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Backpacking With Chad In India: An American's Stories From Traveling Around The World: Volume 1

When young American Chad Thomson sets out to backpack around the world, little does he know how much of an impact the world will have on him. In this first installment of his travel memoirs, Chad begins his round-the-world travel adventure in typical American style. Come with Chad as he follows exactly what the Bible tells him (not the Holy Bible, the travelers Bible) and immerses himself in the local culture of India, meeting people from Australia, the USA and even one or two Indians! Join Chad as he travels from Delhi to Agra to see the (barely visible) Taj Mahal, then on to Mumbai where he manages to insult a survivor of the terror attacks, onward to the beaches of Goa and a three week drinking marathon with his new (unrequited) best friend from Australia and finally to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan where he takes an unforgettable two day camel safari with a twelve year old boy who Chad thinks might have been called Dave. He has misadventures along the way in fast food restaurants, Gandhi's house, the Thar Desert and dirty bathrooms. Come and see India from an American's perspective with Chad Thomson, typical American backpacker!

Seeing the Universe From Here: Field Notes from My Smithsonian Travels

As the Smithsonian Institution's twelfth Secretary, Dr. G. Wayne Clough traveled extensively to connect with researchers and gain a better understanding of the scope of the Institution's work. While the Smithsonian is comprised of nineteen museums and galleries, a National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities, it also has a research presence in more than one hundred countries.

During his six years as secretary, Dr. Clough kept a detailed journal of his experiences and discoveries while on his travels, ranging from anthropology in Antarctica to pre-Columbian history in Peru from astrophysics in the Andes and the mountains of Hawaii to coral reef ecosystems off the coast of Belize, and from climate change in Wyoming to preserving endangered species in Kenya and Panama. Seeing the Universe From Here offers a firsthand perspective of the Smithsonian's global relevance in these progressive fields.

Backpacking With Chad In China & Hong Kong: A travel journal: An American's stories from traveling around the world (Volume 3)

Part three of Chad's Around The World Travel Adventure!

In this, the latest installment from Chad Thomson's trip around the world, we find our hero hanging out with the Masters Of The Universe in Hong Kong, being caught in a compromising situation by a maid, having his plans for Shanghai Shanghai-ed by dead pigs, getting into scrapes in Internet cafes, standing as a tall and proud American in the face of third-world corruption and finally finding a friend in Beijing who invites him to join her on an exciting adventure.

Come Backpacking With Chad In China!

Come and see China and Hong Kong from an American's perspective with Chad Thomson, typical American backpacker!

Backpacking With Chad In India is available here:

Backpacking With Chad In Nepal is available here:

Backpacking With Chad Box Set 1 is available here:

Fifty Great Things to Come Out of the Midlands

Celebrate the heart of Britain in this fun and informative mini-ebook.

Rugby, Walkers Crisps, Conkers. These are just a handful of the many great things to have come out of the Midlands. In this celebratory list, journalist and loyal Midlander Robert Shore counts down fifty of the best gifts the Midlands has given the world.

Knowledge no Midlander - nay, Brit! - should be without.

From the author of Bang in the Middle.

Australia's East Coast by Road

Australia's East Coast is the most densely populated part of Australia but is also the most picturesque. The major population centres are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Cairns is the northern gateway, 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) to the north of Brisbane. Many Australians make the journey between these cities. The national highway 1 is the shortest route but this eBook presents a longer but far more attractive route that hugs the coastline.

The book is a story of our travels along the coast. We've done it many times, each time finding something new. It's a long way and not for the fainthearted. It is a lot of driving and typically ten days or more are needed for the journey. Six week to enjoy and relax and absorb the atmosphere, would be better for those that have the time. We call in at hundreds of small communities both along the coast and in the hinterland. Here we learn more about what they have to offer and about their unique Australian culture. An extensive list of web site links is included for those that want to read more about this coast and get copies of more detailed maps. This is not a guide book but it contains greater details of the places that we visit than what you'll find in most guidebooks. It does not cover the capital cities, here guidebooks can help.

The book describes the journey from Cairns to Brisbane, Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne. The trip can be made in the opposite direction.

The book also contains over 30 photographs.

Come join us on this marvellous, adventure filled journey. You'll be pleased that you did.

Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise

Where is paradise on earth? Somewhere far from the maddening crowds, the cold, the politics, work, of course. People have been searching for their paradise for centuries, even before taxation was invented. The stories of those who wrote about their exploits often reveal more about themselves than the nature of the paradises they sought and sometimes found. Did you know that Sir Walter Raleigh was the world's first pusher of paradise real estate? Or that among the explorers of tropical paradises, the infamous Captain Bligh of the Bounty was quite humane and considerate? Or that Captain James Cook was the first westerner to get a tropical, full body massage--and was pretty coy about describing it? That the original Shangri-La paradise was a mix of ascetic monks on top of a Tibetan mountain and a tropical village of loose women at its foot? That Thor Heyerdahl and his first wife honeymooned for a whole year in a remote tropical paradise, leading to his Polynesian migration theory and the Kon Tiki expedition?

Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise explores the mind set of artists, beachcombers, colonial administrators, developers, explorers, hermits, missionaries, mutineers, philosophers, scientists and writers, not to mention the native residents who were already living in the paradises they sometimes describe. Learn about the mechanics and problems of living in a paradise, dealing with neighbors both onshore and offshore, housing, water, and health. Learn about the fate of paradises under colonialism and climate change. Learn also about the opinions of other animals and plants; where is their paradise?

The world is changing irreversibly. Where and how does paradise fit into its future? And finally, what does it all really mean?

Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise tells all. The book is punctuated with tongue-in-cheek tips for paradise seekers but is entirely factual and extensively referenced with about 200 sources, from exploits of early explorers and travelers to the writings of prominent philosophers.

Stranded in the Himalayas: Trek to Everest Base Camp

This is the story of a couple planned trek to Everest Base Camp and how without notice a huge snowfall covered the high Kumbu plateau closing the trekking trails. After returning to the safety of Lukla, the snows returned closing the local airfield. They and hundreds of other trekkers were stranded in the Himalayas. This is the story of their survival and eventual return to Kathmandu.

Stair-Rods & Stars: A Cycling Perambulation

Three fine days then a soaking; a typical summer weather cycle the author endures whilst demonstrating his unconventional style of camping in rural England, close to a network of cycle paths and drovers' ways.

The author says, "This tome, written in a very positive frame of mind, covers everything from removing bird's mess from the handlebars to a requiem for world peace. And that's just the first chapter!"

Includes Grand Union, Kennet and Avon, River Thames, The Ridgeway, Bath and Bristol Rail Trail, South Downs Way and much more.

Khaki Pants - A Vacation Story


Ever have one of those vacations where you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, and then it did? Told with wit & humor, Khaki Pants - A Vacation Story makes you thankful for all those vacations where only a little bit went wrong! With everything from car troubles to bedbugs, snakes to blizzards, and soooo much more, you can't help but laugh along with the Stralyn family as they do their best to survive a real life National Lampoon Vacation!

This is a reprint of the original story that started author Chris Stralyn on the path to success & includes a Bonus Excerpt from her top rated thriller This Time You Lose.

The Gambia Diaries - June 2016

The Gambia Diaries - short essays on life in The Gambia, West Africa, from the perspective of British ex-pat Mark Williams, international bestselling author writing beneath (mostly) picture-postcard blue skies in his personal paradise.

Adventures in Travel: Stories of Perils, Pitfalls and Mishaps Around the World

Read about our unique and sometimes hair-raising experiences as we travelled the world. Stuck in Karachi unexpectedly. Stranded in Cyprus. Hospital visits in China and the Middle East. Rebellious horses at the pyramids. Something for everyone.

OCEAN TREASURES: A Day At Arroyo Burro Beach

Are you ready for some fun at the beach and a change of routine? Mother Nature is always playing seashore games of hide and seek when it comes to finding her most elusive gems from the deep. Let's go on a nature treasure hunt in this fast moving essay to Arroyo Burro Beach. Enjoy your visit and return back as often as you wish!

Teaching English in China: How to Negotiate the Best Package, Salary, and Avoid Getting Screwed

So you want to try teaching English in China? Don't know where to begin? Which schools to apply to? What visa to obtain? How much you deserve to be paid? Then this book is for you.

Horror story after horror story of people with less than pleasant TEFL China teaching experiences prompted me to write this guide. The information in this book was written to help English teachers going to China avoid getting screwed!

I really respect your decision to go teaching abroad, and you deserve to get the most out of your English teaching experience. English teaching jobs in China are plentiful, but don't get stuck with a bad school, a low salary, and a benefits package that even factory workers will laugh it.

Here's what this book will show you:

- How to benefit from your China ESL teaching experience so you can will leave with tons of remarkable, pleasant memories.

- What documents to prepare before boarding the plane, so you fly through customs and don't end up going to jail after a dispute with the school.

- How to identify teaching positions in China, negotiate the right salary, and pick the best location that allows you to explore and travel while thoroughly enjoying your experience living in China.

- How to get the right visa for your English teaching job so you don't end up getting fined or deported working on the wrong visa.

- Items to prepare and bring with you to make your stay in China more pleasant and enjoyable.

Don't make the mistake of just hopping on a plane and taking the first English teaching job the first school you run into offers you.

