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Psychic Development for Beginners: A Clear and Concise Guide on How to Allow and Naturally Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities (Psychic ... Psychic Dreams, Psychic Development)

Have you ever wondered if you have the potential for psychic ability or wanted to know how you can naturally develop it? This is the book that can help you. The question of are you psychic is not the correct question as everyone has these abilities deep inside them, the real question is how to uncover these abilities that lie dormant inside the human mind and heart. Just are there are many people on this planet there are also different psychic abilities a person can experience. This book is going to discuss the different psychic abilities that people can possess so you can know which ability you might naturally have and then you will find exercises in the book to create conditions for these abilities to grow in you. Here is a preview of what you will learn. Types of Psychic abilities you can posses and how they manifest. How to notice the signs of Psychic ability and what to look for. Strategies for developing your Psychic abilities. Developing your psychic reading skills. Exercises to develop different types of psychic ability

Marvels of Vedic Astrology - Blind Chart Analysis

'Blind chart analysis' is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native. Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do 'blind chart analysis' successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also.

This book contains 10 case studies where I have applied the technique of 'blind chart analysis' - predicting the past and present condition of the native without knowing anything beforehand.

Natural Healing MEGA Bundle: The Best Natural Healing Guides for Curing Common Illnesses

Natural Healing MEGA Bundle: The Best Natural Healing Guides for Curing Common Illnesses

Find out the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle!

BOOK 1. Natural Antibiotics: 25 Outstanding Natural Antibiotics to Prevent, Heal, and Cure Common Illnesses by Deborah Cook

BOOK 2. Essential Oil Recipes: 25 Amazing Essential Oil Recipes for Beautiful and Younger Looking Skin by Janet Bennett

BOOK 3. DIY Protein Bars: 30 Delicious and Healthy DIY Protein Bars by Judith Foster

BOOK 4. Yoga: 35 Outstanding Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga by Louise Graham

BOOK 5. Ayurveda: 23 Amazing Ayurvedic Healing Strategies for Beginners by Harold Warren

BOOK 6. Essential Oils: 39 Outstanding Essential Oil Health Benefits with Natural Ways to Heal Yourself by Samuel Sims

BOOK 7. Aromatherapy: 12 Most Essential Health Benefits of Aromatherapy by Laura Martin

BOOK 8. Crystal Healing: The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Healing for Beginners by Amy Hall

BOOK 9. Detox: 33 Simple and Healthy Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Body by Debra Turner

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How to Read Body Language 101 - How to Read Anybody's Body Language like a Open Book: The definitive step by step guide to reading body language like a Pro ( Flirting,Attraction,Male,Female,Eyes)

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Reading Body Language like a Professional

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Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Communication is an essential part of our daily lives, and it is something that all of us know how to do. However, we often overlook the fact that even we speak not only with our words, but also with our entire body. Body language is an extremely important aspect of communication, but most of us don't know how to use nonverbal behavior to our advantage.

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This book will help you understand body language, how people use it, how you yourself use it, and how it can be beneficial for you across different contexts. As you go through the content, you will soon realize how you can take control of the way you communicate and how you can allow your body to speak for you.

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The World of Psychics: Hay House Psychics on the Topics that Matter Most

Hay House's psychics will show you how to improve a host of psychic skills with this free guide. There are many tools and techniques you can employ to fully develop your sixth-sensory perception, and this guide features some of the best advice for implementing it, from psychics with an amazing track record.

The World of Psychics will tell you about:How to Develop Psychic Abilities - Heidi SawyerWhat the Afterlife is like - Gordon SmithHeaven for Dogs - Talking with Dead Pets - John HollandThe Meaning of Tarot Cards - David WellsUnderstanding Skeptics and Cynics - Lisa WilliamsSee mediums-and-psychics.com for more information.

