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Computational Approaches to the Study of Movement in Archaeology: Theory, Practice and Interpretation of Factors and Effects of Long Term Landscape ... - Berliner Studien der Alten Welt)

The archaeological study of movement and of its related patterns and features has been transformed by the use of GIS. Path analysis has become a very popular approach to the study of settlement and land-use dynamics in landscape archaeology. This volume addresses theoretical, technical and interpretative issues and presents case studies. A final synthetic paper aims to review the contents and to set the pace for the current methodological debate.

Lost Continents: Secrets and mysteries of civilizations

Lost Continents

Secrets and mysteries of civilizations

This book will acquaint you with some interesting and unusual hypotheses about the lost continents. We will try to open the veil of secrecy over the issue of the disappearance of mythical lands.

The history of the Earth keeps in itself a huge number of unsolved mysteries even today. One of the most famous, which has plagued scientists for many years, is Atlantis. Specialists are trying to find out whether she really existed and what causes her death. However, ancient legends tell not only about Atlantis, which disappeared from the face of the Earth, but also about a number of continents with developed civilizations that were sunk as a result of natural cataclysms. Most often mentioned are several such continents: Lemuria, located in the Indian Ocean, and Pacifida, or Mu - in the Pacific. In 1830, the zoologist Philip Latley Sclaiter suggested that in the extreme antiquity, about 100 million years ago, in the Indian Ocean there was a continent called Lemuria, which subsequently sunk. However, scientists doubt this theory, because the age of a person is estimated at only 2-3 million years. Of course, some support the idea of Sclater and even consider that Lemuria was the cradle of humanity.




The birth of the hypothesis

Borders and climate of Lemuria

Lemuria as a lost land in the legends

Lemuria as the birthplace of the Harappan civilization

Hypothesis of the existence of Lemuria

The mysterious land of the Ubaids is Dilmun

Egyptian legends

Antique evidence of the southern land

Secrets of the Indian Ocean

The death of Proto-Indian civilization

The opposite view of Lemuria


Atlantis: the birth of a legend

Where is Atlantis?

How did Atlantis perish?


Arctida and Hyperborea in Science

Hyperborea or Tuleana land


Was there life in the Arctic

Hyperborea in mythology

Hyperborea: the view of people of the ancient era

Gerard Mercator map

Expeditions to Arctica-Hyperborea


The Mystery of Easter Island

Legends about Pacifide

What do the ancient writers hide?

Giants of Moai

Geological data


Black Rebellion