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Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book): Minecraft Books, Minecraft Handbook, Minecraft Comics, Wimpy Tales


Wanna see some nail biting, pulse racing action!! Don't wait. Grab this book!!

This is the ultimate saga where 'Minecraft Ninja' & 'Minecraft Agent' series merge together. It is one of the rarest adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft.

Get ready for jaw dropping, exhilarating, fast paced story with enough twist & turns to keep you interested till the end and on top of that this is just the beginning!!

Minecraft Diary: Diary of a Cowboy Steve (Minecraft Diary, Minecraft Books, Wimpy Steve, Minecraft Free Books, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Free, Minecraft App)

Minecraft: Diary of a Cowboy Steve

Have you ever wanted to know what it;s like to be a Cowboy?

Has Minecraft been your favorite game ever?

Do you want to have the experience of being a cowboy in Minecraft?!

Then join Cowboy Steve on his adventure through the desert and through the land of Minecraft. See his daily routine as an awesome Cowboy!

Ride your horse, Enjoy the scenery, and imagine the possibilities.


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Spelling Bee 10000

Spell scrambled words correctly to better your spelling and increase your vocabulary while improving the cognitive functions of your brain. Words are at the 9th grade level with length from 4 to 8. Solutions for the puzzles are provided after each 20 scrambled words in reverse.


A 4th in series of ebooks with Number blocks puzzles. This book features 100 block puzzles.

Vicarious Fate (Flash Fiction / Short Story)

A master of the dark arts is on the verge of making a groundbreaking discovery about death and undeath. But after another failed attempt at proving this theory, he goes out to gather a key ingredient to try again. During his trip, however, he finds not only the ingredient, but an ideal test subject who is perhaps the key to unlocking a new discovery.

A story of betrayal, vengeance, and a twisting turn of events, "Vicarious Fate" chronicles events preceding R.M. Prioleau's award-winning novella, "The Necromancer's Apprentice."

Armour Battles: World War Two Wargame Rules (Combat HQ Book 0)

Introductory World War Two wargame rules based on Combat HQ.

Armour Battles is a fully playable game.

Armour Battles features three armoured battles set in Lorraine, France in 1944 as Patton's 3rd Army advances towards the Rhine. The first battle is a small meeting engagement between US and German tanks. The next battle has the Americans attacking the Germans. This is followed by the Americans attempting to break through the German positions as the Germans counter-attack with a Tiger I platoon.

The Runesmith: A LitRPG Short Story (The Greenwood)

A Bad Man Gets Badder

My name is Harald Runestorm. In real life, I help children with their homework and volunteer in a library project for homeless refugees (due to a probation order), but in my spare time, I log into the World of the Greenwood and kill people for fun.

Sometimes I torture them too, and I generally rob them, but other days I stay in my tower and craft things.

One day, from a shady informant, I heard about a shipment of ore going through the woods. It seemed the Druids Guild was taking its gold diggings to market, so I thought I'd take it off them. I've always hated hippies, with their 'respect the woods' and 'pet butterflies' attitude to life. I wanted them to respect my sword and pet my fist. My Runefist that is.

With their face.

I went down to the woods to teach them a lesson about pain and loss. Then I learned a lesson myself.

A LitRPG short story (15,280 words!) set in The World of The Greenwood MMO.

Caution Triggers: The story contains gratuitous curse words, unnecessary video game tribulations to imaginary creatures such as gnomes, dwarves and kittens. It does not contain life affirming feel-good messages. If any of these themes trouble you, please do not read. However, if you do have a sense of humor, I bet it'll make you laugh out loud.

Tris the Tinker: A Veilwalkers Short Story

One night. One item. One last heist.

After searching the world for clues and ingedients, Tris is one item away from crafting the Veil's most powerful artifact: an Infinity Potion. Good thing she knows just where to find one.

The annual Flower Festival is coming up, and the guards protecting the Crystals will be celebrating as well. All she has to do is go to the festival, make some small talk, then slip away to grab the Crystal. Easy, right?

When Tris's plan goes awry and a forgotten evil attacks the Festival, Tris must choose: the ultimate prize, or the lives of those around her.

Tris the Tinker is a LitRPG short story set in the same Veilwalkers universe as Lost Archive. You can read more about Tris and friends in that book. I hope you will enjoy!