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The Scantilly Tales

Scantilly by Curvy Kate and Mills & Boon bring you The Scantilly Tales, seven sinfully seductive short stories to sweep you off your feet and get your heart racing!

The Scantilly Tales was launched as a romantic flash-fiction competition for women wanting to reveal their hidden writing talents and unleash their hidden desires, ultimately deciding how the seventh, and final story, would end...

Don't miss these scintillating short stories, including the winning tale from Danielle Shoebottom!

Plus contributions from bestselling Mills & Boon author Heidi Rice (and an exclusive extract from her new book, So Now You're Back!), Figleaves, Curvy Kate model Lotte and Mills & Boon Senior Executive Editor Joanne Grant.

Magic of Colors

Inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and is representing her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.Her thoughts and philosophy of creation of the new design and preservation of good old traditions, followed by the photos of D.A.Stauer wearing Adriana Santacruz Prêt-à-porter and haute-couture collection garments at Design Week events and performances, appear in the special chapters of the book “Magic of Colors & the Visual Art of Adriana Santacruz”.

French Secrets about Beauty & Fashion: La Vie en Rose (Like The French Book 3)

A contemporary guide to classic beauty and fashion, the French way. La Vie En Rose takes a peek into the everyday lives of modern-day French belles, divulging their surprising and deep-rooted style secrets.And what’s not to love? Cool, classic and chic, a French woman seems naturally blessed with an ingrown sense of style, grace and sophistication. But the mystery goes further than just skin deep. That enigmatic je ne sais quoi truly infiltrates into every part of a French woman's life. Discover her must-do's, have-to-haves and never-agains.From her fashion, beauty and hair habits, get the inside scoop on living and looking your best as an effortlessly glamorous beauté francaise. It's as much an ideology as it is a lifestyle. It's La Vie En Rose.Like the French Series, Book 3

Millennial Fashion Revolution: The New Era Of Fashion Design, Manufacturing, Retailing And Marketing. Fashion Industry Before And Now.

A lot has changed in the fashion world in the last several decades, technology has influenced the entire fashion industry– making all types of fashion more accessible to a large spectrum of consumers.Beginning in the mid-1800s, fashion brands were sought through retail catalogues – allowing access from even the most remote locations. Fast-forward 100 years and the most effective ways to which to reach the consumer included magazines and television commercials. In the last twenty years, consumers have been introduced to a revolutionary technology in the form of computers and the Internet.Today, consumers are able to search their favourite designer, brand or retailer online or through their phone and order whatever they desire, in the matter of minutes. Accessibility to your favourite fashion or brand has broadened more than ever imagined – from mobile technology to social media and more.For suppliers; sales, trend research and inventory management can be done from almost anywhere, and the decision-makers can see what’s working and what doesn’t in real time. Technology has changed the fashion industry forever.This change applies to everything in the industry, from design and marketing, through to production and sales.To stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-changing retail landscape, companies need to understand which emerging technologies currently are shaping operations and bottom lines.This Book “Millennial Fashion Revolution” will be of a great help to you. Enjoy!