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Tell Me When I'm Dead: Book One of TELL ME WHEN I'M DEAD

"A hard-hitting splattergore zombie thriller, told by the ultimate antihero." --Travis Luedke, author of The Nightlife Series

Thanks to Holly, a beautiful, strong-willed woman, recovering alcoholic Dave Pulaski is getting his life back. Then, a plague decimates the town, turning its victims into shrieking flesh-eaters who hunt the living. Now Dave, Holly, and a band of soldiers must kill the living and the dead to survive. But Dave is this close to drinking again. A woman he cheated with--and no longer human--is after him. The hordes of undead are growing, and the beleaguered security forces are far outnumbered. Hell has arrived in Tres Marias.

Tell Me When I'm Dead (Book One of TELL ME WHEN I'M DEAD) is the story of an antihero who must come to terms with all the mistakes of his life. Facing the most terrifying situation imaginable, Dave must decide whether to die drunk or stay alive and fight for those he cares about most. And strength alone won't be enough--he'll need faith.

Lost And Found: Volume 1 (The September Day Series)

The 1st installment of Shojai's dark, female-driven domestic thriller series featuring pet-centric p....

Enhancement: Volume 1 (Black Market DNA)

In the year 2058, Baltimore's latest crime epidemic is illegal genetic enhancements. Convicted dealer Christopher Morgan swears off black market genetics for good. Before he's even released from prison, he finds himself on a hit list. Someone wants Chris dead and he has no idea why. Once released, Chris takes the first job he's offered. But, soon after, the new boss at his lab is murdered. Chris fears it has something to do with his past-and so do the police. He enlists the help of a close colleague, Tracy Harrow, to clear his name and search for answers. They discover a shocking connection between Chris and the other names on the hit list. In a perilous race against time, Chris and Tracy realize that far more is at stake than just Chris's life. Together, they uncover a dark conspiracy that goes deeper into the world of bioengineering and genetic enhancements than they could have imagined. "Enhancement" is a fast-paced, near-future thriller about genetic engineering, organized crime, and the abuse of advanced technology.

Catching - Episode One: A Global Pandemic Thriller

Could You Abandon Your Wife To Save Millions of Lives?

You're a brilliant but disgraced ex-CDC doctor with a drinking problem.

After one mistake too many your boss fires you. And your wife throws you out. But you give her no choice. You regret what happened every day since. And you still love her, even though she now has your old job at the CDC. And why not? She's respected, diligent - everything you're not.

Months later you stumble across a deadly new Ebola strain in the Himalayas - which makes no sense because Ebola can't survive in at high altitude. But it's there. And it's killing. Eight people are already dead and now the infection is spreading fast.

It spreads to the US.

You try to warn the authorities - contact your old boss at the CDC, your wife, but they won't believe you. You're washed up. A drunk who's cried wolf too many times before.

But you won't give up.

You go back home. Your wife has been sent to a small town in Washington State to investigate some suspicious deaths. You know it's the new Ebola. It's reached the States - your home. And now she's at risk.

Still no-one will listen to you. They don't understand how much danger they're in.

All you can do is go to help your wife. You arrive in the small town nestled under the mountains. It's chaos. The infection is rampant. The small ER where she's working is overrun.

She lets you stay and help - after all you are the world expert on Ebola. But soon you realize you can't do anything useful. You can't stop it. It's too deadly, too virulent. Even then you carry on fighting it, doing your best - until you learn its airborne.

Then you realize you have no chance of stopping this virus. Nor do the CDC team who are on their way. Nor does your ex-wife, however qualified and skilled she is.

There's only one way to stop it.

You must find the host.

He, she or it must be out there somewhere. The index case. The first to be infected. They will have the secret locked in their blood. You can use the host's blood to make an antiserum and wipe out the virus.

And if you don't millions will die.

But your wife can't come. Even though you beg she insists her place is in the ER helping the sick. And you know each second, she stays she risks infection and death. She's at ground zero, surrounded by the dying. You know she'll get infected. You should at least stay with her. Because by abandoning her you are killing her. But if you stay the host will never be found. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions will die.

