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The Simple Guide to Having a Baby

Twenty-Four Hokusai's Paintings (Collection) for Kids

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child's room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Hokusai's Paintings.

Twenty-Four Hokusai's Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Get Fit For Your Pregnancy: Simple Exercises To Help You Look Great & Feel Energized Through Your Pregnancy (Fit Expert Series Book 4)

Get Fit For Your Pregnancy has been put together to help women stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy.

This book will help all pregnant women.

Who will benefit the most from reading it?

If you are pregnant and unsure how to go about staying in shape during those important 9 months.

You want to aim for an easy as possible labor.

You want to recover from the birth as quickly and safely as possible.

Learning how to breathe correctly and relax is very important to you during the 9 months.

You need nutrition advice that will keep you and the baby healthy and at the same time keep as much fat off as possible.

After the birth you would like to build and maintain a good figure.

Avoiding any injuries is very important to you.

The Benefits of this book:

You will understand and learn how to control any excess body fat. This is important if you want to stay in shape after the birth.

You will learn basic relaxation breathing. Very important during the whole 9 months.

You will learn important Yoga moves and meditation. This is a great way to create the right mindset in preperation for the birth as well as keeping the body supple.

You will learn how to put together a healthy diet plan. This will provide you and your baby with optimum nutrition throughout the months as well as keep the fat off for after the birth.

You will learn how to exercise with the right routines to keep you fit and hopefully ease the labor and speed up recovery.

As with the other books in the Fit Expert Series this has a collection of chapters written by various experts in their field. Each expert offers their own brand of advice to help women through their pregnancy by incorporating the correct fitness and nutritional routines.

The Experts:

Susan Grossman


Kellie Adkins

Dr.Marisa R.Silver

Rachel Loeb

Dori Watters

The foreward of the book is written by Alexandra Allred

Billy and Santa are Autistic

An autism diagnosis can be a challenging thing for a parent to hear. As difficult as it is for a parent to accept, siblings, family members, or other children who meet someone on the spectrum may have a difficult time relating to them. They will see them acting differently than other children, and being treated differently and wonder why.

While every child on the spectrum is unique, and will show different characteristics, there are many things that most autistic children have in common.

The purpose of this book is to show that while autistic children sometimes behave differently, they can do many things really well (and sometimes even better than non-autistic children) and can excel if given a support system that works with them and their strengths.

Santa is a natural example of someone who is probably on the spectrum, and holds a special place in children's hearts. Hopefully this book will show that someone on the spectrum isn't so different after all.

We write this book for our two sons who are on the spectrum. Hopefully they will be accepted by others, just as we accept them.

Life Through His Eyes

Life is not always what we want it to be. Mauricio is struggling with a life he didn't choose for himself and is about to learn an amazing lesson from the person he loves the most - Short Story

Uterine Fibroids: Everything You Need to Know on Preventing Recurrence and Improving Uterus Recovery: Healing and Natural Remedies (Fibroids Encyclopedia: ... PCOS, infertility and fibroids Book 1)

This book contains steps and strategies on how to take care of yourself after a fibroid removal operation - especially after a myomectomy - if you still want to have children.

In this book, you will also know the basics of what uterine fibroids are, the risk factors that may lead to their development, available treatment options, care after surgery, and ways to control the recurrence of fibroids. This book also highlights the risk of fibroids on black women and how they can manage their condition. If you want an in-depth look on fibroids, just read on.

Sex improves Your Sperm Ability: Understanding How to Get Her Pregnant

Ever wondered aloud: How Do I get my Wife Pregnant?

Will regular sex improve my sperm's ability to make her pregnant?

In this book, titled Sex improves Your Sperm Ability - Understanding How to Get Her Pregnant, by Elvis Crews, you will learn the basics which you have abandoned on how to get your wife pregnant.

Strike out all the complex jargons

You will be availed with the simple explanation of concepts that might have been explained in a complex terms previously.

No one truly understands the intricate movement the human sperm has to go through to reach its destination which is to fertilize the egg. For some people, the process is easy while for others, there is a form of delay.

