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Survival in the Arctic and in cold territories: Elementary and advanced survival tips in the tundra, taiga and Polar Regions

Survival in the Arctic and in cold territories

Elementary and advanced survival tips in the tundra, taiga and Polar Regions

This is my seventh collection of tips for survival in the wild.

In this book we will touch on the issues of survival that are related to the territories beyond the Arctic Circle. Features of the Far North require a special approach to the problems of survival in the wild and, in the frequency, the fight against cold.

In this edition I have given a lot of notes and recommendations, which relate to practical issues of survival in the Arctic.

Enjoy reading!


Tundra Animals

Animals of taiga



Diseases arising in cold climates

Search for water

Searches for food

Personal clothes


Preparation of a campfire

Practical recommendations

10 rules for survival in the forest in winter

Survival Navigation: Top 20 Useful Tips How to Find the Way without GPS In The Wilderness

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Survival Navigation: (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 20 Useful Tips How to Find the Way without GPS In The Wilderness

If you want to survive in the wilderness, it is important to learn how to navigate in a new place. You should learn how to find your location with the help of a map, compass, star, the sun and other natural signals. It can be difficult to read maps because there are lots of things to consider. You should learn to read maps to find your way with the help of maps. You should learn to find your way without your smartphone and GPS system. With the help of lessons given in this book, you can find ways to communicate with others in the absence of smartphone and find the means without GPS.

This book offers:

Communication Devices in the Absence of Cell Phone

Tips to Read Maps

Lessons to Navigate with Ham Radio

Get Advantage of Sun and Stars

Follow Trails and Road Navigation

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Overlanding: How, What, Where & Who With...?

A comprehensive guide to overland travel.

The authors, Andy and Kirsty have over twenty years' experience between them in the overlanding industry. They have worked for many of the big names in over one hundred countries on five continents. Now retired from overlanding, they have dedicated their time to sharing their knowledge and expertise with other travellers. They have written two books about overlanding and group travel - Go Hard or Go Home: The Little Book of Overlanding and It's NOT a Holiday! The A-Z Guide to Group Travel.

Overlanding: How, What, Where & Who With...? does what it says on the tin. It answers all your questions about commercial overlanding - What is overlanding? What is overlanding like? Should I go on an overland trip? Where should I go overlanding? Which overland company should I go with?

It is a comprehensive guide to what overlanding is all about and how to choose the best overland company and/or trip to suit you.

Adventure Travel - 16 stories from a world traveller hoping to provide little inspiration for your next travel adventure

When Ian Usher put his "life" up for sale on eBay in 2008, he had no idea where life's adventure was going to take him next.

Asked many times in interviews, "What will you do once you have sold your life?", his usual glib response was, "Anything I like, really!"

But what did he really want to do next? After some frantic list writing, and last-minute planning, a two-year adventure developed - a list of 100 lifetime goals, and a challenging timeline of 100 weeks!

This book details a few of the more adrenaline-fuelled and adventurous activities found along the way. The amazing adventures chronicled here include:-

Bungee jump #1




Hawk flying


Jet boat

Horse riding

Dog sledding

Captain Zodiac

Outback 4WD

Ayers Rock/Uluru


Cheese rolling

Wall of Death

Running with the bulls at Pamplona

The book also includes photos, and links to videos of many of the adventures too.

Who could fail to be inspired to get out there and experience some of the adventure that the world has to offer?

Lonely Planet Kids Start an adventure with Lonely Planet Kids: Discover our growing range of childrens books

Lonely Planet Kids excites and educates children about the amazing world around them, inspiring them to be curious and discover more about our planet. In The Travel Book, they can take a journey through every country in the world, then hit the streets with The Cities Book to explore 86 of its greatest cities. Both hardbacks are packed with beautiful illustrations and photographs, as well as amazing facts and quirky humour. Kids can follow themed walking routes through London, Paris and New York in our City Trails series, discovering history, food, culture, famous buildings and lots more. Take a peek inside for sample spreads from each title.

Mark Twain, the Globetrotter: Complete Travel Books, Memoirs & Anecdotes (Illustrated Edition): A Tramp Abroad, The Innocents Abroad, Roughing It, Old ... an Idle Excursion, With Author's Biography

Though best known for his adventure novels and humorous stories, Twain was a passionate world traveler and he recorded his journeys in several travel books which were all very popular at the time:

"The Innocents Abroad" humorously chronicles Twain's "Great Pleasure Excursion" on board the chartered vessel Quaker City through Europe and the Holy Land in 1867.

