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Green's Thumb (Men of Retail)

Real men, real love, real happy.

Mitch Graham and Karl Hartman are meant for each other - they just don't know it yet. They're both gay, middle aged, single, and open to meeting that special someone. Problem is, they never get out of the house!

With Karl working from home, and Mitch's non-existent social life, it seems unlikely the two will ever meet. When Mitch decides on a whim to visit a new dog park, Karl's greyhound takes a shine to him, and the game is on.

In a sneaky bid to spend more time together, Karl hires Mitch to do some landscaping work on his front yard. It doesn't take long for something special to grow along with the flowers.

"What an amazingly great read. Love can be found regardless of age. Simply wonderful!"

"The chemistry between Mitch & Karl was HOT and the story was funny, sweet & very well written."

The Library Ghost and Happy REGARDS (Chameleon Moon Short Stories)

These two Chameleon Moon short stories will give readers an especially good foundation to enjoy Book 2: The Lifeline Signal. Both come from the collection Life Within Parole.

* * *

1. Happy REGARDS - It's Evelyn's birthday, and Danae and Rose are determined to make it absolutely perfect. But like the old rule goes, the harder you aim for perfection, if something can possibly go wrong, it will. And in Parole, 'going wrong' will involve robotic cats and dogs, disaster-prone cakes, hungry carnivorous plants, mysterious "coincidences," and strangely morbid birthday cards with elaborate wax seals. Parole never stops being Parole, even for one day. Fortunately, the people who live there wouldn't have it any other way.

2. The Library Ghost - Where the Emerald Bar is Parole's resistance headquarters, if you need a warm bed and a safe haven, you head to the library. There's one problem: people say it's haunted. But like most things in Parole, the truth is both stranger and sweeter than fiction.

Runtime (Chameleon Moon Short Stories)

A prequel short story to Book 1 of the Chameleon Moon series.

* * *

The streets of Parole are dangerous - and fragile. They can crumble underfoot and vanish at any moment. And with a permanent fire below, even walking can be perilous. Sometimes, it's safer to run. When people with practical survival skills or fantastic abilities join forces to get jobs done without getting burned, they call it runtime.

Even when stealth and reconnaissance expert Regan isn't actually invisible, nobody's better at hiding in plain sight. Or at slipping into places nobody else can reach, hearing things he shouldn't hear, learning things he shouldn't know. His reptilian reflexes and very specific skills make him invaluable to Parole's resistance, and very dangerous to the brutal Major Turret and his military and surveillance force called Eye in the Sky... and anything they want to keep a secret.

Regan works best in the dark, and happily leaves the spotlight to his celebrated runtime partner: celebrated, infamous cyber-revolutionary CyborJ, who spends every night gleefully jabbing at Eye in the Sky with his keyboard of justice. His technical brilliance and flair for drama combine with Regan's stealth and secrecy to form Parole's most frighteningly-effective runtime duo. Fortunately, they're the good guys.

Tonight's run went off without a hitch. CyborJ just delivered the best cache of goodies yet to the people of quarantined Parole - but this time, that's just the beginning. Across the city, his silent partner Regan carries the real treasure in his pocket: a secret. A very sensitive, very dangerous secret about the world beyond the barrier.

The hard part is over. All Regan has to do is get home alive - but this run is about to be intercepted. The grinning ghost Hans will make Regan an offer nobody in Parole could refuse: escape. Not just for Regan, but for all of them. All he has to do is betray everyone and everything he loves.

Welcome to Parole, where the fire is always burning, and everyone is always running out of time.

Under the Hill Vol 0

When Ben Chaudhry is attacked in his own home by elves, they disappear as quickly as they came. He reaches for the phone book, but what kind of exterminator gets rid of the Fae? Maybe the Paranormal Defense Agency will ride to his rescue.

Sadly, they turn out to be another rare breed: a bunch of UFO hunters led by Chris Gatrell, who--while distractingly hot--was forcibly retired from the RAF on grounds of insanity.

Shot down in WWII--and shot forward seventy years in time, stranded far from his wartime sweetheart--Chris has been a victim of the elves himself. He fears they could destroy Ben's life as thoroughly as they destroyed his. While his team tries to determine what the elves want with Ben, Chris is more than willing to protect Ben with his body. He never bargained for his heart getting involved.

Just as they begin to think there's a chance to build a new life together, a ghostly voice from Chris's past warns that the danger is greater than they can imagine. And it may take more than a team of rank amateurs to keep Ben - and the world - out of the elf queen's snatching hands...

The Impossible Cottage

Alex is a young guy about town in trendy gay London. He knows life could better and does what he can to try and make it so, but the finer things in life always seem to elude him.

Maybe he just needs to re-define "finer", after all even a simple pop-tune CAN be perfect; can't it?

Join him on his adventure to find out and see if he also finds out a few things about himself; sometimes even he's just not pretty...

What Would You Say If I Told You . . .: Lesbian Songs to a Married Woman

A collection of poems exploring one lesbian's unrequited love for a woman who identifies as straight. Haven't we all been there? This full-color booklet is filled with poems of both traditional and free verse. Using religious imagery to describe the holiness of the union that exists between two women in love, the poet extols the warmth and tenderness with which one woman expresses passionate love for another. Makes a lovely gift for the lesbian in your life, or for the straight woman you love.

... Like Charcoal to a Flame [82 Haiku and Longer Poems]

A mantra that I hope that I and others will follow, my fear of feeling lost and overshadowed, my fear of feeling worth less than what I feel like I deserve, my wish to be recognized for all my talents, poetic and otherwise, and my thoughts about bigotry.

All these 82 poems (13 longer poems and 69 haiku poems) collect many of my thoughts, aside from all the above, even if they're expressed briefly. Haiku poetry can say so much in so little words.

I welcomed catharsis, and I welcome all constructive reviews.

The Beefy Manifesto

The Beefy Manifesto is a praise poem celebrating the beauty of big men.

We shall be husky, stocky, burly, chunky or beefy

We shall stroll the streets on a slow rotation

Of ball of foot, and heel

Of meaty cheeks slowly bouncing high and low

We shall demand attention wherever we go

Folks will stop and stare

But we won't care

As we present beef on the bone

Man made of fur, fat and muscle.

We present the Beefy Manifesto

We present not arms but our manly charms...

A Lonely Heart