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The Art of Letting Go

Sexual Dysfunction: Utilizing Nutrition & Fitness

Cure Sexual Dysfunction The Natural Way.. Sexual Dysfunction plagues many people, you are not alone. "Do you experience premature ejaculation? Are you finding it difficult to get aroused? Do you have trouble becoming erect, and staying erect? Do you have another type of sexual dysfunction?" Look no more, your book is here. In ""Sexual Dysfunction Cures: Utilizing Nutrition & Fitness"" we cover those topics and more. You'll learn exactly what your treatment options are, and how to naturally cure your dysfunctional sexual experience once and for all. Whether you are a man, or a woman.."Sexual Dysfunction Cures," is here to aid you. In "Sexual Dysfunction Cures" our Focus is on Action. What Action Can You Take To Create Change? "The Cures we provide are ALL - Natural..Nutrition & Fitness Approaches."

Husband Be Rough: - Please!

She just wanted that sexual animalistic urgency, a little dash of spice, and some unpredictability to really liven up their love life.

She wanted him to take control and just throw her around, pounding into her like he'd die without coming deep and hard inside of her heated thighs.

She needed that hard intimacy to really be able to appreciate his gentle loving side.

She wanted to feel how sexy it could be to be needed in such a fierce, domineering way.

She just needed things she wasn't getting from her spouse and she wanted them so badly.

Join us on a journey, it maybe every girls fantasy to have a gentle caring lover, but doesn't every girl have a naughty side that wants to be taken?

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Attract Love: How To Find Love & Create Lasting Relationships Using Law of Attraction (find love, get ex back, communication in relationships, manifesting, manifest love, fix relationship)

Attract and Keep Your Perfect Mate through the Power of the Law of Attraction!

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No matter how much work you spend on your career, there's no escaping the fact that you need to work on your love life, as well.

Have you ever come home after a long day at work wishing you has someone to spend time with?

Attract Love: How to Find Love & Create a Lasting Relationship Using Law of Attraction can help solve your relationship problems TODAY. You'll learn how use the powers of the Universe to bring you the happiness you've always wanted. You can finally find that perfect someone to change your life for the better!

You will learn:

How the law of attraction is connected to love and relationships

What tools to use when applying the law of attraction to finding love

Techniques like positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation

How to connect better with others

How to get into perfect vibrational harmony

Nathan Powers is also offering a FREE GIFT: The Secret To Manifestation: 10 Proven Every Day Rituals To Effectively Apply The Law Of Attraction Totally Free! to his subscribers. Download Attract Love: How to Find Love & Create a Lasting Relationship Using Law of Attraction for your link to this exciting opportunity!

Here's a sample of what you can learn from this inspiring book:

"Visualization is one of the greatest tools you can use to enhance the effectiveness of the law of attraction in your life. You can move to your desired vibrational frequency through visualization techniques given that these techniques help you to experience the right vibrational displacement into your desired vibrational zone. Envision the kind of life you would be experiencing when you find the kind of love you are looking for. For instance, if you want your family to show love to you and for the members to show love to one another, envision how you would want it to be. This would get you into the vibrational frequency of experiencing love, which means the universe would give you what you want; love."

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Love on Hold: The Wilkins (Book 1, Contemporary Romance)

First book in a companion novel series.

Millionaire Mariah Culver had finally thought that when she had something good, it'd last--until she discovered that the man she was set to marry in two short months had betrayed her. Devastated, she regretted that she'd trusted another man after the first love of her life, Aaron Wilkins, had broken her heart. When Aaron came back into town, he turned her world upside down by bringing back to the surface feelings that she'd thought had vanished along with his swift exit from her life.

Aaron Wilkins wouldn't have come to his hometown of Bloomfield Township, Ohio, if his parents hadn't put their feet down. They didn't just want him to visit; they wanted him to move back home for good. Aaron soon realized that he couldn't stay home if Mariah Culver wasn't by his side.

Dating Guru's 101 Conversation Starters: Expert Icebreakers for amazing dates so you'll never run out of things to say (Dating and Relationship Expert Secrets)

101 Dating Questions to Start Amazing Conversations

Free bonus dating expert tips for singles - get my VIP advice send to you weekly

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Are you tired of running out of things to say on a date? Would you like to be able to approach new people and start conversations quickly and easily?

If so, this short book is exactly what you need to guarantee your conversation never runs dry.

