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Morgan Rice: Epic Fantasy Bundle

This bundle includes the first book in three of Morgan Rice's #1 Bestselling series--THE SORCERER'S RING, KINGS AND SORCERERS and OF CROWNS AND GLORY--all here in one convenient place! This bundle offers a great introduction to Morgan Rice's epic fantasy series with over 200,000 words of reading!

In the #1 Bestseller A QUEST OF HEROES, Thorgrin, a special 14 year old boy, the least loved of his father, learns he has powers he does not understand. An outsider, he must fight for acceptance as he strives to become a warrior, to join the King's Legion, and as he falls in love with the king's 16 year old daughter. Most of all, he must learn who he really is, and why his destiny is so important.

"THE SORCERER'S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep you entertained for hours, and will satisfy all ages. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers."

--Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos

The #1 Bestseller, RISE OF THE DRAGONS, tells the epic coming of age story of Kyra, 15, who dreams of becoming a famed warrior, like her father, though she is the only girl in a fort of boys. She struggles to understand her special skills and mysterious inner power, and comes to realize she is different than the others. But a secret is being kept from her about her birth and the prophecy surrounding her, leaving her only to wonder. When Kyra comes of age and her father tries to wed her off, she refuses and journeys out on her own, into a dangerous wood, where she encounters a wounded dragon--and ignites a series of events that will change the kingdom forever.

"RISE OF THE DRAGONS succeeds--right from the start.... A superior fantasy...It begins, as it should, with one protagonist's struggles and moves neatly into a wider circle of knights, dragons, magic and monsters, and destiny....All the trappings of high fantasy are here, from soldiers and battles to confrontations with self....A recommended winner for any who enjoy epic fantasy writing fueled by powerful, believable young adult protagonists."

--Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer

In SLAVE, WARRIOR, QUEEN (OF CROWNS AND GLORY--BOOK 1), 17 year old Ceres, a beautiful, poor girl in the Empire city of Delos, lives the harsh and unforgiving life of a commoner. By day she delivers her father's forged weapons to the palace training grounds, and by night she secretly trains with them, yearning to be a warrior in a land where girls are forbidden to fight. With her pending sale to slavehood, she is desperate.18 year old Prince Thanos despises everything his royal family stands for. He abhors their harsh treatment of the masses, especially the brutal competition--The Killings--that lies at the heart of the city. He yearns to break free from the restraints of his upbringing, yet he, a fine warrior, sees no way out.

Paranormal Misfits Boxset: Books 1-2

Book 1: My Fair Assassin

It's not everyday a teenage girl is singled out for assassination.

Crysta has come to accept the fact that she is freakishly different. Her shocking white hair, creepy powers, and weird eating habits have prevented her from fitting in with her various foster families. Now that she is fully emancipated and providing for herself, she hopes that life will settle down and become something halfway normal.

Her hopes are shattered when a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment, but this enticing stranger isn't what he seems. Is he here to kill her or protect her from others who will?

Book 2: My Fair Traitor

It's not everyday a girl gets married to a faerie prince of the Seelie Court.

After swearing their love and loyalty to one another, Jareth is bound and determined to teach Crysta all she must learn to become queen of the Unseelie Court. But when Crysta and Jareth are attacked in the human realm, a journey to the Fae realm is put into play earlier than planned. Their hopes for marriage and a happily ever after are thwarted when their bonding fails and attempts on Crysta's life continue.

That's not all they have to worry about.

A magical plague has permeated the land, causing Fae everywhere to weaken and die, solidifying King Moridan's objections to their union. Jareth and Crysta must fight for their right to love each other in a world full of beings who believe their fated mate bond is a threat to the Fae realm and every faerie who inhabits it.

Is their love preordained or poisonous?

There's only one way to find out.

Crystal Magic: Volume 1 (Clearwater Witches)

Nothing is safe around Kristyl Barnette. Windows break. Books rocket across the room. Lights flicker. Strange occurrences follow the sixteen-year-old everywhere. She's an outcast at her school, but everything changes in the blink of an eye. When tragedy forces her to move to the small town of Clearwater, Michigan, with her estranged aunt Jodi, Kristyl tries to leave her past behind. She makes friends and catches the attention of Owen Marsh, who accepts her without question and who may be able to understand her better than anyone. But Owen isn't the only one who notices her. The mysteriously alluring Fox Holloway draws Kristyl's eye whenever he's around. And Clearwater High's chief mean-girl, Crystal Jamison, has her sights set on Kristyl and will stop at nothing to prove what Kristyl really is. A witch. Magic can be as dangerous as fire, and Aunt Jodi wants Kristyl to have nothing to do with it. But when a mysterious illness threatens her aunt's life, Kristyl will do anything to cure her. Enlisting the help of witches could save Jodi, but is dealing in magic worth the consequences?

