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Catchee Monkey: A Rex & Eddie Mystery: Volume 1 (Rex & Eddie Mysteries)

Two Detectives. One Murder. No Clue. When Eddie is persuaded to start a detective agency with his fr....

A Beginners Guide to Criminality: how to be a successful villain

So you're thinking of converting to a life of crime; contemplating turning your back on society and normality for an alternative vocation; giving serious consideration to saying "t'hell with the laws of the land!" and "I'm going out to take what's not rightfully mine!"?

Who can blame you! In these times of high unemployment, low wages, austerity cuts, increased cost of living and social decay (not to mention a faltering judicial system) why wouldn't you consider a slightly unorthodox profession? After all, the latest games consoles, interactive TV's and new cars don't come cheap - not to mention booze and cigarettes!

Maybe you've tried the conventional Monday to Friday, nine to five existence and decided that lifestyle just isn't for you. Perhaps you've never worked a day in your life and criminality comes naturally to your clan and as such a life of crime is your destiny - upholding the proud family name.

Venturing down the criminal path is not a decision to be taken lightly though; there are many factors you must consider in advance if you want to make the most of your villainous plans. This short guide will provide all you need to know about crossing over to the dark side and setting off on your journey of self-discovery and debauchery as you pillage and plunder your way up the criminal ladder from petty thief, to powerful crime lord.

The Devil's Quartet: (The Devil's Quartet Series)

Dark, diabolical, irreverent, and wickedly funny, The Devil's Quartet dares readers to ride along with Detectives Starnes and Rodriguez-veterans of the Los Angeles Police Department's Organized Crime and Vice Division-as they practice a mercenary brand of policing fraught with corruption, violence, and richly deserved retribution. When they stumble upon a fledgling Japanese mafia clan attempting to establish a foothold in the city of LA, a deadly underground sword fighting ring is revealed and quickly becomes the catalyst for an apocalyptic con job involving kidnapping, duplicity, and a delightful dose of cannibalism. In teaming with Jake and Tancredo, two young impresarios oddly kindred in character and disposition, the "Devil's Quartet" is born, and the bullets fly in a denouement worthy of the appellation, "the ne plus ultra of comedic carnage."

Cuckoo Spit


Will her parents be able to save her from herself? Surely, sending a boy who is on the cusp on becoming a man is enough. Even when this boy is in love with their daughter. He promises to save her, even when it seems to be impossible. Impossible, because she made it so. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. Something that will change you. Read with caution. Not for the faint hearted.