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Easy-to-Learn English Grammar and Punctuation, Part 1 of 2: A step-by-step guide for a strong English foundation: Volume 1

Which is correct? Anthony and Tina's house or Anthony's and Tina's house? We are inviting people like yourself, or we are inviting people like you? Why is a hyphen needed in lovely-looking lady but not in honestly working clerk? Why is the c lowercase in Toyota cars but not in Fergusson College? Inside, Sitara Maruf deciphers the English language's confusing rules and sets you on a path to learning grammar the right way-one topic at a time. Using everyday examples in a wide range of contexts, grammar becomes easy to learn, understand, and remember. She also points to variations and exceptions and how to avoid common mistakes. Which article can be used before a noncount noun? Which verb tenses do not need helping verbs? How is a comma used with quotation marks? What are homonyms and heteronyms? From parts of speech and articles to capitalization, punctuation, and pronunciation, she clears up trouble spots, to help you understand, apply, and remember the rules. Moreover, you can test your new knowledge with skill-building exercises and an answer section. Sitara Maruf's original curriculum helps people in the United States, as well as overseas, improve their English grammar skills, satisfy intellectual curiosity, and gain confidence in the language. In addition, this guide serves as a future reference and a supplement for English and writing courses.

Learning at Not-School: A Review of Study, Theory, and Advocacy for Education in Non-Formal Settings (The John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning)

Learning at Not-School Schools do not define education, and they are not the only institutions in which learning takes place. After-school programs, music lessons, Scouts, summer camps, on-the-job training, and home activities all offer out-of-school educational experiences. In Learning at Not-School, Julian Sefton-Green explores studies and scholarly research on out-of-school learning, investigating just what it is tha... Full description

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture Shifting the conversation about the "digital divide" from questions of technological access to questions about opportunities for being involved in participatory culture and acquiring the necessary skills. Full description

Algebra - The Very Basics

If you're looking for a gentle introduction to basic mathematics, look no further. This book picks you up at the very beginning and guides you through the foundations of algebra using lots of examples and no-nonsense explanations. Each chapter contains well-chosen exercises as well as all the solutions. No prior knowledge is required.

Topics include: Exponents, Brackets, Linear Equations and Quadratic Equations. For a more detailed table of contents, use the "Look Inside" feature. From the author of "Great Formulas Explained" and "Physics! In Quantities and Examples".

Those interested in delving into the exciting field of calculus and mathematical physics after attaining the very basics of algebra are invited to continue their journey with the "Math Shorts" series, starting with "Math Shorts - Exponential and Trigonometric Functions" and the free e-book "Math Shorts - Derivatives". Readers who prefer learning the basics of probability calculations can move on to the introductory text "Statistical Snacks".

How to Approach Learning: What teachers and students should know about succeeding in school (Study Skills Book 0)

Academic success is rooted in a number of factors, of which 'intelligence' is

only one. Attitude and beliefs, and knowledgeable strategy use, are critical.

This is the core message of this collection of articles and research

reports on study skills from the author's websites, arranged and edited for greater

cohesiveness. Its aim is to describe and provide evidence for concepts and strategies that may

change your approach to teaching or studying.

The book contains articles on:

personal factors that affect academic achievement: motivation,

persistence, anxiety, intelligence, self-regulation

choosing strategies that are effective for the situation

what 'transfer' is and why it's important

how experts develop expertise

the idea of 'desirable difficulties'

the limits of memorization and rote learning

some useful strategies in:



reaching understanding.


book is for students who are serious about being successful in study, and

teachers who want to know how best to help their students learn.

As always with the Mempowered books, the short book is fully referenced.

Teaching English Abroad: All Things TEFL for Native and Non-native English Teachers

Teaching English Abroad: All Things TEFL for Native and Non-native English Teachers--perfect for every academician, current or budding English teacher, and nomad who is looking to experience and conquer the TEFL industry.

"The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching." ~ Aristotle

Whether you're experienced in the field of teaching English overseas, or you're a complete newbie - the guide will quickly, and comprehensively bring you up to speed on finding the best English teaching job around the world; and will also give the reader valuable and up-to-date information on a wide variety of TEFL friendly countries around the globe. The book is designed for those looking to leave their dead end job, make a rewarding lifestyle change to be location independent, and most of all to assist you in getting certified to teach English as a foreign language.