"Roughing It" follows the travels of young Mark Twain through the Wild West during the years 1861-1867. The book illustrates many of Twain's early adventures, including a visit to Salt Lake City, gold and silver prospecting, real-estate speculation and a journey to the Kingdom of Hawaii.

"Old Times on the Mississippi" is a short account of Twain's experiences as a cub pilot, learning the Mississippi river.

"A Tramp Abroad" details Twain's journey through central and southern Europe with his friend. As the two men make their way through Germany, the Alps, and Italy, they encounter situations made all the more humorous by their reactions to them.

"Life on the Mississippi" is a memoir by Mark Twain of his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War, recounting his trip along the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans after the War.

"Following the Equator" - In an attempt to extricate himself from debt, Twain undertook a tour of the British Empire in 1895, a route chosen to provide numerous opportunities for lectures in English. The book is a social commentary, critical of racism towards Blacks, Asians, and Indigenous groups.

"Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion" presents a series of stories about a trip that Twain and some friends took to Bermuda from New York City.

"Chapters from my Autobiography" comprises a rambling collection of anecdotes and ruminations of Mark Twain, assembled during his life.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.

Angkor Wat Temple: Discover Angkor Wat With over 35 Amazing Pictures

Discover The Amazing Angkor Wat Temple

The jungle floor gives way to your every step, as you plunge deeper into the overgrowth. A path, worn rough by thousands before you, guides you to a place of untold mystique and beauty. Light breaks through a dense thatch of leaves ahead, marking your final destination -- Angkor Wat. The world's largest religious monument stands before you, a temple of unfathomable mystery and history. A sense of reverence and awe embraces the many travelers who come to Cambodia each year. This magnificent temple is the nation's symbol, embellishing their flag, and rallying their age-old devotions to family and culture.

Magical Angkor Wat Temple sits atop a floating island and amazes more than 2 million visitors each year. Interestingly, there are more than 700 temples scattered around Angkor Wat and the nearby mountains and towns, with more than 50 temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park alone.

This book contains 37 pictures of Angkor Wat Temple, and is to serve as an introductory guide to this magnificent temple. The book will give you an excellent idea of what to expect when visiting this world-renowned temple.

Note, this book is not a full guidebook to all the temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park, but only highlights Angkor Wat Temple

Dublin on a Budget

Dublin is the fourth UNESCO City of Literature, so you need only take a brief stroll around to pay homage to some of its great literary (and musical) heroes in the form of statues, plaques, memorials, place names and even bridges. It is also crammed full of captivating museums, dynamic exhibitions and prestigious art galleries. There is so much to explore at Phoenix Park, it's hard to know where to start! The River Liffey is flanked by an interesting network of bridges, each with their own story to tell. Dublin Bikes offer the best value budget transport in the city. For the best budget deals, be it markets, pubs or meals, ask the locals!

These are just some of the highlights from authors Kerry Lee and Oisin Joyce in Dublin on a Budget. Take it on the go (no wifi needed) in your Kindle application.

25 City Adventures for Families (Lonely Planet)

Lonely Planet's team of family travel experts have explored 25 cities around the globe to find the spots that adults and children alike will love. From mind-blowing museums to picnic-ready parks, our guide is packed with tips and recommendations to help you plan your perfect city trip - plus fun facts and activities to inspire your little ones. Download your free ebook now and start planning your next city adventure. Come explore. Inside 25 City Adventures for Families: Tons of ideas and tips from Lonely Planet's community of family travel writers to inspire you to explore 25 amazing cities around the world 'Did you know?' facts about each city A fun family activity for each city Inspirational, full-colour images Everything you need to whet your family's appetite for your next family adventure! Includes: Amsterdam Bangkok Beijing Boston Cape Town Copenhagen Dubai Florence Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Las Vegas London Marrakesh Melbourne New Orleans New York City Paris Quebec City Rome San Francisco Seattle Singapore Tokyo Toronto Washington D.C. About Lonely Planet: Since 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination, an award-winning website, mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet covers must-see spots but also enables curious travelers to get off beaten paths to understand more of the culture of the places in which they find themselves.

