Horror Parodies & Satires Books

Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors (Bishop & Holiday Book 1)

When afterlife attorney Edna Bishop goes to Hell on a case, the client repays her by hijacking her living body! Now the condemned soul -- and Edna's body -- face an eternity on ice, unless the eccentric Dr. Holiday can brave a jungle of Infernal red tape and save Edna from her own personal hell.

Camp McClane: Run. Trip. DIE!

It's the Apocalypse, Dave: Try to Have Fun

Dave's a bit of a loser. Even he'd admit that was true. He's no good at relationships, he's a terrible employee, and he's got no clue what to do with his life. Quite frankly, the world doesn't seem to have a place for him. But that's okay, because the world's just about to end.

An experiment thousands of miles away is about to initiate a world-wide apocalypse that's going to change everything. The world as Dave knew it is over, and he's going to find that the apocalypse has it in for him. While people all around him become infected by nightmarish creatures, Dave discovers he's got some friends left alive who need his help. Together, they're going to have to do battle with parasitic squid creatures out for blood, and find a way to survive an apocalypse designed to eliminate all human life.

Soul Mates: Higher learning through Cannibalism

A janitor living in New Orleans unintentionally kills an assailant and is in fear of going to jail. As he contemplates various ways of disposing the corpse, a suppressed curiosity emerges. After digesting the incriminating evidence, he finds himself sharing proclivities of the departed soul. His love for human flesh grows.He soon learns how to channel newly gained talents to manipulate others.

Souls Mates is a humorous horror novelette 8500 words in length teetering near the edge of 'good taste.'

Curious Goods: Pandora's Box - Book 1

When Paul has the worst news that a father can get, that his child has a terminal disease, he spirals into despair. He discovers a quaint antique shop, Curious Goods. Much to his surprise, the owner offers him a solution to all his woes. He accepts and is ecstatic when his daughter improves. All is well, until things start to spiral downwards. Things are not as they seem.

Book 1 of the Curious Goods series. Each book is a complete story written in the Curious Goods universe.

Liquidation Nation

To help keep the population under control, the UK Government hire 'Liquidators' to make people disappear. Liquidation Nation followers a liquidator through the minute details of one of his grim and often sickening jobs as he makes a family vanish without a trace.

The Many Deaths of Mary