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Family Quotes: 100 Lines, Sayings, Quotes About Family

We are BLOOD!Your family is a boon from heaven. There is and will never be one quite like it. In your quest for love, you first learn about it from the ones you are bound to. Family is meant to be the witnesses of your life with unbiased recollections. Family is a treasure you have whether you ask for it or not. It is a God-given gift you get to keep whether you appreciate them or not. How lucky you are to have them and to receive their LOVE unconditionally.

Family Quotes: 100 Lines, Sayings, Quotes About Family

Not that you need reminding but just when you need some encouragement or reminders, go ahead flip through the pages of this book and get your groove back. Sometimes all you need is a little push and you're back on the saddle feeling amazing and living it like you mean it!

You have this amazing ability to thrive and you were born to survive all obstacles. A little motivation goes a long way and we are glad to share some insights that can get you there.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, but you can go on living perfectly content with your journey. Let us be part of this journey and experience life with you.

Let's be blissfully grumpy together.

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My top 51 Motivational Quotes that inspire me every day: Part 5

The fifth book on 'my top 51 Motivational Quotes', it consists of some of the best motivational quotes that inspire me every day. This book goes on as an attempt to inspire you, (and keep a handy set of top motivational quotes in your kindle device) so that you too are able to, not only realise, but also achieve your dreams.

Co-compiled with Logan Smith, author of "Just Some Motivation" series

121+ Success Quotes: The meaning of success according to Famous People: Find the Real Meaning of Success for Yourself

This is collection of 121+ Success Quotes: The meaning of success according to Famous People.

Quotes have been selected and arranged by the meaning of success according to:


-Movie and TV Series



-Business Magnate

-Athletes & Coaches

-variety of other professions

The Quotes are arranged alphabetically by author in each section. Specifically at the variety of other professions consist of a combination of Famous People professions such as author, designer, journalist, painter, trainers, etc

You will find a lot of meaning success by famous people from different professions. So that you will know the meaning of success in many variations and probably you will find the real meaning of success for yourself.

And a lot more other such quotes from Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, John Eliot, Ph.D.

Jon Bon Jovi, Larry King, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Sidney Sheldon, Thomas A. Edison, etc

Of course this would be nice ...

Let's start and find inspiration for your success...

Quotes: 365+ Greatest Inspirational Quotes on Mindset, Motivation, Happiness and Success from famous people around the world: Greatest and most powerful quotes used by the famous people ever lived

Greatest Inspirational and motivational Quotes

365+ Greatest Inspirational and motivational Quotes on Mindset, Motivation, Happiness and Success from famous people around the world

This book is the collection of most powerful words ever used by greatest minds around the world. It contains the best of the wisdom they got during their lives.

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"Words when said in articulated and right way can change someone's mind. They can alter someone's believes. World have power to bring someone from the slumps of life and make a successful person out of them or destroy someone's happiness using only your words."~Mohammed Qahtani

As Tony robbins says words have the power to start wars or create peace, destroy relationships or strengthen them. How we feel about anything is shaped by the meaning we attach to it. The words you consciously or unconsciously select to describe a situation immediately change what it means to you and thus how you feel.

Throughout human history, great leaders have used the power of words to transform our emotions, to enlist us in their causes, and to shape the course of destiny.

As Jim Rohn always said there are 5 major pieces of life: Philosophy, Attitude, Activity, Result, and Lifestyle.

And to create any change in life you must start by refining your philosophy. You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

These quotes are collected in such a way that they will help you to refine your philosophy.

Start each day with a powerful word of wisdom and let it guide you to take action, overcome fear, boost your self-esteem, create success.

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