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The Trinity Enigma: Kate Bowen Series Prequel Novella (Detective Kate Bowen Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

An abandoned warehouse; a burnt out car; a private hospital. Dead bodies stacking up. A serial killer?

Detective Kate Bowen is not convinced until she reads Jeff de Courcy's bizarre witness statement.

Is her old college professor writing a fake script for some theatrical thrill, or really executing unconnected men?

Meet Kate Bowen in this enigmatic novella centred on Dublin's Trinity College. .

Promise You Won't Tell? (A Dani Ripper Novel Book 2)

"I think something might have happened to me Saturday night. Something bad."

Private Investigator Dani Ripper's client list is nuttier than the Looney Tunes conga line, but she diligently solves one crazy case after another, waiting for a game-changer.

Enter Riley Freeman, 17-year-old honor student.

Saturday afternoon Riley quietly placed a little strawberry sticker on her private area and pretended it was a tattoo. She didn't tell anyone about it. That night she went to a slumber party that featured drinking and boys. Riley fell asleep, woke up the next day with no reason to think anything happened...

...Until Monday, at school, when a classmate called her Strawberry.

Coincidence or crime? Dani agrees to investigate. And the roller coaster ride begins.

Ghost of a Chance: Maggie Mulgrew Mysteries, Book 1

The first book of a fun cozy mystery series - with a touch of supernatural.

Welcome to Holmestead, England - where an American ex-pat, an archaeologist, and murder turn this picture postcard village upside down.

Maggie Mulgrew runs The Ash Leaf, an antique shop in the quaint village of Holmestead, England - which has nothing to do with Sherlock, thank you very much. She sells her goods to disappointed tourists, and locals who appreciate her eclectic taste.

Professor Pembroke Martin is hunting down an artifact that had been stolen by a former assistant - a hand-blown apothecary jar that is the center of an old ghost story. His search leads him to Holmestead, and a stubborn, fascinating American who has acquired the box that once contained the rare jar.

When the missing jar turns up, clutched in the hand of the very dead local historian, Martin becomes the prime suspect. With his future on the line, Martin turns to Maggie for help, and they join forces to find the real killer.

Cause to Kill (An Avery Black Mystery-Book 1)

A dynamic story line that grips from the first chapter and doesn't let go. --Midwest Book Re....

The Housewife Assassin's Handbook: Book 1 - The Housewife Assassin Series

In Book 1 of The Housewife Assassin series: Every housewife needs an alias. Donna Stone has one--and it happens to be government-sanctioned. Oh sure, you need to be ruthless to take on Russian mafia bosses, rogue dictators, and terrorists set on destroying the world. But it takes real killer instincts to survive suburbia. Try juggling the fifth grade phone tree during a shootout with skinhead arms dealers, or driving carpool while being chased by Chinese double agents. Donna s life wasn t always this complicated. Five years earlier she was just another woman with two preschoolers, a baby bump, and an adoring husband: Carl, with whom she lived happily ever after in a McMansion in the Orange County, California community of Hilldale. But Donna s life was changed forever the night she delivered her baby: Carl s car blew up on the way to the hospital. Turns out Carl was a hard man an assassin for the black ops organization known as Acme Industries. The hit on Carl was carried out by the Quorum, a terrorist cell he was tracking. The Quorum s motto: Show me the money. Governments and corporations do as they re told or suffer bloody consequences. Carl left something behind that the Quorum wants badly. To protect herself and avenge Carl s death, Donna joined Acme. Whereas her hostessing skills rival Martha Stewart s, her marksmanship is second to none. A good thing, too, because the Quorum has planted a sleeper cell in Hilldale. For Donna, that s too close for comfort. Will she be able to save her family before the Quorum blows up Los Angeles? Acme s way of flushing out the Quorum is by bringing Carl back from the dead. But terrorism makes strange bedfellows--and brings new meaning to that old adage Honey, I m home "

Irreparable Harm: Volume 1 (Sasha McCandless Legal Thriller)

There's a smartphone app capable of crashing a commercial jet. And it's for sale to the highest bidder. Attorney Sasha McCandless is closing in on the prize: After eight years of long hours, she's about to make partner at a prestigious law firm. All she has to do is keep her head down and her billable hours up. Then a plane operated by her client slams into the side of a mountain, killing everyone aboard. She gears up for the inevitable civil lawsuits. But, as Sasha digs into the case, she learns the crash was no accident. She joins forces with a federal air marshal and they race to prevent another crash. People close to the matter start to turn up dead. And Sasha's next on the list. She'll need to rely on her legal training and Krav Maga training in equal measure to stop a madman and save herself.

