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Life Through His Eyes

Life is not always what we want it to be. Mauricio is struggling with a life he didn't choose for himself and is about to learn an amazing lesson from the person he loves the most - Short Story

A Doula's Guide to Menstruation (A Doulas Guide)

Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho'oponopono Doula(TM), breaks the silence around menstruation in her book "A Doula's Guide to Menstruation." This intensely rich discussion brings such insight and wisdom to the little talked about naturalness of menstruating. Mrs. Keval-Baxter boldly discusses unknown and often forgotten ancient beliefs and taboos associated with a female's cycles and how even today we tend to have plenty of misinformation. Jemmais pulls back the layers of embarrassment and disdain over menstruation and shows us why this process should be celebrated and worshipped. It will have women taking back control of their menstruation and open their eyes to the wondrous world of being a womb-man.

"I truly thought as a mother of four daughters I had covered everything there was to know about menstruation and a woman's body. Wow, was I ever wrong. Reading this book has enlightened me immensely, and I am proud to be a woman that will go forward embracing the power of menstruation. I gifted each one of my daughters a copy, Thank you Jemmais."

Expecting Twins: What to Expect When You're Expecting Two

Expecting twins? You're likely excited, overwhelmed and in planning mode --- all in the same moment!

Not to worry. Elizabeth Lyons, author of the bestselling Holy Sh*t...I'm Having Twins! The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You're Twice as Freaked Out is here to usher you in to this incredible experience with sound advice and the supportive sense of humor for which she's loved by moms of twins across the globe.

You'll discover:

- No matter how you feel, you're completely normal

- You can absolutely handle overwhelm in the baby aisle

- Twins mom-recommended ways to get comfortable when you're anything but

- How to (politely) handle the loads of questions and comments you're likely to receive

Plus, hear Elizabeth's heartwarming twins delivery story (which she's never before publicly told)

BURN THE FAT BUILD A BETTER LIFE: The Art of Improving Your Life by Starting with Fitness

Improve Your Life Now!

Are you tired of being overweight and unhappy about the way you look? Maybe even made weight loss a New Year resolution but nothing has happened?

Do you need motivation and a how-to plan to take you from soft to fit.....without the frustrations, struggles, and information overload?

In this short and easy-to-read book, the author presents a proven plan that will take you from overweight to lean in just 90 days!

In Burn the Fat Build a Better Life, you will find:

- Kevin's personal dieting tips that will take you from soft & weak to lean & strong

- How to master your mindset so you can stay motivated and see your fat loss to the end

- Methods to training, eating, and measuring your way to success burning that belly fat

- Disciplines from transforming your body that you can take and apply to other areas of your life you want to improve

***Burn the Fat Build a Better Life provides you with simple tricks and tips to get the body and mind you've always wanted. It's time you take action and show the world what you're made of.

***Burn the Fat Build a Better life transforms average looking people into healthy, sexy human beings.

***Burn the Fat Build a Better Life helps you reach your full potential, build your confidence, and improve other areas of your life.

Don't wait! Read this book and begin to live the life you really deserve!

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Aloe Vera: Could It Heal the Gut & Boost Brain Power in Autism?

The medicinal potential of aloe vera is astounding! Yet most people only know that aloe gel can be used topically for sunburns. For over 5000 years aloe vera has been used therapeutically as an external and internal remedy. This easy-to-read ebook will explore how this powerhouse plant could aid in healing the digestive tract, strengthening the immune system and boosting brain power in children with Autism.

If your child is on the Autism Spectrum and you are interested in biomedical interventions, join the over 14,500 people who have downloaded this book and add it to your library.

You may also be interested in this author's other book: E.A.T. An Italian Mother's Guide to Going Casein-free in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tuition-Free Scientific Education for the Understanding of Severe, Invaliding Autism

A compilation of free, online videos, books, and courses that mimic much of the progression of courses spanning from undergraduate preparation to the first two years of medical school. The target audience is intended to be parents or relatives of the severely handicapped (especially those with invaliding autism). This audience may wish to have access to foundational courses in science and medicine so as to better understand their relatives' handicap, and to improve communications with physicians who care for their relatives.

