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Quest to Learn: Developing the School for Digital Kids (John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) (The John ... Reports on Digital Media and Learning)

Quest to Learn The design for Quest to Learn, an innovative school in New York City that offers a "game-like" approach to learning. Full description

Rise Of The Opal Overlords - Return Of Kraggon: Time Traveling Overlords! - Underworld Dragons - Sorcery!

Kraggon was imprisoned by the Jasper Oracle for thousands of years.. Is finally free & seeking revenge!The Overlords are summoned and his wrath is unleashed on the Obsidian Knights. Will you join this epic battle?

The Obsidian Knights Adventure Series will take you on a fantastical journey into realms only featured in your imagination! Maybe even a little beyond.

Join our heroic adventurer, Cor'Vos as he finds himself plunged into adventure and danger, again! And magical creatures at every turn and chasm? Well there is only one way to found out.

Scroll on up and pick up your copy today! And plunge yourself into a realm so intense you will think you are there! An exciting set of engaging tales, suitable for kids and adults alike!

World of Tanks: Beginner's Guide

This short guidebook is for the absolute beginner in World of Tanks. While the game interface can be quite confusing for new players, this book explains the bare essentials on how to choose your tank and get started playing in Random Battles.

This book is approx. 3,000 words.

Game Freaks 365's PlayStation Vita Guide

You earn a check that only gets you by enough to pay your bills. Maybe you struggle to make a car payment. You really want to play the latest video game, perhaps Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Little Big Planet, but your budget does not allow you to buy both. What should you get?

Picking good games can be hard. Avoiding duds can be even more difficult. That's why smart consumers turn to experts on the subject. Game Freaks 365 was founded to help people choose games that are worth their hard earned dollar and bypass games that are better suited for the trash can. Writing about video games is our passion. This guide aims to help the smart consumer pick the best games that the PS Vita has to offer.

Over 15 reviews from some of the finest games on the PS Vita are included in Game Freaks 365's PlayStation Vita Guide, including popular titles like Escape Plan, Little Big Planet, MotorStorm RC, Rayman Origins, Super Stardust Delta, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048. So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Diary of a Crash-Landing Space Traveler Book 4: Mining For Glowstone, An Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft Inspired Adventure Series)

In Book 4, Captain Raj Storm leaves the relative comfort of the Overworld to enter a sinister dimension: the Nether!

If he had to go alone, he wouldn't survive. Thankfully an old friend steps up to help. Even so, Storm is not prepared for what he's about to find!

Does he make it out safely? Does he meet hostile mobs? Does he find what he needs to fix his spaceship?

You'll just have to read this volume to find out!

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. It is a work of fanfiction inspired by Minecraft.

Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang AB and its respective owners, which do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this book.

Minecraft (R)/TM & (C) 2009-2016 Mojang / Notch / Microsoft

The Benefactor: Things to do with $1 Billion

Author's Foreword:

Always make a Poor Man's Copyright I remember my Dad Teaching me. Make several copies of your work and try to mail a copy to yourself with a postal date stamp on it.

Those words stuck like glue... and so I used to (C) Copyright everything, from letters to the government to Poetry that I thought would help me later on. I mean sometimes you need the proof to show that you made a Conscious effort to prove your side of things. I created this as a means to warn people not to go haphazardly about your business without protecting your works be they literary or your ideas you scribbled on a napkin that goes to one day cure cancer be wise and COPY it Mail a Copy to yourself and COPYRIGHT IT! Or Patent it! You never know when you'll have a story to tell should the need arise for proof! This is a story about my brush with near fame and fortune. It's called: The Benefactor - Things to do with $1 Billion. Enjoy!

Book Bundle Package : Angry Birds Trivia + Duck Dynasty Trivia + Candy Crush Trivia + Flappy Bird Trivia (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 30)

Here's what you'll get with this two book package:

Candy Crush Trivia : The Amazingly Entertaining Unofficial Trivia Game Book for CandySweet!" "Tasty!" "Delicious!" "Divine!" Do these words sound familiar? They're from Candy Crush Saga! With all the Match-3 games in the market, Candy Crush Saga has managed to become one of the most downloaded apps on both the iOS and Android platforms, as well as become the most popular game on Facebook!

Duck Dynasty Trivia Game - Duck calls, Bandannas and BeardsPreviously featured on "Benelli Presents Duck Commander" and Outdoor Channel's "Buck Commander," the Robertson family gained popularity and eventually had their own reality show, Duck Dynasty. The show is centered on the lives of the Robertsons and their family-operated business, Duck Commander. Breaking ratings records on cable television, the show has become one of the most-watched non-fiction cable TV shows in history.

Are you one of those who tune in every Wednesday night to follow the lives of Phil and Si Robertson and their sons and families? Do you know the characters, their roles in the business, and their famous catchphrases? Take this quiz to see how much of a Duck Dynasty fan you are!

Flapping Genius Flappy Bird : The Amazingly Entertaining Unofficial Trivia Game Book for Flappy Bird FansTap the screen to make Flappy Bird fly up. Stop tapping, and gravity makes the bird fall flat on its face! Sounds simple enough? Not really - because the pipes are in the way! Maneuver the bird through the pipes and avoid slamming into them. Timing - and lots of patience - will help you master this game and get the highest score among your friends!

Flappy Bird was the most downloaded game in the AppStore in January of 2014, but was taken down in early February. Were you one of the people who spent hours controlling this frustrating creature? Do you know this game and the stories behind and around it? Take this quiz to see how much of a Flappy Bird addict you are!

Feathers And Slingshots Unofficial Angry Birds Trivia Game for Angry Bird FriendsFinally Revealed.. The Amazingly Entertaining Unofficial Trivia Game Book for Angry Bird Fans

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

The pigs have stolen the eggs, and this has made the birds angry. Very angry. They need your help in saving the eggs by destroying the pigs and the barricades they've built, by launching the birds at the pigs using a sligshot. Use the birds and their powers wisely, aim well, and you could help save the day!

With a whopping 2 billion downloads since it first came out in 2009, Angry Birds is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most successful mobile game on both the iOS and Android platforms. You've played the game; do you think you know everything there is to know about it? Take this quiz to find out!

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