Murder in Hatterton Crow

The first Hatterton Crow book. Gretchen is an assistant at The Great Beyond funeral home in the village of Hatterton Crow, and she is not having a good day. Her father is having one of his 'prescient turns' again, her mother is planning a trip to Spain with her informal ladies' society, and to cap it all the village baker, Ben Tonkins, has died, which means that Gretchen will be bereft of her favourite dense, jammy sponge cakes. And there is something entirely fishy about Ben's death that sits ill with the intrepid mortician. And what's worse is that Gretchen's solemn and sensible boss, the honey-voiced Carmel, seems to have come down with a case of the crazies, botching the embalming process on Ben, and getting wildly smashed on vodka before bashing both Gretchen and another villager, Rosie Tawber, with a cricket bat. But Gretchen knows Carmel, and she knows that cricket was never her game, so she sets out with the help and hindrance of the villagers to discover who, exactly, is the murderer in their midst - and what could be their motive in this sleepy corner of England.

Cooking Spirits: An Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mystery (The Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mysteries Book 1): Volume 15 (Angie Amalfi Mysteries)

Culinary queen Angie Amalfi has put aside her gourmet utensils to concentrate on planning her upcoming wedding to San Francisco homicide detective Paavo Smith. What could possibly go wrong? Instead of the answer to her heart's dreams, she scrambles to deal with wedding planners with bizarre ideas, wedding dresses that don't flatter, squabbling relatives with hurt feelings, a long-suffering groom, and worries over where she and Paavo will live after the wedding. But all of that pales when Angie finds the perfect house for them, except for one little problem-the house may be haunted. Many years ago, the newlyweds who lived in the house were murdered, and the case was never solved. While Angie pursues what happened to the couple who now may be haunting the house, Paavo obsesses over his own case involving the murder of unlikely lovers. The trail leads to ghosts, murders, unhappy families, and enough obnoxious wedding buttinskis to fill a graveyard. But when eerie happenings turn deadly, Angie fears she may be spirited away for good! "Pence's tongue-in-cheek humor keeps us grinning." -San Francisco Chronicle "A tasty treat for all mystery and suspense lovers who like food for thought, murder and a stab at romance." -The Armchair Detective

Louisiana Hotshot

Footprints in the Frosting: Volume 1 (Holly Hart Cozy Mystery Series)

Cheesecake, Love, and Murder! It's the Grand Opening for Holly Hart's new business, Just Cheesecake. When footprints in the frosting lead to a body facedown in one of her cheesecakes, Holly becomes a prime suspect. With her opening day delayed, Holly deals with a nosy no-good reporter and the local cop, the handsome Officer Trinket, as she puts her sleuthing skills to the test to save her business and her name. With the help of her dog, Muffins, she needs to find the real murderer, before the killer looks to frost someone else.

Dangerous Habits: Volume 1 (Leah Nash Mysteries)

A message from a dead woman ... Equal parts smart and smartass, reporter Leah Nash is rarely at a loss for words. But when she receives a cryptic message from a nun asking for help, just hours after the woman's body is pulled from the river, Leah is stunned. The dead woman was on staff at DeMoss Academy, a residential school for troubled kids run by an order of Catholic nuns. Leah's self-destructive younger sister Lacey had died there five years earlier. The nun's note and an old newspaper clipping attached to it propel Leah into a search for the truth about her sister's "accidental" death. But it's a mystery no one wants her to pursue. Not her publisher, who orders her to stop making waves. Not the director of DeMoss Academy, who's concerned about the school's reputation. Certainly not the politician's wife worried about Lacey's connection to her husband. As Leah starts closing in on the real story behind her sister's death, someone starts closing in on her. And just when she's got it all figured out, a shocking revelation changes everything.

Sign Off (Caught Dead In Wyoming, Book 1)

Divorce a husband, lose a career ... grapple with a murder. TV journalist Elizabeth "E.M." Danniher will tell you she committed two sins - she didn't stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive - her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top story as the "Helping Out!" reporter at dinky KWMT-TV in Sherman, Wyoming is getting a refund for a defective toaster. Tough, funny and determined, Elizabeth wrestles with isolation, keeping a professional edge, and an evolving self-image. Is Wyoming - the land of cattle, cowboys, tumbleweeds, and fewer than six people per square mile - her new home or a road to permanent obscurity? Soon she's in a battle of wills with ex-football player turned journalist Mike Paycik, who sees her as a handy rung on his career ladder. And there's the matter of a deputy sheriff-missing or murdered? Elizabeth finds herself investigating at the insistence of a girl who's set on proving her father's innocence. Not that enigmatic rancher Thomas David Burrell makes investigating easy. But Elizabeth won't fade to black without a fight, no matter how final some might want to make her Sign Off. Don't miss any of "Caught Dead in Wyoming" Sign Off Left Hanging Shoot First Last Ditch What people are saying about SIGN OFF "This is one of those books that you want to stop everything to read while hoping it never ends." "Sign Off is a brisk, enthralling page-turner" - P.B. Ryan, bestselling author "Colorful characters, intriguing, intelligent mystery, plus the state of Wyoming leaping off every page." - Emilie Richards, USA Today Bestselling Author "That was fun." "Be prepared for lots of twist and turns." "I read it in one sitting. I hadn't planned it that way, but just couldn't stop." "The characters were a mix of funny, sad, and quirky and were totally believable. There was just enough humor to lighten the story, but not to disrespect the seriousness of crime."

