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The Scantilly Tales

Scantilly by Curvy Kate and Mills & Boon bring you The Scantilly Tales, seven sinfully seductive short stories to sweep you off your feet and get your heart racing!The Scantilly Tales was launched as a romantic flash-fiction competition for women wanting to reveal their hidden writing talents and unleash their hidden desires, ultimately deciding how the seventh, and final story, would end…Don’t miss these scintillating short stories, including the winning tale from Danielle Shoebottom!Plus contributions from bestselling Mills & Boon author Heidi Rice (and an exclusive extract from her new book, So Now You’re Back!), Figleaves, Curvy Kate model Lotte and Mills & Boon Senior Executive Editor Joanne Grant.

Textiles in Ghana

With a focus on Ghana, this 4-hour free course explored how textiles can carry a variety of meanings and values, including wealth, status and office.

Magic of Colors

Inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and is representing her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.Her thoughts and philosophy of creation of the new design and preservation of good old traditions, followed by the photos of D.A.Stauer wearing Adriana Santacruz Prêt-à-porter and haute-couture collection garments at Design Week events and performances, appear in the special chapters of the book “Magic of Colors & the Visual Art of Adriana Santacruz”.

Diary of my Happy Moments

"Diary of my Happy Moments" is a unique book, that combines beauty, fashion, and emotions of very positive energy. It will share with you little secrets of style, health and beauty, told by the testimonial of "Souza Weich" Bags, D.A. Stauer.The creation of the book was inspired by the idea of digital communication by images showing a modern lady, who tells about her flashes of quotidien happy moments.

ae??a??cu?c??a??a??: ae??a??a 1/2 ?ae??a??ae??a>>?a??c??ae??a?? (Traditional Chinese Edition)

在本快速指南“時尚的絲網印刷”中,街頭服裝設計師和服裝促銷商“ Luke Ink”為您提供瞭如何在任何類型的T恤上絲網印刷任何文本或設計的行業見解!對於初學者,專家和老師來說,這本簡短的書很容易閱讀。盧克解釋了從藝術到印刷的絲網印刷生產的邏輯步驟,而這還不是全部。 Luke提供了全面的成本分析,基本業務合同的示例以及Adobe Illustrator中四種顏色分離過程的步驟。這本書是一本快速指南,易於閱讀,並配有彩色插圖,說明如何絲網印刷任何文字或設計以供您從事商務和娛樂活動。盧克(Luke)以簡單的方式提供其專業知識,從而向您展示如何在家中舒適地製作任何T卹。本指南不僅全面,而且易於閱讀。在不到一小時的時間內學習並刷新您的絲網印刷技能。您需要的只是野心,藝術以及渴望進行銷售並觀察收入增長的渴望!在此快速指南中,通過此說明性參考資料,學習製作T卹並成為時尚偶像所需的一切。這本書也非常適合年輕的企業家,時裝設計師和企業培訓師。打印的方式就是它們的感覺,當您從任何設計中獲利時,您都會感覺很棒!立即購買,開始為商務和休閒賺錢!


The primary goal of this book titled 8 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MICROBLADING YOUR EYES FOR FACIAL BEAUTY is to show you that it is so natural to make delightful foreheads styles by utilizing straightforward hair stroke designs. John Frost shows you bit by bit first before I proceed to tell you the best way to reenact the means on latex skin. He desires is that you get a good deal on preparing! Despite the fact that this book doesn't supplant pragmatic preparing, it assists you with rehearsing and learns all alone. You need to attempt to drive yourself to think and do everything all alone. Read it and learn these details.