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Remember My Name

'A whirlwind of glitz and entertaining debut' - OK!For the one magical moment, standing there in the spotlight everything felt...perfect.

Since owning the stage in her high school musical, Jessica Malone has dreamed of being a star. Now twenty-two, singing Disney songs at children's parties is the closest she's come. Which can have surprising benefits when she meets gorgeous Jack Duncan. Not only is Jack very easy on the eye; he's Head of Talent for Starmaker Records and impressed by Jess's beautiful voice.

Wasting no time, Jack persuades Jess to join him in London. Once at Starmaker, however, Jess is making more tea than music, and always a waitress, never a guest, at celebrity parties. Until the night that Jack's biggest star cant go on stage and before she knows whats happening, Jess has ditched her tray of canapes for a microphone and given the performance of her life.

Suddenly Jess has the fame she's always longed for but is she ready to leave her old life behind?





Innocent or Guilty? psychological thrillers: Thrilling Suspense Novel

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Story 1:

Michelle Maguire is a 34-year-old divorced woman that has recently been laid off from her job.

Soon after Michelle decides to take a break and try to find happiness, she receives the shocking news that her ex-husband has been murdered.

Michelle slowly grows more and more curious about who killed her ex-husband, and she vows to figure it out. She won't rest until she knows who the murderer is...

But the path she decides to take is not a simple one.

Will Michelle find out who murdered her ex-husband in cold blood?

Story 2:

James Findlay has made some powerful enemies. As his small, island nation's only representative to the Paris climate conference, he holds a unique amount of power of his own. But he knows too much.

For instance, he knows that Earth is still in an Ice Age, after 2.6 million years of persistent polar ice. Why would this be dangerous? Because the international power brokers depend on the conference delegates approving their measures. If global warming is found to be good, instead of dangerous, their multi-trillion dollar plan will fail. Warmth in an Ice Age might not be seen as dangerous. Findlay also knows that the power brokers have been confusing pollution and carbon dioxide. He knows that CO2 is a beneficial gas which has actually been greening the Earth--a fact that the UN's scientists are not discussing.

After Findlay is drugged at the conference, he realizes that someone is desperate to stop him.

When Findlay finds his fiancee, Moira, murdered in their hotel room, he suspects that someone at the conference had arranged to kill her. He feels that someone is trying to warn him off and not at all subtly.

But Findlay realizes that much more is at stake than his own life and the lives of those close to him. What he does next could make the difference between survival and death of billions of his fellow humans.

Story 3:

Wendy is plenty of things: weakling, weeper, coward and Daddy's princess. She constantly runs from her past, too fearful to prove her innocence and guilt about the events of her birthday six years ago. The past six years she has managed to build a new life of joy and love shadowed by her roommate, Monica.

Wendy is motivated by Monica and her brother, Wendy's boyfriend, to give her past another chance, to talk to her parents again. But nothing is as easy as it appears, Wendy has to face yet another lifelong trauma and guilt of her mother's death. The past that Wendy has always sought to ignore and escape comes back - very much alive - to haunt her and prove both Wendy's Innocence and Guilt.

Will Wendy recover the trust of her boyfriend and father once her biggest secret is exposed? Will she be loved again her boyfriend? And most importantly, will she become her Daddy's princess again?