Wilder (Birds of a Feather Book 1)

What do you do when you're wilder than everyone?

Wilder's wonderful grandfather is dead, and so is her mother, but Grandpa Willy gives her one final gift in his will - the knowledge that her father is only her step-father.

Once she meets Hawker, the scary man who turns out to be her real dad, her life takes an unexpected turn. She finds out about a heritage she never knew she had, and secrets from the past are uncovered as she fights to save her part of the world from destruction.

And then there's Mac, with his green eyes and a soft voice that flows through her like sweet honey. He's there to help Wilder when she needs it the most, and as she struggles with how to fit into the group of people around her dad - having Mac in her life becomes more important with every bad thing that happens.

"Wilder" is the first in the Birds of a Feather series and a spin-off from the Dreughan trilogy. It's set in modern time and can be read stand-alone.

The Truth Spell (Werewolf High Book 1)

A dastardly spell. Mysterious billionaires. An ordinary girl thrust into an extraordinary world.

Lucy O'Connor is more IT girl than "it girl" but even though she'll never fit in, the scholarship to elite Amaris High is an opportunity she can't refuse.

The day Lucy arrives at Amaris, she sees her best friend, Sam Spencer. But Sam had died three years ago, on the night that had changed Lucy's life forever. The more Lucy looks for answers, the worse things get for her, as she makes an enemy of the richest, most popular boy in school, Tennyson Wilde.

When the entire school is hit by a truth spell, it seems like the perfect chance to find out what Sam and Tennyson are hiding, but the closer Lucy gets, the more she realizes that the truth is stranger than she ever imagined.

Harry Potter meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this fresh, funny, fast-paced YA paranormal romance.

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The Darkslayer: Brutal Beginnings

A menace in the sweltering jungles has been swallowing up the peaceful people and they need a hero that will make the evil ones pay...

The massive City of Bone, ruled by the maligned Royals, is where the fate of the world rests on a pair of unlikely heroes named Venir and Melegal. To the dismay of the city born rogue, Melegal, Venir, wielding a mystic war axe, sets out on a one-man crusade against the insidious race of fiends, called the underlings. Venturing deep into the wasteland's jungles Venir discovers that the underlings have destroyed a village, slain their people and kidnapped their woman and children. Donning the mantel of power, the ultimate hunter of the Outlands sets out on one of the bloodiest rescues missions of all time.

The Darkslayer: Brutal Beginnings is a sword and sorcery/fantasy short story that serves as a quick introduction to a much larger fantasy setting in the world called Bish. Set in a harsh climate with two blistering suns, created by a bored immortal, The Darkslayer brings to light everything a fan of science fiction fantasy could hope for, including the full buffet of monsters and races such as giants, dragons, dwarves, orcs, ogres, underlings and worst of all god-like beings that are unpredictable.

Give this action packed short story a try, that is only a taste of two full lengths series that are over16 books and one million words long.

Revenge: The Gray-Matter Chrolicles: Book 1 (The Matter Chronicles 4)

Your children kidnapped--a parent's worst horror!

Unless you saw them disappear into the portal--then it becomes a nightmare!

You can't tell the police--as they will never believe you, nobody will.

So what do you do? You pray! And that is what Lauren did after her arrest.

With insufficient evidence and released from jail, those who would believe her gather to provide support: her husband Ryan, her brother Logan, and friends Eric and John, who had all returned from the magical lands of Calicon four years earlier. The place she desperately needed to get back to--because that was where her triplets were presently located.

Just as the abduction had been unanticipated, so was their exit from this world, which also caught Steve, the arresting detective, by surprise. Once in the enchanted lands, greeted by Mirtza, a new plague of mysteries waits for them, but so do magic, friends, and allies. Then, in a land filled with surprises so amazing, it will yield the greatest one yet, and the promise of hope.

Can they formulate a plan to push back the shadows: to find the triplets, to win the day? What happens when the evil unleashed is great, and it has a plan--a better plan? What happens when chaos threatens to birth horrors unimaginable? This fast-paced, suspenseful epic is filled with twists and turns that will both surprise and entertain you like no book before.