Interview with an Oracle, Profound Revelations about Life and Our World

2017 Edition. If you're concerned about the current state of the world, the political turmoil in our country, the well-being of yourself and your family, and the future of our civilization, this book is a critically important read.On an extended trek into the vast wilderness of the Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on an extraordinary opportunity. A series of adventures led him to an ancient Oracle Temple in the highlands of Tibet where he encountered a true shamanistic Oracle from the esoteric B'on wisdom tradition. The author's discussions with the Oracle covered a wide range of subjects, revealing a series of profound insights.A brief excerpt of the Oracle's comments regarding our present civilization:"The life of a government springs from the life of its people, the life of the people from the life of their mind, hence the life of their mind determines the future of their land. This future is found only in freedom--from deception, from destruction, from the false--life is found in freedom to recognize and express the true. Among your Founders were enlightened ones; your form of government was designed and implemented to assure individual freedom and nurture individual spirituality and creativity. It has undergone an immense swing to the opposite pole; it now assures nothing but mass order at any cost and nurtures nothing but the imposition of mass materiality and mass productivity. Freedom is gone, replaced by economic seeking and monetary accumulation. Yet this materiality is utterly and absolutely false. The resulting emptiness of life and alteration, depletion and destruction of the earth telegraph this with alarming clarity."In your country what was once a government of reason and law has been replaced by a tyranny of men. The sovereignty of the people has become a sovereignty of manipulators, politicians as conscious agents of a great deception, the power of which dements even more than it corrupts. Your society is divided into a tiny group of men who choose and decide, a small number of others who know far less and decide nothing yet wield power in conformity with the hidden policies--those who gather in your congress to go through the motions of democracy's ghost--and the masses, compelled to act and live in total incomprehension of the manipulation of their movements, and so their lives."Author's note: "As the Oracle expressed this, there was no trace of mocking or bitterness in his voice, only a certain weariness, a calm acceptance of what is."An extraordinary account that is compelling, thought provoking, and richly enlightening, this book will impact you and linger in your thoughts long after the last words have been read. Includes an important chapter on the history of government through its various forms and outcomes.For more information, please see the 'Look Inside' feature on this page. Thank you.2017 Edition, Kindle e-reader page count 273 (estimated, actual page count varies depending on the reading device used). Includes Reference Citations and Source Material. Supplemental Section includes excerpts and information on releases from Wisdom Masters Press.Library-Cataloging-Data: visionary, prophecy, divination, metaphysical, mystical, esoteric, occult, enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, unexplained mysteries, oracle, Tibet, Nepal, Himalayan mountains

Are You Ready for Saturn?

Sara fears Saturn. She probes his mystery. Her life will never be the same again. . .

Discover the mysteries of Saturn and your life will never be the same! Dive into this story of Sara's meeting with an expert Astrologer who reveals the fascinating side of Saturn.

Discover your own special Birthstone and the renowned Healing Powers of Crystals (Power for life Book 1)

Containing 12 Authentic Birthstones plus Characteristics and personalities. 14 of the most popular Healing Crystals detailing their renowned properties. 10 Amazing Alchemic esoteric Power Gems including such titles as Good Luck, Peace of Mind, Energy booster, Elixier of Life, Adults Only, To Lift Depresion, To Remove Aches and Pains, Imagine, Ealer and For Willpower.

Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today (Exploring Crystal Magick Book 2)

Crystal Cash Spells is a stand-alone no-fluff practical magick short that will show you how to perform three simple workings to draw more money into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to prosperity magick.

By the time you finish this fast read, you will know:

1.How to craft and charge a magickal talisman you can wear to draw money luck

2. How to build simple money grids that pull prosperity to your home

3. How to charge powerful protective crystals that keep away the negativity that might have blocked your prosperity in the past

Miss Gemini’s Homecoming: Zodiac Opposites Meet on a Journey to True North (The Zodiac Stories Book 1)

TV reporter Hermetica Gemini drives north on Lunar Highway in hope of breaking the story of the century: King Jupiter's illegitimate son.

Her mission has karmic repercussions, however, and as she is cut off from her glamorous life in South Node City, and meets the reclusive Athos Sagittarius, she is forced to face her issues regarding love, spirituality and self-worth.

This is the first published story in the Zodiac Stories series.

The twelve Zodiac Stories are an entertaining and enjoyable way of getting to know the signs of the Zodiac and the planets of astrology.

Universe of Numbers

A Cool Look At Virgo

Are you fed up of looking at astrology books and having to search behind the jargon to understand what the devil they are trying to say? If you were born between August 24th - September 22nd, then look no further. Here is a neat, succinct little book which will give you an insight into the mind of a Virgo and an effortless glimpse into the world of astrology and other little snippets which surround this star sign. If you are born under this restless, practical sign, you know that if you can stop biting your fingernails long enough, you could debate and argue the most irritating politician under the table. Relentlessly critical, one moment you can be likened to a drill sergeant, but the next a concerned, gentle person who will help anyone around you. You are a real conundrum; a mystery to be solved. But, hopefully this book will make you feel grateful to be born on the day you were.

The real ancient story of Humanities Oversoul

Come ye one, come ye all, and read about Humanities Oversoul, span the aeons 42 million years in the past beginning with the mandala cycle of the seasons beginning 9,000 years ago, too the present, from the ancient past more than 42 million years ago, spanning the aeons Isis, Osiris, and Horus, hundreds of pages, well written, thoroughly researched for past 12 years, this compilation, has 3 appendixes, and is a magnum opus also