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Siesta Beach Hcg Lifestyle

In the 1970's, the low-fat diet craze began without any scientific data backing the theory you'd lose weight and stay healthy. As the years passed, medical data began rolling in showing tragic health consequences in obesity, heart disease and diabetes from low-fat diets. The problem with low-fat dieting was advocating increased wheat products, sugar, sugar laden manufactured foods with the elimination of fat, all of which science has now clearly demonstrated promotes inflammation. And inflammation causes heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Countless people bought into the low fat theory sabotaging their health. The result is a diabetes and obesity epidemic throughout all age groups that shows no sign of abating. That's why heart surgeon and health enthusiast, Dr. Robert Carlson, created The Siesta Beach HCG Lifestyle, a low carbohydrate and HCG weight loss program. This revolutionary diet is not only a way to lose weight (and you certainly will) as you begin to feel better, but also eating low carb will become your new, healthy lifestyle choice. Since Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons first published his HCG diet in 1954, many people lost weight while just as many tried and failed to maintain the 'starvation' diet of 500 calories. As Dr. Carlson was developing the Siesta Beach Lifestyle diet, he tried Dr. Simeons' original 500 calories a day diet with HCG, and he used this approach in his patients wishing to lose weight. While everyone lost a tremendous amount of weight, a consequence arose for those with active lifestyles and who exercised regularly of on-going depletion in energy levels. It seems Dr. Simeons was aware of this consequence since he recommended limited exercise. The difference in The Siesta Beach Lifestyle with HCG is a healthy low-carbohydrate approach (includes lots of vegetables and certain fruits) that when combined with HCG produces energy and a melting away of abnormal fat collections. The Siesta Beach Lifestyle diet helps keep your body from hungering f

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