Computing & Internet Networking & Security Books

Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online

This 24-hour free course introduced online security: how to recognise threats and take steps to reduce the chances that they will occur.

Network security

This 25-hour free course discussed network security and the intricacies of maintaining system resilience. It assumed an advanced knowledge of computing.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) User Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). This user guide provides a conceptual overview of IAM, a web service that enables AWS customers to manage users and user permissions within AWS. The guide also describes business use cases, explains AWS permissions and policies, describes how to integrate IAM with other AWS products and services, and provides instructions on using the various features with the AWS Management Console (an easy-to-use graphical interface), the command line interface (CLI), or the IAM API. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: Network Administrator Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon VPC. Use Amazon VPC to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that is a logically isolated section of the AWS cloud. This virtual network closely resembles a traditional network that youd operate in your own data center, with the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of AWS. This guide describes customer gateways and helps network administrators configure them. This documentation is offered here as a free Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes (AWS Whitepaper)

June 2016

This document is intended to answer questions such as "How does AWS help me ensure my data are secure?" Specifically, AWS physical and operational security processes are described for network and infrastructure under AWS' management, as well as service-specific security implementations.

Against Authority: Freedom and the Rise of the Surveillance States

In both his novels and in his 2005 essay, How We Live Now, John Twelve Hawks was one of the first authors to warn us about the growing power of surveillance technology. Now he has written a personal and controversial book that shows how our lives are watched and analyzed by governments and international corporations. In a world in which our actions can be monitored by a computerized grid of social control, is there anything we can do to defend our freedom?

Subnetting Unlocked

This book does not expect that you have prior knowledge of subnetting and binary number system. So, if you want to start learning subnetting on your own, without anyone's help, in order to design subnets and to solve subnetting problem, this is the book you need because all the concepts has been written in simple words. The unique part of this book is that every necessary subnetting concept has been illustrated with diagrams so as you can easily understand subnet masking, VLSM, CIRM, supernetting/route summarization and subnetting tables.

Benefits of this book:

1. You will be able to choose right subnet ID and mask for your network.

2. You can optimize routing tables by creating route summerization

or supernetting.

3.You can solve your exam. questions related to subneting.

4. You will learn how and when to use VLSM in a network.

5. Develop a solid understanding in IPv6.

6. Visual representation of binary and hexadecimal number systems and number conversion process.

7. In-depth understanding of wildcard mask to create access control list for your network.

8. This book is updated regularly, so you do not have to take help of

any other reference books if there occurs any changes in the subnetting standard.

Please do not forget to review and rate this book because your feedback will help me improve this book.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network Administrator Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Amazon Virtual Private Cloud enables you to create a virtual network topology--including subnets and routing--for your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) resources. This guide is only for Amazon VPC customers who plan to use an IPsec hardware VPN with their VPC. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

A Deep Dive into Strategic Network Design Programming: OPL CPLEX Edition

This book is a complement to Supply Chain Network Design ( by the same authors and will help you get started writing optimization code in OPL, IBM's math programming language for CPLEX. It opens with the very basics--you don't have to know anything about writing math programs to begin.

Unlike other basic books on math programming, this book focuses just on the facility location problem. This allows the authors to introduce more advanced modeling techniques and build upon the simple models in the early chapters. In addition, the book also introduces ideas from software engineering to help you build more robust and commercial grade code.

This book is perfect for an introduction class to optimization or for someone who wants to teach themselves how to build mathematical models. Assumes the reader has a working version of the IBM ILOG CPLEX Studio product.

Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers (Junos Fundamentals Book 8)

Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers

When it's time to swap out your Cisco routers with new Juniper Networks devices, use this book to expand your skill set to include Junos, and make the transition to an advanced operating system with speed and confidence.

There comes a time in every network engineer's career when they need to transition to other technologies, but appearances of complexity can get in the way. To make the path from IOS to Junos easier, you need a book that can make you feel confident about how your new Juniper Network router, switch, or security device operates.

Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers addresses these needs of the IOS-trained engineer by providing a side-by-side comparison of configurations and techniques in both IOS and Junos. In a few quick steps you can compare what you did yesterday with IOS to what you can do today with Junos. Along the way are insights, tips, and no-nonsense explanations of what is taking place. If you are an engineer who is already familiar with IOS, get ready to see the 'Junos way' in action, whether it's simply using a different syntax or a whole new efficient way of networking.

"This Day One book is just what was needed for those of us who know IOS but need to know Junos. The examples being shown side-by-side between IOS and Junos really helps us ?understand the Junos configuration." - Jeff Fry, CCIE #22061


o Understand the differences in thought process between Junos and IOS.

o Configure simple functions and common tasks on any Junos device.

o Compare Junos configurations to your accustomed IOS configurations.

o Write configurations for small networks utilizing VLANs, OSPF and BGP.

About the Author

Chris Jones is a Network Engineer, certified with Juniper as JNCIE-ENT #272, and with Cisco Systems as CCIE #25655 (R&S). Chris has more than eight years of industry experience with both Cisco and Juniper products and solutions.

Architecting for HIPAA Security and Compliance on Amazon Web Services (AWS Whitepaper)

August 2016

This paper briefly outlines how companies can use Amazon Web Services to power HIPAA-compliant information processing systems.

AWS CloudHSM User Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS CloudHSM. AWS CloudHSM provides secure cryptographic key storage to customers by making hardware security modules (HSMs) available in the AWS cloud. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

Digital Privacy Handbook: Reclaim Your Privacy In An Age Of Government & Corporate Snooping

Your right to privacy is literally under attack. Not just by hackers and criminals as in the past. Today, our own government is illegally gathering massive amounts of information on its own citizens. This book will help you to reclaim and protect your privacy. The tools and techniques described here will allow you to minimize or eliminate government intrusion into your private e-mails, phone and text messages. You can also stop Google, Facebook and countless other websites from tracking and storing your search histories, buying habits, geographic locations and much more. In addition to protecting yourself from those collecting your private information in order to simply make money from you, you will learn how to protect yourself from online criminals who are trying to steal both your identity and your money.

What will you will learn?

How to protect your e-mail, cell phone and text messaging data.

How to use social networking safely.

How to protect yourself from online fraud.

How to secure your computer and data from hackers and viruses.

How to secure your online payments.

And much more...