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Handbook of Visualization: Utilize Your Daydream and Turn It into Reality

There are a lot of self-development books that suggest or advice to do visualization, but they never cover how to do visualization. There are a lot of books advice you to imagine yourself in abundance, imagine you are riding your dream car, imagine yourself in ideal body, imagine whatever you want to be, do, and have, but let me ask you this, "What the different of those with daydreaming?"

Visualization is a method to manifest your dream in very simple way, you just have to imagine or visualize your dream in your mind. Not all people know that visualization is a suggestive idea, so actually we use visualization to persuade our subconscious mind in order to achieve what our desires.

And how to use visualization is same like affirmation, by repeating a certain script, we could program our subconscious mind. After all the repetition is the best way to program subconscious mind. Most books or even seminars never taught how to create a visualization script.

Handbook of Visualization: Utilize Your Daydream and Turn It into Reality provides:

1. How visualization works

2. How to create a visualization script

3. How to start your visualization session

4. How to overcome a negative emotion

5. What is the real creative visualization

6. What is the real purpose of visualization

7. What actually happens in subconscious mind after you visualize

8. And much more

Photo of the Book of Amazing Moments in the Life of Animals: 150 photos that will make you laugh

Photo of the Book of Amazing Moments in the Life of Animals

150 photos that will make you laugh

Greetings to all readers!

As always, our smaller brothers continue to please us with their spontaneity and funny situations, and today we offer you to see a wonderful selection of photos of animal jokes and funny pictures.

Here you will see:

Photo of amazing and funny animals in nature

Photo of amazing animals in the wild

Photo of animate and funny animals at home

And also a photo of funny young animals.

Animals surround us everywhere; many have favorite pets that often make us smile and cause real delight with their amusing antics. Agree, because closer and more familiar in the animal kingdom, there is no one, sometimes they are like real children for us and we treat them with love and care.

Book Of Butterflies (Texas)

24 pages of colorful, informative, and interesting photos of Texas butterflies with facts. Easy reading.

An Experimental Study on Adhesive or Anti-adhesive, Bio-inspired Experimental Nanomaterials

The proposed book aims to better understand some of the most challenging and disputed topics that could be found in nature, such as adhesive, anti-adhesive or strong mechanisms in plants or animals. This book offers additional knowledge to scientists, technicians, innovators and others in order to support the technology transfer from scientific research to industrialized products.