But before you set off, it's pivotal to consider what new job, new experience, new country, new culture, and contract is right for you?

Are you looking to quit the 9 to 5 rat race?

The book will inspire you to make that positive change that you have been searching for and give you first hand advice on everything you will ever need to know about teaching English abroad with information collated from Williams' decade of experience teaching abroad and input from other qualified ESL teachers, we well as thorough research to add value to your job search.

Native English Speaker vs. Non-native English speaker (NES vs. NNES)

In certain countries, such as South Korea - you will only be able to find a teaching position and obtain a visa if you are a "native English speaker" hailing from either Britain, Ireland, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa. If you are from a country that is considered "non-native" then don't fret, the opportunities out there are still plentiful in an array of countries across the world; and the book will explore those countries and opportunities with you. There is also an additional chapter for Filipino teachers looking to make the move abroad and information on how and where to find a position.

Are you qualified?

If you haven't already obtained a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certification, or you're looking to top-up your current qualifications then you'll find an abundance of information on what each of these courses are and what they offer.

In addition, you will also learn exactly how to land a job, the desired qualifications, visa requirements and expected salary in over twenty different countries.

It's extremely important for you to find and choose the best contract, in the best country, at the best school or language institution. In places like China, it is extremely common for recruiters to offer you a position as soon as they see your CV, that you're a native English speaker, and that you have a TEFL diploma. But there are so many jobs, in so many countries available, the book will give you specific details on what to consider: is this job, this school, this contract, this pay rate and benefits, the amount of holidays, and this community the right choice for you.

Don't just holiday abroad, move there, live there, teach there, play there and completely immerse yourself in a brand new culture. What are you waiting for?

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, Kindle device or buy it on paperback.

PHONICS - A Sounds - Book 1: Improve Your Child's Spelling and Reading Skills- Elementary School: 170 Pages of Phonics Education for Children aged 5 to 10

Phonics are an essential skill that all beginner readers must master. Do you want to help your child to develop their spelling, reading and writing skills? Work through this Phonics book with your child and they will learn how to spell all the major sounds that start with a. 170 pages of A sounds! You can use this book with a young child who is just starting school or with an older child who has missed out on the basics. If a child doesn't know their phonic sounds...they will always struggle with spelling, reading and writing.

Sometimes the same sound can be spelt in different ways, e.g. the sound ake (cake) can also be spelt ache earache) and eak (steak). The best way to use this book is to focus on one sound at a time. Read through them with your child, talk about the sounds, practice spelling them and write them.

The A Sounds book is the largest of the series. You will also find the e, i, o and u books on Amazon.

Katrina Kahler and Karen Campbell are teachers with 60 years of combined experience in Elementary Schools. They are highly successful teachers who have helped thousands of children. This is how they teach the children in their classroom to spell.

Start working with your child today and see the difference it will make to their literacy skills.

Best Teacher Ever: How to truly receive the sense of accomplishment from teaching children (teach, classroom, teaching phonics, teach reading, classroom ... classroom management, learning resources)

Time To Become The Best Teacher Ever

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Are you a teacher or aspiring to be one? Now is the time to become the best at the work you do. This book is the ultimate guide which will bring the kind of transformation in your career that you have often dreamt of. All of us aspire to achieve professional excellence but only a few can achieve the same.

This book is full of tips and methods that can give you the idea regarding how you can become the best possible teacher. If you have tried and failed or you never trusted yourself enough to try, this is the book you cannot afford to miss.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn

Understanding your teaching responsibilitiesFollowing the inner voice of your mindHelping out the students Walking the extra mile to assist the ones who need your helpUnderstanding the right needs of the studentsDeveloping the overall personality of the studentsOffering to be the right mentorBeing the mirror that reflects your students' shineSteadying the instability of their career

These are just few of the points that can be used for the sake of becoming the best possible teacher. Downloading this book might open the world of happiness for you. Those who are tired of failing in the teaching profession need to get hold of this book today because it will spell the change they have been seeking all along.

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Multiculturalism and Conflict Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific: Migration, Language and Politics

This book is open access under a CC BY license. Japan has recently promoted a number of initiatives....

