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Stealing Steve's Gold: An Unofficial Minecraft Book (Random Tales From The Overworld 1)

Stealing Steve's Gold (Random Tales From The Overworld: Book 1)

This story isn't about heroes, super villains, or hackers. Maddie only wants one thing. Steve's massive collection of gold ingots, and she'll do anything to get her hands on them. But her nefarious plan takes an unexpected turn after she saves a young villager from a vicious player.

The perfect bedtime story!

-6,500+ words long (can be read in 30-35 minutes)

-A complete "standalone" story with a beginning, middle, and end. No cliffhangers. Random Tales From The Overworld is an anthology series. Each book focuses on a new character.

-Overflowing with action, comedy, drama, and larger than life characters.

Don't wait, dive into "Random Tales From The Overworld" today!

When Video Games Come To Life: An Unofficial Minecraft Book (The Block-Boy Saga 1)

When Video Games Come To Life: The Block-Boy Saga Book 1

Jake spends most of his free time playing video games. The real world bores him. It lacks wonder, and bad things always happen. The virtual world is his sweet escape -- a place where anything is possible.

His life changes when the two worlds start to collide. Suddenly he can control blocks, fly, and summon items. But he's not alone -- there are other "MetaGamers" and they're using their newfound powers for evil. Now Jake must fight to save Arcadia before it's too late.

Animal Mandalas Coloring Book | Children Fun Edition 1

Can a child still recognize animals even when they're made into Mandalas? This book will definitely....

Managing Your Website in Turbulent Times: Creating a Sane Asylum in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Web World

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I was an American engineer, inventor, and science administrator, who, during World War II, headed the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) through which almost all wartime military research and development was carried out, including initiation and early administration of the Manhattan Project. I was also known in engineering for my work on analog computers, for founding Raytheon, and for the Memex, a hypothetical, adjustable microfilm viewer with a structure analogous to that of the hypertext that structures the World Wide Web today.

I am appalled at what has happened to the Internet and the World Wide Web since I died.

The manager of a large mutual fund wrote recently: "We are deferring to the professional we hired to help us make the best decisions as it is his business and he is handling very large national and international accounts with the significant expertise he has to offer us."

From the White House to Number 10 Downing Street, from the Kremlin to Zhongnanhai, from Lockheed Martin to Ford, from Harvard University to LaGuardia Community College, from Delmonico's to Charlie's Pizza Parlor, one of the most egregious errors committed by managers is deferring to the professionals--the "experts." In the language of Main Street, such deference is "passing the buck."

As the manager of your website, you are responsible for the technical aspects of your website. As the manager of your website, you are responsible for the management of both your web developer and your website.

Your website does not have to be a "black box."

You can master the fundamentals of web design and web hosting. In fact, you must master the fundamentals of web design and web hosting!

In these turbulent times, taking personal responsibility for your website is critical to the success of your customers, clients, patients, and constituents. Taking personal responsibility for your website is critical to the success of your management team, your stock holders, your directors, your creditors, and, yes, your web designers and web developers!

Managing Your Website in Turbulent Times will show you how to create a sane asylum within the virtual insanity of the Web.

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