Written by the UK's top Dating Coach and Dating Expert , James Preece, you'll learn the secrets of exciting discussion subjects and what singles really want to talk to you about.

You'll discover simple ways and conversation starters to ensure you always have something fun and useful to talk about. This will ensure you get a second, third date and ultimately a relationship. You can make sure they are really listening and read their body language to tell if they are interested or not.

There's even a section on speed dating which is a fantastic opportunity to practice your new found skills.

However, the best part of the book is the 101 Ice breaking dating questions that you can use to stimulate your conversation.

Reviews: "The questions are a bit like psychological profiling, but are actually very clever for the person asking the questions if they know how to work someone out from them"

"Very useful advice for people who want to get more out of Speed Dating" Meera Patel

Out of Darkness - Book 4 (Out of Darkness Serial (An Amish of Lancaster County Saga))

START READING THE BESTSELLING OUT OF DARKNESS SERIAL TODAY!Must Read for Lovers of Amish Romance Novels: When a mysterious woman stumbles, bloody and beaten, onto widower Abram Yoder's Lancaster farm, will he find the faith to love again?Sofia Angelis is a woman without a past. All she knows is that she's being hunted. When she stumbles, bloody and beaten, onto Abram Yoder's Lancaster County farm, she is not only given a chance at safety, but also the possibility of love. Will the ghosts of Sofia's past keep her from seizing a new future?

Abram Yoder is a man trapped in the past. His wife Rebekah died in childbirth two years back, and even through prayer, he hasn't been able to absolve his grief and allow himself to live. When a mysterious woman comes to his Lancaster farm needing help, will Abram find the faith to love again?

Join Sofia and Abram as they confront the past, embrace the future and with God's help, bridge the gap between their two worlds and maybe even find love in Book 4 of the 10 Part Out of Darkness serial.

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21 Pillars to the Perfect Sex

We're all creatures of habit. If you've been with the same partner for a long time, you've probably settled into a comfortable routine: A little kissing, a little foreplay, and the same sexual positions. There's certainly nothing wrong with familiarity. Couples usually make love in the same ways because they like the way they feel. On the other hand, sexual ruts can be a real stumbling block if they arise more from routine than from real desire.

A lot of the how-to sex guides seem to assume that every man has joints of rubber and the strength to stand on his head, caress his partner, and have mind-blowing sex all at the same time. In real life, though, few of us have the energy (or the interest) to turn the pursuit of pleasure into bedroom gymnastics. What you can, and should, do is occasionally shake things up in bed. Novelty is a tremendous aphrodisiac.

How To Get Your Dream Guy: A Step By Step System To Going From Single To Being With The Man Of Your Dreams

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Have you ever dreamed about your dream guy? Maybe when you were a teenager watching chick flicks and romantic movies? Then you started dating and realised that your dream guy was nothing more than a pipe dream? Well, the truth is no one is perfect, but there are quality relationships out there and there is a guy that's going to be the closest thing to your dream guy, you just need to find him.

I've created this eBook as a complete guide to help fix your relationship status and to help you find your dream guy no matter where you are currently. You can be single and ready to mingle, or just started a new relationship or even in a committed relationship, regardless this complete guide will have what you need to know for your specific scenario. The complete guide comes with three additional eBooks each targeting a specific part of the dating journey. The books are 'How To Get A Boyfriend In 7 Simple Steps', 'Why Men Lose Interest' And 'How To Get A Man To Love You' and they are completely free. They all compliment this book and form the complete guide to getting your dream guy.

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GET YOUR EX BACK: How To Get Your Ex Back For Women

How To Get Your Ex Back Today - For Women

You could soon be on your way and start the process of getting your ex back. By reading this book you will learn tips on how to get your ex back and when you win him back experience a more loving relationship.

On the other hand, you may think to yourself 'do I really need him back' after you have read our book.

By reading our book you will learn

- Learn from your mistakes, and make a better relationship

- Before getting back together, do you know if they are interested?

- How to get your ex pursue you

- Do I play hard to get?

- Tips for playing hard to get

- Do not crowd his space

- Avoid the woman pitfalls and mistakes

- Make the changes of be doomed from the start

- Communication makes or breaks a relationship

- Can I get him to love me again?

Well we hope you enjoy our book and good luck getting your ex back.