10 Rules for Achieving English Fluency: Learn how to successfully learn English as a foreign language

Do you want to know how successful English learners master the language and become fluent? I have outlined the 10 rules for becoming fluent in English after years of teaching. These are the same rules that all my top students used to become masters with the English language.

Implement 1 of these rules, and your English will improve. Implement all 10, and you're sure to become an excellent English speaker.

Idea Craft: Discover the Best Small Business Idea for You!

Discover: The Perfect Small Business Idea for You!

Are you a small business beginner?

Do you want to find a simple small business idea from home but have no idea where to start?

Do you want to start a side hustle but need some side hustle ideas?

There are more opportunities than ever for starting a small business or side hustle. With so many options, how do you know which one to choose? You could pick the first idea you think of, but that could lead to stress and failure. Or maybe you need help coming up with any idea at all. Idea Craft can help! You will learn how to craft the perfect business idea for you! You are unique and your small business should be tailored to you. Whether you are looking for a side hustle to earn some extra income, or eventually want to earn a full-time income with your business, it all starts with the right idea.

How will you craft your perfect business idea?

You will begin by brainstorming the topic of your business. Next, you'll work through some questions to help you understand your business personality. Then you'll dive into understanding all the many types of businesses available. Finally you'll craft that perfect small business idea!

Business Topic + Business Type = Your Perfect Business Idea!

This books is for you if . . .

-You want to discover an idea that will earn you extra income

-You need help coming up with side hustle ideas

-You have several small business ideas, but you need help finding the best small business idea

-You want to discover a simple business idea you can do from home

-You have limited time and need to discover realistic side hustle ideas

-You have a lot of time and need to discover a small business idea that can grow into full time income

-You are computer savvy

-You are not computer savvy

-Everyone looking for ideas to earn extra income in a way they enjoy!

Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age (The John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning)

The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age Cathy Davidson and David Theo Goldberg focus on the potential for shared and interactive learning made possible by the Internet. Full description

75 Worksheets for Daily Math Practice: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division: Maths Workbook

Daily Math Practice 75 Worksheets

This e-book contains several math worksheets for practice. There is one worksheet for each type of math problem including different digits with operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These varying level of mathematical ability activities help in improving adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing operation skills of the student by frequent practicing of the worksheets provided.

There is nothing more effective than a pencil and paper for practicing some math skills. These math worksheets are ideal for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. The companion ebook allows you to take print outs of these worksheets instantly or you can save them for later use. The learner can significantly improve math knowledge by developing a simple habit to daily practice the math drills.

Tutors and homeschoolers use the maths worksheets to test and measure the child's mastery of basic math skills. These math drill sheets can save you precious planning time when homeschooling as you can use these work sheets to give extra practice of essential math skills. Parents use these mathematics worksheets for their kids homework practice too.

Designed for after school study and self study, it is used by homeschooler, special needs and gifted kids to add to the learning experience in positive ways. You can also use the worksheets during the summer to get your children ready for the upcoming school term. It helps your child excel in school as well as in building good study habits. If a workbook or mathematic textbook is not allowing for much basic practise, these sheets give you the flexibility to follow the practice that your student needs for an education curriculum.

These worksheets are not designed to be grade specific for students, rather depend on how much practice they've had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your school is organized. Kids work at their own level and their own pace through these activities. The learner can practice one worksheet a day, two worksheets a day, one every alternate day, one per week, two per week or can follow any consistent pattern. Make best use of your judgement.

Work, Energy, and Power: An Introduction to Basic Energy Physics (Stick Figure Physics Tutorials)

If you are already a physicist, or are taking physics and having no problem, then this is not the right book for you.

This is an introduction to the basic ideas in conservation of energy. It is intended for those who are new to the subject, or who are taking high school physics, AP physics, or an introductory, non-calculus based physics class.

It covers these topics:

Types of Energy

Energy Equations


The Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem


Conservation of Energy

It does go into some basic calculations, so you'll want to be comfortable with algebra before working through this book.

This book shows you step-by-step how to work through solving physics problems.

It also includes links to further resources at the end of every chapter- simulations, youtube videos, and interesting articles.