Survival Medicine Handbook: A Must Have Supplies And Pills For Your First Aid Kit

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Survival Medicine Handbook: A Must Have Supplies And Pills For Your First Aid Kit

Survival Medicine Kit: A Must Have Medical Handbook For Your First Aid Kit is designed for your guidance. A well-stocked survival medicine kit is an important part of your life because it proves helpful in emergency situations.

A properly designed first aid kit can help you to save the life of your family members. This book will help you to understand the need for a first aid kit and you can be able to design your own survival medicine kit.

You can keep this kit with you in your car to treat anyone easily around you. A first aid kit contains all supplies in one location and you can easily access it to save an injured person.

A good survival medicine kit will help you to save money and time. A ready-made first aid kit is available in the market, but it will be beneficial to prepare your own kit.

This book will offer:

Major Areas of First Aid in Case of Disaster

Important Medicines for First Aid Kit

Essential Things for the Treatment of Injuries

Medications for CPR and Stroke Treatment

Treatment for Poisons, Stings, and Bites

Download this book because it will help you to treat your loved ones in case of any injury and wound.

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The 5-Step Adventure from Failure to Father to Hero: 5 Steps to More Meaningful Relationships with Your Family

Are you struggling in your journey as a father? Do you want desperately to become the husband and dad your family deserves, but don't know where to start? This simple, five-step plan for dads and parents gives you practical steps you can take today to start developing more meaningful relationships with your wife and children. In five to-the-point chapters, this book will help you begin building the legacy you want to leave, and teach you how to become the hero your family deserves. No matter how good -- or how bad -- a father you think you may be, this quick read will give you a quick win that will positively impact your family for years to come.

First Aid Kit: The Complete Guide to Emergency Medicine With The Help Of Medicinal Plants and Natural Herbs Remedies

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First Aid Kit: (FREE Bonus Included)

The Complete Guide to Emergency Medicine With The Help Of Medicinal Plants and Natural Herbs Remedies

This eBook, "Medicine First Aid Kit: The Ultimate Guide to First Aid Treatment Using Medicinal Plants and Natural Herbal Remedies" is a must read for all people who like to spend some spare time wandering out in the wild. This eBook discusses some of the life saver plants which can provide you great first aid out in the wild. It also contains plants with medicinal benefits of a curing cough and fever, and the home remedies recipes that you can make from these plants. It also contains information on wild plants and herbs with great antiseptic values. Some precautions and safety measures that you must adopt while enjoying the health benefits of the natural herbs and medicinal plants are also discussed in it.

In short, this eBook offers:

Life Saver Plants in the Wilderness

Medicinal Plants for Cough and Fever

Natural Antiseptics in the Wilderness

Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Precautions to Use Medicinal Plants and Natural Herbs

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Survival Medicine Handbook: CPR And First Aid Knowledges You Need To Save Life While Emergency

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Survival Medicine Handbook:

CPR And First Aid Knowledges You Need To Save Life While Emergency

One of the most valuable gifts of nature to humans is the "life" itself. All the joy and laughter is related to a lifeline. If one continues with his life, then the opportunities are countless. But the question of survival put everyone concerned about saving and continuing his or her life. As far as the survival is concerned, sometimes, things are not under one's control and the certain unforeseen situation may come along, like an emergency. In this situation readiness and awareness about survival strategies can increase the chances of life saving.

In this book, the reader will be guided by all those common emergency issues which can be the part of any sudden catastrophe or wilderness situation. Although these situations may not come along very frequently but we have to keep ourselves prepared as they are uncertain and can happen to anyone at any time. If we are prepared on a collective basis, we can help each other in a better way.

The important aspects which are narrated as a major part of this book will cater following chief topics, which are all intended for the presentation of useful aspects of survival medicine.

The informative introductory discussion about the importance of survival medicine, which lies at the foundation of basic human needs.

A description of major areas of first aid in case of catastrophes, including blood loss, breathing blockage, shock, and related issues.