Normally there is really no need to fret but there is an understanding to the process and it is vital you understand the steps it takes to achieve conception.

You will get to know what the sperm goes through to get there and how you can help it on its way.

Some of the awesome topics covered in this book

What is Conception?Sperm: How long to make it?Role of TestosteroneTwo Million Eggs: How it is laidConception keywordsOvulationHormonal ChangeTravelling EggUnfertilized EggFertilized EggImplantationSex brings Pregnancy Best Sex Position to ConceiveAfter Sex, the Sperm resumes duty

A Baby is on the way

5 Factors that Delay Conception Simple terms that would assist you in your journey to become a dad.

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Aloe Vera: Could It Heal the Gut & Boost Brain Power in Autism?

The medicinal potential of aloe vera is astounding! Yet most people only know that aloe gel can be used topically for sunburns. For over 5000 years aloe vera has been used therapeutically as an external and internal remedy. This easy-to-read ebook will explore how this powerhouse plant could aid in healing the digestive tract, strengthening the immune system and boosting brain power in children with Autism.

If your child is on the Autism Spectrum and you are interested in biomedical interventions, join the over 14,500 people who have downloaded this book and add it to your library.

You may also be interested in this author's other book: E.A.T. An Italian Mother's Guide to Going Casein-free in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Teething: The Natural Cures: Quick, Easy and Natural Remedies to Soothe Your Teething Child (Teething Sore Gums and Other Remedies to Help Baby Sleep)

BESTSELLER! Stop Your Baby's Teething Pain Fast and Naturally

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You're about to discover how to soothe your teething baby quickly and naturally!

When I was seventeen, I got my first puppy and thought it was bad. There were teeth marks on everything from my shoes to the legs of the kitchen table. Eventually, I trained him through it and he stopped biting everything in sight when his bigger teeth came in, and he learned about toys.

You can imagine my surprise when it came time for my daughter to start teething, some of those similar things were happening. I noticed it one day when she was crawling (scooting) her way around the living room floor, and he started biting on my phone cord. I took it away, thinking it was just a one-time thing - but it continued. Everything that came into her hand, she tried to gnaw on until it was slobbery and dotted with little impressions.

It continue even when she had some teeth - he would bite on any toy she found, any cord she could reach, and anything she really was not supposed to have until I declared war on anything near the ground.

It was difficult, but we got through it with just a little bit of research, some trial and error, and a whole lot of calls to my mom for some of her tried and true methods that raised quite a few children, and moved on to a few more grandchildren.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Top Remedies the Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know AboutWhy Frozen Things Could be BadGrocery List of Items You Must Have On HandHow to Distinguish Teething from Other SymptomsThe Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions of TeethingAvoid These Classic Mistakes All Moms MakeMuch, much more!

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Get informed and help soothe your baby today. Download this book for a limited time discount and take advantage of my trial and error. These methods work, I have the restful nights to prove it!

Charting Your Way To Conception

Charting Your Way to Conception will teach you how to identify your fertility signs, find out when you are fertile, see if and when you ovulate, and how to use your fertility signs to maximize your chances of conception.

It clearly explains the basics of fertility charting to achieve pregnancy, the relationship between your hormones and your fertility signs, how to observe and record primary and secondary fertility signs and how to interpret your fertility chart.

The current version has been expanded to include more frequently asked questions about fertility charting for conception and includes over 80 "real life" chart illustrations.

From members of

"I learned by charting that even though my cycles were very unpredictable, I could pinpoint when I was about to ovulate. It also showed that my luteal phase was too short which the doctor corrected..."

"I had no idea I wasn't ovulating and when I started seeing that my temps weren't following a pattern, I broached the subject with my gynecologist, who then did an ultrasound and found that I had PCOS. If it weren't for charting it would have taken me a long time to realize there was a serious problem."

"Knowing when I ovulate has been eye-opening for me. I feel much more in control of the trying to conceive process with this information."

"I love charting! I feel like I am actually doing something to help us get pregnant when so much of it is out of my control. I have learned so much about how my body works and what is going on with me from charting."