Common Core Standards and World War II: A Literary Veteran's Day Observance

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a five-star general and commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II, established a committee in 1954 to plan a Veterans Day observance. This day honors all veterans of the United States and is held each year on November 11 with a somber ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. A wreath is placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and followed by a parade of colors. In 2015, the United States and the world will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Victory in Europe occurred on May 8, 1945, but the official end of the war came when Japan surrendered to the United States on August 15, 1945. Some students may have family members who remember World War II, but most only know the hardships both at home and in foreign war zones through books they read. The novels presented in this guide give them a glimpse of the events on the home front in the United States after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and what was happening in Europe and Asia before and after the United States entered the war.

Living, Loving and Laughing with Asperger’s (Volume 1): 52 Tips, Stories and Inspirational Ideas for Parents of Children with Asperger’s (Living, Loving and Laughing with Asperger’s Series)

Are you the mom of a child with Asperger's?

Are you finding the daily challenges hard to cope with?

Would you like a little dose of hope and inspiration?

If so you've come to the right place!

Every day I send stories of hope and inspiration to 1000's of moms of children with Asperger's. Positive, humorous messages with day to day "survival tips" for moms of children with Asperger's Syndrome.

I've had some lovely feedback like:

"Dear Dave,I just have to say how inspiring your newsletter is to me with the wealth of information and the testimonials. I read the email like people read their morning papers every morning in the office it's the first email I read. Keep up the great work you do for these kids and their parents. Your amazing!"

Jodi Northway Mom from South Florida

"Hi Dave, I love what you do and how your writing touches our lives. You are funny, practical and your mails no matter how brief are simply striking and hit the nail each time. I am a huge fan. I may gloss over some of my other mail notifications but always open those from you."

Annette Poblette Mom from Philippines

I've taken the most popular stories (as judged by moms who've read them) and produced this book. I've also added tips by parents of children with Asperger's themselves.

There's 52 tips/stories in total (you know one for every week!)

Just a few of the great tips you'll find are:

* The classic 80's pop song perfect to lift your mood when times are hard

* The Aesop's fable which predicts a bright future for your child

* The little known "shopping list secret" for developing social skills

* Why TV show "Storage Hunters" is a great choice for moms of children with Asperger's

* A school success tip from Dan Aykroyd (comedian and diagnosed Aspie)

* The #1 most effective way to get your child's school to take positive action

* An American aardvark's explanation of Asperger's (yep, you did read that correctly . . . aardvark!)

* Aspie tales from ye oldie England

* The billion dollar Asperger's advert

* Why author Dan Brown can help your child's future career (no they don't need to be a writer)

* Modern parenting tips from ancient Rome

Plus practical parenting tips on using visual charts . .. homework troubles . . . sensoy issues . . . dealing with the police . .. visiting the store . . . school problems . . . boundary setting . .. handling transitions . . . meltdwons . . . vacations . . . explaining Asperger's to a teacher . . . and much more . . .

What other moms have said about "Living, Loving and Laughing with Asperger's":

"Really enjoyed both books. I think it helps so much to hear real people's problems and solutions. Some of the books on the market can be too professional. So these are a refreshing change, and most importantly encourages positivity towards ASD. Thanks and well done."

Hilary Morrison (Mom to Josh - 15 with ASD, dyspraxia, and visually impaired). Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"The mix between your personal life moments, short stories, TV programs, and reflections with Asperger's Syndrome is one of a kind. The tips make me smile, laugh, think, wet my eyes and cry."

Carla Balderas. Mexico City, Mexico

"I like that the format of the book is very easy reading. Includes your input, and input from others going through similar situations. It says YOU ARE NOT ALONE, it's funny. Your book covers many topics and this is a book that the reader is never finished with. "

Barbara Emp. Westtown, NY

"I really enjoyed reading this book (volume 1). I always find something that I can relate to my life with my boys. The stories help guide life through the daily challenges and inspire hope for the future."

Linda Alsalihi (Mom of 2 teens with Asperger's Washington DC)

You can also Enjoy Volume 2 for FREE:

Inside is a link for to download volume 2 for FREE.

Please scroll to the top of this page to download.

