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A Woman's Touch (Younger Woman MILF Lesbian Romance)

There's nothing better than a woman's touch...

Sometimes you just need to let loose, give in to your deepest desires.

Even if that means flirting with the cute girl at the mall. Maybe even more than flirting.

What happens when a frustrated older woman gets the attention of a hot young girl at the mall?

Is she ready to go all the way with another woman?

see u soon (Building Dreams Book 1)

A hopeless crush, a mystery girl and a hectic wedding all come to a head on one fateful trip to Las Vegas.

Despite her hectic life, Josie would never miss her best friend's wedding. But a mysterious text before the trip sparks her interest, and soon she is face to face with the last person she ever suspected might be attracted to her.

Caught between two strong women, she must decide whether friendship and loyalty come before hope, and discovering a love that was right in front of her all along.

This book contains scenes of explicit lesbian intimacy.

Taste of Her BUNDLE (Naughty Lesbian Forbidden First Time Love Romance)

Taboo touches...full breasts...lingering looks....

This two story bundle is full of naughty desires as two women given into their carnal passions for each other. Read about how these women taste the forbidden fruit, lick the sweet juice of desire, and moan in taboo ecstasy. This bundle will be sure to leave you panting and begging for more!

Summer Heat: A Lesbian Summer Romance Story

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When Cat is unceremoniously dumped by her girlfriend right before their holiday, she decides to join her parents on their annual trip to Tuscany. Prepared for two weeks of sun-drenched melancholy, she finds much more than nostalgia in the house where she used to spend her summers as a child.

Summer Heat is a lesbian erotic romance story

Summer Heat's eBook categories include:

Romantic Lesbian Erotica

Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Erotic Fiction

Lesbian Erotica

LGBT Romance

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Meet the Baumgartners

From New York Times and USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Selena Kitt - over a million books sold!

Carrie swore off men after a relationship-gone-bad and is perfectly happy with her roommate and lover, Maureen - until she discovers Steve Baumgartner ("Call me 'Doc,' everybody does") in a very compromising - and decidedly sexy - position. Meeting Doc complicates things, but when Maureen's very religious boyfriend becomes a real threat and the gang goes to Key West for summer break, Carrie finds herself swept away by circumstance into a whirlwind of lust and sexual discovery.

If you've heard one of the books in the Baumgartners series, you'll love this prequel to the series. If you've never heard any of them - Meet the Baumgartners! Your life will never be the same again!

Warnings: This title contains FF sex, menage (MFF threesome), a wicked game of strip poker and the hottest shower masturbation scenes you may ever hear.

Lesbian Romance: The Daughter of The CEO

Bridgeport Marketing's CEO is a difficult man to work for, but Carmen, his Executive Assistant has convinced herself that she can handle it. Things get more complicated when the CEO's daughter, Bonnie, comes home and visit her dad often at the office. Bonnie is like a ray of sunshine in her father's eyes and soon becomes one for Carmen, too.

Swelter: A Southern Sapphics Short Story

Grace has had a crush on her older brother's best friend, Maya, since before she knew she could even have crushes on girls. When Maya is the one who picks her up from the airport for her brother's wedding in their small hometown of Opelika, Alabama, she finally gets the chance to act on that crush. Besides, isn't it tradition for the best man to hook up with a bridesmaid?

THE CELEBRITY AND ME: Lesbian Basketball and Interracial Romance

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Elsa Bruno and Christabel Thompson were in the same circumstance of losing their spouses which created a fate that brought them together at the cemetery. Christabel is a notable rich basketball player known as C-Babe. She was the one that made the first approach to pretty Elsa. Elsa tried all she could to avoid being involved with her fellow lady but she ended up being convinced by the sexy queen that she could discover the best sexual experience in the hands of a girl.

After making in some remarkable efforts, Christie ended up having sex with Elsa which was an eye-opener for the aforementioned, making her to see the sweetness that is involved when she's touched by a lady. Elsa was determined to enjoy her sex life with Christie, and this quest made them end up having sex in Elsa's office.

The two ladies later made their union known to the public. To consummate their union, they moved into the same apartment as roommates. They ended up marrying each other and living happily ever after.

Enjoy this standalone short story + FREE bonus romance short stories INCLUDED!

WARNING: Please note: this book contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

Lesbian: She Loved Me

The Protégé: Lesbian Romance

Steamy & Intense Lesbian Romance That Leaves VERY Little To The Imagination! Now Includes 3 Bonus Lesbian Romance Stories!

Claire was as vanilla as they come. A major in Art History was all she had to show for herself at 24 years old.

As the middle child and "good girl" of a devout Christian family, she had taken it upon herself to uphold the ideals her family had tried to instill in her other siblings. However, going through life just to make her parent's happy wasn't providing Claire with the satisfaction she so desired.

It all started with a tattoo. Claire has struggled romantically throughout her life, despite being quite attractive and developed. In an attempt to spice her life up and secretly "rebel" from her Christian upbringing, she went to a tattoo parlor. It was there she met Felicia.

Felicia, a tattoo artist with creamy white skin with a knack for corrupting innocent women, takes Claire on a journey into a world unbeknownst to even her wildest fantasies. Claire is in over her head, but has never felt so alive. It is then Felicia shows Claire what her really profession is.

At the peak of excitement, pleasure, and intrigue, Claire demands to become Felicia's protege. But the question is... Can she handle it?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. It is intended for 18+ readers only.