You've abandoned her before - and spent every day since regretting it.

Can you do it again to save the world?

Catching is a gripping, fast-paced medical thriller which will engross fans of Michael Crichton, A.G. Riddle and Robin Cook.

Downgrade - paramedic short story

NOT FOR UNDERAGE READERS! WARNING: sarcasm, graphic medical details, adult language (also known as profanity, cussing, bad/foul/dirty words, swearing, obscenities, four-letter words, cursing and colorful language, which may include: s**t, d**n, f**k, and others. If you don't like using, reading, otherwise dealing with these words, don't bother downloading this. You won't like it. These words aren't used to 'spice it up'. They're used because many medics, when in private, speak like this. Some a lot. Some a little. They are a reflection of THIS aspect of the real world. You have been duly and fairly warned.

Paramedics aren't born cynical. The job either hardens or devours them.

Have you ever wondered what paramedics experience? Dealing with 'the job' isn't glamorous. At its worst, it's gruesome. This very short story is not for the faint of heart or minors, but is for those fascinated with getting a behind the scenes look at EMS. It gets inside the mind of a rookie paramedic dealing with the realistic horror of humanity. It's an intense sensory ride, but not a normal story. Dozens of real medics, other than me, have agreed that it's an accurate portrayal--emotionally, visually, mentally, and sensory.

You know you want to look. Everyone does, they just don't want to admit it. How else do you think this has been in the top 10-15 fee kindle medical since Oct 1, 2013?

So why are you waiting?

Approx 5-10 pages depending on font/reader 2000+ intense words in the mind of a paramedic. 1st person.

Scroll and grab your copy today!

Life First: Volume 1

Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else. In this future forged by survivors of pandemics that wiped out 80 percent of the world's population, life is valued above all else. The mentally ill are sterilized, abortions are illegal and those who refuse to donate an organ when told are sentenced to death. Determined not to give up her kidney or die, Kelsey enlists the help of her boyfriend Luke and a dodgy doctor to escape. The trio must disable the tracking chip in her arm for her to flee undetected. If they fail, Kelsey will be stripped of everything.

Invisible: A Science Fiction Thriller Short Story

A man finds himself invisible and has to cope with the consequences.

The Source: A Wildfire Prequel

Chad Huntley can't get sick. When an influenza pandemic kills almost everyone around him, he finds himself on the run, hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, chased across a wasteland of empty houses and dying suburbs as he tries to escape Fort Worth.

Mankind's only hope is for him to partner with a brilliant virologist to find a cure--but not everyone wants a cure for the greater good.

The Source, the first prequel to Apache Dawn, opens a terrifying window on the early days of The Great Pandemic and sets in motion the events of the Wildfire Saga.

Sudden Death - A Medical Mystery Thriller Short Story (Doctor Tess Book 1)


MEDICAL THRILLER SHORT STORY: A mystery medical condition starts killing hospital patients

We meet Tess who is young, single and utterly dedicated to using her medical skills to relieve human suffering. And that was working well enough until one Tuesday night when her ER patients start dying - and so quickly. But why? Tess investigates but her hunt for the truth spirals into unexpected dangers.

A GOOD CLEAN READ. Here's what one 5 star review said of this author: "A factor I found refreshing, particularly in the mystery thriller genre, was the GOOD and CLEAN nature of the book... Those looking for a 'gritty crime drama' won't feel slighted by the lack of foul language and gory details. Similarly, those looking for likable characters with good morals won't be disappointed... Author Pat Wilpenter handles both with aplomb."

Happily this fast-moving medical thriller ends on an upbeat note... and it's not a cliff-hanger. Two extras in the book include an interview with Tess where she talks more about this frightening experience, and we also see the sweet heart of a loving daughter as we read private letters Tess wrote to her mother.

"SUDDEN DEATH" is Book 1 in this thriller series and is a STAND-ALONE mystery of 4200 words (17 pages), followed by an interview with Tess about her frightening experience. We also see the sweet heart of a loving daughter as we read private letters Tess wrote to her mother. These two features help us get to know Tess the person and they bring the book up to around 9,000 words (35 pages).