When done, your introduction to The Gray-Matter Chronicles continues with Book two, Reset, which has also been published for your enjoyment.

o "I feel the characters evolved from the earlier volumes in a logical progression."

o "The new characters were great additions and provided a good contrast and at times a foil to the heroes. Challenging, questioning and driving the plot forward. "

o "Book was well paced - I liked the build up at the end."

o "Great sequel - I think your writing is developing well. Your POV is better and the characters are able to have complex discussion without the reader losing the plot line. "

o "The plot is unique and draws the reader in."

o "Overall great book - thanks for letting me read it."

o "This book was a "Wow!" for most of it. Thank you. "

o "Yes. All the characters stayed true to what I knew and what I expected. "

o "...I laughed and was saddened several times..."

o "Yes, you made the end chapters intense. So much so that I forgot this was a beta book and went to Amazon to see if there was a second book. During the end chapters my husband had to get up in the middle of the night to ask if I planned to go to bed. I told him that I'd wait to finish the book. "

Reset: The Gray-Matter Chronilcs Book 2 (The Matter Chronicles 5)

Imagine if you could reach into your past to fix one small mistake...almost. However, when the lessons learned from history are lost, it has a tendency to repeat itself. Thus, even though history has been changed, it has not been. So when a portal kidnaps your children, and you can't tell the police; what do you do? You Pray! And that is what Lauren did after her arrest.

With insufficient evidence and released from jail, those who would believe her gather to provide support: her husband Ryan, her brother Logan, and friends Eric and John, who had all returned from the magical lands of Calicon four years earlier. The place she desperately needed to get back to--because that was where her triplets were presently located.

Just as the abduction had been unanticipated, so was their exit from this world, which also caught Steve, the arresting detective, by surprise. Once in the enchanted lands, greeted by Gayne, a new plague of mysteries waits for them, but so do magic, friends, and allies. Then in a land filled with surprises so amazing, it will yield the greatest ones yet, and the promise of hope.

They begin to plan, helping to rebirth the divine entity of Mother, and start to unravel the puzzles, but in a land tainted with so many mysteries, one will answer their prayers, gifting them both the vision they seek, and a forewarning of what is to happen.

'Reset' continues the fast-paced epic of The Gray-Matter Chronicles, and when done, Book 3, Residual is waiting for you.

Residual: The Gray-Matter Chronicles Book 3 (The Matter Chronicles 6)

In Book 2, Reset, our heroes Lauren, the distraught mother of the missing triplets, Ryan her husband, Logan her brother, friends John and Eric, including the arresting detective Steve, finally saw what they searched for; one of the triplets. However, it was not a sight any had anticipated, as a man wearing black veils stood in front of a caged beast shocked all--when he announced his plans to put the defenseless baby inside the cage. Then, before they can act, the event ends, leaving them all in shock, but before it had started, Sam and Hope, the shape-shifting children of Zack, had wandered off in an attempt to find the triplets.

Now having a target to focus on, they start to make plans, gathering information on the man in the black veils. As well, they discover ways to rebirth the divine entity of Mother, so after she heals, the help proffered would arrive. While that was the plan, what happens when your opponent is stronger than you are; knows magic, is a fanatic, and is preparing to unleash a force never seen before. What happens when you run out of choices? You try to stack the deck in your favor! It is a simple strategy--if there is only one deck in play and only two players in the game. Although, in the end, when you run out of options because everything has failed--it is time to start kicking in the doors.

This is the conclusion of the fast-paced, suspenseful epic of The Gray-Matter Chronicles, but the sequel is currently in progress, and samples of it are included after the finale.

A Dance of Dragons: Series Starter Bundle

**More Than 500 5-Star Reviews for A DANCE OF DRAGONS On Goodreads!**

"If you want to set out on a journey, read this." - We do Write

"Mind. BLOWN." - Spiced Latte Reads

"Wow. My more extensive review: Just wow." - Brooke Blogs

An ancient evil awakens.

Three unlikely heroes rise.

An age of myth is reborn.

Try the A DANCE OF DRAGONS series today, perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kristin Cashore, and Tamora Pierce! This bundle includes the prequel novella, The Golden Cage, as well as the first full-length novel, The Shadow Soul.


