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Fast Writing, Self-Publishing: How to Write a Book in No Time

For many authors, writing a book can be like rolling a boulder up a steep hill. This book by Mike Reuther takes the pain and misery out of becoming an author. Writing a book fast not only lays the foundation for a completed work, it also helps writers best tap their creativity. Learn how to quickly outline a book and brainstorm for ideas. Reuther eases writers into the fast-writing process and reveals how fun it can actually be. For writers dreaming of being published and seasoned authors suffering from so-called writer's block, this book shows the way to successful writing and publishing.

Teaching Kids To Draw Realistically (And Crazy Adults Who Think They Can't)

Everybody has the inherent ability to draw and create art.But without guidance and education, many children as young as eight lose faith in their ability to draw realistically - and this normally continues into adulthood.As with any creative field such as art, music or literature - natural talent can only take you so far.International Award-Winning artist Jacqui Grantford has spent much of her adult life teaching children how to draw and create art.Over this time she has developed many varied and innovative exercises and activities to help in the teaching of young students, which have now been compiled into one volume.If you are a teacher, parent or friend, this book will greatly help you develop artistic skills in young people to enable them to create their own beautiful and inspiring artworks.