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Heads or Tails

In the early 1980s a teenager named Johnny is verbally abused and forced to give up his love for music. As a consequence he makes a bad decision, that decision puts him in a coma. He is a talented young boy who is frowned upon as he finds success playing the piano and singing in his church choir. The local natives find it odd and fail to understand how gifted he really is and he becomes a target for those thugs that roam the council estate. The young lad is encouraged to quit what he is doing and goes down another road, a very tragic one. He diverts all his thoughts and energy away from his music and concentrates on proving himself to others with random sexual encounters instead. It leads him to a rather peculiar situation.

He ends up being filmed and being paid to have sex with a mature female whilst others watch. It is a bizarre situation which the young lad fails to come to terms with. The after effects of this odd experience are evident and one day he decides to get away and go on a bus trip to London. His decision to take the bus was catastrophic and it all came down to the simple act of flipping a coin.

The events leading up to that bus trip had a profound effect on the remainder of his life, which is only realised when he eventually wakes up. The people that visit him whilst unconscious in hospital are very influential to this story, so are the people who treat him and his many surroundings.

As limited as the memory becomes after such a horrific blow to his head, some images and voices presented to Johnny whilst in his coma remain in there and it gives the sense that he is still awake and living a real life, when all along it is just a dream. With the limited memory bank taking in all the new information, the brain is projecting a life that is totally fictional. This is realised when this unfortunate individual opens his eyes again.

It is for you to imagine what is actually happening at the time you are reading it. Picture in your mind what is occurring in real life whilst the episodes unfold. It is a combination of what is written and what you believe is actually taking place. As the drama continues he is unable to make any major decisions and prefers to toss a coin to determine what he does next. His existence whilst comatose could be quite horrific. On occasion he would be fuelled by what he believed at the time to be alcohol. He had to deal with his girlfriend Sarah leaving him for somebody else and with the horror of his son, Jimmy and daughter Emilly getting into a relationship he pondered with the idea of suicide. The misery he felt at times was often replaced by the uplifting influence of his sex-starved mate, Kenny.


" 100% complete, great enlightenment " - Ellen Robinson

" poetic work " - Sarah DiMaggio

" within these pages lies a fundamental logic , a must read " - Kate Ramos

" A phenomenal piece of literature " - Kevin Herald

This book is full with blank pages, we can't find anything to say regarding this subject.

Ward of the Flies: A Child Counselor's F*ck-My-Life True Story

Clint Looney baby-sits the insane.

To land his dream job in gifted education, Clint needs experience. He takes the only position available: counselor at a summer camp for disturbed children. But school never taught him to handle real-world crazy.

To get the job recommendations they need, Clint and his co-workers must wow their A-hole boss. Only the swarming, psychotic, merciless kids stand in their way.

From the hick towns of upstate New York to the rampant, muggy forests of the Hudson River Valley, Clint and company match wits with America's worst young minds. Watch as they scale the treetops, dodge flying poo and chase naked, howling teens through the forest. They wanted a resume builder. They got a marathon of madness. Will they go on to bigger, better lives, or work at camp forever? Can Clint escape the Ward of the Flies?

Christmas Eve in Bangkok

This is a long short story that might also be staged as a one or two act play. It is set in a suite at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The story concerns several characters who have volunteered to field phone calls from ex-pats suffering from the holiday doldrums. The callers are away from home and missing their friends and family during the festive Christmas season. Varying degrees of loneliness and depression afflict them. The theater masks on the cover are meant to suggest the elements of both comedy and tragedy at play in the story. As usual, McFinn has created a host of interesting characters and a repertoire of scintillating dialogue.

Tango Boat Dancers

From the earliest of times, leaders encouraged groups of people to accomplish difficult tasks. Issues associated with maintaining high levels of morale were critical to the success of the tasks at hand. During the 1930's, an Admiral seeks advice from a psychologist in regard to maintaining high levels of morale among sailors serving long tours at sea. A male and two female naval officers lead a team in a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of a doctor's recommended cures to raise morale and cure homesickness.