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The KKK Coincidence: A True Story

Have you ever had something happen to you that defies all logic? That happened to the author and a friend, when they went to the sleepy little Southern town of Pulaski,Tennessee, to watch the Klan...And ended up...You will have to read it to believe it - or disbelieve it - yourself.

Please Note: This is a short story. Please do not purchase if you desire it to be a novel length book. It is not.

Utah UFOs unveiled

Discover the facts about UFOs and the Nazi Third Reich connection, the earth is hollow?, airships from the 1890's, crashed unknown objects, the hybridization going on now, alien abductions, Inter-dimensional beings, UFO researchers who have died because they investigated the unknown, fascinating encounters around the moon, and a complete reference to hundreds of books, and much more!


When the lights go out and you pull the covers up to your neck, do you lie there listening to something that sounds like footsteps in the hall? Do you glimpse a mist out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head to look, nothing is there? Are those strange noises you hear, the knocks and bangs, just the house settling, or is it something more sinister?

Some might say you're crazy, but many of us believe.

Within these pages are true ghost stories. Many of the circumstance were experienced by the author and several were relayed to her by close friends. Have you ever witnessed paranormal events? Do you believe in ghosts?

The Story of a Ghost

Monica is dead. The twelve-year-old girl has been driving people out of her home for the past ten years trying to preserve what remains from the constant renovations. Alone and bored out of her mind, a new family has decided to move in, once again, to her new home. However, there is something different about this family. Their son, Thomas, is interested.

Who killed Monica's mother and father? Why was the killer never caught? How were her mother and father murdered? Who killed Monica? The only one who can help Monica find clarity and closure is Thomas.

Used to pushing everyone way, Monica now must trust Thomas to find the answers she has spent her whole afterlife waiting for.

Trump Presidency: It’s All Over!: For Those Who Know, and Those Who Care, a Donald Trump “Watergate” is Inevitable

Trump Presidency: It's All Over!, by Dave Masko. The view that Donald Trump will soon be removed from the presidency is "common knowledge" here in McMinnville, Oregon, for the 18th annual "UFO Fest." While this event may sound somewhat strange for those who believe the truth is out there, "the fact is a message has been delivered through supernatural alien insight, that the near future holds no Donald Trump as the US president," says the famed Eugene, Oregon, artist known as Blake. In fact, the "alien inspired art" by Blake, and then photographed by this "new journalism" reporter for this special collection of essays, is based on the predictions of an ancient alien seer who attends this UFO Fest event each year." Meanwhile, this new journalism reporter has used old fashion shoe leather to get out and about in McMinnville and other regions of Oregon to ask real people, in real face-to-face interviews and human conversations, what's up with Donald Trump not being honest with the American people. While many concerned citizens, who participated in recent People's Climate March and Women's March on Washington anti-Trump protests, think "Trump should be impeached." The citizenry interviewed form a consensus about this "evil billionaire being a true authoritarian who demands loyalty and strict obedience to only Donald Trump's authority." As for Trump's so-called unconventional approach to governing as president, the view from everyday "real" people out on the street is "Trump has exasperated Americans to the point where most just want him to vanish." Thus, the fact of Trump's America has been decided, and it's not pretty with plenty more chaos and conflict before "people wake-up to the clear and present danger of an authoritarian president who will use all his tyrannical, draconian and evil and oppressive dirty tricks to stay in power," adds Blake, "while my alien friends here in McMinnville assure me that Draconian bargains about Trump's future will be struck with new President Mike Pence keeping his old boss Trump out of jail, but 'the stars are clear' on the point that Donald Trump is out as president with his end coming sooner than later."

UFO Fest Spotlights End Times: Aliens “Lou” and “Leo” Share Crito Dialogue on How to Survive Republicans

