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The Pickling King: The Ultimate Guide

* The Ultimate Pickling Recipe Guide * If you learn how to pickle, you'll be able to control the ingredients to make a healthy snack. If you're really feeling daring, you can try some of the recipes in this book to pickle some fruits, eggs and meats. Now you can learn to pickle food for your health and for fun. We have collected over 30 of the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy! Take a peak at a few of the recipes inside! Pickled Jalapenos Pickled Apples Pickled Garlic Pickled Shrimp Pickled Watermelon Pickled Pig's Feet Pickled Carrots Enjoy delicious pickling today! Scroll Up & Grab Your Copy NOW!

The Homesteader's Guide to Preserving Avocados Freshly for Days!: How to Safely Store Avocados for Days Without Spoilage or Browning

Need to preserve fresh avocados, cut avocados, mashed avocados, and even guacamole?

Then read this avocado preservation guide and discover...

* Should you freeze whole avocados?

* What should you do if you don't want to eat a whole avocado and store the spare half?

* How to keep cut avocados from turning brown.

* How to keep open avocados fresh for several days.

* Simple ways to ripen unripe avocados.

* Why avocados are so healthy.

* How to pickle avocados.

* How to preserve guacamole for a few days.

* Delicious and healthy avocado recipes.

...and many more avocado preserving secrets!

Canning and Food Preserving: An Introduction To Jams Pickles and Home-Grown Food Preserving

Preserving Meat, Fish, Fruit & Vegetables

This book is especially relevant if you are growing your own food! Simply because as any successful gardener will tell you, there is usually just too much food produced at one time for you to use at one sitting!

This is an introduction to food preparation for storage or preservation.

Jams, Pickles, Jelly recipes are included here, as well as smoking and curing fish and meat products. The basics behind a simple DIY smoke house - or even plans for a simple root cellar!

What you will Find in this book..


Salting andSmoking Food

Dry Storage

Pickles& Relishes

Jams,Jellies and Marmalade

Canning andBottling


Air Drying



Raspberry Jam:

Blackcurrant & AppleJam:

Gooseberry Jam:

Plum & RaspberryJam:

Apricot Jam:

Rowan & Apple Jelly

Orange Marmalade:

Rhubarb Strawberry &Redcurrant Jam

'Quick Canning' PickleRecipes

Pickled Beetroot:

Tomato & Sweet PepperChutney:

Quick Sweet CucumberPickle

Mixed Vegetable Pickle:

Pickled Green Beans:

Pickled JalapenoPeppers:

Pickled cauliflower:

JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded

This guide is intended to provide you with the essential information to make your first small jars in a safe and enjoyable way. It will guide you through all stages from preparation to storage of your products.

You will discover the principles of conservation for different types of food, the benefits of home canning, the recommended methods as well as the ones to avoid.

Then you will learn the two proper methods of treatment: the boiling water bath and the pressure canning methods. You will find a list of essential equipment and the detailed steps for a successful canning experience.

Finally you will gain some hands on experience with our easy and delicious recipes.

This guide do not claim to be scientific or complete. We simply wants to give you the tools you need to get into the fun activity of preparing your home preserves.

About this second edition:

Following the success of the first edition, and thanks to some suggestions from our readers, we offer this revised version, corrected and expanded. We have included the imperial and some tables on the processing time for the preservation of the most popular fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. We also cover the effect of altitude on the processing time and pressure required for the safe canning of foods.

Improving on the initial contents of this document we have also redesigned it to make it more educational, more fun to read and use.

We hope that this new revision will meet your expectations and wish you a successful canning experience and "Bon appetit"


12 recipes that will allow you to practice the canning techniques. They are divided into three levels of complexity:

Level 1 = easy. The recipes are very simple. You can focus on techniques for canning without too much worry about the recipe itself.

Recipe # 1 - Apple sauce with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla (boiling water method)

Recipe # 2 - Canned Pears (boiling water method)

Recipe # 3 - Canned fresh tomatoes (pressure canning method)

Recipe # 4 - Canned Carrots (pressure canning method)

2 = medium level. The recipes are a little more elaborate. There are more steps before moving on to canning.

Recipe # 5 - Tangerine marmalade (boiling water method)

Recipe # 6 - Pork Cretons la JeBouffe (pressure canning method)

Recipe # 7 - Quick and Tasty Green Ketchup (boiling water method)

Recipe # 8 - Marinara Sauce (pressure canning method)

Level 3 = complex. The recipes are longer and more complex. There are more steps before moving on to canning.

Recipe # 9 - Plum jam with cinnamon (boiling water method)

Recipe # 10 - Nectarine Chutney (pressure canning method)

Recipe # 11 - Cherries and Raspberries Spread (boiling water method)

Recipe # 12 - Kedjenou chicken (pressure canning method)

By following these recipes step by step, we guarantee the success of your first home preserves. After having practiced the basic techniques you can apply them to your favorite recipes and get our book "JeBouffe Home Canning Recipes volume1" for even more idea.

Fermented Foods for a Healthy Gut: 9 Traditional Fermented Foods that Boost Digestive Health

For centuries, people have known that fermented food is one of the keys to gut health through natural probiotics--and a healthy body

Traditionally used as a way to preserve food for longer and over cold winter months when little grows, fermented food had a double benefit: encouraging the growth of good bacteria and improving the nutritional value of this real food.

In this book, you'll discover why fermentation is so good for you--and also how you can make your own fermented food in the comfort of your own home!

You'll learn how to make the following traditional foods--and just why they're so good for you in the first place:

Yoghurt--a staple in any kitchen, you can make your own with just a little time and some key ingredients

Soft cheese--tasty and good for you, soft cheese is also surprisingly easy to make

Sauerkraut--traditionally buried underground, these days you can make this German staple indoors

Beverages--kombucha and ginger beer are two refreshing drinks for a summer's day that you can make in your kitchen

Improve your gut health while enjoying delicious homemade fermented food--get Fermented Foods for a Healthy Gut today!