Electric Angels and Pink Bikies: An Expatriate Life

Moving away from home, leaving the nest, could be the beginning of a voyage that ends in a faraway country we would not have even considered when we set out--until we got there and discovered its secrets, its culture, its undiscovered paradises. Half a lifetime ago, the author ended his voyage of discovery in the Philippines, a country with one foot in the world of fairies and spirits, and where every event has an unusual twist, whether wedding or funeral, kidnapping or vasectomy, getting a driver's license or getting a haircut. There are fascinating destinations far from the beaten track and a vibrant music scene that is everywhere present, even in the operating theater. Typhoons and earthquakes add a different kind of excitement. These events and experiences, sometimes comic or tragic, always compelling, are described herein.

Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise

Where is paradise on earth? Somewhere far from the maddening crowds, the cold, the politics, work. Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise traces the history of paradise seekers from Raleigh to Heyerdahl and describes present day tropical paradises and adventurers and their fate. Discover the location of paradise from the point of view of animals and plants; learn about the mechanics of living in paradise, the fate of paradises under colonialism and climate change; and what it all really means.

The book begins with a whirlwind tour of paradises found, both fictional and nonfictional; and provides some surprisingly candid accounts of paradises found, through the eyes of early navigators like Bligh, Cook La Perouse. The environmental and biological factors that make the ultimate paradise are considered; and lost and paved paradises are described from the viewpoints of administrators, adventurers, artists, authors, explorers, hermits, missionaries and native populations. An account of the effects of climate change and sea level rise leads to a discussion of the inevitability of paradises sunk in the not so distant future.

The book is punctuated with tongue-in-cheek tips for paradise seekers and is extensively referenced with about 200 sources, from exploits of early explorers and travelers to the writings of prominent philosophers.

Tokyo Budget

The only downside to Tokyo is the cost. Consistently the world's most expensive city, if you are not careful, Tokyo can bankrupt you overnight!

This guide has been written by a former resident of Tokyo who spent four months exploring as much as possible (and occasionally working). I've visited all the must see spots, eaten too much sushi, shopped on Harajuku street, and spent many Sundays people watching in the park! I decided not to climb mount Fuji but instead rode the world's tallest roller coaster (that offers great views of Fuji-san)! And I wrote this guide to point you in the right direction - where to stay, what to visit and how to have a great holiday without breaking the bank!

The trick to conquering Tokyo lies in organization! Google Maps is amazing and will get you from station to station (it even tells you what platform and the time of the train)! If you don't have a smart phone invest in a good map and a notebook - write down places and stations you want to go and show this to station attendants. Attendants might not speak English but they can read English and will put you on the correct train! Bring walking shoes and walk the distances between short train stops. Each train journey is at least 190Yen ($2) and this soon adds up. Walking in Tokyo is enjoyable, and you will see much more of the city! Finally keep an eye on the time. The last trains run around midnight and after that you will need to wait until 5am - pull an all-nighter or prepare for a long walk back to your hotel - taxis are super expensive and will easily set you back $40-$80 for a short ride!

Vacation Guru: Become a Savvy Traveler While Saving Thousands of Dollars

A simple guide that will become your "travel bible". Tips I have used to save me thousands of dollars on flights, hotel bookings and car rentals. In addition, learn how to create a simple outline of your trip to make sure you never forget to do anything before you leave! Learn about "popular" scams all around the world and how to avoid them.

This book will cost you only $0.99, but will save you AT LEAST $500 on your next 10-day vacation GUARANTEED!

The Expat's Pajamas: Barcelona

A memoir from the author of "No Roads Lead to Rome" and "Aqueduct to Nowhere."

A wise person observed that visiting a new place for a day makes you an expert but the longer you stay, the less you seem to know. As you integrate into new surroundings, the exotic eventually becomes familiar and what was once quirky becomes the new normal, though you may never quite fit in.

From 2000 to 2005, I lived with my family in Sant Cugat, a Catalan village on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. These were interesting and formative years to live, work, and learn abroad.

On a global scale, the hope of the new millennium and the promise of peace didn't last. The new century barely arrived before the world was convulsed with terror that soon turned to war. According to the daily headlines, the planet had become dangerous place.

As we went about our daily lives, we found people were drawing closer, not pulling apart. Traveling extensively through Europe and North Africa, we never felt unsafe or unwelcome.