You can continue to follow Tess's adventures in Book 2, "YOUNG BLOOD" and in Book 3, "HONEYMOON ROADKILL". They are all PG-rated medical thrillers.

If you enjoy medical thriller books and mysteries, it's time you met the lovely Dr. Tess.

Readers Say

"I absolutely loved this medical thriller...

"For suspense and intrigue, this one's a sure win...

"If you like your thrillers with a hint of conspiracy...

"...the action and thrills non-stop and fast-paced..."

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The Story Starts...

This Tuesday night would be like no other for 29 year old Dr. Tess Scott.

Tess was in charge of the Emergency Response ward on the ground floor of CityWest Hospital and at 2 in the morning she was taking a short coffee break.

So far, the caseload had been normal. "Well, as normal as it ever gets in ER," she said to herself.

Her mid-shift pickmeup was coffee. Fair Trade coffee. Not so much for its flavor, but for the fact that the profits went to help poor families in the Third World.

This particular Tuesday night, her time-out was cut short when a nurse barged in to the break room without knocking. "We need you in ER, Tess. It's pretty bad. Middle aged male, vomiting, seizures. And he's incoherent."

Tess took one last gulp of the hot brown brew then made her way quickly to the ER entry foyer where the ambulance crew were completing their delivery paper work. They had just wheeled in a middle aged man in work clothes. Tess immediately noticed an "other worldly" pallor to his skin... a hint of blue and gray. He was groaning and writhing in evident pain.

CONTINUE READING in the LOOK INSIDE feature that Amazon provides.


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2027:2017 Episode One: A Time Travel Political Assassination Thriller

2027:2017 Episode One. (Approximately 10,000 words)

A man living in a dystopian world in the very near future must go back in time and change history.

Heartless: (a Derek Cole Thriller): Volume 1 (Derek Cole Suspense Novels)

Revenge is Only a Heartbeat Away Book One of The Derek Cole Thriller Series Alexander Black should not have lived. Born a conjoined twin, he shared one heart with his twin brother. And that heart was in his brother's chest. When doctors, struggling to save at least one baby, separate Alexander from his brother and from the shared heart, they expected him to die. But Alexander refused to die. Smuggled away and hidden in a psychiatric hospital, Alexander is tested by doctors who are desperate to discover the hidden mystery that is keeping a heartless child alive. As he grows, so does the desire for revenge grow in Alexander. And when he escapes and murders three, he sets his sights on completing his plan of terror and exacting his revenge. The family of Alexander Black hires Derek Cole, a private investigator, to protect them from Alexander and to solve the mystery of his life. As a "freelance detective," Derek is accustomed to solving complex mysteries and dealing with dangerous people. But when he discovers that Alexander is not acting alone, he must overcome his personal demons to uncover the truth behind the medical mystery that is the heartless Alexander Black.

Welcome To The Madhouse

Doctor Grace Lord, a lieutenant in the Conglomerate Medical Corps, has come to the medical space station, the Nelson Mandela, as the new surgical fellow under the renowned Doctor Hiro Al-Fadi. Though she earned her commission as a combat surgeon in the field, she is unprepared for the scope and pace of what awaits her in the Conglomerate's Premier Medical Space Station. The countless cryopods that come into the Nelson Mandela are filled with the casualties of the Conglomerate's animal-adapted military forces. Traumatically injured and disfigured in campaigns spread across the galaxy, it is up to the staff of the Nelson Mandela to patch up the wounded combat soldiers for redeployment. For Grace, it is a trial by fire, as she familiarizes herself not only with the routines and protocols of life on the Nelson Mandela, but also with the eclectic community of professionals with whom she works - not the least of which is an android that has taken an almost human interest in her. When disaster strikes the space station, the Nelson Mandela must race against time to stave off annihilation, and it becomes clear that, regardless of the outcome, nothing will never be the same again.

Paroxysm Effect