Learn how to negotiate for more money, more time off, extra plane tickets, and much more!

You are a professional, and you deserve to be treated like one. Get this book today, avoid getting screwed, and make your trip truly unforgettable!

Kings Cross Double Cross

King Cross Double Cross is a from a collection of travel memoirs comprised in the book, "The Trip Reports."

Where is the first place a traveler can score some herb after landing in beautiful Sydney? The historic neighborhood of Kings Cross of course! But buyer beware because there are some shady drug dealers out there.

Kings Cross Double Cross follows a solo traveler on his trip to Sydney and along the way the reader be rewarded with a fascinating insight into link between psychedelics and the Australian Aboriginals.

Come and take a raw and exciting look at global travel that has seldom been written about in a book before.

Backpacking With Chad In Nepal: A travel journal: An American's stories from traveling around the world (Volume 2)

Backpacking With Chad In Nepal

Volume 2 of An American's Stories From Traveling Around The World

After his adventures in India, Chad Thomson travels to Nepal on the next leg of his round the world backpacking trip. Unfortunately he loses his Nepal guidebook along the way, so he must travel Nepal on his own, without guidance or help. Will he manage to get around? Will he be ripped off? Can he find the cool-but-reasonably-priced backpackers bars in Kathmandu without his trusty Lonely Planet to help him? And what about the Everest Base Camp trek? Can he complete the trek despite the presence of the annoying Tara and her beautiful friend Barbara? Did he really eat buffalo dumplings? What does Sagarmatha really mean? Come Backpacking With Chad In Nepal and find out!

About Chad:

Chad Thomson is just a typical American leaving the comforts of his home country to travel the world. He was inspired to write about his adventures after reading the many, many travel blogs online.

He writes travel stories and articles at

This is his story.*

*not the whole story, just the part that takes place in Nepal. Stay tuned for further installments of Backpacking With Chad.

Backpacking With Chad In India available here:

Backpacking With Chad In China & Hong Kong available here:

Backpacking With Chad Box Set 1 available here:

Life of Pai

Life of Pai is a from a collection of travel memoirs comprised in the book, "The Trip Reports."

Every wonder what it is like to entertain the services of a prostitute from one of Bangkok's infamous red light districts? Or how about obtaining some opium further north in the legendary Golden Triangle?

Life of Pai explores the hidden world of Thailand and provides unique tourist tips and insights into one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet.

Come and take a raw and exciting look at global travel that has seldom been written about in a book before.

Mechanical Vegetation

Mechanical Vegetation is a from a collection of travel memoirs comprised in the book, "The Trip Reports."

What happens when one takes the ingredients from a powerful psychoactive brew native to the Amazon jungle and ingests them in the concrete jungle in central Tokyo?

Mechanical Vegetation follows a quartette of thrill-seeking travelers on their trip to one of the most astonishing cities on the planet. Along the way, the reader will gain a unique glimpse into Tokyo's curious and erotic subculture.

Come and take a raw and exciting look at global travel that has seldom been written about in a book before.

Mammoth Lakes: How To Have A Week Of Fun In The High Sierras

Springtime is a wonderful period of the year to head up into the High Sierra mountains in California. There is a short, transitional period of relative peace and quiet when snow skiers are wrapping up their hectic wintertime activities right before the summer season begins to gear up with mountain bikers, hikers, fishermen, and multitudes of families converging upon the area for their summer vacations. Come along with Pierre as he shows you how to have a week of fun during the month of May in the mountain getaway community of Mammoth Lakes. It is a spectacularly beautiful region and there is much to do and behold for outdoor enthusiasts. However, it will also serve admirably those who desire simply to relax and find sweet repose for their souls in the grandeur of granite spires that reach up and touch the heavens. Here's to your enjoyment and well-being!

Brazil Beaches and Waterfalls (South America Series Book 2)

Brazil is one of the most interesting and diverse countries on earth. It is a great tourist destination. This is the story of a couples two weeks vacation in Brazil and the story of the places that they visited and the people that they met. Not everything was as straightforward as expected but overall the holiday was an exciting adventure. After you have read this account you'll feel like you've been there.

This short travelogue is ideal reading for people that lovel lovel and travel stories.

Exploring Rapa Nui (Easter Island) (South America Travel)

Rapa Nui is an island located in a remote part of the South Pacific. It's myths and statues remain one of the world's most intriguing unsolved mysteries. Join a couple who have visited most of the islands of the Pacific as they attempt to unravel the secrets of Easter Island.

Where do they come from? How were they carved? Who erected them? How were they erected? Why were they toppled? What is the Birdman Cult? What happened to the population of Easter Island? These are all questions that have been asked and now we are provided with some answers. Come join this amazing journey to a remarkable destination.