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The Complete Father Brown Stories

Father Brown, one of the most quirkily genial and lovable characters to emerge from English detective fiction, first made his appearance in The Innocence of Father Brown in 1911. That first collection of stories established G.K. Chesterton's kindly cleric in the front rank of eccentric sleuths. This complete collection contains all the favourite Father Brown stories, showing a quiet wit and compassion that has endeared him to many, whilst solving his mysteries by a mixture of imagination and a sympathetic worldliness in a totally believable manner.A fantastic crime thriller that is perfect for Agatha Christie fans.This paperback book measures: 19.8 x 12.9 x 4cm.

Harry Potter Facts You Probably Don't Know

This is the ultimate guide for true Harry Potter fans! It includes over 30 characters!

It includes each of the characters from all 7 Harry Potter books so that you can understand all the in's and out's of each of them. This is for true Harry Potter fans who want to know more about the characters inside this incredible story. It is also for people who are new to the series and want a jumpstart to understand all the details so that they are not left behind!

The Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: The Story of Harry Potter

Chapter 2: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Chapter 3: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Chapter 4: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Chapter 5: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chapter 6: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Chapter 7: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Chapter 8: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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The Chase: an ebook short story

A thrilling, rollercoaster ride of a short story, from #1 ebook bestseller Paul Finch.

Plus, get an exclusive first look at the opening chapters of Paul's new book, 'The Killing Club'

The darkest things happen at night...

What happens when you witness a horrific crime? Do you stay and help? Or do you flee? And what do you do when the perpetrator sets their sights on you...?

Hold onto your seats in this terrifying, thrill-ride. Previously published as 'Him!', and now included alongside a sneak peek of Paul's new novel, 'The Killing Club', for the first time.

Murder in Ancient China: Two Judge Dee Mysteries (Chicago Shorts)

Judge Dee--Confucian Imperial magistrate, inquisitor, and public avenger, based on a famous statesman--was Dutch diplomat and Chinese cultural historian Robert van Gulik's (1910-67) lasting invention. A welcome addition to the elite canon of fictional detectives, the Judge steps in to investigate homicide, theft, and treason and restores order to the golden age of the Tang Dynasty. In Murder in Ancient China's first story, we watch as Judge Dee attempts to solve the mystery of an elderly poet murdered by moonlight in his garden pavilion; in the second, set on the eve of the Chinese New Year, the Judge makes two rare mistakes--will peril result?

Blue Ice: Five Crime Short Stories

Dark crimes, devious twists and dangerous criminals feature in the five snappy tales in Blue Ice - a collection of crime stories. Blue Ice contains five short stories - Honeymoon Period, An English Rose With Thorns, Blue Ice, Package Deal and The Second Life of James Moriarty. A newlywed Norwegian couple find everything isn't perfect during their honeymoon at a remote hotel. A married woman confronts a blackmailer. In Antarctica, where a group of scientists must work together in extreme conditions, everything is cold, including the heart of a murderer. Two tourists encounter serious trouble on their South American holiday. And the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes survives Reichenbach Falls and returns to commit new crimes ...

Watch out for Blue Ice.

It will chill your bones.

Christmas Capers Anthology : Stab In The Dark Crime Writers Circle 2017

Christmas is a time for family, snow and presents but it's also a time for murder, lawbreaking and criminally good fun. What you have in your hand is a collection of festive inspired crime stories by some of today's best indie crime authors

Finding Laurel: Hollis County Mysteries

It started with a chance meeting and the disappearance of a woman he had known for only a few hours but Jason McKittrich would continue to search, even at the cost of his job with the Chicago Tribune. One year later, he is following up his last and most tenuous lead when he finds himself stranded in Bella Ridge, Tennessee. Has he failed in his search or finally succeeded? Before that question can be answered, he finds himself embroiled in two murders and the strangest contest of all times. He might even have found himself a new beginning. Originally published as Murder in Bella Ridge.

Full Fathom Five - The Homicide Files (A Lincoln Munroe Novella, #1)

Breaking in a new partner is the least of Detective Lincoln Munroe's worries - the body of a scuba diver has been found in a century-old shipwreck under a hundred feet of cold, treacherous water. When all signs point to murder, Lincoln is forced to dust off his scuba gear and investigate a crime scene like no other.

'Full Fathom Five' is the first installment in a series of novellas featuring Detective Lincoln Munroe that will take place prior to the events of 'A Dream of Death'.