UFO Fest Spotlights End Times, by Dave Masko. It's no secret that a total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, will have its epicenter here in this famed UFO sighting region when the eclipse will begin near the farm in McMinnville, Oregon, that produced one of the most famous UFO images in history. It was back in 1950 that the famed Trent UFO photos were taken here; while UFO fans now flash forward to August 21, 2017 when this cosmic spectacle will travel a 70-mile-wide path from Brays Point Oregon to South Carolina. In fact, local UFO "watchers" predict "a massive UFO sighting during this total solar eclipse; while the eclipse point of origin in centered on an almost unreachable spot on the top of a central Oregon coast cliff where the massive light of this cosmic miracle will begin. Thus, there is good reason for thousands to gather today at the end of May 2017 here at the McMinnville "UFO Festival" to prepare for this total solar eclipse that welcomes "our alien friends back to Oregon." Meanwhile, this "new journalism" reporter takes readers to the 18th Annual "UFO Festival" in McMinnville, Oregon, to hear famed seer and self-proclaimed hybrid alien "Lou" share a special "Crito" dialogue with the ancient alien space traveler known as "Leo." The "aliens" say the aim of this sharing "from the friends" (*other aliens who walk the Earth, and those who visit this planet) is to assure those who believe that "higher powers will provide the appropriate response to the injustice of Donald Trump and his odious gang of Republicans wanting to deconstruct American values." While it may seem strange that "alien beings" are political, they view "life on Earth today as political," while also expressing their surprise that "anyone who would actually consider this long-time fool Donald Trump as worthy of being president should condemn those who believe we are not alone in the universe? Go figure?" At the end of the day, this "new journalism" reporter follows the Pope's advice: "Who am I to judge?" when considering what Lou, Leo, Trump or others say as "their truth." The goal of new journalism is to help shine a light on story subjects that are either under or never reported in today's corporate controlled news media. "It's bad enough that Donald Trump has declared war on Freedom of the Press (*wanting to jail reporters who are not 'loyal' to this authoritarian fake president) and Free Speech in America, to realize that what we read in newspapers, magazines and online, or view on TV or hear on the radio, is bent towards corporate interest more than reporting what's on the minds of real-life everyday people," says UFO reporter James K. Percy. Meanwhile, the reason for all this Trump angst reaching even this popular "UFO Festival" here in rural McMinnville, Oregon, is the Trump administration continues to escalate its hostility toward our planet and its environment; while this tends to really piss-off UFO fans and even our so-called 'alien friends.' Look, I'm 78 years old and literally 'dead man walking' because I have stage 3 cancer in my gut, but while I'm still kicking I want to know if 'our friends' from outer space can help because that Trump is not someone anyone could ever trust and that still rings true today in 2017." UFO Fest Spotlights End Times is also a sharing of real concerns about "this inconvenient truth that all is lost environmentally and socially on Planet Earth today in 2017 and only some divine intervention from above can stop this End Times scenario with the Doomsday Clock nearing midnight," adds Percy with a deep sense of chagrin and tears in his eyes. NOTE: This special Kindle e-book report features essays from more than a decade of interview Lou and his UFO "watcher" group at the famed UFO sighting spot known worldwide as Brays Point.

Spirit Man Jinn

Throughout history man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen. The existence of a world parallel to our own has always fascinated people. This world is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and almost every set of people have some concept of one. With some people, these spirits are no more then the souls of dead people or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil; both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity. However, both of these explanations are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy.

The JINN are beings living on earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word Jinn is derived from the verb 'JANNA', which means to hide or conceal. Thus, they are physically invisible from man as their description suggests. This invisibility is one of the reasons why some people have denied their existence.

Through their powers of flying and invisibility, the JINNS are the chief component in occult activities. Therefore, Voodoo, Black magic, Witchcraft and Mediums can all be explained through the world of the JINNS. Likewise, so can the illusions and feats of magicians. Because the JINN can traverse huge distances over a matter of seconds, their value to magicians is great. In our day, some of the feats performed by magicians and entertainers are without doubt from the assistance of the JINN.

It is a fact that the views relating to the spirit, which started out as 'communicating with the spirits of the dead people' or 'communicating with life forms that do not have physical body' has taken the form of 'communicating with beings who live at so and so stars in the space' and expanded quite rapidly. All of these assumptions are purely based on the 'DECEPTIONS OF THE JINNS'

In this book, you will be able to find some fascinating facts relating to the JINNS, SPIRITS and the origin of the MAN, which are all discovered by Master Ahmed Hulusi himself in a research to find the truth and the answers to these entire phenomenon.

Powerful Mindfulness Meditation with Crystal for Beginners: Utilize Power of Gems in Healing, Relaxation, Release Stress, Enhance Energy

These days, people are so prone to getting tired, and sick, mostly because of all the things they have to do. Apart from food, exercise, and medicines, there is one thing that can help you rejuvenate your health and get a clear mind. This is through the power of meditation with crystals!

With the help of this book, you'll learn about how to start to meditation and various crystals that you can use to help you relax, fight stress, gain more energy, and just improve different aspects of your health without having a hard time!