A comprehensive account of making first aid kit for various survival situations including various diseases and dental emergencies, along with guidelines and tips for using these kits in most effective way.

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Autism and Vaccines: Comparison of Sources

On April 23, 2014, the University of Sydney published a study verifying the absolute lack of any link between childhood combination vaccines and autism spectrum disorder [ASD]. This study was covered in both the Digital Journal, by Ben Morris, and in the Daily Mail, by Sally Lee, on May 19, 2014. While Morris's article provided a brief history of the controversy's origins, Lee focused on covering the study itself and its findings. I felt that Lee's article was not only more scientific in tone, but that it required a solid understanding of autism and of the controversy, while Morris's article was more conversational in tone and gave a better overview of autism, ASD, the history of the controversy, and the origins of the controversial link itself. Lee's article gave very thorough and in-depth coverage of the Sydney study itself, while Morris seemed more focused on explaining exactly why this study was so significant.

So what caused this big scare? Who was at fault? What's the cause behind all of this? In this essay, Groeneveld goes straight to the facts. She compares the sources used that caused all the controversy and explains why they're so important.

Don't lose this opportunity to educate yourself on one of the biggest medical frauds of the 21st century. Check it out today!

A Time for Metabolism and Hormones (Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions)

Recent years have seen spectacular advances in the field of circadian biology. These have attracted the interest of researchers in many fields, including endocrinology, neurosciences, cancer, and behavior. By integrating a circadian view within the fields of endocrinology and metabolism, researchers will be able to reveal many, yet-unsuspected aspects of how organisms cope with changes in the environment and subsequent control of homeostasis. This field is opening new avenues in our understanding of metabolism and endocrinology. A panel of the most distinguished investigators in the field gathered together to discuss the present state and the future of the field. The editors trust that this volume will be of use to those colleagues who will be picking up the challenge to unravel how the circadian clock can be targeted for the future development of specific pharmacological strategies toward a number of pathologies.

4 Steps to Potty Train Your Dog

Our 4 step guide to potty training your dog. Includes our potty training chart.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider Handbook

The Save a Life Initiative has just released its newest course: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). This manual is based on the 2015-2020 ACLS guidelines published by the American Heart Association. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider Handbook is a comprehensive resource intended for health care professionals currently enrolled in an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification or Recertification Course. It serves as the primary training material for ACLS Certification and Recertification courses. Although it is primarily intended for use during their courses, the handbook was also created to serve as daily reference material for health care professionals. Information covered in the handbook includes ACLS instruction for adults and children through multiple case scenarios. Case scenarios include, but are not limited to, respiratory arrest, ventricular fibrillation, and bradycardia. Specific ACLS algorithms and more are also included within the handbook. All material included in this handbook is delivered in a manner meant to enhance learning in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible.

CPR, AED and First Aid Provider Handbook

The Save a Life Initiative has just released its newest course: CPR, AED & First Aid. This manual is based on the 2015-2020 CPR, AED and First Aid guidelines published by the American Heart Association and is designed to train people everywhere to respond to everyday emergencies.

The course covers First Aid basics, including first aid kits, tooth injuries, bee stings, insect bites, nose bleeds and other common problems. Advanced topics include heart attack, stroke, asthma emergencies, head injuries, burns and more. Each topic is broken down into critical decisions to make and steps to take. This book will give you the confidence you need in situations that range from minor to crisis. The book also covers how to provide adult, child, and infant CPR, as well as use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).This course is written by Dr. Karl F. Disque, a board certified anesthesiologist and registered pharmacist. Dr. Disque has certified thousands of healthcare professionals with his courses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Basic Life Support (BLS), and now he brings that same expertise to his first course designed for people in the community. This is one of the most effective and user-friendly training manuals on the market because it was created by a team dedicated to life support education with the goal of training people to help save lives.

This manual is the primary training material for CPR, AED, and First Aid certification courses provided by National Health Care Provider Solutions ( While it is originally created for use during certification courses, the handbook is excellent reference material for both anyone to keep their everyday emergency response skills sharp.