Shear Madness: Volume 1 (Melanie Hogan Mysteries)

Melanie Hogan is anything but your average beauty salon owner. She's created a life for herself that's an exact contradiction to that of her wanderlust, absentee mother who bailed on her when Melanie was four years old. She has gone beyond and above to make sure her life is stable, predictable, and...boring. Too boring. When she begins on a quest to add some spice to her life, she learns an important lesson: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. And she does. Velma Johnson, the town busy body, keels over in Melanie's stylist chair just as she's about to reveal a secret to Melanie. As details emerge around Velma's death, Melanie enlists the help of her best friends and business partners, Claire Davis and Jack Dancy, to find the killer. Could it be one of the three girls who work side by side with Melanie at the salon, all of whom were present when Velma died? Or one of their clients that were there as well? Or what about Buford Woods, the client who threatened to have the last laugh when Melanie refused to date him and who suspiciously shows up outside the salon right after Velma dies? It's a race against time as Melanie finds herself prey to a stalker intent on ruining her life, and one who's behavior is escalating. As Melanie solves the puzzle that has become her life, someone is dead set against letting her discover the truth, much less live to tell about it. And as she discovers the truth, she finds the missing piece to an unfinished puzzle from her past.

Cowabunga Christmas: Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #1: Volume 1

It's a Cowabunga Christmas in Corsario Cove for newlyweds, Kim and Brien. Surf's up at the exclusive resort they've chosen as their honeymoon destination. The Sanctuary Resort and Spa at Corsario Cove has everything: a spectacular location with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, luxurious accommodations, 5-star cuisine, spa services, and a staff that aims to anticipate and meet your every need. A romantic midnight swim in the Club Level terrace pool changes everything when an unexpected guest drops in wearing a Santa Suit with a couple bullet holes in it! Who killed Santa? Kim and Brien are soon swept up in murder and mayhem trying to unravel the mystery.

Better Off Wed

A Trace of Death (a Keri Locke Mystery--Book #1)

Keri Locke, Missing Persons Detective in the Homicide division of the LAPD, remains haunted by th....

Beyond Dead: A Bridget Sway Novel (A Paranormal Ghost Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

You thought living was hard? You should try being dead ...

Dead less than twenty-four hours, with a job that doesn't pay, a fashion disaster for a uniform and more afterlife rules than she can shake a stick at, Bridget Sway thinks it's as bad as it can get. And then she finds a dead ghost stuffed in her locker.

Since the police are desperate to arrest her for murder, Bridget's new best friend convinces her the only way to save herself from an eternity in prison is to solve the murder themselves.

With a handsome parole officer watching her every move, an outlaw ghost befriending her and two persistent mediums demanding her attention, solving the murder is not quite as easy as it sounds. And when "murder" turns into "murders" Bridget needs to solve the case ... before she becomes the next dead body stuffed in her locker.

Interview with the author

What makes the Bridget Sway series so special?

I think it's a couple of things, to be honest. I read across genres, from cozy mysteries to paranormal mysteries to a wide range of chick lit. So when I was writing the Bridget Sway series, I wanted to incorporate all of my favourite elements of those genres into the series and the characters as well.

That might sound like a bit of a strange mash up, but it blends together really well. From cozy mysteries, I stole the dead bodies and the amateur sleuthing because I love whodunnits! One of the things that can become frustrating in cozy mysteries, though, is the ditsy heroine that continually runs into dangerous situations. I wanted to make Bridget smarter than the average cozy amateur sleuth, so I gave her the sassy or snarky attitude of the strong female characters that are so prevalent in the paranormal mystery genre. I also borrowed a little of the sarcastic wit and humor as well. Because everyone needs a little humor when finding dead bodies!

And, despite her being a ghost, I wanted to make sure Bridget Sway was relatable, so I made sure she struggles with friendships and personal growth just like everyone in real life. Both of these themes are dominant in the chick lit genre.

All of this means that the Bridget Sway series has roots in all three genres; cozy mystery, paranormal mystery, and chick lit. I think this is what makes the series so popular because it appeals to a much wider audience.

Who would enjoy the series?

Really, anyone who loves a good whodunnit!

With it being part cozy mystery it means there's no swearing or sex, and no real blood--people aren't getting limbs lobbed off--so it's fine for younger readers. And, apart from the fact it's set in the afterlife and the characters are ghosts, the paranormal element is fairly limited to that. It's not a horror story by any stretch of the imagination.

In terms of similar reads, I think if you enjoy Angie Fox's Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Angela Roquet's Lana Harvey series or Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse/Harper ConnellyGrave Sight series then you're in the right place!

Do you have to read them in order?

Nope, you don't. They're all standalone mysteries so you can read them in any order. That said, it is a series, so to get the most out of it I'd suggest the following order:

Just a Touch Dead (prequel)

Beyond Dead

Deader Still

A Little More Dead

Dead and Buried

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