THE GOLDEN CAGE (A Dance of Dragons #0.5)

In the land of Ourthuro, cruelty is a way of life. The king rules with an iron fist and no one dare defy him--no one except his daughter. Princess Leena is keeping a dangerous secret, she has fallen in love with a soldier and it would mean both of their lives if her father ever discovered their affair.

But Leena will risk it all to be with the man she loves--her heart, her life, her freedom. And when her brother's birthday celebration takes a dangerous turn, Leena is forced to make a decision that will change the fate of her nation and eventually the world.

THE SHADOW SOUL (A Dance of Dragons #1)

When Jinji's home is destroyed, she is left with nowhere to run and no one to run to--until she meets Rhen, a prince chasing rumors that foreign enemies have landed on his shores. Masquerading as a boy, Jinji joins Rhen with vengeance in her heart. But traveling together doesn't mean trusting one another, and both are keeping a deep secret--magic. Jinji can weave the elements to create master illusions and Rhen can pull burning flames into his flesh.

But while they struggle to hide the truth, a shadow lurks in the night. An ancient evil has reawakened, and unbeknownst to them, these two unlikely companions hold the key to its defeat. Because their meeting was not coincidence--it was fate. And their story has played out before, in a long forgotten time, an age of myth that is about to be reborn...

ARMS War for Eden

Division of the Marked: Volume 1 (The Marked Series)

Every year, 50 children are marked. They join a superhuman society of scholars and martial artists. But this year, only 49 are found. As time passes, more and more children disappear. Yarrow and Bray meet upon their marking and feel uniquely connected. However, a decade long separation renders them rivals. Can they overcome their differences and unravel the mystery that threatens their kind?

Ignite: Volume 1 (Midnight Fire)

Kira Dawson has the power to burn vampires to a crisp. The problem is, she doesn't know it yet. The even bigger problem is, she's dating one. When Kira Dawson moves to South Carolina, she meets Luke, a blond goofball who quickly becomes her best friend, and Tristan, a mysterious bad boy who sends shivers down her spine. Kira knows they're keeping secrets, but when she discovers Tristan's lust for blood and her own dormant mystical powers, Kira is forced to fight for her life and make the heartbreaking decision between the familiar comfort of friendship and the fiery passion of love. From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis comes a paranormal romance perfect for fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ignite is the first book in the Midnight Fire series and it is approximately 65,000 words.

Concealed in the Shadows

Sydney Harter has long awaited September 12th, 2033--her eighteenth birthday. She can finally apply for guardianship of her sister, who is her only family and entire world. She hopes they will be lawfully reunited, but is prepared to defy authority and risk everything to escape the captivity of Miles County so that they can be together. Escaping will be difficult and dangerous. Citizens are bound to their county by sophisticated chip implants that deliver shocks to those who dare to cross the electric barrier. Sydney is very clever, but her trickery is limited against the all-seeing eyes of technology. Even if they were to survive the escape, disappearing into the forgotten forests and towns of the past seems an impossible task. What Sydney doesn't know is that she is the particular interest of two opposing forces. With deceit, fear, and warfare surrounding her--can she trust the party that aims to help with her fight against the other? Can she open her heart to receive and return unexpected love? When her sister's life becomes jeopardized, Sydney will have to weigh a new love against the only enduring love she has known. The cost could be deadly...How will she choose?

The Nexis Secret: YA Paranormal: Volume 1

Montrose Academy seems like any other snooty prep school, until Lucy finds herself seeing strange visions of wraiths, prophets, and angels. Now two rival Romeos are vying for her allegiance, including the Nexis Society president. When Nexis can't reel her in they resort to cyber-bullying, vicious threats, even rogue priests. With the help of her new-found guardians, she must find a way to stop the twisted Nexis plan to rule the world.

The God Decrees: Devan Chronicles Part 1: Volume 1

Her life was nothing but training. Ripped from her world, she'll need more than discipline to survive. Julia is pure dedication. The 19-year-old gymnast works herself to the bone each day to prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games. A competition she'll never reach. When she's summoned by a wizard to save his people, she'll be stranded on an alien world where women are sheltered, magic is real, and there's no way home. As she comes to terms with her new role, she must make new allies and friends if she wants any chance of survival. The God Decrees is the first book in the Devan Chronicles, a four-book fantasy series. If you like strong, three-dimensional characters; vivid descriptions; and enchanting magic, then you'll love a series that grabs you and keeps you through the very last page. Buy the book to start Mark E. Cooper's magical sword and sorcery series today! 1. The God Decrees 2. The Power that Binds 3. The Warrior Within 4. Dragon Dawn 5. Destiny's Pawn