Dead Ringers Volumes 1-3

"A paranormal mystery serial for young adults on up. All nine 25,000-word volumes now available individually and in boxed sets of three!" Dead Ringers 1: ILLUSION Jade Greene's memories of the two days she went missing are slowly returning, but they involve a blinding headache and an evil clown with a syringe. Not exactly the stuff of sanity. Dead Ringers 2: INVERTIGO Max Harper insists Jade's best chance to find out why she remembers so little of her abduction is to team up with him. But can she trust him? Dead Ringers 3: THE SPIDER Someone in Midway Beach isn't who they seem and unless Jade and Max can figure out what's going on, they could become the next victims.

Chrysalis: Zac Tremble Investigates (Series One Case One)

Marc Grainger has gone missing, wife, Felicity, employs Zac to find him. This case file introduces us to Zac: thirty, gay and labouring under some pretty heavy expectations. He's watched over by Elizabeth, the secretary he inherited, along with everything else. Mrs Chan does her best to keep home for him, Matt is burning a candle, but more often, burning his fingers, and Joe thinks Zac is Frank, Zac's dearly departed father.

The Zac Tremble Case Files are a barely plausible, sometimes farcical, occasionally operatic journey through Zac's world; his highs and lows, successes and failures and the emergence of one of the most touching (and funny) love affairs in PI history (do PIs fall in love?).

Chrysalis is the first Zac Tremble Case File in the series Zac Tremble Investigates; the case files of the gay, Soho-based PI Zachary Tremble.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the story. Feedback is especially welcome, and I'm thrilled with the feedback I have received so far, thank you! I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please email me at: [email protected]

And visit the website,, for updates on the Zac Tremble Investigates series, the Life & Times of Johnny Sante series and other projects.

Thank you!

Chambers Mars

The Torture Hut: An Ennin Mystery #55

A wealthy Chinese merchant is strangely petrified by the sight of a beggar in the marketplace...

And why does this beggar keep scratching at his forehead in that strange way...?

'Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves...' - Confucius

This is the 55th Ennin Mystery

Amazon Reviews for ENNIN

'Absolutely engaging... There is so much mystery here...' Joanna Daneman (USA), #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

'The greatest of Japan's detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai... Full of intrigue, action and excitement... Great escapism...' M. Dowden (UK), HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER

'The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight...' sshap

'Stevens keeps on delivering... This is a great series...' Abby Normal

'Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!' Edwina Callan

'Intriguing and good to read... Set out in a very eastern myth fashion... Recommend them to all and sundry....' Chris

'I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan, the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mystery that I have...' Postscripter

'Five stars...' Daphne Frampton

'I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists between Ennin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there's a kind of sweeping majesty in the description of Japan...' Lisa

'Another good short story by Ben Stevens. Keep getting them can't seem to help myself. Try them yourself...' Tigger

'Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining... A rare achievement...' Kenny51

'Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones... Interesting to read about imperial Japan...' AC

'Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries... I love the characters... My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries - I want more...' Momma Dahama

'Amazing... An inspiration...' Valentine Williams

'Well-written... I've enjoyed many Ennin mysteries... Satisfying as always...' S. Pearson

'A FUN READ!' Cowboy-not Wyoming

'I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with... There is always a twist, and the solutions are imaginative...' Jay Gold

'I like the writer, I like the mysteries...' Amazon Customer

'Really enjoyable...' Menarue

'This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue! I'm surprised these adventures haven't been made into movies or a TV series! They are that good!' Arnold Mount

'I was completely hooked by the Ennin series from the first story... Ben Stevens's writing style is somewhat like a Japanese room arrangement...' AcerAcer

'Mystery from historic Japan... Like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting...' Nysa

'How refreshing... Really delightful...' Leyla

'I can't get enough of "The Ennin Mysteries"! Every story I read is so entertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyone who likes "whodunnit" stories!' Ruth Casey May

'These stories are always so amazing... Look forward to more...' Eileen Sedgwick

'A great read...' Carter

'Ennin does it again... Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious...' KD

'Highly enjoyable... Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered... Bravo, Mr. Stevens!' Damien Omen III

'This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs through I.P. Parker's Akitada...' Mcb

'Delightful short story... Enjoy!...' PeaTee (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

'Stevens has created an interesting character and placed him in a colorful place and time in history. Stevens is cranking out stories with a certain rapidity now. That's great news to those of us who enjoy his stories....' AN

'Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining... feels as if it is both contemporary and traditional. A rare achievement...' Kenny51



Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017

ENTER IF YOU DARE. A new Ghostly Writes Anthology for 2017, gives you sixteen authors from around the world with ghostly stories and poems for you to read. Each short story will take you to a new place, be it the future, present or past.

Plaisted Publishing House is happy to present this book to you - our readers. Please note that all stories are written in the English of the country the Author resides in.