What is Unschooling?: Living and Learning without School

Children are born curious, creative, and wired to learn--and we value those traits in adults! So why, as our children grow up, do we often insist they change to fit into the education system, where curiosity is replaced by curricula, creativity by conformity, and learning by memorizing?

If you'd rather nurture your children's curiosity, creativity, and love of learning, let me introduce you to the world of unschooling.

In this short book, we'll explore some of the most common questions people have when they first hear about unschooling:

What is unschooling?

How will my child learn?

Without a curriculum, what will they learn?

How do I know they're learning?

Will unschooling work for my child?

But what if my child already has trouble at school?

What is deschooling?

How do I get started?

Life in the real world is much bigger and more exciting than a school can contain within its four walls. If you're ready to embrace life and eager to share its wonder with your children, unschooling might be for you!

My first words: Big encyclopedia for kids (kids reading books, potrait verion Book 1)

10 topics: Animals, trainsportaion, fruits, objects, jobs, colors, shapes, clothes, numbers, body part names.

The Ultimate Job Finding Solution: A Guide to Landing a Job in the Sweet Spot of Passion and Meaningfulness

Would you like to regain passion for your work in your next job?Has your job search stalled, or does it lack direction? Has it been a while since you've searched for a new job? This short, no-fluff, comprehensive guide provides unique, high-value expert guidance and quickly highlights crucial, yet sometimes overlooked techniques for landing the right job. This means not just any job, but one that will result in a sense of passion and meaning for your work. The guide provides the essentials for a fruitful, carefully targeted job search, particularly in the "hidden" job market. It also answers difficult anxiety provoking questions, such as "What if I'm uncomfortable with traditional networking?", and "Should I try to negotiate when I get a job offer, and how?" Each chapter contains condensed information with links to short, reliable resources that will give more details as you need them. From his career-counseling and psychology background, Dr. Simon, integrates the most up-to-date practical techniques with sound career-choice methods, and strategies that have stood the test of time. And if you've become discouraged or anxious in your job search, following the guidelines in this book should help ease the stresses while getting you to your goal!

Steven Simon, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Human Services Outcomes, Inc. in Safety Harbor, FL. He has spent over 45 years as a counselor, psychologist, and career consultant helping people discover and deal with the issues of finding and sustaining meaningful careers and jobs. Look for his new book, RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond, expected in late 2017.

Phonics Plus: How To Help Your Child Learn To Read

This Free ebook is an introduction to the Phonics Plus Reading Program. You'll find information about reading to your child from an early age to begin laying the foundation skills of reading and comprehension. Suggestions about helping your child learn the alphabet names and sounds begin early Phonics.

There is a complete example of one of the Stories from the Series of 80 Stories for you to try with your child. To follow up on the contents of this book you can go to our website which explains how the Program works in much greater detail.

Confident Kids: How Parents Can Raise Positive, Confident, Resilient and Focused Kids

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be confident and positive adults. Raising a child to be resilient and able to deal with life's ups and downs is also something that most parents strive for. Confident Kids will give you practical strategies for shaping and improving your child's outlook and mindset.

Teacher Talk, Books 1-4, Special Edition: A Collection of Magazine Articles for Teachers (Teacher Talk Book 5)

Teacher Talk, Books 1-4 is a collection of magazine articles that were written in 2012 while Marsha Marie was writing for a

local family magazine in the United Arab Emirates. This is a special edition of 4-in-1 previously published books with fun new material. This makes for a delightful addition to any teacher's library--especially new teachers.

Marhaba: Learn Spoken Lebanese

How can you learn to speak Lebanese? Almost all venues teach the formal dialect using the Arabic alphabet.But there is an easier way. Would you like to learn to speak Lebanese without the hassle of having to learn the formal Arabic language and Arabic alphabet? You've come to the right place!

How To Map Who You are? (Ratgeber Karriere)

Guide to Personal Leadership. Life is a process of understanding yourself through a permanent quest of opening up, of mapping yourself, which enables you to become more aware of who you are. You can then be the personal leader of yourself. However, as we live in a new world where we process more data than ever in history and where our digital track leaves a permanent digital footprint, to record and map ourselves becomes increasingly challenging. How to do it?

Working life and learning

This 25-hour free course explored ways to reflect on and improve learning at work, and encouraged critical thinking about work-based learning.