Happy Wife, Happy Life: A Marriage Book for Men That Doesn't Suck - 7 Tips How to be a Kick-Ass Husband: The Marriage Guide for Men That Works

What can you expect from this Marriage Book for Men?A book for less than the price of a good cup of coffee.27 pages of easy to follow steps.Why you should send flowers on a random Monday.Always know the perfect gift.What Appreciation Day is, and why you need it.How three 49 cent cards can make for an awesome weekend.It is a great read for husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even people stuck in the "friend zone".

What are people saying about this Marriage Book for Men?"Great read with awesome tips that are so simple"

"This is a must read for both partners!!"

"Wish my ex-husband(s) had read it"

"No long, painful psycho-babble that guys won't really read anyway"

Sweet Revenge


Anyone that is married, or has a significant other will appreciate this true "revenge" story. Told with humor and pitch-perfect timing, Sweet Revenge is a laugh out loud story sure to be be retold again and again over the dinner table. Great for those moments when you need a quick smile.

Includes a Bonus Excerpt from Priceless Proverbs - Funny Happens When Kids Finish Famous Sayings.

Make Men Get In Line To Ask You Out: The Hidden Secrets To Attracting Men

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What Is This Book About?

A simple yet effective step by step system that will turn you into you a man magnet! You'll not only be attracting more men but much higher quality men. The ones that you want to show off to your friends and family.

This is the book you need to read if you're struggling with getting men to approach you, or if you're struggling to get dates from men after they've approached you. There are 6 clear chapters that cover crucial topics that you need to understand and take action with if you wish to improve your dating life.

So what are you waiting for? Download this book now and get started with attracting more quality men into your life and securing more dates! Your dating life is about to be revolutionised!

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Divorce Recovery: The 7 Day Challenge

Introducing 'Divorce Recovery - The 7 Day Challenge'. Author Sean Witwer takes you on a journey to begin to transform your life following a divorce, separation, or break up of a long term relationship.

First, you will learn how divorce can affect the 'Four Pillars Of Your Life'. You will use these 'Four Pillars' to complete your 'Life Inventory' so that you can begin to transform your life and craft winning goals for yourself.

Next, you will learn the three choices you have following a divorce so that you will have more clarity in deciding which path is most appropriate for you.

Finally, you will be introduced to 'The 7 Day Challenge'. You will learn 5 easy steps you can follow to begin rebuilding your life today.

You will also find an exciting bonus included inside to help you in your recovery efforts.

So if you cringe at the thought of going to a friend or therapist for help, then you've come to the right place. The help you need is waiting for you inside.

Go ahead and download 'Divorce Recovery - The 7 Day Challenge' and begin your transformation today!

The Target

He loves to go to the public beach and strut about showing off his naked toned body. He goes in search of targets and enjoys nothing better than to be naked in front of an audience. But his time is almost up and soon he becomes a target himself.

Matter of Trust

Published on as part of the The Real Story Safe Sex Project

Travis McDonald is fifteen and has never been in love (other than a wicked crush he harbored on his eighth grade sex ed teacher, Mr. Myers). When Jeremy Loper asks him to hang out, Travis's heart is all a flutter. He and Jeremy really hit it off and soon become boyfriends, but when they decide it's time to take their relationship to the next level on Jeremy's sixteenth birthday, Travis is faced with a harsh reality. Can he support his boyfriend at a time he needs him most, or is the situation just way too scary for Travis to deal with?

10 STEPS TO A BETTER RELATIONSHIP: A COUPLE THAT GROWS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER (Couple Communication, Relationships And Trust, Couples Skills, Growth Mindset)

If you are looking to improve your relationship with your significant other, and become a stronger couple this is the book for you.+ FREE BONUS E-book included with purchase!

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You're about to discover how to...

How to grow personally and take your relationship to the next level. You'll learn why it's important to love yourself first before you can love anyone else properly. We have gotten to a point where texting, television and social media has dominated our free time that we once had. Relationships are suffering for many reasons, communication being one of them. A great relationship adds value to every area of life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

The both of us come before 1 of usRespect each otherDon't take advice from people you wouldn't trade places withCommunicate with each otherBecome best friendsSpend quality time with each otherTrustLove yourself firstMuch, much more!

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat: Learn The Truth Behind Why Men Cheat So You Can Prevent It From Happening To You

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This book has been created for any women out there that have been cheated or are worried that it might happen to them. We discuss the most popular reasons as to why men cheat on their female partners and what you can actually do to prevent this from happening to you.

