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Fantasy Football for Smart People: A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Football for Smart People: A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports is the ultimate assortment of daily fantasy advice, tips, strategies, and league-winning data. A collection of the best daily fantasy football content from the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports will teach you in-depth tactics you can employ to win on DraftKings and other daily fantasy sports sites.

You'll learn how to:

oProject players with the greatest accuracy

oUse the Vegas lines to make money in fantasy sports

oMake better decisions based on matchups

oIncorporate weather into your lineup decisions

oLots More

As with all Fantasy Football for Smart People books, A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports approaches fantasy football from a "Moneyball" perspective, using data to test assumptions that we think we know to be true. This book is perfect for any fantasy owner who wants to take a more analytical, scientific approach to daily fantasy sports.

Before the Whistle: Football Coaching 101

How do you know if your football team has what it takes to win the game? Because the Coach is more prepared than his competition!

In Before the Whistle: Football Coaching 101 you'll learn...

ohow to prepare your parents and family before the season even begins

ohow to establish a quality team and culture during the pre-season

ogame preparation and game management principles that give your players an edge

ohow to finish the season so the memories last a lifetime

Matt Kunz is the son of former NFL All-Pro offensive tackle George Kunz. He walked-on and played football for Coaches Lou Holtz and Bob Davie at the University of Notre Dame as both an inside linebacker and special teams player. He coached football at the youth, high school, and semi-pro levels for five years before he ran a small business doing private football instruction and football camps for athletes. He later authored Triumph! An Athlete's Guide to Winning On and Off the Field which contains forewords from National Championship Coaches Lou Holtz and Ara Parseghian. Most importantly, Matt Kunz has used the game of football to make a difference in the lives of those he played with, and those he coached. May you, too, Play with Confidence!

Their Glorious Summer

[Article] The summer of 1981 was indeed a fateful one for several young men who played collegiate summer ball in the Valley Baseball League (VBL) in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. For a trio of players on the New Market Rebels, it was the beginning of a journey that would see them enjoy lengthy major league careers. For three players on the Winchester Royals, Fate had seemingly propped open the door to legitimate dreams of future seasons in the big league sun as well, but 1981 would be the pinnacle of their baseball glory. It was a summer in which the team with Dennis Clow and Steve Peruso and Clay Daniel bested the team with Tom Browning and John Kruk and Dan Pasqua. Clow, Peruso, and Daniel together totaled 11 minor league seasons. Browning, Kruk, and Pasqua each played in the majors for 10 years or more.

Few would have predicted the degree of big league success for the Rebel trio. Browning was almost not allowed to return to the team, Pasqua was briefly dismissed from the team, and John Kruk, well "Johnny" did not fare well when he came up against a broom-stick wielding grandma after he accidentally spit tobacco juice on her carpet.

It was the Winchester Royals, founded by Keith Lupton who would go on to be named the executive of the year three times in three different minor leagues, who were the superior team. Their determination, their ability to stage improbable comebacks, and most of all their talent made the 1981 Winchester Royals one of the great summer league teams ever assembled.

Set as it was against the backdrop of the 1981 major league players' strike, the story of the battle for the President's Cup between the Rebels and the Royals epitomizes that mix of glory and poignancy that produces such passion in those who love the game.

An inspiring and easy read at only 7,000 words.

Euro 2016 spanish version

This is the guide to who wins the euros this year.

Eli Manning, the 2007 Patriots, and Rationalization: A Short Work of Fiction

Precious few Patriots' fans accepted the cataclysmic upset their team endured in Super Bowl 42, when New England's glorious 18-0 season became a painful 18-1 disappointment. In this short story, a college senior struggles to understand why his beloved Patriots fell to Eli Manning. And he struggles even more to understand why his current crush sees anything in the sixth-year senior he dismissively calls "Clarinet Man." His sister, who would be equally at ease among the Rockettes or at a reconvening of the Algonquin Round Table, encourages him to look at things less rigidly, but inclinations and mental habits are difficult to break. When what you want, what you believe, and what you think you can get all overlap, it's disconcerting to wrestle with contradicting possibilities.

Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Football Guide for Intelligent People

Fantasy Sports Fantasy Football - How to Play Fantasy Football - Football Coaching - How to Play Football:

Are you interested in Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Football?

Do you already participate in Fantasy sports such as Fantasy Football?

If so the "Fantasy Football Guide for Intelligent People" is perfect for your advancement in the Fantasy Sports landscape!

It is well known that the daily fantasy sports arena is reshaping. So being able to predict the most accurate player performance is just a portion of the full battle. In Fantasy Football tournaments these days, the best DFS players are taking advantage of weaknesses displayed in public psychology enabling them to earn big profits.

This type of ideology requires great knowledge of what fuels public opinion, what drives us to choose the right decisions and points out where we make our mistakes. Plus, it gives us the ability to correctly

This takes a crucial understanding of what drives public opinion--what encourages us to make the right decisions and where we are going wrong, and the ability to accurately estimate how this will all take its toll on player ownership within Daily Fantasy Sports leagues.

The invisible psychology of being successful in Daily Fantasy Sports possesses a split

The Hidden Psychology of Winning DFS takes a two-pronged direction to transforming individuals into an advanced DFS football participant.

In the "Fantasy Football Guide", individuals will discover key points about Fantasy Football sports, how to construct your own fantasy football team, Fantasy Football rules and how to Compile a Winning World Cup Fantasy Football Team, plus everything about European fantasy football.

Subway Series

A lifelong New York Mets fan chases the dream of attending Game 1 of the 2000 World Series at Yankee Stadium only to see it morph into the ultimate Flushing nightmare

Writer Richard Daub has been a Met fan since the age of seven when in July 1980 he attended a doubleheader at Shea Stadium that featured the lowly Mets against the St. Louis Cardinals. Between games, a charity softball game was played by the New York Playboy Bunnies and the Bayside Federal Savings Bank team. This day was the starting point of a two-decade journey that led Mr. Daub from one of the lowest points in the history of the franchise to the pinnacle of winning it all in 1986, and finally back to the World Series in 2000 to face the hated crosstown rival New York Yankees.

Game 1 of the 2000 World Series was scheduled to be played at Yankee Stadium, where Mr. Daub had never attended a baseball game. This was the dream scenario, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing his team play a World Series game in the most historic Stadium in the history of baseball. He spent $600 to sit 500 feet from home plate in the "Death Valley" section of the Yankee Stadium bleachers and recorded the entire experience of riding the subways from Penn Station in Manhattan to 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx.

Keeping a low profile to avoid the ridicule of Yankee fans, Mr. Daub captures every moment in vivid detail, including: Billy Joel's inebriated rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner"; an inflatable cow landing on Lou Gehrig's monument; a drunken heckler going too far in berating Met reliever John Franco in the bullpen; and a very large man falling onto his lap and pinning his legs to the Yankee Stadium bleachers. At the end of what turned out to be the longest time-wise game in the history of the World Series, the blown opportunities by the Mets to win that game turned the ultimate baseball dream into the worst loss Mr. Daub ever had to endure as a Met fan.

"Subway Series"


8,480 Words

38 Pages

"Subway Series" is also included in Mr. Daub's collection The r-daub-a-blog Reader.