A Dark Faerie Tale Series Omnibus Edition (Books 1, 2, 3, Plus Extras): Volume 1 (A Dark Faerie Tale Boxed Set #1)

Magic and Malice abound... Shade is thrown into the treacherous Land of Faerie when she meets a mysterious Teleen warrior made of fire and electricity. Sent on a journey to obtain a rare magic only she can wield, she must race against time to save her new friends from the wrath of the Unseelie armies. Discovering her own unique magic and heritage while maneuvering the challenges of Faerie, Shade must fight for everyone she loves to keep her frail world intact. The adamant Unseelie Queen, Aveta, is never one to be trifled with, and she will do anything to keep Shade from succeeding. Along with the darkest creatures of Faerie, the Unseelie hunt Shade to the ends of the earth to use her magic for their own nefarious devices and destroy everything Shade holds dear. Things are never as they seem in the Land of Faerie. This Omnibus includes the following Novels & Extras: Evangeline Ever Shade Ever Fire Ever Winter The Cursed (Also Available Separately) Books in this series: The Withering Palace Evangeline Ever Shade Ever Fire Eve Winter The Cursed Ever Wrath Without Armor History of Fire Ever Dead


Frey's life is a lie. She doesn't remember being bound from magic. She didn't intend to get entangled in Council business. But she did. And now she's on the run. As the Council trackers pursue her, Frey discovers a world beyond their lies. With the aid of a stranger, she fights to reclaim her true identity before the others hunt her down. If they find her, she will burn.

Deception: Volume 1 (The Transformed)

Island of Fog (Book 1)

A Quest of Heroes (Sorcerer's Ring)

THE SORCERER S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep you entertained for hours, and will satisfy all ages. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers. --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos The #1 Bestseller! From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a dazzling new fantasy series. A QUEST OF HEROES (BOOK #1 IN THE SORCERER S RING) revolves around the epic coming of age story of one special boy, a 14 year old from a small village on the outskirts of the Kingdom of the Ring. The youngest of four, the least favorite of his father, hated by his brothers, Thorgrin senses he is different from the others. He dreams of becoming a great warrior, of joining the King s men and protecting the Ring from the hordes of creatures on the other side of the Canyon. When he comes of age and is forbidden by his father to try out for the King s Legion, he refuses to take no for an answer: he journeys out on his own, determined to force his way into King s Court and be taken seriously. But King s Court is rife with its own family dramas, power struggles, ambitions, jealousy, violence and betrayal. King MacGil must choose an heir from amongst his children, and the ancient Dynasty Sword, the source of all their power, still sits untouched, waiting for the chosen one to arrive. Thorgrin arrives as an outsider and battles to be accepted, and to join the King s Legion. Thorgrin comes to learn he has mysterious powers he does not understand, that he has a special gift, and a special destiny. Against all odds he falls in love with the king s daughter, and as their forbidden relationship blossoms, he discovers he has powerful rivals. As he struggles to make sense of his powers, the king s sorcerer takes him under his wing and tells him of a mother he never knew, in a land far away, beyond the Canyon, beyond

The Legend of the Firewalker: Volume 1

In Your Dreams

Book 1 of the In Your Dreams series. Sixteen-year-old Zara "Zip" McKee lives for three things: basketball, books, and bailing out of tiny Titusville, Illinois, where the junior high and high school are in the same building and everyone's known everyone else since birth. But when Kieran Lanier moves to town and passes out on her desk on his first day at school, Zip's life gets complicated in a way she never dreamed. Kieran has narcolepsy, and although he sometimes struggles to stay awake, he has no trouble capturing Zip's heart and trusting her with his most guarded secret--he sees bits and pieces of the future in his dreams. But just when Zip thinks that maybe she can handle having a boyfriend who sees things before they happen, her budding relationship with Kieran gets a jolt when Kieran's parents reveal that his sleeping disorder is not what it seems and may be putting them in harm's way. And when Zip begins to have unsettling dreams, she must decide if she can live with knowing the future in advance when she's afraid of what might happen. *Recommended for Young Adult readers 13 and up (mild cursing, some adult situations)

Boys That Bite

Black Blood: Volume 1 (Black Bloods)