Take action now and learn the exact reasons as to why men cheat on women and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you!

What Men Really Want Women To Wear: How To Dress To Impress, Attract And Seduce Men

Get Access To The Complete Guide To Getting Your Dream Guy -

Are you a female who is currently stuck in a rut when it comes to your dating life? Are you wondering why you don't have a boyfriend and why your relationship life is a mess while all your friends seem to be doing just fine? The thing is, in order for you to get dates and potentially a boyfriend, you need to be getting approached by men who find you attractive and are interested in you.

The catch is that before men approach you, they don't know anything about you at all which means they're basing everything on your physical appearance. One of the main things that you can affect when it comes to your appearance is what you wear and that's exactly what this book is all about.

You'll learn the ground rules for dressing to impress, attract and seduce men as well as some of the must have items in your wardrobe if you want to improve your physical attractiveness.

Get stuck in right now and learn everything you need to know to get yourself approached by men and score dates! They'll be lining up to ask you out before you know it!

Sensational Art - Mission Date Night Adventure: Mission Date Night Adventure Book 2 (Mission Date Night Adventures)

Mission Date Night - Sensational Art (Training Mission)

Do you have the desire to take your date nights to the next level? If so, we are recruiting you to become one of our elite Mission Date Night Agents. You can be single, in a new relationship, in a long-term relationship or married for years. This training mission will help you understand what other Mission Date Night Adventures are all about.

In this mission, you and your date will be pitted against the colorless Salvadory Dolly and her plot to make relationships bland and boring. As an agent, you will be given directives to help stop Ms. Dolly and keep color and excitement not only in your relationship but in relationships all over the world.

Will you accept this mission from The Federation of Relationship Bliss' directors, Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex? Will you help stop Salvadory Dolly and her evil plot against love and relationships? We are counting on you and your partner to step up your date night game and put an end to this evil villain.

Mission Date Night Adventures are designed to help spark many things in your relationship. You will put more focus on your date nights and put new excitement into them. You will get to step into character, if you like, enjoy a bit of a treasure hunt, and create lasting memories.

Couples that become Mission Date Night Agents receive more than just the simple experience of the date night. Their conversations flow. They build lasting memories. They see their friendship improve while creating opportunities for romance. With these wonderful experiences, couples all over the world are finding the support they need to have the best relationship ever.

When you choose to become Mission Date Night Agents you will no longer need to ask, "What do you want to do?" only to hear, "I don't know. What do you want to do?" Instead, you and your sweetheart will already have a plan. You will have a mission to complete!

Make sure to check out the other Mission Date Night Adventures on Amazon/Kindle

How I Met My Husband

Two dozen romance authors tell the true life stories of how they met their husbands. Included in the book are excerpts from their romance books.

Authors include: Michele Stegman: A Book of Life and a Trick

Jennette Marie Powell: Looking for Mr. Goodwrench

Athena Grayson: The Game of Love

Brenda Hiatt: Halloween Hooker

Gwen Williams: A Good Friend

Nancy Morse: Grandma's Wisdom

Meredith Bond: Not So Awful After All

Cassandra Carr: Friendship to More

Janet Fox: He Had a Stake in the Outcome

Margaret Caroll: A Walk Through the Plaza

Lyn Cote: The Light that Illuminates

Patricia Lieb: Lumps in the Mattress

Judy Lynn Hubbard: Destined

Eileen Cook: Christmas Tree Magic

Mary Campisi: I Found Love at the Grocery Store

Julie Lence: Traitorous Dealings

Nikki Duncan: Love in the Lunch Line

Diane Burton: Intervention

Jenna Ives: Only an Englishman Would Do

Cris Anson: They Danced into My Heart

Beate Boeker: Around the World to Find Love

Victoria Roder: I wouldn't Have Married You if I Didn't Love You Kind of Guy

Cindy Spencer Pape: The Geek and the Townie

Janis Susan May Patterson: Love Begins Late

Adjust Everywhere

"Life requires continuous adjustment in relation to unpleasant and unfavorable circumstances. In everyday situations (such as opening an umbrella in the rain, or wearing a jacket in the cold) we generally don't resist these required adjustments. However, when dealing with difficult people, facing unhealthy relationships, in family relationships, or in the midst of marriage problems, adjustments become increasingly difficult. Some of our relationships could even be said to be the very definition of conflict! We ask ourselves, how can we possibly adjust in these emotionally-challenging situations?

