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Work Wife Balance

'This is well-written, very funny and I raced through it, occasionally squealing in horror at the antics of Kate's colleagues. It's also a joy to read about a strong woman with a big job and fiery opinions, a nice antidote to the sugary sweet sort of chick lit.' DAILY MAIL. Kate King is furiously flailing to keep afloat. As her team bicker, finger-point and cheat their way through rumours of sackings and site closures, her ill-tempered husband is becoming increasingly embittered and secretive. Kate knows she must address his petulant question: "Surely there's more to life than this?" but all her energies are required to dodge the corporate bullets constantly fired in her direction. Under pressure from an attractive, younger colleague, Kate is also concerned by her sudden invisibility to the opposite sex and the alarming appearance of back fat. Disturbingly, beige knitwear has started to call to her from the shelves of M&S. Growing more and more suspicious of her husband's activities, pressure builds on Kate both at work and at home until her turbulent year reaches its climactic end. Can she continue to balance precariously between work and marriage, or is one end of the scales going to hit the ground with a resounding thud?

Foggy's Blog

A Very Foggy Christmas

I am Morten Astley Fogarty - insurance complaint handler, part-time barista and all-round entertainer. My career at the Perypils call centre has really taken off since my colleagues all voted for me to leave the team and transfer to complaints; I was chuffed to bits at being chosen! I love helping our customers resolve their concerns and as I've only received three death threats so far, I'm clearly doing something right. On Sundays, I work with an extremely talented Chef, Joe, who trained under the calming influence of Gordon Ramsay. Joe's party-trick is to hurl his bread knife through the kitchen hatch towards my head. He always deliberately misses, of course; we do have such fun! My girlfriend, Myra, is a wonderful actress and our director has tried her in lots of different positions. I know Myra is desperate to secure a leading part in our Christmas production, The Wizard of Oz and she has been scouring eBay for ruby slippers, size 9. Let's hope she can continue to satisfy the director!

Folly Bistro: Chefs, Cons & Patrons

FOLLY BISTRO is a humorous account of all the turmoils, pitfalls and fights; ambitions and hopes, failures and successes of an iconic French Bistro in the heart of Vancouver over the span of 2 turbulent years. It's filled with plenty of drama, hilarity and outrageous personalities. FOLLY BISTRO is essential reading for anybody wanting to get into or out of the restaurant business !

Arseda: The World's Worst Customer Service

What happens when you give a comedy author the control of a supermarkets social media account? Well, we don't know, none of them are that silly. However we do know what happens when the author makes an account that looks just like the supermarkets and starts answering their customers queries. Imagine you're angry, you're angry at the supermarket for not delivering your shopping on time or for sending you the wrong items. Then imagine that they didn't care when you told them about it, or worse still, turned the customer service dial down even further and told you some home truths. Welcome to Arseda: the worlds worst customer services. These are 100% real conversations which happened on Twitter.

Free Funny the eBook: Writing Comedy, Jokes, and Humor for Business, Public Speaking, or Just for Laughs

Do funny people have an advantage in business?

Yes. But only if you know what you're doing. Research has shown the ability to make others laugh builds better business relationships. Humor can put the nervous at ease, make an important point, and create an overall more enjoyable workplace. But only if you know what you're doing.

Have you ever wondered how humor works?

Free Funny the eBook offers an easy to follow explanation of Comic Structure. It goes into the process of how the human mind creates false expectations, and then how it can be surprised by the unexpected. Understanding how humor works is the first step to knowing what you're doing.

Have you ever wanted to write the funny at will?

This ebook applies Comic Structure to a step by step comedy writing system the Humor Generator. With this process anyone, even you, can learn to write the funny at will. All you have to do is follow the logical path of creating a false expectation and then revealing a surprise.

Free Funny the ebook gives you the tools to be appropriately humorous at work, in relationships, and life because you'll know what you're doing.

