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My top 51 Witty Quotes

The book consists of some of the best funny and witty quotes that can both inspire as well as bring a smile to your face. This book follows a series of other books on Motivational Quotes as well as Romantic Quotes.

Includes quotes from some of your favourite wittiest speakers, from Capt. Jack Sparrow and Iron Man to Shahrukh Khan amongst many other quotes by the likes of Frank Llyod Wright, Chandler Bing, Nelson Mandela, Ayn Rand et al.

51 Quotes to Trigger The Original Power Within You To Live Your Joy: For Dreamers and Talkers of All Kinds

These carefully curated quotes will help you to see the world, your world a bit differently. These quotes, if you let them, will change you. There is also some questions after reading them to help you think and figure out the next steps to take in your journey.

Quotes from:

1. Jack Kerouac

2. Success

3. Robert Downey Jr.

4. Yoko Ono

5. Madonna

6. Louis C.K.

7. Freedom

8. Courage

9. Erykah Badu

10. Support

11. Susan Sontag

12. Oscar Wilde

13. Doe Zantamata

14. Life

15. I Don't Know!

16. Seth Godin

17. Billy Joel

18. Never Had

19. Lucille Ball

20. Grace Hopper

21. Pool Noodle

22. Julia Child

23. Robert Tew

24. Neil Gaiman

25. Marina Abramovic

26. Walter Bagehot

27. James Aspey

28. Peaceful Life

29. Be

30. Niccolo Machiavelli

31. Jim Carrey

32. George Carlin

33. Chuck Palahniuk

34. Ronda Rousey

35. Gore Vidal

36. Freddie Mercury

37. Excuses

38. David Brooks

39. Tina Fey

40. Babe Ruth

41. Chris Hadfield

42. John Lennon

43. How I Met Your Mother

44. Maggie Smith

45. Madonna

46. Graham Nash

47. T.S. Eliot

48. John Cleese

49. Doris Lessing

50. Unknown

51. Buckminster Fuller

My top 51 Motivational Quotes that inspire me every day: Part 3

The fourth book in the series 'my top 51', it consists of some of the best motivational quotes that inspire me every day. This book goes on as an attempt to inspire you, (and keep a handy set of top motivational quotes in your kindle device) so that you too are able to, not only realise, but also achieve your dreams.

The Equine Spirit: Historical Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey

"A lovely little paperback coffee-table book..." American Donkey and Mule Society. From the annals of history come little-known tributes to the horse, mule and donkey by writers who include Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant, Frederic Remington, Henry Bergh and many more. Accompanied by timeless works of art, showing the equine in action, this collection is an homage to mankind's greatest allies and the epic role they played in America's development as a nation.

Webster’s Franz Kafka Picture Quotes

This is a 100+ page book of picture quotes from Franz Kafka. Motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, and pure wisdom!

Webster's George Carlin Picture Quotes (Funny Quotations)

This is a 100+ page book of picture quotes from George Carlin. Funny quotes, inspirational quotes, and pure wisdom!