The Simple Way to Help Your Child Learn to Read: A Guide for Parents

As a home educator, I loved teaching my children to read but, realised there was no SINGLE resource that told me how to go about it - especially all the information about phonics, different methods and learning styles so, being a writer (and obsessive researcher) I decided to create one!

The Simple Way to Help your Child Learn to Read is a guide for parents who want to understand how reading is taught, why certain methods are used in British schools, what EXACTLY is phonics all about and how to actually go about teaching their child not only to read, but also to write.

It is NOT a phonics-based system, or in fact any sort of system but, a fact-filled guide that will explain many of the current methods used, why and how you might use them yourself, HOWEVER, most importantly, as a caring and fully engaged parent - it is about nurturing a love of reading and having a lovely time with your child.

It is perfect for Home Educators and ideal for any parent who wants to prepare their child and support them learning to read and write at school.

Sharing power and transforming educational practice

This8-hourfree course explored the notion of lifelong learning, and considered how becoming a co-researcher can transform educational practice.

His Dream, Our Stories (Enhanced Edition): The Legacy of the March on Washington

In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, Comcast NBCUniversal presents His Dream, Our Stories: The Legacy of the March on Washington, an enhanced eBook produced for Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle for iPad app, featuring intimate interviews with more than 25 individuals, many who participated in the March, as well as community and diversity leaders who were impacted by this historic event.

Through their stories, readers will not only learn about the history of the March, but also of notable events throughout the years that eventually led to that hot summer day in August of 1963.

Included are interviews with key figures of the civil rights movement, such as Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Mamie Chalmers, Marc Morial, and Rev. Samuel "Billy" Kyles, along with others who attended the March in person, watched it on TV, or were too young to participate but were affected by its legacy nonetheless. There is also an introduction by Lester Holt of NBC News.

His Dream, Our Stories: The Legacy of the March on Washington is part of Comcast NBCUniversal's online and broadcast celebration and will serve as an effective tool for current and future generations to learn about that fateful afternoon and how it helped shape the civil rights struggle in America from that day forward.

Understanding Scholarships and Financial Aid

The ABC's of Financial Aid.

Did you know that there are multiple types of scholarships and financial aid?

Understanding Scholarships and Financial Aid is a very short straight-to-the-point ebook!

It briefly defines scholarships and other types of financial aid - short and sweet.

This is a foundation book for the FREE Money for Education Series by Shay Spivey.

FREE Information about FREE Money.

Navigating The Digital Shift: Implementation Strategies For Blended And Online Learning

Our nation's schools stand at an important "inflection point" in the history of education. Taken together, the implementation of common college and career standards, the shift to next generation assessments, the availability of affordable devices, and the growing number of high-quality digital instructional tools create an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally shift the education system to personalize learning around the individual needs of every student.

Digital Learning Now! (DLN), a national initiative under the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), in association with Getting Smart, brings "Navigating the Digital Shift: Implementation Strategies for Blended and Online Learning" to readers interested in exploring the implementation challenges at the intersection of these shifts. Co-authored by John Bailey, Carri Schneider, and Tom Vander Ark, "Navigating the Digital Shift" offers updated versions of the eight papers originally released in the "DLN Smart Series" including contributions from 11 additional co-authors representing leading organizations such as Public Impact, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and The Learning Accelerator. Topics include: blended learning implementation, teaching conditions and careers, competency-based learning, student data, online learning myths, and student-based funding.

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida from 1999-2007 and Chairman of ExcelinEd, contends that the book "provides policymakers and education leaders the tools they need to use digital learning as a catalyst for improved student achievement." AASA 2013 Superintendent of the Year Dr. Mark Edwards believes the collection "provides meaningful, practical, and poignant advice as well as commentary regarding the move to college and career ready standards associated with the shift to personal online learning and digital resources." Rhode Island's Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Deborah Gist describes the book as an "invaluable resource that will help educators re-imagine what our schools can look like and what our students can accomplish."

Club College: Why So Many Universities Look Like Resorts

Club College is a chapter excerpt from coming out October 18, 2011.

