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Self Esteem Mastery (Workbook Included!): What Healthy Self-Esteem Is & How To Get It

Are you struggling with low self esteem andfeel that the traditional self help advice is not working for you?

Then download this FREE book today to learn an evidence-based approach to how to have a healthy self esteem.

In this book Martin Kaye explains the science and research behind self esteem, and why much of the advice out there on this topic is either incorrect, or even counter-productive.

For example, did you know that saying positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror may have negative effects on your self esteem?

In this book you will learn why this is, along with the following:

The history of the self esteem movementWhat the modern psychology has to say about the early studiesWhat a healthy self esteem is and how it is different from high self esteemThe most common pitfalls of traditional solutions for low self esteemWhy dealing with negative thinking or negative thoughts by turning them into something positive may not be a good strategyWhat happy people have in commonWhat self love actually meansWhat role self discipline plays when it comes to self esteemIn addition Martin Kaye introduces you to a complete system designed specifically to build self esteem while avoiding all the traps. To help you put this system into practice a self esteem workbook comes as a companion to this book.

Are you ready for your journey towards Self Esteem Mastery?

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Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior

Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior is a short, lighthearted look at 10 things human beings do, why we do them, and their significance in our everyday lives. How do we resolve psychological conflict that occurs when our behavior violates our attitudes? Why are we so quick to blame others for their behavior while offering excuses for our own? What should we make of the talking heads on cable TV who argue about the cause of TV violence on children's behavior - whose explanation is correct? Why are reality TV shows, some of which portray contestants as pathetic and dysfunctional, so popular?

Questions like these usually provoke different answers from different people, each of whom may attribute his or her answers to "common sense." One person argues that "of course children mimic violence they see on TV - my kids do" while another attributes it to "poor parenting - because my kids don't." Which is it, and why?

Research psychologists try to answer these questions as best we can. This book is a brief look at the answers to 10 aspects of human behavior - answers derived from controlled behavioral research that is designed to test various theories about behavior. Certainly, there is more to human behavior than the 10 things I chose for this short book. And there are hundreds of primary sources and research reports that describe the research findings in more depth. They're out there if you'd like to read more.

But for those who are new to the field of Experimental Psychology, 10 Things may pique your interest in learning more about the subject. And for those "armchair psychologists" out there who'd like a quick read about the most fascinating creatures on the planet - human beings - I think you'll like it, too.

The Self Illusion: Why There is No 'You' Inside Your Head (Extract)

This is an extended extract from The Self Illusion: Why There is No 'You' Inside Your Head, available 19 April 2012.

Most of us believe that we possess a self - an internal individual who resides inside our bodies, making decisions, authoring actions and possessing free will. The feeling that a single, unified, enduring self inhabits the body - the 'me' inside me - is compelling and inescapable. This is how we interact as a social animal and judge each other's actions and deeds. But that sovereignty of the self is increasingly under threat from science as our understanding of the brain advances. Rather than a single entity, the self is really a constellation of mechanisms and experiences that create the illusion of the internal you.

We only emerge as a product of those around us as part of the different storylines we inhabit from the cot to the grave. It is an every changing character, created by the brain to provide a coherent interface between the multitude of internal processes and the external world demands that require different selves.

Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections

'Consciousness Beyond the Body' presents the latest theories, research, and applications of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and other consciousness states that transcend the limitations of one's physical body space. It features original chapters from leading international researchers, educators, and practitioners who specialise in OBEs. As a modern compilation on the topic, the book aims to meld contemporary scientific evidence with the latest and most compelling practical applications of OBEs.Contributors: Nelson Abreu, Luis Minero, Ed Kellogg, Ryan Hurd, Robert Peterson, Preston Dennett, Graham Nicholls, Jurgen Ziewe, Clare Johnson, Robert Waggoner, Alexander De Foe, Natasha Tassell-Matamua, and Anthony Peake.

Kittens and Puppies Coloring Book

Teach your children to love kittens and puppies through a colorful introduction with the help of thi....

A is for Animals!

Learning about animals at an early age promotes an awareness of how important they are for society t....

Law of Attraction: Scarcity No More: Manifestation, Visualization, & Success Principles

Say Good-Bye To That Which Does Not Serve You "MULTIPLE ITEMS INSIDE " "Is your life dominated by scarce thinking? Do you seek the abundance mindset? Do you desire mental freedom?" Good News, You've found your book! In "Scarcity No More" we cover multiple topics on the subject of developing an abundant mindset. I share techniques, and practices you can utilize in your daily life to cultivate this mentality. It is a way of thinking, and must be honed. This book provides you with everything you need to know to begin the practice.This Book Is My Gift To You. Here Are A Few of The Topics We'll Cover.... How to Identify A Scarcity Mindset Why Some of Us Deal With Scarce Thinking How to Identify An Abundance Mentality The Effects of The Swap How To End the Scarce Thinking How To Gain & Maintain! the Abundance Mentality And More... You do not have to live in scarcity anymore. Secure Your Copy Today!

The Haunted House a True Ghost Story

Chakras: Exploring Chakras and Discovering Holistic Wellness-The Practical Approach to Chakras for Personal Development: Volume 2 (Meditation, Mindfulness & Healing)

Are You Seeking Balance? Would You Like To Learn More About Yourself? Are You Interested In Holistic Therapies? Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, you attract wonderful relationships, circumstances, and your body is full of energy? Do you feel like changing something in your life or giving it more meaning? If my book attracted your attention and you are reading this description, it means that you are also wondering: -What is this current chakra craze all about? Is it just a recitation of colors and symbols, or is it about developing true spirituality? What is spirituality? How do I apply this chakra knowledge into a real, modern, 21st century fast-paced life? Spirituality is about understanding your true nature, developing empathy, and helping others. It's about realizing how one imbalance can lead to another and the actions you can take to develop a new, happier and healthier version of yourself. I have written this book to help you brainstorm on a totally holistic level. This is not another "chakra recitation" book. It is designed to offer you a few moments of reflection and spiritual meditation. I would like you to take action and make a decision to be yourself. You can do this by accepting your weak points, but at the same time, work on them and be gentle to yourself and others. We are talking about something untouchable here. This is why this description is different than most. How can I say 'transform your chakras today'? There is no time, no rules, and no proven steps or strategies. Everyone is different with their unique and amazing energy. Feel it. Begin to love it! If you are ready and want to start this journey, my book can be the beginning to a new, more conscious and self-aware chapter in your life. Just like Reiki affirmations say, everyone would like to be: -free from worry -free from anger -humble, honest, and compassionate about themselves and others At the same time, we are all fragile human beings. We judge and we are