In the book "Adjust Everywhere", Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers the ultimate conflict resolution skills in the form of spiritual conflict resolution strategies. His key phrase "Adjust Everywhere" is explained in the context of many common and everyday relationship challenges.


Why I Believe

People who don't believe often wonder, 'Why would this person believe in a God whom no one has proven even exists?' But there is proof and it is visible all around you, even in the mirror. All you, my unbelieving friend, need to do is to use the gift that God gave you and think. Then use another gift that He gave you and choose to believe in Him: it's not hard.

You say that you don't believe because you don't see Him. Well, do you see the air? How do you know that you need it? Do you see the wind? How do you know that it's there? Do you see me when I'm 100 miles or so away? How do you know that I exist? One night I was praying for my family, whether they all believe that God exists and that Jesus is Lord or not I don't know, and I was crying over them. I want so much to reach them all, and everyone else, with the joyous news that God is real and Jesus loves them. That's when it came to me just to tell them my story. So, here it is.

A Prelude to Love: Edition 1

She waits for him; eagerly. She always has. Oblivious to her, he takes his journey to the gray and white craftsman on the cul-de-sac in the suburbs, three miles from the hospital where he is born. The first years are adventure, and he anticipated the first day of school the entire summer. Then it is the first day of school again. ... And again. She is his first love, he thinks. The golden blonde hair, blue-eyed valley girl in seventh grade History. They even kiss! Junior High, High School, College, three more girlfriends later, he crosses the stage, shakes with one hand, and accepts his degree with the other. It is only a few years on the corporate ladder before he can claim success, but he is curious about the sexy brunette with the seductive gray eyes from the twenty-seventh floor, who smiles at him every time he passes her in the foyer. Now, he is in the foyer at the precise time, 7:49 a.m., to see her every day. She notices.

He is not that naive to think that dating her will be all bliss, but he knows he has to go for it! He does. She accepts! On a scale of not-so-bad to bliss, they go from very bliss to good, stay there for a year, and then...

A Prelude to Love is a non-fictional short that takes a brief look at our relationships - the part before our and then's, the and then's, and the Lover in us that has the ability to soar to great love destinations, the mediocre that lives plateau, or Fickles. Love that waits for us to dance with her before we take our stage, is crazy about us. Do we dance with her? Do we even know love is that into us? Or, do we choose not to engage love at all?


Lucille focused on her career and led a conservative life. That was before showing the world she wanted more than one husband. Short but you will read it twice!

Couples Game Night In: Fun Adult Activites For a Night In

This book is a series of challenges, trivia questions in different formats, dares, and activities to help you have a fun night at home with your husband / wife. We enjoyed putting it together and playing it ourselves and hope you do as well! Give it a try. You'll have fun and want more!

Staying in for the night? Need some fun games and challenges for a fun night with your Significant Other? I wrote this book following the same basic format as book 1 with that scenario in mind and I hope you enjoy the trivia and other activities I have in here. They are intended to be fun and help you learn a little more about each other and grow closer. Also, it involves a way to drink, eat, and have a bit of adult fun together!

These books can be done in any order and if you run out of stuff in one of the books you can just keep right on going through another.

Grab a bottle (or two) of wine, make a container of your favorite shots, throw together a snack tray, let the kids rent a movie or Redbox them or whatever it takes to get them out of your hair and head for your bedroom or send them all to theirs. Lock the door, pull down the shades and get ready for fun!

First things first, make sure you each have a pen and some paper. Notebook preferred but whatever!

A fun way to spend some time with your best friend. By beating them at every challenge.

Getting Over It

After years of hauling around emotional baggage, I set out on a mission to rid myself of resentment and pain. I knew real happiness waited out there somewhere, but for decades finding it was more difficult than most would imagine. This is my story of self discovery. It is a story of pain, loss, and betrayal. More importantly, it is the story of how I came to terms with my past, learned to live happily in the present, and how I built the bridge that would get me over it

The Family Health Guide: How to Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to create a happy and healthy relationship between members of the family and how to maintain a positive connection forever.

As families are the most fundamental unit that makes up any society, it is important that each and every family live a life of security, love, and sharing. Outlined in this book are effective lessons on keeping a family as close knit as they can be, and how a family can develop a strong bond with each other.