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Bound to Two Bears: Bear Mountain, Book 1

Newly dumped Carson Davies decides the vacation he'd planned to take his girlfriend on - in hopes of fixing their troubled relationship - is the perfect getaway he needs to clear his head. A few days of solitude, hiking along picturesque Bear Mountain, is just what he thinks he needs to move on. But as soon as he arrives, he's shocked by the sensual reaction he has to the two owners. The two male owners. Carson has never been attracted to a man, and he fights the sensation tooth and nail.

Royce and Jared know their mate as soon as he walks in the door of the main lodge. They're ready to claim what's theirs, but know they need to be careful. The man sees himself as straight, but that's the least of their problems. They'll need to show him their true nature, their inner bear, and hope it doesn't send the man packing.

The shifters have just three days before the human is scheduled to go home. In a short span, they've got to show Carson how bound they all are and hope they can seduce the man into surrendering.

Dragoste Academy: The Complete Collection

All three Dragoste Academy books in a single collection.

Dragoste Academy is an ancient all-male university attended by the most powerful supernatural beings in the known realms.

Bayne and Lucas - When a lecherous werewolf falls for an aloof nymph, he pursues the dryad's affections, only to realize his persistence may be killing it.

Chad and Sekou - When a lonely ghost fights with the shaman he has a crush on, he finds himself cursed. Isolated from the world, he must battle his inner demons to rid himself of the curse and possibly win his shaman's affections.

Art and Nicolai - Thirsting for vengeance, a jealous Illusionist plots to kill his former lover, but first he must get past an ancient vampire with thirsts of his own.

When I Say When

Jordan has his hands full running the publishing firm he saved from going under at the cost of his personal life. He doesn't have time to date, but that's not to say he doesn't have needs.

Instead of trying to find a date, Jordan makes an appointment with a prostitute--something he's never done before--and his companion turns out to be his high school crush, Gabe! Panic would ruin everything, including the chance at something real that Jordan suddenly craves.

Taking Him Good! (5 Hardcore Gay Stories)

5 Man on Man Stories to get you all the way there tonight!

Bread and Books (Baking Bears)

To Matthew, Jake is a mild-mannered mystery. He bought a failing bookstore, but he doesn't know how to run a bookstore at all. And by the number of books he's giving away, the man has to be an optimistic idiot. A business can't survive by giving things away!

Still, neighboring bakery owner (and secret bear shifter) Matthew can't help being drawn to him and finding excuses to talk to him. The man calls to him in a way no one else does: with his pheromones, his sweet smiles, and his cinnamon-colored eyes. He makes Matthew want things desperately...

The two men grow closer, and friendship turns to something more. They might even have a chance at forever, if they can bear to share their secrets with one another...

Heat level: very low

~39,000 words

The Baking Bears series: sweet stories focus on bear shifters finding their forever mates in this gentle series of standalone shifter romances.

Crossdressing to Seduce my Roommate (M/M Erotica)

Robert is a hard-working student with a rowdy, partying roommate called Edward who often brings women to their shared dorm room. The frequent flings bother Robert and he decides to take things into his own hands by dressing as a woman.

The Stablehand's Submission

Stablehand Joseph has been in love with his strong, handsome employer, Lord Ashcroft, since he first realized he prefers men. When his master catches him neglecting his duties in a most shocking manner, Joseph is willing to do anything to avoid being sacked. He eagerly submits to his master's punishment, and to the man's other desires as well. Although his lordship is kind, he is not gentle, and Joseph will be stretched to the limits of his endurance. Being taken and sternly disciplined by his master is his fantasy come to life.

This steamy M/M historical BDSM short story is for a mature audience.

Author's note: This book was previously released as The Stable-Hand's Submission under a different pen name.

Revelations (Talking in Code)

Prequel to Talking in Code

Spanning the six years before the events of Talking in Code, this collection of short stories recounts highlights of how Richard, Tim, and Eric fell in love--and into bed. These seven tales reveal the early adventures of the two former Navy SEALs, an expert sniper, and their paramilitary organization, Strike Force Omega. Between dangerous missions and their aftermath, the three men find time to explore the limits of their relationship and what it might become, whether it's blistering physical passion or something with the potential to run much deeper--something that will see them through their most difficult battles.

Erotica: Historical Romance - Erotic Anthology of Regency, Victorian, Viking, Highlander & Mail Order Bride Romance

'..She knew what she wanted as she traced her nails across his neck and his hand went around her waist. He pulled her in his lap and gently kissed her. His hand tracing down her neck and felt through her shirt. Noticing her nipples getting hard and her kisses becoming more persistent, he responded by lifting her up and taking her to the couch. He ripped off her shirt and exposed her chest...'

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Victorian, Victorian Romance, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Viking, Highlander

Partnership Reforged (Partnership in Blood Book 10)

A Companion to the Partnership in Blood series

For two years, Thierry has wanted the one thing Sebastien's past denies him: an Aveu de Sang. With the help of friends new and old, he has finally assembled a ritual that will give him a close approximation of the ultimate bond between vampire and mortal... if it succeeds.

Amish Romance: Mail Order Bride - Historical Erotica, Adult History Anthology

'Her hands traced across his chest as he lifted her and laid her on the bed. It seemed as if their clothes just melted off their bodies. Elizabeth felt his bare skin against hers as he kissed her softly and let down her hair..'

This is an erotica short story collection.

Tags: Mail order bride, billionaire romance, Erotic Short Stories

Seven Days of Friday

A Hard Lesson: The Dara Nichols Series, Book 1

Dara is a hot college professor who has more than teaching English Lit on her mind. When her cougar instincts come alive, a few male students teach her a lesson instead.