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Etiquette: A Guide to the Most Common Etiquette Rules and Social Situations where Etiquette Matters (Booklet): Volume 4 (The Modern Ladies & Gentlemen Guides, Volume 04, Edition 01)

Recommended Reading On Everyday EtiquetteHow to behave Correctly in any situation where Etiquette matters, without feeling tensed or unnatural!Buy this book now before the price goes up.Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly find yourself feeling akward because you don't know what to do or say? Maybe it happened at a dinner with your colleges, or at a wedding reception or maybe at a funeral? And how many times have you left home feeling insecure about the clothes you choosed to wear, did I make the right decision?"Who doesn't feel this way sometimes?"Will I be over dressed? Will I be under dressed? In fact, for most people not knowing certain specific social norms has on occasion lead to a tendency to be excluded from social events. Have you ever had that moment when you said something, and saw absolutely nothing wrong with what you said, but all on a sudden everyone in the room was looking at you with appalled shock - and all you could think was - 'What did I say?' That was you making a social faux pas. Remember, there is more to good manners than sipping your tea the right way. These specific sets of rules allow us to identify with each other and find common ground. They also allow us to ensure that we don't infringe on anyone else's space even though we may not think we are doing so. Etiquette is as such, a social vaccine of sorts, one that helps prevent the negative impact of ignorance on social connections. And while not many may deem this to be important, the truth of the matter is it is very important. No matter what your problem might be, this book will inspire you, it will guide you and it will help you to get the RIGHT knowledge for any common circumstance where Etiquette really matters, like at a wedding, a funeral or at a dinner setting. I guide you through each circumstande with a well planned and thought through strategy to get you the much needed PRACTICAL and applicable Etiquette rules, standards and techniques you need to feel relaxed

Children's Book About Birthdays: A Kids Picture Book About Birthdays with Photos and Fun Facts

Madison Matthews is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains fun facts about Birthdays in detail among the content of, Children's Book About Birthdays: A Kids Picture Book About Birthdays with Photos and Fun Facts.

This delightful picture book for children, ages about 4-10, contains a variety of fun facts about Birthdays and contains wonderful graphic images to accompany the story. It offers interesting facts, in simple language, and although appropriate for all these ages, for the 4 year-olds to early second grade, it will probably need to be viewed with a parent.

Students will encounter new words and concepts. They'll read about some aspects of Birthdays that they may not have known about like, where birthday cake originated, what balloons are made of and the origins of wrapping paper. Other subjects in the book include, facts about the Happy Birthday Song and fun birthday trivia. In addition, the end of each chapter gives your child a question to ponder under the heading; Happy Birthday to You...

The images in the book are primarily colored Photographs that are stunning if read with a Kindle Fire or the Kindle Application on one of the tablet devices or the PC. Black and White readers will be also see them clearly but will just miss the added dimension available. Children will also find answers to kid-style questions like;

Who invented wrapping paper?

What are some good party ideas?

How do latex balloons decompose?

Teachers and homeschooling parents will find this book a wonderful addition to their nonfiction libraries. It provides selected passages on an assortment of subjects. Science facts, history facts, and cultural facts are all presented for the young reader. Great illustrations bring the text to life.

The main subject of this e-book is to let your children explore Birthdays, making this a fantastic addition to every child's library, whether on the child's reader or a parent's or grandparent's reader. It also makes a fantastic addition for reading in the car.