Money Jokes!: 50+ Funny Money Jokes (LOL Funny Jokes Club)

Who wants MONEY Jokes?Did you know that laughing can have positive physical and mental effects on the body? Laughter can lower blood pressure, lighten tense situations, and help you bond with friends and family. Jokes, humor, and comedy come in many forms. Whether it is a few funny jokes, a silly joke book, or a funny movie, we can all benefit from the positive effects of comedy and humor! You'll love this hilarious joke book.

Share a funny joke with a friend today!

Kindle Unlimited & Amazon Prime Members can read this book for FREE!50+ funny money jokesHilarious modern day humorLaugh out loud jokes and entertainmentWith this collection of funny money jokes you can make everyone laugh! This ebook full is perfect for any occasion. You and your friends will laugh at this funny joke book.

Uses for funny jokes...Can aid in story-tellingGreat for conversation startersImproves conversation and social skillsCan make others laugh, smile, and be more playfulCan lighten tense moods and create rapport with othersFrom the book...Q: What is most women's favorite book?

A: The checkbook!


Q: Why is divorce so expensive?

A: Because it's worth every penny!


Patient: I have spent nearly my entire life's savings on medical bills!

Doctor: Why didn't you come to me sooner?

LOL Funny Jokes ClubThe LOL Funny Jokes Club is dedicated to comedy. We'll tickle your funny bone with our side-splitting jokes and humor. Whether it's funny and hilarious one-liners, dirty adult jokes, or laugh-out-loud rib tickling knee slappers, the LOL Funny Jokes Club does it all!

Scroll up and click "buy" to start laughing now!If for any reason you are unsatisfied, there is a 100% money back guarantee!

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How to Avoid a Job in IT

Have you ever secretly considered getting a job programming computers? While it's nothing to be ashamed of, and many people go through this phase, these unhealthy thoughts should be stamped on before they develop into a full blown job application.

This is an insider's view of this mysterious world, and explains in simple terms how a career in I.T. will lead to a lifetime of regret, misery, obesity, rickets, social alienation, nervous tics, Beriberi, sexual frustration, and terminal haemorrhoids.

Every page is packed with useless information that could save you from a fate worse than death, such as:

oWhy your brain will seize from Repetitive Boredom Injury

oHow you'll drown in a vat of nauseating jargon

oWhy you'll forget how to paint, write, sing, speak or laugh

oThe dull, humourless, sexless clones you'll be working with

oWhy you'll become even more of a social outcast

oHow long before you'll throw your boss out of the sixth floor window

oWhy you won't have a job in three years' time

And these are just the good points. Can you afford NOT to read this startling expose of this odious and despicable choice of profession?

Ignore at your peril!

(Also by Pierre Shentag: How to Avoid EVERYTHING)

Drowning Kittens for Fun & Profit: 100 of the Worst Money Making Ideas

Man has theorised that if you put a hundred monkeys in a room with typewriters, they will eventually by law of averages write the works of Shakespeare. This book was created in much the same way. Ada Dickey and Kevin Crew have worked some pretty crummy jobs in their respective histories, and as such are always on the lookout for the next brilliant get-rich-quick schemes. In this book, they share with you some of their latest ideas for making money where others fear to tread. From the delights of Canned Vomit to the horrors of Animal Slippers, via the craziness of such jobs as Sleeping Bag Buddy or Farm Fluffer, here is the definitive list of occupations you never knew you needed! Both equal parts offensive and informative, within days of buying this book you could be making a fortune tapping an unrecognised financial market! Alternatively, you might be under arrest. Either way. you've paid for this book so the authors don't really care. Good Luck!

The Lazy Entrepreneurs Guide To Explosive Growth

Are you an entrepreneur that is looking to grow?

But don't want to have to do all the work and all the little details to get it done?

Are you the entrepreneur that wants to sit back and collect the money without touching the work?

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to scale your business to several digits a month? Using a proven system, with a proven track record?

Are you an entrepreneur that wants all the credit for success while turning away from the failures?

If this is you, then this book was written just for you.

The entrepreneur that wants success and success only.

The entrepreneur that wants the easy way out without all the nonsense.

The entrepreneur that was born to be royalty, but spends their time running a business instead.