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ROMANCE :Love On The Run: Is love ever enough?

Love on the Run is a tragic love story of two lovers, Marcus and Susan. Their relationship had started and progressed on very strong chords of love, romance and passion. The novel is full of suspense and thrill. It is definitely a romance novel you would not want to miss as it expertly weaves together the expectations, ironies and realities of love and relationships.

Marcus and Susan had it all right - The perfect Love and Romance. Can such a relationship ever go wrong? If it can, why can it go wrong? Is the reason for its going wrong capable of being waved tucked in as "Ok"?

The ironic situations presented in this novel have a tendency to be waved aside as unrealistic but on a closer look, it reflects the ironies of love passion and relationships. Although an observer is quick to judge Marcus for his role in the novel, a deeper insight is needed to be able to truly access the themes projected.

Susan was completely convinced that Marcus was the love of her life. Marcus had proven that to her in so many ways. Even at times when she had some reasons to doubt, Marcus's response and the way he handled the situation brought absolute calm to her heart. Theirs had been love at first sight and they had bonded quickly and progressively within a short space of time.

This novel leaves a major question in the hearts of readers? A question built on life's realities. "Is love ever enough?" This question is presented as a question that had no conclusive answer. While loving a person can be the ultimate, it can also be less than enough in some cases as shown in the novel.

The tragic conclusion of the novel is a clear expression of the complex multi-dimensional facets of love - Love given or received and loves from different perspectives. What makes love justified as real? What makes it false? A very subtle irony is whipped to flame by Marcus's absence on his own wedding day? Can we say that Marcus did not really love Susan? But his actions at the end of the novel were to save his relationship? What else could be categorized as love? Was it enough? Did his love succeed in saving his relationship? Can he be blamed for loving his Fiancee that much and doing all in his power to save their relationship?

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Antoinette's Christmas Mantel: Season One: A Parade in the Village

NOTE: This pictorial ebook contains large images and is designed to be viewed on an actual tablet, such as an Android or iPad with the Kindle App installed. Viewing it on a tablet will allow the images to be enlarged and explored.

I began arranging Christmas villages on our mantel a few years ago, mostly because villages are harder to set up under a tree, and also to keep our Godzilla cats from stomping them. The fragile cardboard houses are from around 1930 pre-war Japan, and the tiny figures (tin Zinnfiguren) are mostly pre-war Germany. As satisfying as this ephemeral holiday art is to create, I found that it needed a story. I began my Christmas tale with this mantel tableau and have added characters and their stories to it every year for a decade since then.

A Parade in the Village

Each Christmas when I begin to assemble my antique village, I run into the same old problem: the mantel can only fit a dozen or so houses, and over time I have collected more than that. So every year I have to leave well-loved houses and tin figures in their storage boxes, even though Christmas should be their season to come alive. For this mantel, I've assembled fourteen of my very favorite Japanese cardboard houses, along with the cast of tin characters that people them. No Hawthorne, Lemax, or Dept. 56 houses in this village -- just an assortment of sweet, dusty, slightly tattered cardboard structures that have somehow managed to survive three quarters of a century without getting crushed and tossed. Read and enjoy!

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