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Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide to Understand How to Persuade People and How to Know When Someone Is Trying to Manipulate Others (Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Book 1)

Would you like to hack human behavior with great strategies and understand the psychological loopholes you can utilize to impact others? If yes, then this is the ideal book for you! ⚠A few individuals who have had a significant influence on history learned how to manipulate the public to satisfy their requests. Such selected few seem to have been born with the talent of persuasion at a high degree—a sort of mind control. But you see, it’s not the case. Human behavior might appear unpredictable. However, you will find core foundations that can help you get the things you want from others without coming across as controlling or manipulative. This book is suitable for you, especially if you are exhausted from being unconscious of human behavior and would like to understand how to push others to see things from your perspective. In this book, Dark Psychology, you will explore everything you need to understand about psychology. It isn’t intended for the faint of heart. It’s also not suitable for you if you are anxious about the ethics of utilizing dark psychology on others.Here’s a quick peek of what you’ll find inside:✓ What is dark persuasion?✓ How to persuade people            ✓ What is manipulation, and how it works?           ✓ Tips and tricks to defend yourself from manipulation     ✓ Signs of deception         ✓ Suggestion therapy        ...And so Much More!This book will be your guide on the journey to becoming a more persuasive version of yourself!Ready to find out more? Click BUY NOW!