Gay & Lesbian Literature Books

Seduced by 2: Best Friends to Lovers Book 1

Happy to spend the night at home with her live-in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out he's made other plans for them. Plans which include inviting his drop-dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over.

Max is convinced Maya doesn't like Foster, but thinks he can fix the problem if he can only get the two of them to spend some quality time together.

Maya's feelings for Foster are complicated. She feels guilty for harboring an attraction to Foster that borders on obsession, even though she's head over heels in love with Max. And Foster's good looks make her so nervous and flustered that she can barely manage to speak in his presence.

No matter - these things tend to work themselves out when two rock hard alpha bad boys get their babygirl sandwiched between them on a tiny couch, in front of a blistering hot porn, while plying her with alcohol.

The Winter Omega: (MPreg Shifter Prologue) (The Night Pack Book 1)

Heavily pregnant and surrounded by enemies, Frost's one chance of survival is his mate.

Even being a prized Omega couldn't save Frost from being driven out of his pack. No one wanted an unlucky white "Winter Wolf" attracting humans and other dark creatures of the night.

Then Frost met his mate, a kitsune shifter who loves him despite his unlucky fur.

Kane is dashing, brave, and clever. With hard times ahead and a pup on the way, he has a plan that's just insane enough to work: hide their pup and themselves by giving up everything, including their shifter powers...

...But some things aren't so easily buried...

The Winter Wolf is a short and sexy prologue to the upcoming novel, The Last Omega.

My Boyfriend’s Dominating Dad:Taboo MMF Bisexual Threesome

Caden takes his bad-girl girlfriend Cloe with him when he breaks into his old house. Aroused by the heart-pounding thrill of it all, they are lost in a sexual encounter as they lay in Caden's old bed. But when the sexy new man-of-the-house catches them, Caden is forced at gunpoint to live out his taboo MMF bisexual threesome fantasy by sexually pleasing both his girlfriend and the built, alpha male who holds their lives in his hands.

Solid Education

Gage Tackett comes off as a bad boy-detached and maybe a little dangerous. Definitely not Vet Sciences Professor Derek Paulson's type. When Gage arrives at Derek's veterinary clinic with a frostbitten stray dog, Derek realizes his most difficult student has a few things to teach him. Things he's more than willing to learn.