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Grammar Launch Intermediate 1: Completely master 15 English grammar structures using this book and the Grammar Launch MP3s so you can reach your goal of becoming fluent in English.

Grammar Launch Intermediate 1 will bring you from your current level of English to the next level. Would you like to use English grammar more effectively? Do you want to know exactly how to use structures like had better, the present perfect, used to and the future tenses? This book can help you achieve all these and more.

You will learn how to use these selected grammar structures in detail, so that you can fully master each one.

This book contains over 450 natural examples of the grammar structures. You also get free access to the MP3 packs which will ingrain the English in your brain.

Level up your English today with Grammar Launch Intermediate 1!

In this book, you'll learn:

o how to use 15 common grammar structures in English.

o detailed examples of each structure.

o how we use these structures in natural, native English.

o how to access the Grammar Launch MP3s to accelerate your English fluency.

Plus much more.

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Phrasal Verbs Tested: Elementary Level - Set 2 (English by engee30™)

Put your knowledge of phrasal verbs to the test. Elementary level.

Phrasal verbs dealt with in the ebook (in alphabetical order):

be taken aback, blow up, break out, bring in, bring up, do up, dress up, eat out, fall apart, fill in, find out, fit in, get carried away, get on, get over, get up to, go in for, go off, go on, go out, grow up, hand in, hang about, keep up with, let down, look after, look down on, look out for, look up to, make for, make up, pick on, pick out, pick up, play up, point out, put down, put off, put out, put up(x2), run out, run over, settle down, set up, show off, shut up, sit back, speak out, split up, stay out, take off, take over, take up, tell apart, throw away, try on, turn down, turn up, wear out.