The Intros (DykeLove Quickies prequel): A Taste of Kinky Lesbian Romance

"She's gotta be a dyke!"

You've asked for it. You've got it! From the DykeLove Quickies series of shorts that feature the first meetings of strong minds, strong passions, and strong urges are the women that bring those stories to life.

YES! This edition of DykeLove Quickies brings several of these couples together for exclusive FAQs, a couple of never-before-published vignettes, and first chapters from existing works about women-loving women. Take a peek, if you dare.

THE INTROS is a glimpse into the erotic heartbeat and sensibilities of kinky lesbian romance written by Jacintha Topaz.

The first edition of this book includes the following couples:

Kaylee Hall and Dr. Monica Halverson (The Interview, Book 1)

Amber Hawkins and Elise Yarwood (The Interrogation, Book 2)

Taylor Sachs and Qianna Reeves (The Inquiry, Book 3)

The current edition of this book now includes:

Erin MacManus and LeeAnne Song (The Investigation, Book 4)

Roxanne Evers and Mercedes Samford (The Inspection, Book 5)

July Greenfield and Thalia Akasidou (The Inquisition, Book 6)

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I Am Not a Whore, At Least Not Yet!: The Prequel (Confessions of a Whore Book 1)

A woman is suffering from severe ennui until something inside her stirs thanks to a cool, hard Popsicle and a room full of angry, autonomous copy machines. Something releases the rogue DNA that had been dormant in her. She wants romance, she wants excitement, she wants things she doesn't have. Now she's at odds with her nice, comfortable boyfriend. She can't hold in the raging tide that's filling up her every thought and fiber of her body. These are her secret confessions, things that haven't happened. Things that are on the verge of...

Ally The Romantic Book 4: A LGBT Romance Book Collection

Get FOUR steamy LGBT short stories PLUS free bonus hot romance stories inside!

Mimi Stealing Ice Cream -Bisexual and Gay Threesome Billionaire BWWM Romance

Mimi is a well-known thief and she finishes any job assigned to her with success. She finally lands a lucrative deal to steal a box from a renowned billionaire. The deal runs smooth until she realizes that she is trapped.

Andris Orra is a gay millionaire who cannot face his parents with the truth about his sexuality. He will do anything to cover his status, he lures Mimi into his home. He is looking for a surrogate mother and a fake fiance. Will Mimi agree to his proposal?

A Race for Love -Transgender Bad Biker Romance

Amber never thought that she would meet the perfect man for her at a biker bar. But when Amber, a transgendered woman, gets harassed at a bar, a man named Matt comes in and stops the man from harassing her. However, she immediately gets sucked into his world and starts to learn about the true nature of the other man. Matt is the perfect guy for her, but she's afraid to tell him of her gender.

Not only that, she also has the other problem of Travis, the homophobe who was harassing her at the bar. She could tell that he hated her, and when he starts to take drastic actions, things immediately change. Will Amber and Matt be able to handle a relationship with one another? Or will it stop before the fire starts?

A Vampyre -Lesbian Vampire Romance

This is the tale of the epic love between human, Kristen Callaway, and vampire, Ivy Flynn. Our story begins with Kristen, a thirty-something nurse who devotes her life to helping people both on the clock and off. She unknowingly meets and falls in love with dangerous vampire, Violet, who is using her for blood.

When Kristen accidentally sees her girlfriend at a downtown bar when she is supposed to be out of town on a business trip, she makes the decision to spy on her. She not only sees Violet kissing another woman, she sees her feeding off of her and debates confronting her in public. Ivy, being the singer in the headlining band that plays at the bar and an old friend of Violet's, knows exactly what is happening as she rushes to Kristen's aid. These two will struggle through obstacles both internal and external to be to gathered in the end.

Fast Break Blue -Gay Basketball Romance

Riley's life changes dramatically when his college internship at the Orlando Magic professional basketball franchise turns to a permanent, full-time job in the press department. While Riley is ecstatic for this job straight out of college, his personal life is in shambles when his long-term, live-in boyfriend, Jacob, cheats on him and subsequently moves in with another man. To get over it, Riley throws himself into his work. The problem is that at work, there are even more distractions.

Mike Simpson, a promising new player, catches Riley's eye and while Riley wants to ignore his attraction, Mike is giving him mixed signals that make Riley think Mike may actually be on the 'down-low' and not ready to come out.

After a passionate moment in Riley's office, Riley is ready to be serious. However, Riley's ex, Jacob, threatens to out Mike if he doesn't get money. Will Mike and Riley's growing love survive extortion or will they go their separate ways to protect Mike's image?

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Thieving Fairies: A Lesbian Urban Fantasy

Urban fairy Honoria and her wife Shelagh are knee-deep in junk mail and overdue bills. Their bachelor apartment isn't big enough for the two of them and they spend their days at each other's throats.

Despite the difficulties of city life, Honoria's dead-set against using their magical powers. Even when Shelagh devises a plot to make money off fairy gold, her girl won't go for it. Honoria would rather steal the old-fashioned way than end up in a military facility after the government catches wind of their abilities--which isn't so far-fetched a concern. It happened to a friend of a friend.

When Shelagh insists they can earn a living off cash-for-gold services, the irritable couple begins a career in small-time thievery. Who knew breaking and entering would be such fun?

An urban fantasy of 6,000 words. Includes content suitable for mature audiences only.