In putting together this brief collection, I chose to leave world's upheavals and politics aside in order focus on a few odd milestones, minor upsets, and gentle bumps along the road one travels from tourist to resident.

Most of these articles were written and published while avoiding work on my novel, "No Roads Lead to Rome." The first novel and sequel, "Aqueduct to Nowhere," take place in Spain in 123 A.D., a time not unlike the present.

Celebrate Rio: Sport, sand and samba: a guide to the Cidade Maravilhosa (Lonely Planet)

Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Whether you're travelling to Rio de Janeiro this summer to witness the Games, have a trip in the pipeline or are just plain curious, download our FREE guide to get a sample of everything the Cidade Maravilhosa has to offer. From rainforest hikes and beachfront bike rides to quintessentially Brazilian capoeira and beach soccer, this city is made for sports lovers. Get a feel for the neighborhoods and venues hosting the 2016 Games - plus essential Rio sights and activities. Inside 'Celebrate Rio': Get inspired - neighborhood highlights, expert recommendations, gorgeous photography Planning advice - transport and budget advice, plus info for travellers with accessibility needs Discover even more - local customs, quintessential flavors and toe-tapping rhythms of Rio Experience Rio like a local - up-to-date advice at a neighborhood level Essential info at your fingertips - handy phrases, health and safety info and top sights Covers: Top Things to do in Rio

World-class beaches, lush rainforests and the iconic Cristo Redentor. Neighborhoods of the 2016 Games Venues

Barra da Tijuca & Western Rio; Copacabana & Leme; Deodoro and Zona Norte (MaracanA?). Food and drink

Explore the flavours of Rio and create your own Brazilian dishes with our easy-to-follow recipes. Music, festivals and events

Must-see spectacles and a Spotify soundtrack of essential tunes. Exploring outdoors

Beautiful beaches, panoramic views, action sports and unmissable parks. Family travel in Rio

Cable-car rides, bike rides and boat trips - not to mention lots of tasty treats! LGBT Rio

Everything you need to know about the gay capital of Latin America. Accessible Rio

Tips and resources for travellers with accessibility requirements in Rio. Health and Safety

What you need to know to stay safe and well in Rio. Essential phrases

Key words and phrases to help you connect with locals in their language. There's More in Store for You: Ready to start planning your trip? Check out Lonely Planet Brazil, for a comprehensive look at the whole country,Lonely Planet Rio de Janeiro for a detailed look at all of the city's neighborhoods, or Lonely Planet Make My Day Rio de Janeiro, a unique guide that allows you to effortlessly plan your perfect day by flipping through the sections to mix and match your itinerary for morning, afternoon and evening. Authors: Written and researched by Lonely Planet. About Lonely Planet: Started in 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet, gift and lifestyle books and stationery, as well as an award-winning website, magazines, a suite of mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet's mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to truly get to the heart of the places they find themselves in.

Faces & Places Volume 1: Best Images From A Bucket List

This collection of 30 hand-selected, original photographs contains some of the favorite pictures from the archives of one of America's most prolific and widely published travel journalists of the last 30 years. Steve Cohen is an award-winning photographer, travel writer and author of dozens of books and travel guides. His work has appeared in virtually every major North American newspaper and travel magazine in print and online, as well as many publications overseas. He's reported from and photographed all of the United States and more than 75 countries. This book contains photos he loves. They cover no single topic, nor destination. They're from all over the place. It's part of a series of short photo eBooks meant take you on a personal journey of possibilities. The specifics are up to you. There's so much to see. It's out there waiting for you to discover. All you need do is look to see your own dreams.

The Gambia Diaries - July 2016

The Gambia Diaries - short essays on life in The Gambia, West Africa, from the perspective of British ex-pat Mark Williams, international bestselling author writing beneath (mostly) picture-postcard blue skies in his personal paradise.

Grampians: Gariwerd (Travel Australia)

100+ Nature Photographs.Travel guide from first hand experience.

Share the journey with fiction and non-fiction author Ryn Shell and Reg, and their dog, as they show and tell of their favorite places to visit and hike in the Grampians/Gariwerd region of Australia.

From the personal travel experience of Ryn Shell, author of the The Stolen Years series.

Ryn Shell tours Australia with husband, the dog, and a caravan, writing Australian travel articles and fiction. She has personal experience of all the places she recommends to fellow travellers.