"WOW, this experience charting my fertility signs has helped me in so many ways. Not only am I more aware of what my body is telling me, but I have a sense of control over an uncertain time..."

"Charting taught me a tremendous amount about me and my body and how it works. It gave me hope when I needed it and it helped me communicate in a much more detailed way with my doctor."

"I love knowing what my body is doing and why, and it made me much more confident and knowledgeable when talking with my OB."

"Charting gave me such an insight into my cycle - before I was just flying blind. Without charting I don't think that I would be 6 months pregnant now."

Guava: Growing Method and Health Benefits

Guava is the one of the popular fruit around the globe. The reason for the immense popularity of the guava is due to the goodness of the nutrition. Further, the leaves of the guava are considered to have immense beneficial effects in the health.

The propagation of the guava can be done both by the seed as well as vegetative means especially the root cutting.

Tuition-Free Scientific Education for the Understanding of Severe, Invaliding Autism

A compilation of free, online videos, books, and courses that mimic much of the progression of courses spanning from undergraduate preparation to the first two years of medical school. The target audience is intended to be parents or relatives of the severely handicapped (especially those with invaliding autism). This audience may wish to have access to foundational courses in science and medicine so as to better understand their relatives' handicap, and to improve communications with physicians who care for their relatives.

Expecting: A Brief History of Pregnancy Advice (Chicago Shorts)

As long as there have been pregnancies, there have been suggestions for how best to bring a child into the world: from tips for homeopathic care and natural childbirth to the circulation of old wives' tales, those who deliver advice to pregnant women are often influenced as much by their own agendas as what is best, or most comfortable, for a new mother. In Expecting, Marika Seigel, author of The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, provides a list of recommended reading and considers the history of pregnancy advice. Opening with her own birthing histories and careful explanation of how she first became interested in the topic, Seigel then casts a skeptical eye over the pregnancy guides that have circulated from the Enlightenment to the present day. Encouraging women to remain empowered when they are pregnant and to collaborate with their health care providers, Seigel articulates how best to have a healthy and affirming birth experience.

Andrew Wakefield: Autism, and the Vaccine Debate

Andrew Wakefield was a world famous surgeon. He was known for exceptional skill and knowledge as he worked to save lives. However, all of that soon came to a crash. In the 1990's Dr. Wakefield published a paper claiming that Autism had been linked to childrens' vaccinations. His findings were not only falsified, but used as a cruel attempt to make money by creating an international scare.

In this essay, Groeneveld explains what exactly happened. What Dr. Wakefield did and what the consequences were of this major scare. Groeneveld is bold, and direct as she gets straight to the facts, and presents them sincerely. Check out her amazing and quick read today!

The 7 M's of Effective Fatherhood

The 7 M's of Effective Fatherhood is a sample of 7 tools to place in your fatherhood, parenting bag and when used you will begin to outline a great blueprint for an effective output. This version is just a sample of the upcoming full release but we had to give just a sample due to the popular demand.

Autism and Vaccines: Comparison of Sources

On April 23, 2014, the University of Sydney published a study verifying the absolute lack of any link between childhood combination vaccines and autism spectrum disorder [ASD]. This study was covered in both the Digital Journal, by Ben Morris, and in the Daily Mail, by Sally Lee, on May 19, 2014. While Morris's article provided a brief history of the controversy's origins, Lee focused on covering the study itself and its findings. I felt that Lee's article was not only more scientific in tone, but that it required a solid understanding of autism and of the controversy, while Morris's article was more conversational in tone and gave a better overview of autism, ASD, the history of the controversy, and the origins of the controversial link itself. Lee's article gave very thorough and in-depth coverage of the Sydney study itself, while Morris seemed more focused on explaining exactly why this study was so significant.

So what caused this big scare? Who was at fault? What's the cause behind all of this? In this essay, Groeneveld goes straight to the facts. She compares the sources used that caused all the controversy and explains why they're so important.

Don't lose this opportunity to educate yourself on one of the biggest medical frauds of the 21st century. Check it out today!

