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The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football Team in America

The Dallas Cowboys "From Dandy Don Meredith and Roger Staubach to the three Super Bowls won by the unbeatable trio of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith in the mid-nineties, to TO, Tony Romo, and the glitzy soap opera team of today, the Cowboys have been the NFL's star franchise for 50 years. Love them or hate them-the Dallas Cowboys are known as "America's Team." But the Cowboys have never been just about Full description

Fantasy Football for Smart People: A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Football for Smart People: A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports is the ultimate assortment of daily fantasy advice, tips, strategies, and league-winning data. A collection of the best daily fantasy football content from the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports will teach you in-depth tactics you can employ to win on DraftKings and other daily fantasy sports sites.

You'll learn how to:

oProject players with the greatest accuracy

oUse the Vegas lines to make money in fantasy sports

oMake better decisions based on matchups

oIncorporate weather into your lineup decisions

oLots More

As with all Fantasy Football for Smart People books, A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports approaches fantasy football from a "Moneyball" perspective, using data to test assumptions that we think we know to be true. This book is perfect for any fantasy owner who wants to take a more analytical, scientific approach to daily fantasy sports.

Before the Whistle: Football Coaching 101

How do you know if your football team has what it takes to win the game? Because the Coach is more prepared than his competition!

In Before the Whistle: Football Coaching 101 you'll learn...

ohow to prepare your parents and family before the season even begins

ohow to establish a quality team and culture during the pre-season

ogame preparation and game management principles that give your players an edge

ohow to finish the season so the memories last a lifetime

Matt Kunz is the son of former NFL All-Pro offensive tackle George Kunz. He walked-on and played football for Coaches Lou Holtz and Bob Davie at the University of Notre Dame as both an inside linebacker and special teams player. He coached football at the youth, high school, and semi-pro levels for five years before he ran a small business doing private football instruction and football camps for athletes. He later authored Triumph! An Athlete's Guide to Winning On and Off the Field which contains forewords from National Championship Coaches Lou Holtz and Ara Parseghian. Most importantly, Matt Kunz has used the game of football to make a difference in the lives of those he played with, and those he coached. May you, too, Play with Confidence!

The Decline of Baseball in Inner-City Chicago

Previously published as "What Happened to Little League Baseball in the Inner City?" Crime in inner-city Chicago is always the hot topic at the start of every news segment daily, and one would be hard-pressed to recall anything positive reported in the Black community. Baseball used to thrive in Chicago many years ago, but shootings in the park take place more frequently than boys swinging baseball bats today.

There are several reasons why Little League Baseball has vanished in the city, and this nonfiction eBook will examine each one of them in great detail. "The Decline of Baseball in Inner-City Chicago" takes a hard look at why Black boys aren't participating in a sport that's arguably considered America's favorite pastime.

Edge: How to Make It into Your 2017 Fantasy Football League Playoffs

Are you tired of losing fantasy football seasons? Tired of struggling all season to just keep your team in playoff contention? Tire no more! This book is a guide you can follow to walk you through the fantasy football season from the draft to your playoffs. If properly followed, it will get you to the promised land of a championship.

I can't guarantee you the championship but I will promise you that if you follow the tips and tricks herein, you will improve your fantasy football play dramatically and start turning your Fantasy Football fortunes around. It provides pre-draft strategies to in season waiver moves and how you can master Fantasy Football the game.

Caveman Swing

Running Out the Hurt

Mom's Guide To Weight Gain For High School Football Players: 5 Proven Strategies

"My son is 15, plays high school football and only weighs 155lbs. He wants to put on weight to get bigger, faster, stronger. Can you help?"

These are the types of questions that I receive regularly from Moms. I've been hearing more and more from Moms. They have sons who are in 8th, 9th, 10th grade and have become interested in getting bigger and stronger for high school football. They want to gain weight.

You'll learn my exact methods for taking one of my high school football players from a beginning weight of 162lbs as a sophomore to a 205lb senior linebacker starting for the Texas State 5a Champions, Cedar Park Timberwolves. He's increased his bench press by 155lbs (currently 360lbs), his squat by 195lbs (currently 515lbs), his power clean by 95lbs (currently 300lbs) and his deadlift by 100lbs (currently 420lbs). He is currently the strongest football player of all time at Cedar Park High School. I'll outline the exact steps that I used (and am still using) with him along with the other football players that I work with.

Another client started working with me in July 2017. In less than 3 months, he's gained 16lbs of weight and added 22lbs to his bench press. As a sophomore, he's now a starting linebacker for the high school football team. Other than perhaps adding protein powder and/or protein bars, I do not recommend supplements. No creatine or other potentially harmful supplements. Just food.

As I strive to strengthen my skills as an effective strength coach, one of my goals is to simplify the weight gain process for high school athletes. The bottom line is that I want to help you, Mom, do this in the most efficient way and in the shortest period of time. When you have your own training, health and strength on the line as I do, you tend to give a lot more effort, time and care into designing a weight gain program that works.

If you don't have a well thought out, consistent action plan, weight gain will be difficult if impossible. But with a plan and a little bit of strategy, gaining weight is simply the process of consistent, methodical effort. I know that having enough time is a challenge for busy Moms. I work from home and we have 4 boys so I understand how important time is, so with my wife's nudging, I took the process that I use with my weight gain clients (high school football players) and created this book for busy Mom's like you.

If you're looking for an encyclopedia with fluff and filler, this is NOT it! If you're looking to invest about 1 hour of your valuable time then this book is definitely for you. Imagine the look on your athletes face when he FINALLY starts seeing his weight on the scale go up!

Let's get started!