Gariwerd/Grampians is ideal for both the young family wishing to tour Australia in a caravan, on a budget, and the gray with an a for active, gray nomad, senior, touring Australia in retirement on a limited income.

This eBook is for those who love nature but don't want to wreck their caravan in bad conditions while experiencing it. We keep you safely on or close to main roads.

Happy Travels.Bonus Short Story: Gold by Ryn Shell.

Thailand Travel Guide: The Essential Thailand Travel Guide: What Beaches You Have To See, The Food You Must Try And Why You Have To Go To Thailand Now! (Thailand Travel Guide, Cheap Travel)

The Essential Thailand Travel Guide For Your Next Amazing Thailand Getaway!Have you ever wanted to go to Thailand? Dreaming of going? Then book a ticket!

'Thailand Travel Guide' is here to show you the beauty and amazing vistas of Thailand. If you want to travel in Thailand but don't know where to start then you need the basics of what to see and do, how to get around and what scams to look out for.

Traveling in Thailand is really very easy and safe but there is so much to see and do that you must plan or else you could miss out!

From the beaches of Phuket to the mountains of Chiang Mai to the hustle and bustle of Bankok, all the information you need on these cities is here. Do you want to sit on a beach in Patong Beach under an umbrella sipping on a cocktail? You can do that in Thailand.

Want to get an hour long massage for only $6? You can have that in Thailand. Want to add to your wardrobe collection for cheap-as-chips prices? You can do it all in Thailand!

If you're planning on traveling to Thailand on your next vacation then do yourself a favor and grab this book now!

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Atherton (Travel Australia)

Australian Travel Series by Gray Nomad is a short read, illustrated diary that builds on each episode.

This episode focuses on life as one of Australia's gray nomads, touring the central Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Included in this eBook is a short story length excerpt: SS Admella 1, from the novel To Kill for a Ghost by Ryn Shell.

IMO: Waterfalls

Enjoy this mini journal of my opinions as they loosely relate to health benefits of visiting waterfalls in person, one of my favorite things to do. Enjoy the featured photos of waterfalls from around the world, blended with graphic embellishments to draw the eye to the color and beauty of waterfalls.

A Philosophy of Travel: An Inspirational Yet Practical Guide to New Experiences for the Average Person

Did you know that less than half of Americans hold a passport? Traveling to new locations is something that doesn't even appear on the mental radar for many. Countless travel blogs and guides will tell you how they quit their job and backpacked their way through Europe on the cheap for six months for a life-changing experience. While there's nothing wrong with this, it's not feasible for the average person beginning to break from their everyday routine. This short guide will give you inspiration to take the next step with practical tips about how to get started and make your travels your own.

This book is constructed in concrete, easy to read sections that will do the following: Describe how travel can help you break the mold of modern society and create the life you want, describe the common attitude blocks that prevent people from traveling as well as how to keep them from holding you back, help you consider what you want out of your travel experience, provide practical tips for planning your trips, and culminate in a philosophy of travel that you can take with you to be inspired and inspire others to do the same.

This book isn't selling you a dream, but rather showing you how you can get started on making your travel dreams your reality! Hayden Russell began traveling consistently 3 years ago and has expanded his map by 10 states and 6 countries while holding down a modest-paying full-time job. He's been inspired to help others do the same by developing A Philosophy of Travel.

The Amazing Rivers and Lakes of the World: The Most Amazing Places for Traveling

The Amazing Rivers and Lakes of the World

The Most Amazing Places for Traveling

This unique photo book contains the best photos of wild and urbane amazing lakes and rivers for hikers. It will be very useful for those people who like hiking and cycling through the beautiful places of our planet.


Photo Book of Beautiful and Amazing Natural Landscapes: Lakes

Photo Book of Beautiful and Amazing Natural Landscapes: Rivers

The most famous lakes in the world

Whatever you think, this list of 50 stunningly beautiful lakes will undoubtedly add to you knowledge and expand your horizons right now! This list contains the names and photographs of the world's most famous lakes, but, nevertheless, they may not be familiar to you.

Admirers of ecotourism and just nature lovers will be interested in traveling through the most amazing lakes in the world. Excursions around the lakes are not as popular as in the oceans, seas and rivers. Although they also have a long history. In this list are presented the most amazing lakes, which simply need to visit a true connoisseur of nature........