Read this book now to find out how.

In The Beginning

Scientific and Biblical facts about creation and the history of man and the universe. True science and true history, not theories and egos.

The Book Of David: Chapter One

"The Lord has appointed you to a special duty in these last days and given your life a unique purpose. Will you turn away from the myriad temptations of this wicked world and answer His righteous calling?"

The Walters family has just purchased the perfect home if only it weren't located in the small hick town of Harrington, Indiana, and if only it weren't haunted. David Walters is an atheist now, but his minister father taught him from a young age that Satan would one day deceive all mankind by pretending his demons were extraterrestrials. The day the Walters family moves in, they spot a flying saucer outside their new home. Things only get stranger from there. David Walters is about to learn what it means to be truly haunted, forcing him to confront his past, fight for his family, his soul, and his sanity.

This is the first of five chapters in THE BOOK OF DAVID, a serialized tale of terror from Robert Kent, author of ALL TOGETHER NOW: A ZOMBIE STORY and PIZZA DELIVERY.


This horror story is intended for a mature audience. It's filled with adult language, situations, and themes. It's in no way appropriate for the easily offended or younger readers of BANNEKER BONES AND THE GIANT ROBOT BEES.

Amazons: Genesis Wars (Alien Monologues' Series Book 1)

Amazons: Nadine's Bible (Part One)

The 'pseudo-nonfiction' saga of the Amazons' combines monologue-style storytelling by spellbinding "extraterrestrial" characters, to bring the Ancient Astronaut and Human Evolution Theories to life.

These characters will open our world and minds to the metaphysical, magical, and esoteric unknowns of the Universes.

This epic will detail humanity's beginnings and its presumed end- coming in the very near future.

The story of the Amazons is both an adventure, and spiritual awakening.

Prepare to be enlightened. All open minds will surely be blown away!

~Hidden Underground Cities

~Time Travel & Space Travel

~Esoteric Knowledge

~Spirit Energy & Greater Beings

~Extra-Terrestrials and Alien Encounters

~Understanding Vibrations and Frequencies

~Human Life on Mars & Venus

~Goddess Worship

~Secret Societies

& many more mysteries


This time traveling, space opera, has controversial religious overtones, and powerful feministic viewpoints. Some may find certain aspects upsetting or disturbing.

The fictional characters and factions herein, are used in such a way as to educate and enlighten readers about the basic knowledge expressed in Ancient Astronaut Theorem. This book is not intended to read as a novel, and there is very little dialogue within.

The knowledge used to create this story, stems from major religions, Greek mythology, and modern scientific research. The sources of knowledge applied comes from the Holy Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh Epics, and elements of mythology, legends, and modern-day conspiracy theories.

Please proceed into this journey with an open-mind. Nothing is ever quite what it seems, in this book, nor in real-life. Continue to read each subsequent book, to get closer to the truth, and the knowledge this author desires to share.

The journey of the Amazons, and our main protagonist, are being used as a tool for learning. The author considers this book to be nonfiction, and if you are like-minded, you will too.

The Journey Continues...

Book Two: Nadine's Memorandums

Book Three: Camille's Epoch (2037)

"Every 30,000 Earth years or so their traveling planet, known as Nibiru, enters your solar system. Initially, they visited this planet to take what they required to sustain their planet in the form of rare and precious metals... primarily gold.

These Great Beings never intended to inhabit Qi as their permanent home, but rather to obtain all needed resources in order to replenish their own world. Until...they encountered a problem in the endeavor.

Qi, was inhabited by those mammoth beast gods. These behemoths inhabited every corner of Qi. For the Great Ones from another world, these reptilian monsters needed to be terminated by any means, so that they may proceed with their mining agenda.

The monsters were cold-blooded, cruel, strong, territorial, and unintelligent. They were worthless in the eyes of the Great Ones that have very little tolerance for roadblocks to their missions.

There was only one way to rid Qi of these disruptive monsters without completely and entirely destroying the planet. The Great Ones from another world brought fire and brimstone from the skies with the power of their flying technology. They took four interplanetary ships, each a third of the size of Earth's moon, and stationed them on the four corners of Qi.

The gravitational pull caused by these crafts brought about waves of meteor showers and catastrophic weather changes that would immensely alter the landmass of the Pangaea...forever."

-Nadine's Bible (an Excerpt)