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Cover Your Ass: Foolproof Excuses for Any Occasion

We all get into trouble. We are late. We got caught speeding. We didn't get our homework in on time. Now here is the book that gives you foolproof funny excuses for almost any situation.

Complete with illustrations and scenarios, Cover Your Ass gives you the foolproof excuses to cover your butt. Examples of chapters include:

o Why I Won't Have Sex With You

o Why I Can't Come to Work

o Why I Can't Go to the Gym

o Why I Sent You a Drunk Text

o Why I Went Off My Diet

Using the humorous excuses in this book can bail you out of difficult situations. So there is no excuse for failing to buy this book!

The author is the recipient of the Noble Prize in Literature, the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, and a New York Times Bestselling author. Of course, none of that is remotely true, but he has a good excuse for making that up. Read the book for the answer!