On college campuses nationwide, luxury and learning go hand-in-hand, keeping the price tag for higher education out of reach for many Americans. Education innovator, and chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc., Andrew S. Rosen examines today's resort-style campus, providing inspiring solutions for stopping the spending spirals and making college affordable for all.

Despite the financial crunch, many American universities have become surprisingly lavish over the past decade, providing state-of-the-art recreation facilities, bistro-style dining, spectacular residence halls that rival fine hotels, and "free" amenities such as Kindles, not to mention multi-million-dollar stadiums and coaches' salaries starting in the high six figures. Showcasing these extraordinary campuses, "Club College" captures the new economic models of higher education, which often divert funds from academics to gain a competitive edge in attracting an elite group of students. On this fascinating tour, Andrew S. Rosen proposes bold new alternatives that focus our nation's dollars on learning.

Poised to spark a dialogue about our nation's higher education system, "Club College" makes the classroom the centerpiece of college once again, opening doors to careers for a broad range of talented individuals--arguably our greatest economic asset.

Harvard Envy: Why Too Many Colleges Overshoot

Harvard Envy is a chapter excerpt from coming out October 18, 2011.

Exploring the limitations of the exclusive, tradition-bound world of higher education, innovator Andrew S. Rosen, chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc., delivers a vision for making a world-class college experience available to students of all backgrounds.

Little is known about John Harvard, who bequeathed his books and 779 to a fledgling college on the Charles River in the 1630s, but the institution that bears his name has become the gold standard for universities worldwide. Tracing this fascinating history, and the history of American higher education overall, "Harvard Envy" raises important questions about the effect of super-elite campuses on America's educational landscape. Just as Congress hotly debated whether to approve land-grant colleges in the nineteenth century, opening the doors of higher education to farmers, we face a competitive new demand for a highly educated workforce. Yet many colleges continue to insist on limiting access, and many college applicants continue to believe that exclusive institutions deliver the highest quality.

With an eye-opening examination of the U.S. News and World Report college rankings and other barometers, "Harvard Envy" takes an enlightened look at how universities allocate resources and talent. Offering an inspiring alternative to the Ivory Tower playbook, Andrew S. Rosen presents a bold, cost-effective new vision for a truly competitive higher education system that serves both individual and national interests.

Introduction to intelligent technologies for network learning: Easy course for understanding how network learning works

Discover How Easy It Is To Understand Intelligent Technologies for Network Learning

By Reading This Book You Will Learn The Proper Way How Network Learning Works

By Reading This Book You Will Learn The Easiest way of Understanding Network Learning

This Introduction to intelligent technologies for Network Learning Book Can Be Used by General readers who are interested in Education, As Well As Those Whohave Degree in the Field

Don't worry If You Don't Have Kindle device.

You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser by Simply Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.

This ebook contains proven steps and strategies on how network learning works

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The Education of Children

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Colleges in America

Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-bee: A bee Keeper's Manual

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world), and other notations in the work. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work.As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.

Life in the Medieval University

One and Done: Learn Higher Education's Best Kept Secrets, Skip the Student Loans, and Graduate College Debt Free - in under one year (really)!

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A HomeSchooling Beginners Manual: Volume 1

Freie wissenschaft und freie lehr. English (TREDITION CLASSICS)

This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passio....

Jackie Kennedy: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Explore the Fascinating Life of Jackie Kennedy

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Without a doubt, the name Jackie Kennedy draws multiple thoughts to mind; she is, perhaps, most well-known in her service as the first lady of the United States, as her husband, John F. Kennedy, took office as the president, and her role in restoring the White House. Then, of course, other people remember Jacqueline for her role in the fashion industry, particularly her pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat, which became a symbol of her husband's assassination.

Jackie is so renowned and beloved that she ranks as one of the most popular first ladies. In fact, Jacqueline was named in 1999 on Gallup's list of Most Admired Men and Women in twentieth-century America. While she made major impacts on the White House, Jackie was much more than her title as first lady.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

Childhood and Early EducationCollege and Early CareerThe Relationship with John F. KennedyMotherhoodCampaign for PresidencyFirst LadyThe Kennedy AssassinationLife Following the AssassinationOngoing Iconic FigureAnd a Great Deal More that You don't Want to Miss out on!Scroll to the top and download the book for instant access!