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Pocketful Of Poesies: Absolutely All Artful Alliterations

Pocketful of Poesies is unlike any publication you have ever previously perused and that is quite a phenomenal pursuance. Pocketful of Poesies is a pick of perfectly plangent dark tales. An astonishing array of very short stories that take alliteration to a completely new level with absolutely EVERY word beginning with the same letter. This mind blowing volume of amazing alliteration, such as "Annie and Adam's Adventure at Arthur's Animal Aid Association," "Betty Bets Billy 'Bout Blowing Bigger Bubbles Better," and "Colin Couldn't Comprehend Chafing Cream" WILL blow your mind. The alphabet may have 26 letters but there is no rule that each word you use has to start with a different one each time and Toula Mavridou-Messer proves just that in Volume One of Pocketful of Poesies.

poetry book: Einstein’s Cat: short book of funny, illustrated, original quick read poems (Get Your Wordsworth 1)

If Ogden Nash, Dr. Seuss and Friedrich Neitzsche got together to write a book of poetry for emerging adults, they'd probably be disappointed to find Tom Skinner had beaten them to the punch.

For children with inquisitive minds and a sense of adventure, this book of offbeat poetry blends creativity and entertaining turns of phrases to get readers aged 8-15 to think outside any boxes convention may impose.

Taking off on the works of the wild-haired Father of Physics, Einstein's Cat erases the equation from the blackboard and gives your children permission to think on their own. Yes, a clean slate!

This collection of poems will ignite your kids to reason on their own while developing unique views of life with its inconsistencies, diversity and immutable wonder.

Praise for Skinner's work:

'As a teacher, I know that kids and teens love ideas from left field, a play on words that makes them giggle, and stretches their creative language skills. Tom's book lifts poetry, puns and ideas from the ordinariness of life, to playful comments and musings...'

'I love Shel Silverstein books (who doesn't). But this book is something more, something different. The poems are full of voluptuous words and pleasurable word play that sit in your mouth like pieces of melting chocolate. Yes, they are that good.'

Some writers mistakenly talk down to young readers, while Tom speaks with his audience in a unique voice that is refreshing, encouraging, and adventurous.

So go ahead and read along with your kids and wrap your brains around such works as Einstein's Cat, Woks Happ'ning Bro? and Stop and Smell the (Grumpy) Roses.

Einstein's Cat is the first standalone book in the unconventional poetry-prose fusion collection, Get Your Wordsworth.

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Interview with the AuthorQ - So, what makes the Get Your Wordsworth series special?

A - When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create a new type of poetry. A poetry-prose hybrid that was much less rigid, formal or technical than the traditional model and one that did not bore the buttocks off bright young people.

Overall, the Get Your Wordsworth series is designed for those, young and old alike, who appreciate the English language in all its nuanced, layered and textured glory and who can handle a judicious mix of the super silly and gently philosophical all imbued with a healthy dose of wry and dry humor!

Q - What order should I read the books in?

A - I've written the series so you can read the books in any order. If you do want to read them in the order they were written:

- Einstein's Cat

- Pavlov's Dog

- It's Slapstick

- Plain Crazy

- Too Much TV

- Tractor Gate

- Overload

Q - So, why should readers give these books a try?

A - Because the Get Your Wordsworth series is for mavericks and early adopters who are looking for urban, contemporary poetry prose with a twist for Generation Z who may not have the time, attention or inclination for more traditional poetry styles.

Ultimately, readers who think poetry is a tad tedious but who enjoy wit, whimsy, puns, satire and wordplay in a highly succinct, quick-read format, will get a kick out of this series.

Q - Can readers get the whole series in one go?

A - Sure. I've put together a box-set bundle if people want to save a little moolah and grab the first six books in one swoop. Check out my author page here at Amazon for more details, and a full list of my available titles.

Heaven's Dishes: Poetry to Whet Your Appetite (Bright Dreams Journal Book 9)

Gary R. Hess summons his inner Walt Whitman--if Whitman was funny--and displays to the world his love of food in a magnificent manner. Discover the taste of delicious culinary greatness like never before through these beautiful and humorous contemporary poems.

Depictions of dishes from burritos to strombolis will whet your appetite and make you hungry for more great poetry.

Climaxes and Koans: and other original limericks

This is a collection of original limericks. Like traditional limericks they are meant to be humorous and mildly salacious.

They are intended for a mature audience over 18 and all characters in these poems are over 18.

Below are two samples

"The Wages of Sin"

There once was a fair maid from Venice

who separated many a man from his lettuce

a man told his pals

you can keep your canals

now that was a sin worth the penance

"Make Believe Monsters"

Lovecraft thought that he wrote as a game

tales of horrors without any names

and fiends without faces

in Non-Euclidean places

but his make believe monsters ate his soul just the same

The Good, The Bad And The Awful Poetry Book

I recently placed some poems on a site and found they started to trend. I went back to 1998 - 2002 and picked the best I had written. These 51 poems cover about 100 pages and subjects such as romance, politics, life and corruption.

The Zen of Shallowness

This is a collection of poetry celebrating the darker side of love and other topics. The poems mix humor, idealism, and cynicism and strive to make you laugh think and feel. If you enjoy these poems email [email protected] Disclaimer: These poems are intended for a mature audience over 18. Any characters mentioned in the poems are over 18. here is an excerpt In closing Every relationship shares the same epitaph someone stopped caring and another stopped trying and 2 into 1 became only one half Behind the Mask Lipstick, rouge, polish, 'scara behind her mask she no longer remembered her real face or a time when innocence was more than one more guise she donned in the service of goals she no longer remembered why she'd wanted

Kindergarten Haiku: Amusing observations from a parent’s first year of school

Every fall, children head back to school and parents scramble to get back on schedule and into a routine. Humor ensues, especially for the newest school kids, the kindergarteners. Amusing observations, funny incidents, and an entertaining take on the kindergarten year will have you laughing along as you endure, or recall, your own brushes with kindergarten.