

- Give classic dishes a facelift

We hope you enjoy this free sampler!

Television Can Blow Me

Television Can Blow Me is the collected best reviews from the Aerial Telly website. First appearing on the Internet in 2003, Aerial Telly is the voice of the dispossessed TV fan - a savage wildling, a beast who just keeps coming, taking on reality TV goons, flatlining sitcoms, phoney documentaries and desperate celebrities, napalming the TV village even as its inhabitants surrender, shart their drawers and beg for a mercy that never comes.

Hollywood Dirty Money II: Cocaine Fame

It started out so simple:

The goal was to make as much money as possible selling cocaine over the course of six months. I started with just a $2000 investment and zero prospective buyers. Thwarting unwanted attention from either side of the law was my main concern as I hustled to see how high I could push my profit margin.

But trouble has an uncanny knack for catching us wrong-footed.

Word soon broke out of the new kid in town with unlimited supply of highly pure cocaine, and it just snowballed from there. The explosive power of networking became both my best friend and worst enemy.

Suddenly I had high-profile producers, directors and actors wanting to meet me and do me favors, to get a taste of what all the fuss was about.

My initial goal of maintaining anonymity evolved into a desire to push the envelope of social status and see how deep the Rabbit hole goes.

What follows is:

-A behind the scenes look into the daily life of a full-time drug dealer

-Different perspectives of Hollywood and celebrity culture, told from an up-close and personal view

-A guide on How to sell drugs and get away with it

-Psychological and sociological commentary on alternating between the top and bottom of the social ladder and living a double life

-A challenge to the notion of fame and questioning whether or not it can be faked

Hollywood Dirty Money is a search for balance between fame and anonymity, the struggle of holding onto who I am as opposed to what I've become, and contemplation of life purpose, social-conditioning, and the pursuit of happiness.

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