PCOS Pregnancy: Natural Cures: How to Get Pregnant with PCOS; Naturally, Quickly and Easily! (PCOS Pregnant and Pregnancy Lifestyle, Babies, Diet and Weight Loss Kindle Edition)

BESTSELLER OVER 5000 DOWNLOADS! Discover How To Naturally Overcome PCOS and Get Pregnant Fast So You Can Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Motherhood-Kindle Edition

In The PCOS Pregnancy Cure, you will learn specific step-by-step strategies to help you be able to overcome the limitations to pregnancy brought on by PCOS. While many doctors will tell you to wait for your body to provide an opportune time, most are reluctant to advise on the natural remedies that have helped women for decades.

The important thing to understand is that PCOS is controllable and this book will provide you with a natural and easy toolkit to take control back. Thousands of people have been able to get pregnant with PCOS, including myself. If you follow these steps, you will be doing all that you can from a natural and homeopathic perspective to increase your chances of a PCOS pregnancy. You're well on your way to those glorious sleepless nights!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

(How PCOS Inhibits Pregnancy) (Understanding PCOS)(Simple Lifestyle Habits To Change Immediately)(The Silver Bullet Cures No One Can BelieveSupplements You Must Be Taking NowTaking Care of a PCOS Pregnancy4 Herbs You've Never Heard Of (Probably)Learn Proper Timing and Application TechniquesMuch, much more!

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"I called Laura in tears after my OB visit and being told how bad my chances were. She told me all about her experience and gave me a laundry list of natural remedies to try. I am not sure if it was one thing or all, but I got pregnant within 3 months and am expecting baby girl in December." -Crista, IL

Tags: (pcos pregnant, fertility, cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome)

Reflux: The Natural Cures for Babies: Quick, Easy and Natural Remedies to Manage Baby Reflux (Baby Reflux Remedies and Colic to Help Baby Sleep)

BEST SELLER OVER 2000 DOWNLOADS! Cure Baby's Reflux Fast and Naturally with Proven Methods that Work!

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You're about to discover how to solve your baby's reflux, quickly and naturally!

In the first few months of my newborn's life, I started to question whether or not I really had what it took to be a mother. Every night, without fail, just as I had stopped listening to every rustle of his movement and decided to let my mind rest, he would wake up screaming. I would just about get him back to sleep after holding him and calming him down enough, and twenty minutes later, he would be screaming again. Often, he would spit up during these spells, and I was not sure what to do: was this what being a mom meant? I knew it did not include a lot of sleep, but this was ridiculous and it happened no matter where he was - in his bed, in a pack and play, in his bouncy seat, in his car seat, or lying in bed with us.

I took him to the pediatrician, as I suspected that he had night terrors like I did when I was younger. I expected him to send me away with the instructions of buying something like lavender scented lotion or, at worst, melatonin. Instead, he told me that we needed to bring him in for a sleep study to get to the bottom of the situation, as he was technically too young for night terrors.

Seeing my baby in the hospital was heartbreaking, even though I knew he was physically fine (the doctor had assured me) and nothing terrible could happen - he was just going to sleep after all. During the course of the sleep study, the doctors kept making notes and murmuring to each other, and I hoped for an answer. The answer I got was not what I expected: baby reflux.

Now, my husband has had acid reflux for as long as we have been together, and a few Tums usually clears him up. However, since an infant cannot take any antacids easily, I had to give him a prescription for his symptoms. Naturally, I was not too excited about giving my baby medicine at such a young age. It was not until a few months later, when I found out that he would have to go up in dosages because he was starting to eat more, that I decided to go on a search for healthier, more natural options to fix his problems - even if they only were, as the doctors explained, temporary until his coordination improves.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Fast 5 Minute RemediesHow Your Chiropractor can HelpGrocery List of Must Have's on HandSimple Methods to Turn a Crib Into a Reflux Friendly BedThe Top 5 Things You Should NOT DoCommon Misconceptions and MythsWhy Grandma is Right on This OneMuch, much more!

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$2.99! These methods work, I have the restful nights to prove it!

Pregnancy After Preeclampsia